Hungry Like the Alpha Wolf 2500RL

The 2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL Travel Trailer joins the pack!

By Aaron Brunson


Alright all Duran Duran and wolf puns aside I’ve got a brand new article for you today. This time I’m bringing you the 2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL Travel Trailer which Josh the RV Nerd claims is “Perfect for Couples.” Is it? Let’s find out! 

Table of Contents

Living Area: Bringing Up the Rear
Kitchen: Chop and Cook
Bedroom: Camp Queen
Hit the Road Mode
Exterior: A Space for Outdoor Living
Potential Problems
Similar RVs Compared
Final Thoughts

But first, let’s get some introductory things out of the way. 

Look at the travel trailer’s name: 2024 Alpha Wolf 2500 RL. Why Alpha?

When you see the word Alpha. you might think of the phrase “top dog,” or “head honcho,” or simply, “the boss” – and all of that would be correct. Forest River RV (the manufacturer), wanted to take their trailer quality to the next level. Better amenities, lighter, better insulation – everything just well –  better. Hence, the name ALPHA Wolf. 

Now you probably knew that 2024 was the year – we can check that box! 

But what about the number 2500? What’s that? 

Well, in most cases, RV manufacturers will create model numbers based on the length of the RV (not including the hitch or tow). In this case, the Alpha Wolf 2500RL is 25 ft from the front of the frame to the rear of the frame. 

But don’t let that info fool you! This travel trailer is by all means a 30 footer (technically 30.5ft but who’s counting?).

Lastly, can you take a guess as to what the RL means? 

If you take a look at the layout below you’ll see that the living area is in the rear of the RV, which means the RL stands for “rear living”. 

Feel free to go take a deeper dive into RV model numbers and letters. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL layout



  • Hitch 890 lbs
  • Max 7,890 lbs
  • Empty 5,778 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity 2,112 lbs


  • Length 30’5″ 
  • Height 11′ 0″ 
  • Width 8′ 
  • Awning 20′


  • Fresh 81 gal.
  • Black 35 gal. 
  • Gray 35 gal.
2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL specs

Ready for a deeper look? Watch the video below or keep reading!

Living Area: Bringing Up the Rear

I’m actually going to start in the living area by sharing a hidden option that a lot of people may or may not actually know about – I guess that’s why it’s called “hidden.” But you can actually request that the dinette be replaced with theater seating or a hide-a-bed in the slide. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL dinette

Just bear in mind that those options won’t actually fill the slide, because it is a true 7 ft U dinette, but hey – having options is a glorious thing isn’t it?

Next there are two features in the living area that really aren’t all that common but they make a world of a difference. 

  1. The electric fireplace
  2. The new central vac system which makes easy cleaning even easier. 
2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL central vacuum feature

The main floor is carpetless and ventless which makes cleaning super easy! 

And while you might be looking for the big things like:  

Where is the couch in the layout? 

How much space is there from the dining table to the opposite side?

You really don’t want to forget looking for those small things as well. Things like having outlets on both sides of the sofa. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL couch

Also, in addition to the outlets, you’ll also find USB-A and USB-C plugins as well. 

It’s the little things!

Now, let’s delve into something that gets mixed feelings: the windows. 

Not every single one actually opens to provide airflow which could be a big deal for some people. 

To conserve electricity in hotter weather, you might want to open those windows. Nothing beats a cool breeze rolling through your RV on a hot summer night!  

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL windows

There is a positive to at least having the windows even if they don’t open though: the natural light that they let in. 

Kitchen: Chop and Cook

The kitchen is where the Alpha Wolf 2500RL Travel Trailer truly shines. You see, many 30-footers skimp on kitchen space, but not this one. It’s got a fantastic kitchen setup with a big countertop making it easier to whip up delicious meals.

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL kitchen

In the kitchen you’ll find the standard appliances:

  • 10 ft + 12 volt fridge
  • Oven / Stove combo with a glass cooktop
  • Spacious kitchen sink
  • Microwave

There’s a couple of other things worth mentioning about the The Alpha Wolf 2500RL Travel Trailer as well:

  • Rounded corners on the overhead cabinetry could potentially save your head from a nasty bonk – accidents happen right?
  • The optional TV does swing out which means that the storage behind it is still easily accessible!
  • There is a decent amount of counter space which makes chopping during food prep a breeze


I don’t typically like to start off with a negative but here we go: 

As Josh shows in his video and the photo below, the toilet could use a slight tweak. A 45 degree turn to the right would give lefties or people with a larger stature a little more elbow room. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL bathroom

The shower leans towards the larger side with it being 30”x”36 and it also has one of those retractable shower doors. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL shower

Stepping into the shower one thing that might catch your eye is the shower head. 

It’s an Oxygenics shower head, meaning you get a spa-like experience even in the middle of nowhere. What was once aftermarket is now factory standard –  another reason these trailers are called Alphas. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL shower

While the rod running right through the middle of the shower might look inconvenient, it’s actually super useful for any clothes or towels that need a good drip-dry. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL shower

The skylight in the shower is nice for those taller folks. Josh in the image below is wearing shoes and a hat so he’s guessing he probably stands at about 6’3”. Thanks to the skylight he wouldn’t have to hunch over to wash his hair. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL shower

The cabinets to the left of the shower don’t have doors on them which may be a pro or a con depending on what you planned on storing in them. The openings aren’t awfully deep towards the back which means you won’t be pinching your armpit trying to reach anything in there. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL bathroom

Lastly, the sink comes with a big chunk of counter space for any pampering that you might need to do.

