The Top 6 Jayco RVs in 2023

By Becki Johnson

If you’ve wondered, “what are the best Jayco RV models?” – then you’re not alone!

Jayco is one of top-selling manufacturers in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a towable or motorized RV, they have options.

Jayco is also one of the most popular brands we sell at Bish’s RV. Here we’ll provide a list of our customers’ 6 favorite Jayco brands, their prices, and specs so you can decide if one of these Jayco models is right for you.

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1- Jay Flight Travel Trailers

Jay Flight and Jay Flight SLX Trailers

The Jayco Jay Flight is one of America’s Top Selling Campers

Jay Flight and Jay Flight SLX travel trailers are two of the most popular camper options, not just at Bish’s RV – but throughout the country!

Both are Jay Flight campers, but the SLX is a lighter, less expensive option.

What are all the differences between the Jay Flight and Jay Flight SLX? Watch Josh the RV Nerd break down the differences here:

How Much Does a Jayco Jay Flight Cost?


New: $18,000 – $67,500+

Used: $1,000 – $44,000


New: $16,995 – $49,200

Used: $7,000 – $40,000

If you’d like to learn more about what a Jay Flight costs and why, check out this in depth explanation on the price of a Jay Flight travel trailer.



Length: 25’8” – 40’6”Dry Hitch Weight: 455 lbs. – 12,015 lbs.Fresh: 80 – 84 gal.
Height: 10’6” – 11’2”UVW: 4,305 – 8,970 lbs.Gray: 39 – 79 gal.
Width: 8’GVWR: 4,240 lbs. – 11,350 lbs.Black: 39 gal.


Length: 18′ – 21′ 10″Dry Hitch Weight: 250 – 375 lbs.Fresh: 20 gal.
Height: 9’9” – 10’UVW: 2,810 – 3,420 lbs.Gray: 19 gal.
Width: 7’1”GVWR: 3,600 – 4,500 lbs.Black: 19 gal.

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2- Jay Feather Travel Trailers

Jayco Jay Feather
Aluminum and Fiberglass: The Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer

The Jayco Jay Feather travel trailer is compact and practical, making it an ideal choice for those seeking easy maneuverability and fuel efficiency on their travels.

Despite its light weight, it has a well-designed interior that optimizes space and offers a comfortable living space packed with essential amenities for the road.

How Much Does a Jay Feather Travel Trailer Cost?

New: $18,995 – $65,000

Used: $5,000 – $44,000

Jay Feather Camper Specs

Length: 24′ 0″ – 36′ 11″Dry Hitch Weight: 500 – 840 lbs.Fresh: 55 gal.
Height: 10’9” – 10’10”UVW:  4,795 – 7,265 lbs.Gray: 30.5 – 61 gal.
Width: 8’GVWR: 6,250 – 8,500 lbs.Black: 30.5 – 31 gal.

More About Jay Feather Campers

The Jay Feather 27BHB makes our list of travel trailers with easy travel access!

See inside a couple Jay Feather models to decide whether one could be right for you:

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3- Jayco Eagle RVs

The Jayco Eagle RV stands out with its high-end features, luxurious design, and advanced technology, creating a home away from home for long journeys or camping trips. It’s built to handle various conditions, making it an excellent choice for adventurous RV enthusiasts who value comfort and longevity.

Jayco builds Eagle travel trailers and Eagle fifth wheel RVs.

Learn the differences between a fifth wheel and travel trailer to decide which type of Eagle RV is better for you.

How Much Does an Eagle RV Cost?


New: $55,000 – 106,401

Used: $5,000 – $73,500

Learn more about what a Travel Trailer costs and why.  


New: $51,800 – $118,200

Used: $5,000 – $86,400

Learn more about what a Fifth Wheel costs and why.

Eagle RV Specs


Length: 40’1”Dry Hitch Weight: 1,360 – 1,415 lbs.Fresh: 81 gal.
Height: 12’2” – 12’3”UVW: 10,665 – 10,725 lbs.Gray: 111 gal.
Width: 8’1”GVWR: 12,250 lbs.Black: 37 gal.


Length: 36′ 3″ – 40′ 3″Dry Hitch Weight: 1,980 – 2,365 lbs.Fresh: 81 gal.
Height: 12’9” – 12’10”UVW: 10,720 – 11,905 lbs.Gray: 87 gal.
Width: 8’1”GVWR: 12,900 – 14,000 lbs.Black: 59 – 87 gal.

