SUV Towable Campers Under 5,000 Pounds!

Want an RV, but don’t have the big truck you’d need to pull a big trailer?

Did you know some campers can be towed by a mid-sized truck or even an SUV? 

Check out these campers under 5,000 lbs to see if the right, lightweight floor plan is out there for you! 

suv towable campers under 5k pounds

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Can an SUV Tow a Camper?

The answer to this depends completely on your SUV and the camper. Sometimes the answer is a flat no.

But, most larger SUVs can handle a lightweight, fully enclosed travel trailer up to about 5,000 lbs GVWR. 

Gross vehicle weight rating (gvwr) is the empty rv weight with the payload capacity

You always need to check and make sure your vehicle and camper are compatible. So don’t forget that and, while you’re at it, just don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. K? 

Okay, let’s do this. 

Here we’ll share some of our favorite campers under 5,000 lbs. 

This is meant to give you a starting place in your hunt for the perfect, SUV towable camper. This is not supposed to be a full list of options, so don’t feel limited if you don’t see the perfect RV here. 

FYI: If you do see a layout you like here, but want a different brand, many small camper manufacturers build similar floor plans. You’ll probably be able to find a brand you prefer that builds your layout. 

If you want help narrowing down your options or finding more to choose from, shoot a message to one of our RV outfitters. They’re experts at finding the right camper for you. 

(And don’t worry about any high pressure upselling. That’s not how we roll at Bish’s.)

Our list does not include any specialty RVs. No pop ups, no A frames, nothing wacky. We’re talking about traditional, fully enclosed travel trailers with a max weight below 5,000 lbs. 

Also, expect to see single axle models, because that’s definitely going to be the norm below 5k pounds.

SUV Towable Coachmen Apex Nano & Remote Series

Apex Nano & Remote Campers Under 5,000lbs

apex remote by Coachmen
Apex Remote by Coachmen

The Apex Nano and newer, lighter Remote Series have several floor plans that come in the SUV towable range.

Apex Nano Series

Floor plans under 5,000 lbs: 185BH, 186BH, 187RB, 191RBS, 194BHS

Remote Series 

Floor Plans under 5,000 lbs: 16R, 17R, 18R, 19R

Take a deeper dive into the 17R to see if it’s right for you:

Apex Remote 17R:
Mini RV for SUV Towing 

This little RV has a lot of features and costs a lot less than bigger options. 

You’ll find all the basics to add comfort to your camping without the heavy extras. 

► Oval windows look modern and allow airflow. 

► Double Azdel inside and out

► 200 w solar comes standard. 

► Option for a 600 watt + 200 watt inverter package. 

Specs and Floor Plan

apex remote 17R floorplan
Apex Remote Floorplan

Hitch* – 300 lbs

Max – 4700 lbs

Empty – 2,910 lbs

Cargo – 1,790 lbs

Fresh – 52 gal

Grey – 35 gal

Black – 35 gal

Length – 20’8”

Width – 7ft

Height – 9’10”

*Weight may change based on options

See full 17R specs

Apex Remote 17R Pros & Cons 


► Light weight, easy to handle size

► Modern interior design

► Max solar option available

► Dual azdel laminated walls

► Walk around front bed

► Easy, no slide design

► Bluetooth speaker

► Sealed edge counters


► Tight around the bed area

Shop Remote 17R:

Shop More Lightweight Coachmen Campers

Lightweight Cherokee Campers

Wolf Den Floor Plans Below 5,000 Pounds: 

16EV bunkhouse

17EV rear bath couple’s camper

Wolf Den: Lightweight, Budget Friendly Travel Trailers

wolf den 16ev
Wolf Den 16EV

Most of Cherokee’s Wolf Pup single axle campers are over 5k lbs. The new Wolf Den EV series changes this with floor plans that are their lightest, most budget friendly options of all. 

In fact, Wolf Den is built for affordability. 

Cherokee didn’t want to take existing models and cut out features to leave an RV that feels unfinished. 

So, they started from the ground up and intentionally made an RV perfect for the very price conscious RVer.  

All Electric Wolf Den Camper – 16EV

These EV floor plans are also all electric – no propane system at all and they don’t have a bunch of solar included. 

They are built for a casual camper. If you’re looking into upgrading from something like a pop-up or you do a lot of park camping, or use a portable generator – this could be good for you. 

Of course, you can always add extra solar. But, by the time you do that and factor in the cost of dealer installed solar, there is probably a better trailer for you. 

