Shockingly Light With Larger Features! — 2024 Surveyor 202RBLE Travel Trailer Review

By Braden Price

2024 Surveyor 202RBLE Price at Bish’s RV

2024 Surveyor 202RBLE

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The quoted price is as of 10/30/2023 from our Ludington, Michigan, location. However, please note that our prices are constantly updated and may have changed since this post. For the most current pricing, please click above.

The New 2024 Surveyor 202RBLE

The Surveyor 202RBLE doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it certainly refines it!  Here Surveyor has taken a very popular travel trailer floorplan, loaded it with big features, and still managed to lower the weight of the RV.

This article will walk through the various features and some of the potential problems of Forest River’s Surveyor 202RBLE. If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the 202RBLE, check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video below, or contact an expert RV outfitter above with any questions you have!

Table of Contents

202RBLE Layout & Specifications
Living Area
Road Mode: Travel Access
Potential Problems
Similar RVs Compared
Surveyor 202RBLE Pricing
Buy Your Surveyor 202RBLE

Layout & Specifications

202RBLE layout


  • Hitch – 497 lbs.
  • Max – 7,497 lbs.
  • Empty – 4,931 lbs.
  • Cargo – 2,566 lbs.


  • Length – 25’1″
  • Height – 11’3″
  • Width – 8′
  • Awning – 16′


  • Fresh – 40 gal.
  • Gray – 40 gal.
  • Black – 30 gal.
  • Solar – 200W/30a
202rble exterior

Let’s take a look at the various features, the good and the bad, of the Surveyor 202RBLE.

Living Area

Living Area

Surveyor clearly understands that customization is an important part of making an RV your own. 

You have different needs and preferences than your campsite neighbor. The 202RBLE accommodates many different needs with a living area slide that gives you the options of a standard dinette, a tri-fold sofa, or theater seating. 

The sofa and the theater seating also come with a removable, pivoting Lagun table.

The TV is opposite the seating and is set high on the wall so it won’t obstruct your view out of the impressive campside windows. 

You’ll have more seating at the elevated breakfast bar. This way whether you choose a dinette or not, you’ll still have a space to eat. The bar also makes a great workstation. 

If you feel like you don’t need the extra bar seating, the chairs are completely removable and could make room for something like a dog bed.

You want options? You definitely got them with this camper!



The kitchen in the 202RBLE packs an abundance of counter space into a small area. If you do need more counter space, you can use the elevated bar or the versatile cutting board/stovetop backsplash that fits flush with the counter over the sink. 

Between the 10 cubic foot 12V refrigerator and the pantry, you will also have plenty of food storage space to supply your trips. 

A central vacuum system and ventless floors make keeping the floor clean a breeze in the Surveyor 202RBLE. 

You’ll also stay cool while cooking with the 15,000 BTU air conditioner located in the middle of the RV. 

If you prefer a more natural breeze, you’ll enjoy the outdoor cook station with a gas griddle, sink, and refrigerator.



The bathroom shines with its rectangular shower – a departure from the usual, more awkward radius shower. And the tankless, on-demand water heater means you shouldn’t run out of hot water for your showers. 

The 6’9″ ceiling height gives the bathroom a spacious feel, especially with the skylight above. 

The 202RBLE makes privacy a priority with the surprisingly uncommon feature of a locking bathroom door.

But, every rose has its thorn. The space around the toilet might feel a tad restrictive for some, especially with the placement of the toilet paper holder.



It is common for RVs to include a “camp queen” bed, which takes 5 inches off the full queen size. It doesn’t usually take long for the RV owner to go out and buy their own full queen mattress to replace what was provided. 

The 202RBLE provides quality straight from the factory. This camper comes standard with a full queen mattress to give you the most comfort possible from the minute you leave the dealership. 

The bedroom also has plenty of storage space around and under the bed, plus household and USB outlets on both sides of the bed to keep you charged. 

One potential downside of the bedroom is a lack of privacy. There is nothing to separate it from the rest of the RV. But, if you intend to use the 202RBLE as a couple’s camper, this might not be a problem at all. You can also choose to install an inexpensive room divider on your own after you buy your Surveyor.

Road Mode: Travel Access

Travel Access
202RBLE travel access

The 202RBLE offers great travel access, with the slide only cutting off the bed and seating. If you need to access the bathroom or the kitchen, that isn’t a problem at all due to the entrance being placed near the rear.  

You could still access the bed by squeezing by the slide and breakfast bar, but, the camper offers a better solution in the form of a rack and pinion slide that can be partially opened, ensuring you always have access to the bed.

It is not recommended that you leave the slide partially open if it is raining outside. You should also avoid using the seating in a partially opened slide, as you could damage the slide mechanism. If you need to sit but can’t extend the slide all the way, the chairs at the breakfast bar provide a safer alternative.



One of the big reasons the Surveyor 202RBLE is so light is it uses Adzel Composite — a lighter, quieter, and more insulating material than standard wood paneling. 

The Azdel lining combined with the RV’s Goodyear tires with a tire pressure monitoring system shows that the 202RBLE has a serious focus on quality. 

Here are a few more exterior features:

  • Telescopic ladder prep
  • Outdoor cook station (griddle, fridge, and sink)
  • 200w Solar with a 30amp controller
  • 16’ Awning

Potential Problems

Potential Problems

The 202RBLE doesn’t have too many downsides, and the potential problems, tight spaces and a lack of privacy, are pretty standard for an RV of its size. 

As mentioned earlier, the toilet space might feel cramped to some. You may be similarly cramped when the slide is in and space inside the RV and access to the bedroom is restricted.

If you value privacy above all else, you also might feel exposed without a curtain or wall to partition off the bedroom.

However, these aspects of the RV will not be problems for everyone, and they are all relatively simple to work around. It all comes down to your personal preferences and whether these potential problems are deal breakers for you.

Surveyor 202RBLE Compared to Similar RVs

Compared to Similar RVs

Click the model below to check out pricing for each!

Comparisons2024 Surveyor 202RBLE2023 Surveyor 252RBLE2023 Rockwood 2205S2023 Heritage 19BHL
Length25’1″▲ 29’7”▼ 23’10″▼ 23’10”
Height11’3″11’3”▼ 10’11”▼ 10’10”
Hitch Weight497 lbs▲ 590 lbs▲ 634 lbs▲ 520 lbs
Max Weight7,497 lbs▲ 7,590 lbs▼ 6,794 lbs▲ 7,520 lbs
Cargo Capacity2,566 lbs▼ 2,277 lbs▼ 1,662 lbs▲ 2,732 lbs
Bish’s PriceTBD$50,346$53,179$53,573

Surveyor 202RBLE Price at Bish’s RV

2024 Surveyor 202RBLE

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The quoted price is as of 10/30/2023 from our Ludington, Michigan, location. However, please note that our prices are constantly updated and may have changed since this post. For the most current pricing, please click above.

Buy Your Surveyor 202RBLE

As Josh the RV Nerd said, “Surveyor really knows how to execute a popular layout with some fine attention to daily use and function details.” With large features packed into a light RV, this may be the couple’s camper you’ve been looking for. 

If you think the 2024 Surveyor 202RBLE is the travel trailer for you, or if you have questions about this RV or any other, reach out to an expert RV outfitter at Bish’s RV below!

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