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL bathroom


How could I forget those awesome hooks on the wall right there?! There really are so many little things included here that make the RV life so much more convenient. 

Bedroom: Camp Queen

The bedroom boasts a camp queen bed, but here’s the thing: they’re starting to design these bedrooms to accommodate true queens without sacrificing space around the bed. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL queen bed

The door to the outside might look like it might be letting too much light in to get an afternoon nap in but they are actually prepped for shades if you want them.

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL b

The outlets next to the bed are definitely more than JUST an outlet. Like other outlets in the RV they come with USB-A and USB-C ports, but here’s the kicker: they’re also invertible which means they can run household appliances if need be. That’s a factory feature by the way, not an upgrade. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL bedroom outlet

The TV hookup is in a strange spot so when choosing a mount, you’re going to want the swing function. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL tv

Not only does the bedroom come with hanging towers, it has drawers below them. Both features combined give you the best of both worlds when it comes to organizing your travel gear. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL bedroom

An interesting take on lift-able under the bed storage is the two cubbies down there. Josh calls this the “shoe garage” which I hadn’t heard before, but I thought it might be a good way to separate any extra bags you might have brought on your trip. It might also make a great place for your fur-babies to sleep as well.

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL bedroom

Need another look? Check out the gallery of photos below?

Hit the Road Mode

After sliding the Alpha Wolf 2500 RL Travel Trailer into road mode you really see just how deep that slide is, but it all comes together very nicely. 

Josh is riding the line of being, as he puts it, “too fluffy” to get into the fridge and open it most of the way – but he did it! Having access to the fridge is great for any pit stops you may need to make while on the road. 

However, if you’re needing to use the bathroom, you will have to go through the second door. Or, dare I say, door number two? 

Exterior: A Space for Outdoor Living

The Alpha Wolf 2500 RL Travel Trailer comes in at just over 30 ft hitch to tow, but how does it use all of that length on the outside?

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL exterior

At the front you’ve got a storage compartment that goes all the way through. It’s here where you’ll find the battery disconnect. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL storage

Speaking of the battery, the 2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL comes wired up with 100 watts of base solar power. You can add in 300 more watts without having to rewire anything. 

You have two sets of stable steps which cut into the ample awning space they provided, but as Josh puts it, the steps do “frame up your patio area nicely”. The outdoor grill and minifridge can help you host an awesome outdoor patio party. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL exterior

As an added feature there’s a cold water sprayer port hook up on the left side which means as long as you have electricity and water, you’re going to have ice. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL cold sprayer

On the rear of the travel trailer you’ll see it is prepped and ready for a telescopic ladder which unfortunately, but typical for RVs, the ladder is not included. 

The cargo rack is rated for 200 lbs before adding the spare tire there. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL exterior

On the side opposite of the awning they’ve included some extra storage behind where the fridge sits. This space could have been wasted, but it was used wisely instead. Awesome job Forest River!

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL storage
2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL exterior

You’ve also got a hot and cold utility shower and a tankless water heater. As long as you have propane and electricity, you’ve got hot water!

The Underbelly of the Beast

The underbelly of the Alpha Wolf 2500 RL Travel Trailer is enclosed, forced air heated, with a single sewer outlet. 

2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL underbelly

It’s worth mentioning as well that they have nearly doubled its freshwater capacity. It’s now beefed up to a whopping 81 gallons  – perfect for boondockers!

Potential Problems

  1. It’s BIG: 
    1. This may or may not be a problem for you specifically, but someone new to towing RVs might not feel comfortable jumping right into towing a 30 footer. 
    2. Size can limit the number of campgrounds that you can actually park in.
    3. If you don’t have a truck that can actually haul it, and this is your dream RV, it means you might need to upgrade your truck too. 
  1.  The Two Sides With Slides
    1. To be fair, this is also a feature and not necessarily a potential problem for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning that having slides on both sides really does mean that you need to be careful about where you park it. This may not be a problem for experienced RVers but people that are new to the RVing experience might find it difficult to actually park it and make use of its full potential. 

Similar RVs Compared

Click the model below to check out pricing for each!

CompsAlpha Wolf 2500RLImagine 2500RLCougar 25RDSSurveyor 253RLS
Height11’0”11’11”11’3″11′ 3″
Empty Weight5,778 lbs6,150 lbs6,419 lbs6,368 lbs
Cargo Capacity2,112 lbs1,345 lbs2,381 lbs1,447 lbs
Fresh Gallon81 gal52 gal54 gal40 gal
Awning Length20ft21ftunavailable21ft


Hungry for the 2024 Alpha Wolf 2500RL?

Even with a familiar floor plan, the Alpha Wolf 2500 RL Travel Trailer takes a fresh twist on design for comfort and convenience – remember that exterior storage space behind the fridge?

So, what do you think? Is this the RV of your dreams, or do you have your eye on something else? If you think this could be the perfect travel trailer for you, then reach out to an outfitter below.