The Best Couple’s Camper Floor Plans Under 30 Feet!

best travel trailer couple camper floor plans less than 30 feet long

Need the perfect couple camper under 30 feet? 

Having trouble sorting through the thousands of models to find just the right thing? 

We can help! This guide explains the different floor plan types for smaller couple’s travel trailers with standout models that fit each floor plan type. 

Watch or read on to get the information you need to decide which floor plan is the right fit for your adventures!

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No Slide Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Vibe 19RB no-slide couple’s camper floor plan

These small campers are simple and easy. Perfect if you’re new to RVing, or just looking for an uncomplicated RV. 

Without the slide out you can wave goodbye to slide out maintenance, problems with a slide, or the extra weight a slide adds.

Pros and Cons

pros and cons of a couples camper with no slides
► Vibe 19RB Video Review     Price
Jay Flight SLX 210QB               Video ReviewPrice‎‎ ‎ Specs
► Grey Wolf 20RDSEVideo ReviewPrice‎‎‎Specs
► Freedom Express 20SE Video Review‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ Specs

Sofa or Dinette Slide Camper Floor Plans

Rockwood mini lite 2109s is an example of a sofa slide couple camper floor plan
Rockwood Mini Lite 2109s sofa slide floor plan

It’s a little bigger than the no slide options and adds one small slide out. 

But, don’t expect to see a full sofa & dinette in this slide! RVs with this floor plan style will either have a sofa or a dinette. 

You’ll also get a walkaround bed with the bathroom most often in the rear. 

Overall, it’s small, easy to tow, lightweight, compact and often has impressive storage and counter space – especially for its size.

Lots of manufacturers build this super efficient floor plan. If you go this route, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

Pros and Cons

sofa slide couple camper pros and cons
► Rockwood 2109S      Video Review      Price      Specs
► Freedom Express 192RBSVideo ReviewPriceSpecs
► Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Surveyor 202RBLE Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Cougar 22RBS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Heritage Glen 19RBHL Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Sunset Trail 212RB Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Rockwood 2511S Video ReviewSpecs
► Rockwood 2513SVideo ReviewPriceSpecs
Rockwood Mini Lite 2518S Video ReviewPriceSpecs

Compact Mega Kitchen Couple’s Camper Floor Plan

Imagine 17MKE mega kitchen couple’s camper floor plan

This compact, large kitchen floor plan got started with the Grand Design Imagine 17MKE. It’s since become a staple couple’s camper layout.

You’ll find it for small, lightweight towables. The slide opens up to give you a living room that feels huge for the size. 

The whole camp-side of the RV is a mega kitchen/bar. 

Pros and Cons

mini couples campers with large kitchens floor plan pros and cons

Every RV builder’s version of this is slightly different. Check out all the options to find the best one for you. 

Imagine 17MKE    Video Review    Price    Specs
► Rockwood 2517S Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Vibe 22RK Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Ember 21MRK Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Jay Feather 19MRK Video ReviewPriceSpecs

The Toterhome Floor Plan

Salem Hemisphere or Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 22rkhl are examples of a 22-toterhome layout

You want compact, but don’t want a murphy bed? A 22-Toterhome could be right for you. 

It’s like a miniature version of the classic, old-school motorhome layout. But with a bed rather than a front cab. 

This is basically the smallest way to have a bed, sofa, dinette, good-sized kitchen and dedicated bathroom all in one. 

This time, we have the Grand Design Imagine 22MLE to thank for kick starting this fantastic option. 

Pros and Cons

Salem Hemisphere or
Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte 22rkhl
    Video Review    Price    Specs
Cougar 22MLSVideo ReviewPriceSpecs
Imagine XLS 22MLE Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Ember 22MLQ Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Jay Flight 225MLS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Transcend Xplor 200MK Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Surveyor 203RKLE Video ReviewPriceSpecs

Rear Bath Couple Campers

Imagine 2600RB rear bath couple camper floor plan

Coming in just below 30 feet, the rear bath is everywhere. It’s almost the default couple’s camping floor plan. 

The design is very efficient. It’s one of the smallest ways you can build a full super slide with a private front bedroom and nice bathroom. 

Different manufacturers are going to have different methods. Forest River’s Surveyor rear bath model is very different from others, for example. 

Pros and Cons

rear bath couple's campers under 30 feet pros and cons

Buckle up.. There are a LOT of these!

