Jayco Warranty Review

If you’ve shopped around, you may have had sales folks tell you an RV is covered tip to tail for some amount of time. While most RV manufacturers provide a 1 year limited warranty plus a 3 year structural warranty, Jayco provides you with a 2 year limited warranty plus the standard 3 years of structural coverage.

Extra warranty sounds nice, but you may wonder, “what does Jayco’s warranty really cover?” Bish’s RV services thousands of RVs every year and does warranty work for most manufacturers—including Jayco. We have the experience to help you understand Jayco’s warranty, so you can decide if the protection they offer is important to you when you choose the RV you want for your outdoor adventures! 

Why Do I Need an RV Warranty?

If you’ve ever purchased a new house, you know that what you expected to be perfect right out of the gate, is usually not. In the first year, you may see settling that cracks a tile floor, a dishwasher that was installed wrong, or a shower head with a piece of cardboard stuffed inside the nozzle blocking water flow (based on a true story). 

When you buy a new RV there are so many mechanical parts and accessories that can get jostled and shifted as you travel, that it’s normal to have some problems to work out early on. A brand new RV that’s not working correctly is extremely frustrating! 

RV companies are always trying to prevent problems by streamlining building processes to reduce errors. Some manufacturers also take extra measures like pre-delivery inspections on their RVs. Even still, with so many moving parts, 100% of RVs can’t be perfect from the get go. 

To protect you and your RV from undetected manufacturing flaws, manufacturers provide a warranty to make sure they can find and fix defects in your new RV that show up in the first few years. 

What is Jayco’s RV Warranty

Jayco’s Towable RV Warranty

For all of their new towable RVs—travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers—Jayco provides a 2 year limited and 3 year structural warranty. 

Jayco’s Motorized RV Warranty

For motorized RVs—Class A Diesel, Class A, Class B, Class C—Jayco provides 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) of limited warranty protection plus the standard 3 year structural warranty. 

What’s Normal for an RV Warranty?

Most manufacturers provide 1 year limited and 3 year structural warranties to cover defects in materials or workmanship from the manufacturer. 

What Does Jayco’s Limited Warranty Cover

Jayco’s 2 year (or 24,000 mile) warranty covers *anything* caused by manufacturer defects. Even the appliances in the RV have to match the 2-year warranty before Jayco will include them.  

Keep in mind, if a problem is caused by user negligence, error, lack of maintenance, or by a golf ball through the window, Jayco won’t cover that. The warranty also doesn’t cover parts damaged by wear, like brakes and tires. 

Why 2 Years?

Most issues arise in the first years you own an RV, so the 2 year, limited warranty is the meat and potatoes of your RV warranty. 

RVers usually camp 1-4 times a year, up to 8, if they’re lucky. If you buy your camper in the spring, you have your few trips over the summer, then, unless you live in eternal sunshine, you’ll need to winterize your coach and store it (probably outside in the elements) for 3-6 months while it’s not being used. 

When spring comes you de-winterize your camper to take it on your first camping trip of the year. At this point, with most RVs, you’re already out of warranty by the first time you go camping again.  

Not with Jayco! Jayco’s warranty gives you an extra year of peace of mind. You can use your camper for a whole summer, put it up for the winter cold and still have it covered through another full camping season and winter of storage. This extra year gives you time to really test your camper to make sure everything is working properly. 

What Does Jayco’s Structural Warranty Cover?

Most manufacturers provide a 3 year structural warranty for their RVs, including Jayco. But what does that cover? 

A structural warranty covers all the main structural components in your RV that were built by the manufacturer. This includes your RV’s roof, floor, and walls. 

The structural warranty helps you work out remaining manufacturing issues with your RV. These problems typically show up in the first few years of ownership.

If a wall on your RV is going to delaminate, for example, it’s *usually* going to show up in the first year, not after several. A wall may delaminate because the material and glues were exposed to humidity during the lamination process. If this happens during the construction of your RV, delamination will show during the first heat exposure to your RV—usually the first summer—most of the time.

Jayco originally offered only their 2 year limited warranty because it covered most manufacturing defects. In fact, Jayco has found their warranty claims after 2 years are 1/2 of 1% of claims (.005%).

Other RV manufacturers added a 3 year structural warranty to their 1 year of limited warranty to try to compete with Jayco’s warranty. Not to be outdone, Jayco matched the competitors structural warranty and kept their 2 years of limited coverage. 

Jayco Believes in their RVs 

Tested Quality

How is it Jayco can afford to offer extra warranty? Jayco has a team of certified engineers in their research and development department that push appliances and structural components to, and even past, their limits. 

Yep, it’s these engineers’ job to try and break things! 

This extensive testing gives Jayco confidence that their RVs are built to last and withstand normal RV use. 

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Jayco PDI Building

As of 2022, 100% of Jayco RVs go through a PDI (pre delivery inspection) process to add another layer of confidence that their RVs are road ready before they’re sent to a dealership. Grand Design is the only other manufacturer to offer this service on all of their RVs. 

When you boil it down, Jayco offers a better warranty because they believe in their own product. And that’s not without good reason. Their record for manufacturing quality RVs speaks for itself, since only 14.7% of the Jayco RVs sold by Bish’s RV in 2022 needed warranty service work in their first year on the road. Compare this to Keystone RV at 15.4%, Grand Design at 16.4%, and Forest River at 20.2%. 

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Is Jayco’s Warranty Transferable?

Jayco’s warranty only applies to the first purchaser. If you want to sell your RV or are buying a used Jayco RV that’s still under warranty, the warranty won’t transfer. 

Now What

Understanding what a warranty covers and how it protects a vehicle as expensive and complex as an RV is critical. Now that you understand what Jayco’s warranty covers and how long it will cover your new RV, you can decide if this is important to you and whether or not you want this coverage for your RV. 

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You have a lot of choices when you’re choosing an RV. Our no-pressure RV outfitters would love to help you find the right Jayco RV for you, or, if Jayco isn’t the best fit, they can help you find something that is better for you. 

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