Jayco vs. Grand Design: Which RV Brand is the Best?

Written by Greg Long


In the world of Colas, it’s Coke vs Pepsi. In College Football it’s Alabama vs Auburn. And in the RV world, it’s Jayco vs Grand Design. 

Both Jayco and Grand Design have die-hard fans who say their favorite RV brand is clearly better than any other. But is there any truth to that? Is one of these brands truly the “Best?”

Bish’s RV has been selling RVs for 35 years and we’ve sold a lot of Jaycos and Grand Designs. We’ve sold a lot more Jayco campers, but that’s most likely because Jayco has been around a lot longer than Grand Design. (44 years longer!)

We think both are great brands, but we know Jaycos are better for some types of RVers and Grand Designs are better for others.

I’m here to help YOU decide which is best. Which is the best brand for you and your style of camping?

In this article, we will go over all the similarities and differences between Jayco and Grand Design campers. You will get to see their price points and even learn about problems and issues our Bish’s Service department has seen with both of these brands.

After reading this side-by-side comparison, you will be able to decide which RV reigns supreme — Grand Design or Jayco. You can then take the next step and pick your favorite floor plan and start camping knowing your bought the best!

Balance Scale with travel trailers in each pan

Table of Contents: Jayco vs Grand Design

What is Jayco?

jayco White White
The Jayco White Hawk is a top tier Jayco Travel Trailer

Jayco is one of the most recognizable names in the world of RVs. It seems everyone has heard of Jayco. Maybe it has to do with how long Jayco has been making campers, or maybe it’s how affordable their campers are. No matter what, people know that when you’re talking about your Jayco, you’re talking about your camper.

Jayco is owned by Thor Industries and has been providing top-of-the-line RVs since 1968. Whether you’re looking for a compact travel trailer, a mid-size 5th wheel or an extravagant motorhome, Jayco has something for you. Jayco makes almost every type of RV you can think of — and all of them are considered high-quality campers.

Jayco RVs are perfect for families who are just getting into RVing, or for experienced campers looking for an affordable upgrade. They offer a variety of sizes and floor plans to accommodate everyone’s space requirements. When you camp in a Jayco RV, you can be sure you’ll be camping in style and comfort.

Want to See Jayco RV Floor Plans and Prices?

What is Grand Design?

Grand Design Imagine
The Grand Design Imagine is one of the most popular Travel Trailers in the USA

For serious RVers looking for a superior build and innovative features, Grand Design is an excellent choice. Established in 2012 and owned by Winnebago Industries, this brand is best known for its durable quality craftsmanship.

From luxury 5th wheels to travel trailers and toy haulers, Grand Design offers something for everyone who appreciates first-class quality. They even allow customer feedback to be incorporated into their designs to provide the best possible experience for everyone who chooses them.

Grand Design’s amazing lineup of campers provides great options for all your travels, whether you’re trekking cross-country or just chilling in your backyard campground. Grand Designs offer top-notch luxury features and an unforgettable travel experience.

Ready to check out Grand Design Floor Plans and Prices?

Price Comparison: Jayco vs Grand Design 

When it comes to purchasing an RV, finding the right camper for the right price is easier said than done.

Generally speaking, Jayco is known for its affordability, providing high-quality RVs at competitive prices. On the other hand, Grand Design offers a more luxurious and upscale experience, with premium features and amenities.

If you’re looking for a motorized camper, Grand Design does not make motorhomes, so Jayco is the clear winner in the Motorhome Category.

Class A with winner logo

Finding the Right RV at the Right Price

Both Jayco and Grand Design offer a variety of options and price ranges, ensuring you find the perfect RV that fits both your wants and your wallet.

Let’s explore how RVs are priced and discover your ideal match!

Sometimes an RV’s Advertised Price is Higher Than Its Real Price — MAP Pricing

Before we get into the price comparison for Jayco and Grand Design, it’s important to understand MAP pricing.

MAP stands for “Minimum Advertised Price”.

RV Dealerships are required to list RVs from Jayco and Grand Design at a minimum advertised price (MAP) online. 

Map Pricing

All new RVs that have MAP requirements will be listed for the same online price across all dealers nationwide. RVs listed at MAP will usually only show the MSRP Price (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

You’ll know you’re looking at an RV with MAP if the dealer’s website shows an RV at MSRP but also includes a button or link that has wording like:

“Request price,” “Get too low to show Price,” “Get Best price,” “Get lowest price,” or “Unlock lower price.”

