The Keystone Cougar 25RDS: A Comprehensive Review of this Incredible Couple’s Camper

Josh the RV Nerd’s Review of the Keystone Cougar 25RDS

The Keystone Cougar 25RDS

The Keystone Cougar 25RDS

Are you in search of the perfect travel trailer that addresses all your concerns and provides an exceptional camping experience? In this article, we will be reviewing the Keystone Cougar 25RDS. We’ll be providing you with a detailed review of the Keystone Cougar 25RDS travel trailer, highlighting its unique features and addressing common concerns.

This top-of-the-line travel trailer is designed to fix many of the issues found in other similar models, making it an ideal choice for avid campers. Let’s dive into the features and benefits that make the Keystone Cougar 25RDS stand out from the competition.

Spacious Living Room and Innovative Layout

The Keystone Cougar 25RDS boasts a well-thought-out floor plan that maximizes living space. Unlike other models in its class, the 25RDS features a rear dinette with a theater couch in the slide-out, allowing for a more expansive living room area that just makes a lot of sense.

Typically, other manufacturers place the sofa on the rear wall and have a smaller dinette in the slide-out. However, Keystone has cleverly reimagined this layout by placing a massive dinette/lounge at the back of the RV, eliminating the problem of the entertainment center facing the dinette.

Spacious Living Room with a Theater Seat and Large Dinette

This innovative design offers the flexibility of having a theater seat and a spacious guest sleeper, creating a comfortable and multifunctional living space.

The TV sits above the kitchen counter directly across from the theater couch, which makes for optimal viewing of the TV. Most manufacturers, in a similar floor plan, will put extra storage beneath the TV under the kitchen counter, but Keystone decided to install an electric fireplace in that space. This is a feature some of you may prefer while others would prefer storage. There are many points like this for you to consider in the Keystone Cougar 25RDS.

Walk-Through Bathroom

Walk-through Bathroom in the Keystone Cougar 25RDS

Another point to consider in the Keystone Cougar 25RDS is the walk-through bathroom. While the walk-through bathroom in the Keystone Cougar 25RDS may be a matter of personal preference, it is essential to highlight this feature.

Some campers may consider a walk-through bathroom a must-have, while others may see it as a deal-breaker. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that the walk-through bathroom in the 25RDS model allows for a shorter and more lightweight trailer, making it easier to tow and maneuver. The bathroom design includes ample headroom in the shower and utilizes the vaulted ceiling, providing a more spacious and comfortable bathing experience.

This design does however mean that in order to get to the rest of the trailer from the bedroom, you have to either go through the bathroom or go outside through the bedroom door and in through the main back door.

Factory Installed Solar & Lithium Batteries

200W Solar Panel Comes Standard on the Keystone Cougar 25RDS

Keystone sets the standard for factory installed battery and solar solutions in the RV industry, and the Keystone Cougar 25RDS is no exception. Even the base model of the 25RDS comes equipped with factory installed battery and solar solutions that surpass those offered by most other brands. Keystone Cougar has upgraded the 25RDS to include 200 amp hours of lithium batteries as a standard feature.

This impressive power capacity ensures extended battery life and the ability to run various appliances and electronics, making the 25RDS a true powerhouse on the road. This RV also comes standard with a 200W solar panel with the option to upgrade.

Additionally, Keystone Cougar travel trailers like the 25RDS are inverter prepped. This truly is an exceptional power package offered by Keystone Cougar.

Expansive Windows and Luxurious Recliners

Luxurious Recliners with Heat, Massage, and USB Plugs

The Keystone Cougar 25RDS offers stunning panoramic views with its abundance of windows, providing around 270 degrees of visibility. These oversized windows create a bright and airy living space, allowing natural light to flood the interior and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.

Moreover, the 25RDS features heat and massage recliners, offering ultimate relaxation with heat and massage functions, while you kick back and enjoy the views. These recliners also include USB plugs for convenient device charging, though they are located on the inside of the armrest, which can be uncomfortable for some people. Overall, the expansive windows and comfy seating enhances the overall camping experience.

Double Ducted Air Conditioning and Ventless Flooring

The Keystone Cougar 25RDS is equipped with a double ducted air conditioning system, ensuring efficient and even cooling throughout the trailer. The unique vortex vent system optimizes airflow and allows the air to circulate quickly, providing faster cooling and a more comfortable interior climate.

Additionally, Keystone has listened to customer feedback and made significant improvements to the heating vent system. The 25RDS now features ventless flooring, eliminating the potential for crumb collectors that was often seen as a drawback by some campers. This RV is also carpetless, which makes cleaning much easier.

An Incredible Travel Trailer Worth Considering

The Keystone Cougar 25RDS is a remarkable travel trailer that excels in addressing common concerns and providing exceptional features for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

With its innovative layout, spacious living room, walk-through bathroom, factory solar and lithium batteries, expansive windows, ventless flooring, double ducted air conditioning, and luxurious recliners, the Keystone Cougar 25RDS stands out as an incredible travel trailer that is worth considering.

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