Is Jayco a Good RV Brand?

There are pros and cons to every RV manufacturer. Researching and learning all the differences can feel like a full-time job, and who has time for that? It so happens that I do! It actually IS my job to understand RV manufacturers and what they have to offer, and I want to share that information with you. 

No RV manufacturer is the perfect fit for everyone. You need to understand the kinds of RVs a manufacturer builds so you can decide for yourself if they offer the construction quality and features you need in an RV.

Here I’ll provide information about Jayco RVs all in one place to save you from spending your precious time hunting down information from various websites and/or dealerships. Jayco is one of the top RV manufacturers in the United States. But do they build the right RV for your future adventures? Let’s find out. 

What is Jayco?

Jayco manufactures motorhomes, travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels In Middlebury, Indiana. 

This company began in 1968 when Lloyd Bontrager, Jayco’s founder, developed a new system for pop-up campers. 50 years since its founding, Jayco is the 4th highest selling RV manufacturer. Their goal is to innovate and develop new ways “to make it easier and safer for families to have fun together.”

Jayco wants you to enjoy camping and traveling without worries about your RV. They know you don’t want to be fearful your RV will break down on the side of a dark, empty highway in the middle of Wyoming or have service problems that keep you inside all summer daydreaming about being with your friends as they gather at the RV park. 

To keep you safe and out of service centers, Jayco focuses on developing and using safety and construction features to build RVs that will be safe on the road and built to last. They care about using quality construction that makes your adventures possible.  

Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, avid birdwatchers, even picked the blue jay to represent Jayco because they wanted RVers to feel “free as a bird” with the ability to “fly away without any cares.” 

Jayco Features

Does Jayco carry out their goals to keep you safe and your RV on the road? Here are some of the features of a Jayco compared to the other 3 highest-selling RV manufacturers

Integrated A-frame on Towable RVs:  

Forest River, Grand Design and Keystone use stacked and tack welded frames of their towable RVs. Tack welding creates a strong, sturdy frame. 

Jayco takes their frames a step further by using an integrated A-frame. This is when the A-frame runs through the main frame to prevent the hitch from buckling. (Learn more about Jayco’s frame construction here.) 

Jayco uses this integrated A frame to create a sturdier, safer chassis for their towable RVs. A strong foundation means sturdier construction that will last longer, just like it would on a house.

Magnum Truss Roof System: 

Jayco’s roof system can withstand 4,500 lbs. making it the strongest roof of these top manufacturers. Consider your Jayco RV safe from falling trees and heavy snow loads because this roof handles mother nature better than all the competition. 

Goodyear Tires:

Like Grand Design and some Keystone models, Goodyear tires come standard on Jayco RVs. These are not just some of the strongest tires on the road, but they are also rated for 80 mph travel. Many manufacturers use tires rated at just 60 mph. 

Added capacity to move faster down the freeway can make a big difference in your safety. Not to mention it can save you from pricey repairs. RVers regularly zip along the freeway at speeds beyond the capacity of their tires. Exceeding your tire capacity can lead to blown tires and may result in expensive damage to your RV. 

Jayco also includes galvanized steel wheel wells on their RVs. This way, on the off chance a blowout does happen, the strong wheel wells lessen the impact and reduce the otherwise more extensive damage caused by an incident like this.

JaySmart Lighting System:  

Most trailers include rear lights in the lower corners of your RV to alert the driver directly behind you when you brake or turn. Jayco goes a step further by adding lights at the top of the RV. 

Upper lights alert the drivers further down the road that you’re braking or turning. These added lights keep you and those around you safer on the road. See more about the Jayco lighting system

Bunk Capacity:

Jayco almost doubles the competition with their 300 lb. single bunk capacity and 600 lb. capacity for the double sized bunks. Higher weight capacities mean Jayco bunks are safe and ideal for adult friends and family—not just kiddos. 

You can also use the bunks for extra storage when you’re in travel mode. Got 130 bricks you gotta bring along? The bunks can handle it! (Okay, you’re not bringing bricks—but 600 lbs. is a lot of storage capacity!)


A good manufacturer warranty is a Big. Deal. Purchasing an RV is a hefty expense, so a warranty makes sure that your RV is protected once you leave the lot. 

Most manufacturers offer both limited and structural warranties. Limited warranties cover the components inside, meaning the appliances inside the RV must match the warranty. Structural warranties cover the structure of the RV, like the frame, roof, and walls. 

Other top manufacturers provide 1 year limited and 3 year structural warranties.  

Jayco stands behind their product quality by offering the best warranty of any manufacturer:  2 year limited warranty + 3 year structural. 

Jayco’s unique warranty covers your RV for two full camping seasons. With a 24 month warranty for towable RVs and a 24,000 mile warranty for motorized RVs, this warranty lasts twice as long as other manufacturers. Plus, you still have the third year of structural warranty protection. 

