The Easiest Way to get the Best Price on a New RV

Camping is SUPPOSED to be fun and easy.
Why shouldn’t shopping for a camper be the same?

Sales Price shouldn’t be the only factor you should consider when buying a new RV.

Travel distance, convenience, service after the sale, and trade-in values also impact the overall cost of your new camper.

At Bish’s RV, we pride ourselves in what we call our relentless pursuit of transparency. We want you to have a great experience – both during and after the purchase. 

Bish’s makes RV shopping easy.

Whether you buy your camper from us or not, we believe you deserve to know if you’re getting a fair price. 

And guess what? – there’s an easy way to see the lowest price for that new camper you’re interested in.

Keep reading for quick tips on shopping for a new camper, getting the best price, and feeling confident about your next RV purchase.

Josh the RV Nerd shows us the easiest way to see an RV’s lowest price online.

Did you know? All of our RVs have a hidden price. Click the lowest price button on our inventory to see it!

WHAT IS MAP Pricing?

Many RV companies have a policy called MAP or “manufacturer’s adjusted pricing” – also known as “minimum advertising price.” 

MAP dictates the lowest price a dealer can advertise on a new RV outside of their local area.

This means dealers like Bish’s RV can put any pricing we want in a local paper, but we can’t always do that online— like on our website, RV trader, Facebook, etc.

online rv for sale at bish's rv

Yes – you read that correctly.

RV Manufacturers sometimes forbid dealers from advertising the actual lowest price. 

We do not like this rule… at all. But it doesn’t matter—the rules still apply, and we can’t advertise the lowest price. 

Which RVs Have MAP Policies?

The details of MAP policy vary by manufacturer. 

In most cases, entry-level and budget-focused RVs have very low or possibly no MAP at all set. 

But as you get into the higher budget points or “premium brands,” you start seeing higher MAP values—often many thousands of dollars over a dealer’s actual discounted sale price.

Say “No” to MSRP

There are even a few manufacturers (like Grand Design RV and Brinkley RV) whose MAP is set to full MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) on every model (or super close to it). 

Nobody should be buying for MSRP!

grand design rv msrp only
brinkley msrp only

How to See a Camper’s Lowest Price

If you contact an RV dealer directly, you can bypass the red tape and get a price straight from a salesperson. But how do you know they’re being upfront with you and telling you the best deal they can offer?

Bish’s has a way around all this – now you can shop from home and get real prices without ever needing to speak to a salesperson!

Whether you plan to buy from Bish’s or not:

  1. Hop onto our website
  2. Locate the RV you’re interested in
  3. Click the “Get Lowest Price” button. 

Our actual lowest price will be delivered to your inbox without ever needing to speak to a staff member.

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Ready to see the lowest prices on new and used campers?

Proud of our Pricing

Whether you’re considering purchasing from Bish’s RV or just trying to get a price to hold your local dealer’s feet to the fire, we want to give you all the information we can to make your shopping experience as simple, easy, and free of anxiety as possible.  

Bish's RV Lowest Price

Because let’s be real– RVs are fun, but they can be expensive. You want to be sure you aren’t spending thousands more than you have to. 

Bish’s is always happy to tell you our lowest prices. 

Think of it like a “Discount Double Check.”

• If we have the lowest price and it works for you: Great

• If this helps you discover you have a better price elsewhere… that’s also great! We’ve been able to perform a service for you that saved you money. That’s awesome!

price comparison

We may not carry every RV from every brand, but we have a lot of locations across the country—each with a strongly diverse inventory. Chances are we’ll have something you can use to get a reasonable quote without all the hassle that goes with a big-budget purchase like this

Making Shopping Fun Again

Shopping for a camper should be easy and fun, not stressful. Seeing a camper’s lowest price shouldn’t add any extra pressure. 

At Bish’s RV, we’re committed to sharing our lowest prices with you. Despite MAP advertising restrictions, our goal is to make your shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, whether you choose to buy from us or not.

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