Map Pricing example

A dealer can legally only give you the lower price information online if you click that “Get Lower Price” button.

So if you’re shopping and you see a button that says get a lower price, it’s not a scam. Feel free to click the link, send a message to the dealer, or give them a call. They’ll happily give you their “real” price.

If you’re shopping for a Jayco or Grand Design that requires MAP, we recommend requesting prices from several different dealers to get an idea of that RV’s real price range.

Read the article How to buy an RV for the Best Price to learn more about this and other money-saving tips for finding the best online prices when shopping for your Jayco or Grand Design.

How Much Does a Jayco RV Cost?

Jayco makes a lot of different sizes and styles of campers, so there’s a wide range of price points to choose from, based on what you’re looking for. From the luxurious Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel to the more budget-friendly Jay Flight 154BH, there’s a perfect choice for every type of RVer.

What is the Price of a Jayco RV?

  • New Jayco Travel Trailer prices range from: $16,000 – $70,000
  • New Jayco Fifth Wheel prices range from: $55,000 – $165,000
  • Jayco Motorhome prices range from: $80,000 – $300,000 

Start Shopping for Your Jayco RV Now.

How Much Does a Grand Design RV Cost?

When it comes to finding the right RV at the right price, Grand Design offers a nice range of options to suit most budgets. From the single-axle Imagine AIM 15BH travel trailer to the luxurious 382WB Fifth Wheel, Grand Design has a lot of great models available at the price point you’re looking for.

What is the Price of a Grand Design RV?

  • New Grand Design Travel Trailer prices range from: $26,000 – $76,000
  • New Grand Design Fifth Wheel prices range from: $55,000 – $165,000

Start Shopping for Your Grand Design RV Now.

Jayco vs Grand Design Price Comparison Chart

Jayco vs Grand Design Price Comparison chart

Grand Design vs Jayco: Which Brand Holds Its Value Best Over Time?

How do Jaycos Hold Their Value Over Time?

Jayco Jay Feather with Family camping outside

It’s worth noting that Jayco campers hold their value well. So, if you’re in the market for a used Jay Flight, you may find that they can sometimes sell close to the price of a new one.

I have found that Jaycos hold their value slightly better than Grand Designs. My research comparing similarly priced Jayco and Grand Design travel trailers and 5th Wheels showed that over a 3-year period, Jayco campers held 1.5% more of their value compared to similar style Grand Design models.

If you plan on keeping your camper for decades, this shouldn’t matter too much in your decision-making, but if you think you might want to upgrade to a new camper in a few years, you may want to consider a Jayco due to its better resale potential.

How do Grand Designs Hold Their Value Over Time?

momentum rv with couple camping outside

While Grand Design campers hold their value fairly well as they age, similarly built Jayco trailers tend to hold their value slightly better– 1.5% better according to the comparisons I did.  

I did find an instance in my comparisons where the 2020 Grand Design Imagine 2600RB depreciated less than the similar 2020 Jay Feather 25RB — the Imagine depreciated 3% less than the Jay Feather, which is pretty signigicant.

However, when I compared a Grand Design Reflection 337RLS to a Jayco Eagle 321RSTS, the Jayco held 4% more of its resale value over a 3-year period. 4% may not seem like a lot, but in case you’re wondering, 4% of $65,000 equates to nearly $2,600. That’s a big chunk of change for most hard-working people.

How to Determine an RV’s Value Over Time

Nada Guide

When I compared how Grand Designs and Jaycos held their value over time, I used the J.D. Power Guide.

The J.D. Power Guide is the public version of the NADA Guide that RV dealers use to value your RV when you trade it in. To find out how dealers determine the value of your camper, read our Complete Guide to RV Trade Values.

Do Your Own Research!
While on average, Jayco RVs held their value 1.5% better than Grand Design RVs in the comparisons I did, there were some instances where Grand Design models actually held their value better than the similar Jayco models. So Jayco was not the clear winner across the board with every single model.

When choosing a Grand Design or a Jayco, I highly recommend you do your own research using the J.D. Power Guide.

Knowing how much value the camper you’re considering purchasing may depreciate over the years can help you decide if you’re making the best decision — especially if you think you may want to sell or trade the unit in a few years.