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4- Jayco Eagle HT

The Eagle HT is lighter than the Eagle and meant to be towed by some half-ton trucks (you should always check your tow rating, however).

Like the Eagle, the Eagle HT is available as a travel trailer and fifth wheel.

Consider your specific travel needs when you decide if a fifth wheel or travel trailer is right for you.

Eagle HT Price:


New: $44,900 – $82,683

Used: $23,000 – $63,000


New: $42,900 – $109,500

Used: $15,900 – $62,800

Eagle HT Specs


Length: 34′ 11″ – 38′ 9″Dry Hitch Weight: 930 – 1,170 lbs.Fresh: 81 gal.
Height: 11’7” – 11’9”UVW: 8,040 – 9,620 lbs.Gray: 74 – 82.5 gal.
Width: 8’1”GVWR: 9,995 – 11,400 lbs.Black: 37 gal.


Length: 29′ 1″ – 37′ 4″ Dry Hitch Weight: 11,050 – 1,480 lbs.Fresh: 81 gal.
Height: 12’4” – 13’1”UVW: 7,805 – 10,465 lbs.Gray: 80 – 82 gal.
Width: 8’ – 8’1”GVWR: 9,995 – 12,750 lbs.Black: 43 – 45 gal.

Learn more about the Eagle HT fifth wheel by reading our full review:

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See the Eagle HT 5th wheel floor plans to find out if one is right for you. 

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5- Jayco Redhawk Class C Motorhome

Jayco’s Top-Tier Class C Motorhome: The Redhawk

The Jayco Redhawk Class C RV offers exceptional comfort and convenience for travelers. You’ll find spacious interiors, modern amenities, and well-thought-out floor plans that maximize livability.

Jayco Redhawk Price:

New: $75,000 – $167,800

Used: $38,500 – $127,000

Jayco Redhawk Specs:

SizeTanksEngine & Chassis
Length: 26’8″ – 32’6″Fresh: 42 – 47 gal.7.3L 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8
Height: 11’6”Gray: 40 – 41 gal.
Width: 8’4”Black: 31 gal.

Learn More About the Jayco Redhawk:

6- Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer

The Spacious and Durable Jayco White Hawk

The Jayco White Hawk travel trailer is a popular choice because its lightweight design provides easy towing without compromising on comfort and spaciousness. White Hawk campers are perfect for family vacations or weekend getaways.

White Hawk Travel Trailer Price

New: $37,900 – $77,200

Used: $10,000 – $55,500

White Hawk Travel Trailer Specs

Length: 32′ 1″ – 38′Dry Hitch Weight: 785 – 1,075 lbs.Fresh: 55 – 56 gal.
Height: 11-2” – 11’4”UVW: 6,655 – 8,180 lbs.Gray: 57 – 71 gal.
Width: 8’GVWR: 8,200 – 9,750 lbs.Black: 30.5 – 60 gal.

Learn More about White Hawk Campers

See inside the new White Hawk 32QBH with Josh the RV Nerd:

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Is a Jayco RV Right for You?

Jayco Quality and Inspections

Jayco RVs are known for high-quality construction. Some of their top construction and/or safety features are:


Jayco takes their frames a step further by using an integrated A-frame. This is when the A-frame runs through the main frame to prevent the hitch from buckling. (Learn more about Jayco’s frame construction here.)

Jayco uses this integrated A frame to create a sturdier, safer chassis for their towable RVs. A strong foundation means sturdier construction that will last longer, just like it would on a house.

Jayco’s roof system can withstand 4,500 lbs. making it the strongest roof of these top manufacturers. Consider your Jayco RV safe from falling trees and heavy snow loads because this roof handles mother nature better than all the competition.

Forest River, Grand Design and Keystone use stacked and tack welded frames of their towable RVs. Tack welding creates a strong, sturdy frame.


Like Grand Design and some Keystone models, Goodyear tires come standard on Jayco RVs. These are not just some of the strongest tires on the road, but they are also rated for 80 mph travel. Many manufacturers use tires rated at just 60 mph.

Added capacity to move faster down the freeway can make a big difference in your safety. Not to mention it can save you from pricey repairs. RVers regularly zip along the freeway at speeds beyond the capacity of their tires. Exceeding your tire capacity can lead to blown tires and may result in expensive damage to your RV.

