The “Nearly Perfect” Couples Camper — 2024 Cougar 25MLE Review

By Braden Price

2024 Cougar 25MLE Price at Bish’s RV

25MLE exterior

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The New 2024 Cougar 25MLE

Josh the RV Nerd may have just found his new top choice for a couple’s camper in the 2024 Cougar 25MLE, calling it “nearly perfect.” 

The Cougar 25MLE from Keystone RV focuses on providing an exceptional experience for couples and small families. This camper can be a fantastic option for both seasoned RV travelers and newcomers. 

But is it right for you? 

A camper is a big purchase and we know that, so here at Bish’s RV we want to make sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Take a look around this model and check out its specs and features below to see if it could be right for you.

See inside the Cougar 25MLE in Josh the RV Nerd’s video walkthrough

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Floor Plan & Specs

Cougar 25MLE Floor Plan



  • Hitch: 630 lbs.
  • Max: 8,800 lbs.
  • Empty: 6,425 lbs.
  • Cargo: 2,375 lbs.


  • Length: 29’11”
  • Height: 11’5″
  • Width: 8′
  • Awning: 18′


  • Fresh: 54 gal.
  • Gray: 30 gal.
  • Black: 60 gal.
  • Solar: 220W+

Check out full Cougar 25MLE Specs

Cougar 25MLE campside view

Let’s take a look at the various features, the good and the bad, of the Cougar 25MLE.

Living Area:
Customizable and Comfortable

25mle living area

In your new Cougar 25MLE you’ll have the options of a sofa or theater seating, and booth dinette or freestanding table and chairs – whichever you prefer.

The TV sits across from the sofa/theater seating in a good spot for reclining, though Josh does point out that it may be a bit too high for maximum comfort. 

As you sit down, you may realize there is more window coverage than you thought while walking around due to the windows under the cupboards. 

And with the standard 15,000 BTU air conditioner, your RV will stay cool and comfortable.

Counter Space for a Chef

25mle kitchen

The Cougar 25MLE doesn’t skimp on counter space and storage in the kitchen. 

With the 22-inch oven — a significant upgrade from previous models — you have everything you need to prepare your favorite camping meals.

The cabinetry is high-quality lumber screwed into lumber, with soft-close hinges for peace and quiet and enhanced durability.

They’ve also added an inverter option to power the inverter-prepped outlets, perfect for running your devices off battery power while you’re off the grid.

Updated from Consumer Feedback

25mle bathroom

In previous models, consumers did not like how close the bathroom was to the kitchen. Uncomfortable with the idea of germs getting from one to the other. A fair point! 

Keystone solved this problem in the 25MLE by placing the rear kitchen far from the mid-bathroom. No more germ spreading!

The bathroom is spacious, with plenty of room around the toilet and headroom in the shower. As you can see above, Josh the RV Nerd fits comfortably in the shower, and he is over 6 feet tall.

Plus, with the on-demand water heater, you won’t run out of hot water during your showers.

Fit for a King

25mle bedroom

The 25MLE comes standard with a king-size bed to offer maximum comfort, with impressive storage space below the bed with gas struts to keep it open and keep you safe.

The bedroom also has more hanging space and clothing storage than past models.

The front windshield has a full privacy shade. Sleep peacefully in the dark or gaze out at the stars – you choose.

Road Mode:
Access Granted

25mle road mode transit
25mle slide in transit

The travel access in the Cougar 25MLE is top-notch. 

You can access the kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, bedroom, and even dinette, all without extending the slide. 

This means you can have a full-blown meal, take a nap, or do your business while on the road without any hassle. Perfect for overnight stealth camping.

You do lose access to a couple of drawers and the oven when the slide is in. For most RVers that’s not a major problem, but we’ll leave it to you to decide. 


25mle exterior

The exterior of the 25MLE is packed with features to make your camping experience as convenient as possible. Here are a few top features: 

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Standard attached ladder,
  • Dual 30-pound liquid propane tanks
  • Heated and enclosed underbelly

The door is thoughtfully placed in the middle of the 18-foot awning to keep you dry as you leave your RV. There are no slides on the campside of the RV, so you also have plenty of patio space to play with.
One thing to keep in mind is that while the 25MLE does have electric stabilizer jacks, it does not come standard with an auto-leveling system. That is an optional feature. Send a message here to one of our RV experts for more information on the price of this upgrade.

Potential Problems

25mle potential problems

2-headed sewer system: The bathroom grey and black tanks are separate from the kitchen grey tank, which might be a minor inconvenience for some.

Size: While the Cougar 25MLE is relatively compact for a travel trailer, it’s still over 30 feet long, which might not be ideal for every campsite or tow vehicle. Make sure your tow vehicle can comfortably handle the length and weight of this RV, especially if you live or travel in mountainous areas.

Learn more about safe towing from Josh the RV Nerd: 

Compare RVs Like the Cougar 25MLE

25mle comparison

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Comparisons2024 Cougar 25MLE2022 Cougar 22MLS2023 Winnebago
Length29’11″▼ 26’10”▲ 30’
Max Weight8,880 lbs▼ 7,200 lbs8,800 lbs
Cargo Capacity2,375 lbs▼ 1,406 lbs▲ 2,406 lbs
Solar220W – 440W – 660W220W – 440W – 660W▼ 200W
Awning Length18′18′▲ 20’

Cougar 25MLE Price at Bish’s RV

Buy Your Cougar 25MLE

From the spacious living area to the well-appointed kitchen, cozy bedroom, and road-ready design, the 2024 Cougar 25MLE checks a lot of boxes for an enjoyable camping experience.

Now that you have the details on this camper you can decide whether it’s what you’ve been looking for to take your camping to the next level. 

If you’re like Josh the RV Nerd and see this as the perfect couple’s camper for you, or if you have questions about this RV or any other, reach out to an expert RV outfitter at Bish’s RV below!

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