What will your monthly payments be when you buy a Jayco or Grand Design?

Use our FREE Payment Calculator to Find Best Loan Options for your budget!

MONEY-SAVING TIP: Get insider knowledge on How to Get the Best RV Loan.

Construction Quality of Jayco vs Grand Design

jayco manufacturer plant
Jayco RV Manufacturing Plant

When you’re thinking about buying an RV, you need to consider how durable it is. You want something that will last a long time, be strong enough to handle different weather conditions, and give you a safe and comfortable place to live while traveling.

Jayco and Grand Design are two brands known for making high-quality RVs. Both these brands have construction features that stand out, and depending on what’s important to you, may make you choose one of these brands over the other. 

Jayco Construction Quality

jayco white hawk rv construction

In making high-quality RVs, Jayco understands the importance of using superior materials and construction methods. They are proud to of their patented construction methods, which make their vehicles strong and durable, ensuring customers get long-lasting quality.

Jayco Integrated A-frame on Towable RVs:

  • Jayco uses an integrated A-frame that runs through the trailer’s main-frame, preventing the hitch from buckling.

  • This integrated A-frame creates a sturdier and safer chassis for their towable RVs, resulting in a strong foundation for long-lasting construction.
jayco a frame

Jayco Magnum Truss Roof System:

  • Jayco’s roof system can withstand 4,500 lbs., making it the strongest roof among top manufacturers.
  • It provides excellent protection against falling trees and heavy snow loads, ensuring your Jayco RV can handle Mother Nature’s challenges better than the competition.

    Learn more about Jayco Magnum Truss Roof System

Jayco Goodyear Tires:

jayco goodyear tires

Like Grand Design, Goodyear tires come standard on Jayco RVs. These are not just some of the strongest tires on the road, but they are also rated for 80 mph travel. Many manufacturers use tires rated at just 60 mph.

To Learn More about Jayco RV Construction, Check out our Article: Is Jayco a Good Brand?

Grand Design Construction Quality

momentum construction cut-away

Grand Design truly excels in choosing the materials and methods they use for building their RVs. They prioritize quality and it’s evident in every part of their vehicles.

Grand Design Laminated Aluminum Framed Construction:

  • Grand Design sidewalls are laminated aluminum framed, but they didn’t stop there as some manufacturers do. They also laminate the rear wall and the sidewalls and roof of every slide room.
  • Grand Design uses a pinch roll lamination process to laminate their side walls. This process is done in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to improve the quality control in materials, preparation, and execution.
Grand Design aluminum frame

Learn More about Grand Design Laminated Aluminum Frame Construction

Grand Design Wood Truss Framed Roof

  • Grand Design uses residential-style wood trusses, spaced 16” on the center to provide the foundation for a full walk-on roof.
  • Wood framing provides better screw retention than traditional aluminum trusses, and it eliminates the metal-on-metal connection to the aluminum framed sidewalls.
  • Wood also has better insulative values to help keep you comfortable.
Grand design roof cut away

Grand Design Goodyear Tires

Like Jayco, Goodyear tires come standard on Grand Design RVs. Grand Design tires are filled with Nitrofill™ for maximum lifespan and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Grand design good year tires

100% PDI Inspection

  • Every Grand Design unit goes through a series of intense quality inspections during the manufacturing process. Once completed, the unit undergoes a comprehensive final finish inspection.
  • Every Grand Design unit is shipped to a separate PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) facility where they are again put through a 250+ point inspection. It is only after this that they deem a unit ready to ship to our dealers. Now that’s quality assurance!

To learn more about Grand Design RV construction quality, read our article: How Good is Grand Design RV Build Quality?

Jayco and Grand Design Warranty Comparison

When comparing the warranties offered by Jayco and Grand Design, it’s clear that both have your best interests in mind; however, many agree that Jayco offers the best RV manufacturer’s warranty you can find. 

Jayco 2-Year Limited / 3-Year Structural Warranty

Jayco understands that buying an RV is a big investment, and they want to ensure that their customers feel secure in their purchase. That’s why they offer a comprehensive warranty program that covers their RVs for a period of 3 years on the structural components and 2 years on the limited parts. 

