Jayco Jay Flight Review

An Honest Jayco Jay Flight Review

If you’ve been looking at travel trailers you may be overwhelmed by all the choices available. There are different brands, lengths, floorplans, etc. Picking out the right unit can be worse than looking for the perfect jam in a . . . jam store.

You may have heard of the Jayco Jay Flight line—the best selling travel trailer brand. Now, back at the jam store, most people love strawberry jam, but not me. Just because Jay Flight is a good fit for a lot of RVers looking for a travel trailer, doesn’t mean it is necessarily the right fit for you.

Bish’s RV has years of experience selling and servicing Jay Flight travel trailers and we want to use that knowledge to help you learn about this trailer so you can decide if this is the right travel trailer for you.

What Does a Jay Flight Cost?

Prices range from $17,000 – $49,000 across 30 models in the Jay Flight series—from 21 ft. single-axle trailers to 40 ft bunkhouse trailers. For more details on the price of a Jayco Jay Flight, check out our in-depth article, How Much Does a Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer Cost?

Top Unique Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer Features

  1. Magnum Truss Roof System -The Magnum Truss Roof System is the strongest roof in the industry. With a 4,500lb weight capacity, you could drive a Jeep on these things . . . but, we do not recommend doing so. This roof system is no joke! It is able to withstand heavy snow loads and even falling tree branches, so you and your family can feel safe wherever you camp. 
  2. Warranty – Jayco RVs have the industry’s leading warranty, with a 2-year limited and 3-year structural warranty. All appliances within a Jayco product must match the 2-year warranty of Jayco, where other companies with 2-year warranties may not. 
  3. Custom Frames – Using custom made integrated A-frames for the trailer chassis creates an extraordinarily strong and sturdy foundation to keep your trailer standing tall longer than the competition.
  4. Goodyear Tires – Blow outs are a huge concern when towing a trailer. Jayco recognized that and teamed up with Goodyear tires. These American made tires have a higher speed rating than the competitors. They are also meant to reduce the chance of a blowout to keep you and your family feeling safe while you’re traveling on the road.

How Jayco Stays Cost Competitive and High Quality

The Jayco Jay Flight has been rated the #1 selling travel trailer in its price segment for almost 20 years now, and it’s for good reason. Jayco puts extra time and energy into designing and manufacturing their campers so you can know you’re  buying a high-quality product that will last.

Jayco works with 60+ engineers who are constantly improving Jayco products to create excellent RVs across their different lines. They do all this while developing processes to stay affordable. Jayco shows they’re confident in the quality of their travel trailers by offering the industry’s leading manufacturer warranty of 2+3 years (2-year comprehensive warranty plus a 3-year structural warranty).

The Jay Flight line is Jayco’s top selling line for travel trailers. Jayco manufactures so many of these each year that they’re able to buy the materials in bulk to build a very high-quality trailer at a competitive price.

Competing travel trailer manufacturers may charge about the same or even more for a lower quality trailer, because they don’t have the same efficiency practices or volume discounts as Jayco. The cost of a Jayco travel trailer is actually very similar to competitors like the Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf and the Grand Design Transcend XPLOR.

Read Why are RVs from some Manufactures More Expensive for more description on how Jayco and other manufacturers are able to do this effectively.

Read more about the cost of a Jay Flight Travel Trailer.

Problems with Jayco RV’s?

So, let’s address the elephant in the room. It is not IF you will have issues with your RV, it is WHEN. Questions about quality and service are huge for anyone that is interested in buying any RV.

Jayco RVs, like most RVs, tend to have problems with their doors and slides over time. These problems are seen across all manufacturers, but our service centers see a lot of door repair issues on Jayco campers.

The likelihood of eventually having some issues with your RV are very high, since a camper will travel 60-80 mph bouncing along down the road. Under these circumstances, things shift, break, and moving parts get jostled. Jayco recognizes that you’ll have issues, which is why they offer the industry’s leading warranty and, if you purchased from a good dealer, you will be well cared for along the way!

Is the Jayco Jay Flight Right for You?

No one travel trailer brand is right for everyone. Jayco has many popular key features like their magnum truss roof system and their warranty. Jay Flight competitors also have features and options that aren’t available in a Jay Flight. The Cherokee Grey Wolf, for example, may have a half-sized top bunk option or the Grand Design Xplor may have interior design features you prefer over the Jayco.

The Jay Flight is also mass produced, because of its popularity. There are other brands and options available if you’re looking for something more unique to you and your situation.

If you feel like Jay Flight isn’t a good fit for you, feel free to browse Bish’s inventory to find what you need.

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If you do choose to purchase a Jay Flight travel trailer, you can be confident you’re purchasing a competitively priced, top-quality RV. We hope we’ve provided the information you need to know if Jay Flight is the travel trailer brand for you.

If your needs are different and Jayco Jay Flight is not right for you, Bish’s RV has helped many customers find the perfect RV and we’d love to help you find a high-quality alternative, whether it’s a travel trailer or something else entirely.

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