How much does a Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer Cost

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If you’ve been looking at travel trailers, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices. There are so many brands, lengths, floorplans, etc. Somewhere along the way you have probably come across the Jayco Jay Flight line—the most popular travel trailer brand, and you’ve wanted to know—“What does a Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer cost?

At Bish’s RV we know that it’s difficult to navigate finding and buying your camper when there are so many choices and so little information available on price. We want to use our experience selling Jay Flight travel trailers to help you know what you can expect to pay for a Jay Flight and what could make your RV more or less expensive.

How Much Does a Jay Flight Travel Trailer Cost?

Prices range from $17,000 – $49,000 on the almost 30 models in the Jay Flight series, from 21 ft. single-axle trailers to 40 ft bunkhouse trailers.

What Affects the Price of a Jay Flight Camper?

Options, Size, Models/Trims

Similar to purchasing a pizza, selecting a larger trailer with more upgrades and options will increase the cost of your RV. You can expect an extra large pizza to cost more than the medium, because it requires more material, just like a larger RV will cost more because it will require more building materials and more hours of labor to create.

Options also make a difference. Adding bacon to your pie may add a couple dollars, where adding a 8cu/ft 12v electric fridge instead of a 7cu/ft gas/electric fridge, will add about $445 more to your camper. 

Even within the same Jay Flight models, there are different trim options. The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 183RB may cost around $18,500, but the exact same model with the Baja package—which includes a higher ground clearance and a different wheel/tire package—will be more expensive.

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Almost all RV manufacturers are located near Elkhart, Indiana. If you see a trailer in Iowa priced at $20,000 and the same or similar one in Oregon priced substantially higher, it is most likely due to the freight costs of shipping a large, heavy travel trailer. It just plain costs more to get a trailer from Indiana to Oregon than it does to ship it to Iowa. You may consider cutting down this cost, by traveling to the less expensive travel trailer and transporting it home yourself.


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Western editions and the Baja trimmed Jayco Jay Flight RVs are manufactured on the west coast, so they will have a lower freight charge to the western states, but the trim itself is more expensive than a basic Jay Flight.


RV dealers are either margin, volume, boutique, or wholesale dealers. Different types of dealers will have different upfront costs and different services available after you’ve purchased your RV.

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If you’ve purchased a carton of eggs this year, you know the economy affects prices. The cost of materials to build your travel trailer have risen over the last couple years (just like those $7 eggs), though prices are now finally dropping. Most manufacturers are smart about ordering materials in bulk to plan for market changes, but manufacturers also have to balance bulk buying with the risk of over ordering. (Say a manufacturer buys too many couches in one color, then changes their whole design and now those couches no longer fit in their trailers. Manufacturers want to avoid having to eat a loss like that.)

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How Jayco Stays Cost Competitive and High Quality

The Jayco Jay Flight has been rated the #1 selling travel trailer in its price segment for almost 20 years now, and it’s for good reason. Jayco puts extra time and energy into designing and manufacturing their campers so you can know you’re  buying a high-quality product that will last. Jayco works with 60+ engineers who are constantly improving Jayco products to create excellent products across their different lines. They do all this while developing processes to stay affordable. Jayco shows they’re confident in the quality of their travel trailers by offering the industry’s leading manufacturer warranty of 2+3 years (2-year comprehensive warranty plus a 3-year structural warranty).

The Jay Flight line is Jayco’s top selling line for travel trailers. Jayco manufactures so many of these each year that they’re able to buy the materials in bulk to build a very high-quality trailer at a competitive price.

Competing travel trailer manufacturers may charge about the same or even more for a lower quality trailer, because they don’t have the same efficiency practices or volume discounts as Jayco. The cost of a Jayco travel trailer is actually very similar to competitors like the Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf and the Grand Design Transcend XPLOR.

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If you choose to purchase a Jay Flight travel trailer, you can be confident you’re purchasing a competitively priced, top-quality RV. Price plays a huge part in knowing if an RV is the right fit for you, so we hope you have a better understanding of what you’ll likely pay for your camper.

Bish’s RV has helped many of our customers find the right RV for them—travel trailer or otherwise—and we’d love to help you get out on the road having new experiences and making memories.

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