Jayco 2 + 3 year warranty

Jayco 2-Year Limited Warranty: 

  • Jayco’s 2 year (or 24,000 mile for Jayco Motorhomes) warranty covers *anything* not built by Jayco that is in your RV that is caused by manufacturer defects. Even the appliances in the RV have to match the 2-year warranty before Jayco will include them. If it’s in your camper when you buy it, it’s covered!
  • Keep in mind, if a problem is caused by user negligence, error, lack of maintenance, or by a golf ball through the window, Jayco won’t cover that. The warranty also doesn’t cover parts damaged by wear, like brakes and tires.
  • Twice as Good as the Competition! The RV industry standard for limited warranties on new RVS is 1-year. Jayco’s 2-year limited warranty is one of the best warranties you’ll find for new trailers or motorhomes! 

Jayco 3-Year Structural Warranty:

  • Jayco’s structural warranty covers all the main structural components in your RV that were built by Jayco.
  • This includes your RV’s roof, floor, and walls and frame
jayco Jay flight family camping outside
Jayco RV’s 2 + 3 year warranty keeps you camping with confidence.

Grand Design 1-Year Limited / 3-Year Structural/ 5-Year Frame Warranty

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a travel trailer, 5th wheel or toyhauler is the warranty coverage. And when it comes to Grand Design, they’ve got you covered with their 3-Year Structural / 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Grand Design 1-Year Limited Warranty:

  • Grand Design has the industry standard limited warranty that lasts 1-year. This warranty covers *anything* not built by Grand Design that is in your RV that is caused by manufacturer defects. 
  • Important reminder: If a problem is caused by user negligence, error, lack of maintenance, or by an angry ex-girlfriend keying the sidewalls, Grand Design won’t cover that. The warranty also doesn’t cover parts damaged by wear, like brakes and tires.
Grand design camper withi family outside
The family fun in your Grand Design is protected by a 1+3 year warranty.

Grand Design 3-Year Structural, 5-Year Frame Warranty:

Grand Design 3 year structural warranty
  • Grand Design’s structural warranty covers all the main structural components in your RV. Including your RV’s roof, floor, and walls.
  • The 5-year warranty extends your warranty to cover any manufacturing flaws in the frame on towable RVs.

Jayco and Grand Design: How Reliable Are They Over Time?

While it’s true that Jayco and Grand Design are known for their commitment to providing customers with reliable, durable, and comfortable RVs, our Bish’s RV Service Team does a fair share of repair work on both these brands each year.

Keep in mind that while quality issues may arise, it is important to consider each brand’s overall reputation, customer service, and warranty coverage before making a final decision.

Bish's RV Mobile Service
Bish’s Mobile Service — We come to you to repair your Jayco or Grand Design RV.

Let’s dive in and explore just how reliable Jayco and Grand Design RVs are over time.

Jayco Reliability Over Time

Jayco has a long history in the RV industry. While they have produced many reliable RVs, like all manufacturers, Jayco has seen its share of service issues. Here are some of the problems our Bish’s Service Centers have had to fix with Jayco campers.

Based off the last 200 Warranty-Covered Service Repairs Bish’s RV completed on Jayco Campers, these are the percentages of the types of repairs we made on Jayco RVs:

Jayco Repairs and Potential Problems

Door and Window: 18%Frame, Walls, Ceiling, Floor: 13.5%
Exterior and Exterior Components: 16%Water Tanks and Plumbing: 10.5%
Electrical and Electrical Components: 15.5%Seal and Water Leaks: 6.5%
Appliances, Furniture, Fixtures: 15.5%Slide: 4.5%

Grand Design Reliability Over Time

Grand Design is known for producing RVs that are generally well-regarded in the industry, but like all manufacturers, they have had some reported issues over the years.  Here are some of the problems our Bish’s Service Centers have had to fix with Grand Design. 

Based off the last 200 Warranty-Covered Service Repairs Bish’s RV completed on Grand Design Campers, these are the percentages of the types of repairs we made on Grand Design RVs:

Grand Design Repairs and Potential Problems

Doors and Windows: 24.5%Electrical and Electrical Components: 9%
Appliances, Furniture, Fixtures: 18.5%Seal and Water Leaks: 8.5%
Exterior and Exterior Components: 13%Frame, Walls, Ceiling, Floor: 8.5%
Water Tanks and Plumbing: 13%Slide Out: 5%

How to Determine Your RV’s Quality: Do Your Research!