► Imagine 2600RB        Video Review        Price        Specs
Jay Feather 25RBVideo ReviewPriceSpecs
► Heritage Glen 25RBHL Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Alpha Wolf 26RB-LVideo ReviewPriceSpecs
► Cougar 26RBS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Ember 26RB (or 26MRB)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Wildwood or Salem 26RBS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► MPG 2600RB Video ReviewPriceSpecs

And holy cow, there are so many more!

Connect with a Bish’s RV expert for more Rear Bath floor plans under 30′:

Rear Lounger Couple’s Campers

Keystone Cougar 25RDS rear living couple camper floor plan

Get to know the rear lounger layout if you prefer the bathroom closer to the front bed. 

This layout has the bathroom up front near the bed – usually between the bedroom and living area. 

The sofa will be on the back wall and the dinette in the slide or, the dinette on the wall, sofa in the slide. Both options are very popular

Pros and Cons

rear lounger small couple camper floor plan pros and cons
Cougar 25RDS    Video Review    Price    Specs
► Imagine 2500RL Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Alpha Wolf 2500RL Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Jay Feather 26RL Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Sunset Trail 258RD Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Delta 252RLVideo ReviewSpecs


Rear Kitchen Couple’s Campers

Imagine XLS 23LDE rear kitchen couple camper floor plan

If you want more window coverage on the camp side of your RV this is the layout for you. 

This floor plan leaves the bedroom and bathroom up front and twists the living area and kitchen around. 

Swapping the kitchen to the back leaves room for windows across the camp side of the RV. 

You’ll often find better counter space in a rear kitchen model. 

The living space seating is usually across from each other, rather than at an angle. Depending how you like to socialize, this may be better or worse! 

Pros and Cons

rear kitchen floor plans for couples campers pros and cons
Imagine XLS 23LDE     Video Review    Price    Specs
► Jay Feather 23RK Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Alpha Wolf 23LDE Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Rockwood 2515S Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Freedom Express Ultra Lite 246RKS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Cougar 25MLE Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Winnebago 2630MLRK Video ReviewPriceSpecs

Front Kitchen with Bed Slide Out

Cougar 25FKD front kitchen with bed slide couples camper floor plan

If you flip the bedroom and the kitchen you can get more features wrapped up in one. 

Things like a kitchen with good prep space, a full super slide like the rear bathroom model, the maximum use of space possible within a 30’ camper and, sometimes, a private bedroom slide. 

The trick with these is the full super slide up front may mean it carries extra hitch weight with the full super slide up front. Pay careful attention, a front kitchen model may not be half ton towable.  

Pros and Cons

front kitchen with bed slide floor plan pros and cons
► Cougar 25FKD     Video Review    Price    Specs
Rockwood Ultra Lite 2608BS or
Flagstaff 26FKBS
Video ReviewPriceSpecs
► Freedom Express Ultra Lite 259FKDS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Surveyor 268FKBS Video ReviewSpecs
► Rockwood 8263MBRVideo ReviewPriceSpecs
Imagine 2660BS Video ReviewPriceSpecs
Minnie 2832FK Video ReviewPriceSpecs

Rockwood Mini Lite / Flagstaff Micro Lite Best Overall Couple Campers

This group isn’t a floor plan but a recommendation for the brand as a whole. 

All are under 26ft total length!

If you’re looking for a compact camper, always under 26’, we highly recommend the Rockwood Mini or Flagstaff Micro Lite couple campers. 

These 2 identical Forest River RV brands often have versions of any of the floor plans here, but a compact version of it. 

If you don’t know where to begin and don’t want a PHD in campology, Rockwood and Flagstaff are a great place to start . 

With the features, amenities, and reliability, you’ll get a fantastic value for your money. 

Rockwoood / Flagstaff Couple Camper Benefits

best value couple camper under 30 feet
ModelFloor Plan Type
►2104S (Murphy Bed, Dinette Slide)        Video Review     Price     Specs
►2109S (Sofa Slide, Front Bed)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
2205S (Theater Seat Slide, True Queen)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
►2506S(Front Kitchen, No Slide Rear Bed)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
►2509S(Bunks, Murphy)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
►2511S (Private Bed, Rear Bath)Video ReviewSpecs
►2513S(Rear Bath, Private Bed)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
2515S(Rear Kitchen, Private Bed)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
►2516S(Kitchen AND Bed Slides)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
2517S(Murphy, Mega Kitchen)Video ReviewPriceSpecs
2518S(Flipped Design!)Video ReviewPriceSpecs

Hope this was helpful to help you find the style of couple’s camper under 30 feet that’s best for you. Use these examples to compare and shop around to find the right camper a the right price.

If you need help picking your camper, feel free to reach out to a Bish’s RV outfitter anytime – they love to help.

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