Jayco also includes galvanized steel wheel wells on their RVs. This way, on the off chance a blowout does happen, the strong wheel wells lessen the impact and reduce the otherwise more extensive damage caused by an incident like this.

Most trailers include rear lights in the lower corners of your RV to alert the driver directly behind you when you brake or turn. Jayco goes a step further by adding lights at the top of the RV.

Upper lights alert the drivers further down the road that you’re braking or turning. These added lights keep you and those around you safer on the road. 


Jayco almost doubles the competition with their 300 lb. single bunk capacity and 600 lb. capacity for the double sized bunks. Higher weight capacities mean Jayco bunks are safe and ideal for adult friends and family—not just kiddos.

You can also use the bunks for extra storage when you’re in travel mode. Got 130 bricks you gotta bring along? The bunks can handle it! (Okay, you’re not bringing bricks—but 600 lbs. is a lot of storage capacity!)

For a more complete breakdown of these features, check out our article – Is Jayco a Good Brand?


Jayco Service Record and Warranty

14.7% of the Jayco RVs Bish’s RV sold in 2022 needed warranty service work in their first year on the road. Compare this to Keystone RV at 15.4%, Grand Design at 16.4%, and Forest River at 20.2%

Jayco RVs have fewer service needs in the first year, plus Jayco includes an extra year of warranty coverage on their new RVs. 

Jayco PDI

100% of Jayco RVs go through an extensive, and expensive, PDI (pre delivery inspection) process to ensure your RV is road ready before it’s sent to a dealership.

Grand Design is the only other manufacturer to provide this service.

Jayco Warranty

The standard warranty on a new RV is 1-year limited and 3-years structural. Jayco provides and extra year to allow the owner to fully test it out and work through any manufacturing defects.


For all of their new towable RVs—travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers—Jayco provides a 2-year limited and 3-year structural warranty.


For motorized RVs—Class A Diesel, Class A, Class B, Class C—Jayco provides 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) of limited warranty protection plus the standard 3 year structural warranty.

Learn The ins and outs of what’s covered with a Jayco warranty.

Pros and Cons of Jayco RVs

You need to know the benefits and drawbacks of Jayco RVs before you decide if one is right for your RV adventures. Consider these factors to decide whether Jayco builds the right RV for you.

Jayco Pros:

  • Options: Jayco builds towable and motorized RVs. If you decide Jayco is a manufacturer you trust to build your future RV, you’ll find many different high-quality models and floor plans, making it more likely you can find the motorhome or camper that fits your needs.
  • Build Quality: Jayco builds their RVs with your safety and satisfaction in mind. The unique features we’ve mentionedhere like the towable A-frame, magnum truss roof system, Goodyear tires, Jaysmart lighting, and high bunk capacity, are all examples of this.  
  • Service Record and Warranty: The lower service needs of Jayco RVs and the extra year of warranty coverage can provide a sense of security and peace of mind when you buy a new Jayco RV.

Jayco Cons:

  • Price: If price is your top concern and you’re looking for the least expensive option, you may want to look at another manufacturer. Jayco RV are priced competitively – especially considering the features and quality they offer – but Jayco RVs are not always the cheapest option. Jayco uses quality control measures and building materials that add to the cost of their RVs and includes features that less expensive RVs may not.

    If you’re looking for a lower priced RV, you may want to consider Keystone or Forest River.

  • Weight: Towable Jayco RVs are built with sturdy, heavy-duty steel and wood frames. These features provide solid construction, but they can also make Jayco towables 150 to 300 lbs. heavier than similar RVs.

    Depending on your towing vehicle, the added weight may leave you with less available weight for cargo capacity.

    If your tow vehicle requires something lighter to safely tow, or you want more cargo capacity you will want to buy from another RV manufacturer with lighter options.

    If you’re considering the Jay Flight, for example, but it’s heavier than what you feel comfortable towing, you may want to try the Prime Time Tracer.  

More Jayco Favorites

If you’d like a Jayco RV, but none of their top-sellers are a good match for you, consider one of their other popular options:


It’s not easy to find information about which Jayco models are the most popular. Now that you know the best-selling Jayco brands from Bish’s, their price ranges and specs, you can decide if one of these 6 popular Jayco RV brands is right for you.

Providing you the information you need in your RV search is important to us at Bish’s RV. If you have more questions or would like to see a Jayco RV in person – reach out anytime. Our RV experts would love to help out!

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