It’s crucial to approach these reported problems with context. All RV manufacturers have reported issues, and the frequency and severity of problems can change over time as companies address these concerns.

If considering a Jayco or Grand Design camper, it’s a good practice to check recent reviews, forums, and user groups for the most up-to-date information.

Floor Plans Available for Jayco and Grand Design

Both Jayco and Grand Design make great travel trailers, 5th wheels and toy haulers, but Grand Design does not currently make any motorized campers, such as Class A motorhomes, Class C motorhomes or Class B camper vans. 

It’s important to know the differences between a motorhome and a towable RV to decide which is best for you.

Both manufacturers offer a wide range of floor plans to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a spacious master bedroom, a bunkhouse layout for the kids, or a compact design for easy maneuverability, both manufacturers have you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at the variety of brands for Jayco and Grand Design. Each Brand has multiple floor plans and options for you to choose from.

Curious about what all the letters and numbers mean in an RVs model number? Read our article: How to Read an RV Floor Plan.

Jayco RV Brands

Travel Trailer5th WheelToy HaulerClass AClass BClass C
Jay Flight SLXEagle HTSeismicAlanteSwiftRedhawk SE
Jay FlightEagleSeismic
Jay Feather
North Point Precept
Jay FeatherPinnacle   CometGreyhawk XT
White Hawk    Granite Ridge
Eagle    Melbourne
Jay Flight
    Melbourne Prestige
     Seneca XT
Seneca Prestige

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Grand Design RV Brands

Travel Trailer5th WheelToy Hauler
SerenovaReflection 100 SeriesMomentum MAV
TranscendReflection 150 SeriesMomentum G-Class
Imagine AIMReflectionMomentum M-Class
Imagine XLSSolitudeMomentum

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Is Jayco or Grand Design Best For You?

Both Jayco and Grand Design manufacture a wide range of RVs to cater to various needs and preferences of RV enthusiasts. Deciding between the two often boils down to specific models, individual preferences, and the type of RVing experience one seeks. Here’s a general breakdown of who each might be good for:

Jayco RVs are best for people who prefer

  1. Motorized Campers: For those who prefer a camper with a motor so they don’t have to tow an RV behind their Vehicle, Jayco makes great motorized Class A motorhomes, Class C motorhomes and Class B camper vans. Grand Design does NOT make motorized units.
  2. Entry Level RVs: Jayco offers a lot of quality entry-level trailers and motorhomes for couples or large families. 
  3. Family-Friendly Campers: Many Jayco models are designed with families in mind, featuring bunk beds, spacious living areas, and amenities that cater to family RVing.
  4. Value-Oriented: While Jayco offers luxury models, many of their RVs are aimed at providing a balance of features and affordability, making them suitable for those looking for value for their money.
  5. Great Warranty: Jayco offers a 2-year limited warranty on their trailers, 24,000 miles on their motorized campers, which is longer than the industry standard. This might appeal to RVers looking for peace of mind.

Grand Design RVs are best for people who prefer:

  1. Quality Craftsmanship: Grand Design has built a reputation for prioritizing quality in their RV builds. Those who are willing to invest more for a higher-end finish and construction might gravitate toward Grand Design.
  2. Customer Service: Many users report positive experiences with Grand Design’s customer service, making it a good choice for those who prioritize post-purchase support.
  3. Innovative Features: Grand Design tends to incorporate newer technologies and features into their RVs. Tech-savvy RVers or those looking for modern amenities might appreciate this.
  4. Full-Time RVing: Many of Grand Design’s models, especially their fifth wheels, are suitable for full-time RV living due to their construction, insulation, and amenities.
  5. Community: Grand Design has a strong community of owners who often host rallies and events. Those looking for a sense of community might enjoy this aspect of ownership.

Your Next steps for choosing between Jayco vs. Grand Design

Deciding which RV brand you want to purchase is an important step in finding the perfect RV for your camping adventures. By now you should have a good understanding of the similarities and differences between Jaycos and Grand Designs and start deciding which brand is the right fit for you.

Knowing the Price Points, the construction quality, the warranties, and the quality issues for each brand should give you confidence to start shopping for the brand you prefer and find the floor plan that best suits your camping preferences. 

Ready to Start Shopping?

Still have questions? Talk to one of our RV Outfitters and get all your Jayco and Grand Design questions answered today.

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