Types of Jayco RVs

Towable Campers

Travel Trailer: 

Jay Feather Micro, Jay Feather, White Hawk, Jay flight SLX, Jay Flight (Jay Flight – 236th, 265th are toy haulers), Jay Flight Bungalow, Eagle HT travel trailer, Eagle travel trailer 

See Bish’s Jayco travel trailer inventory

Fifth Wheel:

Eagle HT, Eagle, North Point, Pinnacle 

See Bish’s Jayco Fifth Wheel inventory

Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler: 

Seismic, Seismic Luxury 

See Bish’s Jayco Toy Hauler inventory

Motorized RVs or Motorhomes

Class A:  

Alante, Precept, Prestige, Embark 

See Bish’s Jayco Class A Motorhome inventory

Class B:  

Swift, Swift Li, Solstice, Solstice Li, Terrain 

See Bish’s Jayco Class B inventory

Class C:  

Redhawk SE, Redhawk, Greyhawk, Melbourne, Melbourne Prestige, Seneca XT, Seneca, Seneca Prestige 

See Bish’s Class C Jayco inventory

Here are the highest selling Jayco RVs at Bish’s RV:

Learn more about Jay Flight travel trailers

Is a Jayco RV Right for You?

Jayco RVs are a good fit for a lot of RVers, but they aren’t perfect for everyone. Depending on your needs and wants, there may be a better choice for you. 

Here are some pros and cons of Jayco RVs, so you can decide for yourself if they’re right for you. 

Pros of Jayco RVs 


One reason Jayco is so popular is they provide a lot of options for different types of RVers. With motorhomes, travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels–whatever you’re looking for, there is probably an option from Jayco. 

Within each type of Jayco RV you’ll find different brands at different price points and sizes. 

As an example, Jayco has 4 fifth wheel lines–the Eagle HT, Eagle, North Point and Pinnacle. These fifth wheels cost between $45,000 and nearly $200,000 and range from about 29 feet to almost 45 feet long. 

You’ll find different RV sizes and price points within each of their other RV types as well. So, yes, if you’re looking for a Jayco, it’s very possible you can find an option that will fit your needs.

Service Record and Warranty

14.7% of the Jayco RVs Bish’s RV sold in 2022 needed warranty service work in their first year on the road. Compare this to Keystone RV at 15.4%, Grand Design at 16.4%, and Forest River at 20.2%

Jayco RVs have fewer service needs in the first year and they also provide that extra year of warranty coverage.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands with a Jayco RV. If you’re looking for a reliable RV that will spend more time on the road than in the shop, Jayco may be the ideal option for you.

Jayco PDI

As of 2022, 100% of Jayco RVs go through a PDI (pre delivery inspection) process to ensure your RV is road ready before it’s sent to a dealership. Grand Design is the only other manufacturer to offer this service. 

At Bish’s RV, we’re happy to see Jayco take this extra step to make sure every Jayco RV we sell is ready for the road. 

Cons of Jayco RVs:


Jayco offers very competitive prices, especially with the features and quality they offer. They can do this because of how many RVs they produce, which allows them to buy components in bulk, and by improving and automating their manufacturing processes. Even still, Jayco RVs are not always the cheapest option. Jayco uses quality control measures and building materials that add to the cost of their RVs and includes features that less expensive RVs may not. 

If price is your top concern and you’re looking for the least expensive option, you may want to look at another manufacturer. Keystone and Forest River may offer less expensive RVs. 

Check out our Forest River and Keystone inventory to see if these manufacturers offer something better for you. 


Jayco RVs are typically 150-300 lbs. heavier than competing RVs with similar floorplans. This is partly because of their sturdy, heavy-duty frames, and the real wood/heavy steel they use for their construction. These features provide solid construction, but they can also make Jayco towables heavier than some competitors. The added weight means you may also have less cargo capacity on your RV. 

If you’re looking to tow something lighter or want more cargo capacity, you may want to try another RV manufacturer with lighter options. If you’re considering the Jay Flight, but it’s heavier than what you feel comfortable towing, you may want to check the Prime Time Tracer.  

Next Steps to Get Your Jayco RV

There’s a lot to learn about RV manufacturers. Now you have a better understanding of Jayco–their construction quality and benefits–and whether they could be the manufacturer that makes your RV daydreams a reality. 

If you’ve decided Jayco is the right manufacturer for you, you have many dealer options. Wherever you do buy, we hope you find the best Jayco RV for you. At Bish’s RV, we’ve matched thousands of RVers with the RV that is most ideal for their unique adventures. We would love to do the same for you! 

If you are ready to find your Jayco RV or have any questions our outfitters would love to help. 

You can also browse the Jayco RVs on our lots! 

Is Jayco not quite right for you? No problem! You may want to consider Grand Design. Learn more here about Grand Design’s construction features

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