Dive into the 16EV to see if this lightweight bunkhouse is right for you:

Wolf Den 16EV Floor Plan & Specs

wolf den 16EV

Hitch – 393 lbs.

Max – 5,493 lbs.

Empty – 2,995 lbs.

Cargo – 2,498 lbs.


Length – 21’9”

Width – 90”

Awning – 12’


Fresh – 26 gal.

Gray – 23 gal.

Black – 23 gal. 

Wolf Den 16EV Pros & Cons


► Wide open bunks

► Tote storage in the pantry

► All electric, no propane

► Ideal as a family starter RV

► Built for park hopping

► 7’6” body size

► Full 6’6” ceiling

► XL camp side kitchen window 

► Light and easy towing

► Doesn’t look “stripped down”


► Cargo may shift in the open storage under the bed

► Not built for boondocking

► Smaller camp queen bed, but space to add in a true queen if you prefer

wolf den inventory
View Wolf Den Inventory

IBEX Essentials Only From Forest River

ibex forest river
Forest River Ibex Essentials

The new essentials only series from IBEX is sister of Forest River’s No Boundaries brand. 

What to Expect in an IBEX Essentials Only Travel Trailer

You prefer IBEX’s bigger, thicker heavier roof and floor construction, but want a simpler camper to go out in? That’s what the IBEX essentials only (EO) line is about. 

You get all the construction quality, just less stuff. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a simple way to camp.

You don’t need to go off road, you don’t need a tiny house? Try the essentials only line. 

Plus it’s lighter and costs thousands less than the regular IBEX.

Expect to find:

► The same body and shell construction as a regular IBEX

Azdel under the fiberglass 

► A lot of lamination

► ¾ inch roof decking instead of the more common ⅜ inch 

►1 ¼ plywood floor decking on top of aluminum frame floor
► The same body and cabinet construction, just simpler features.

►True queen bed

► Fewer extra widgets and whizbangs 

The EO series has several floor plans under 5,000 lbs including the 10LHRK, 19BHEO, and 10LHG

Looking for a lightweight family camper? Take a closer look at the 19BHEO: 

Family Camper Under a 5,000 lb Tow Rating 

19BHEO Floor Plan & Specs:

ibex 19bheo floorplan

Hitch: 445 lbs

Max: 4,845 lbs

Empty: 3,488 lbs.

Cargo: 1,357

Length: 23’3”

Height: 10’4”

Width: 7’4”

Awning: 16’

Fresh: 30 gal.

Gray: 30 gal.

Black: 30 gal.

See full 19BHEO specs

Pros & Cons


► 7’4” Narrow body design

► Enclosed underbelly

► True queen bed size

► No carpet/floor vents

► Good awning size

► Azdel under fiberglass

► Thicker roof/floor

► No floor vents

► No extra stuff


► Corner murphy/bendy bed

► Only prepped for many features included on the regular IBEX

Lightweight Family & Couple Campers:
Rockwood Geo Pro or Flagstaff E-Pro

rockwood geo pro rv

All Geo Pro and E-Pro campers (same campers, different names) have a GVWR under 5,000 pounds and often quite a bit below that! 

Here’s a closer look at one of their newer options – the 20FKS

This is the heaviest of the Geos at 4,998 lbs. If you can tow this, any other Geo or E-Pro would also work for you.

Mini Camper with True Queen Bed:
20FKS Rockwood Geo Pro or Flagstaff E-Pro

Rockwood has been crushing the front kitchen floor plans, now they’re bringing that down to the little Geo Pro line with a couple surprising features.

► Whole front kitchen which plays perfectly with the windshield in the nose cap.

► 60” x 80” true queen bed – hard to find in this kind of series or small trailer. 

► Surprising flip up/down bunk above the main bed. Because they didn’t shove the bunk in the nose cap it’s pretty spacious and usable. A taller kid could fit, or you could easily use it as a shelf or for storage. 

► A great solo camper, couples camper. Also works if you’re a single parent or a couple bringing along one kid. 

► Includes slam latches and improved stabiliizer jacks from last year. Hard to find this on a single axle travel trailer. 

► Available with a power package

20FKS Floor Plan & Specs

geo pro 20fks
Geo Pro 20FKS Floor Plan


Hitch: 461 lbs

Max: 4,998

Cargo: 1,028 lbs

Empty: 3,970 lbs

Length: 21’2”

Width: 7’

Height: 10’

Fresh: 31 gal.

Gray: 27 gal. 

Black: 27 gal.

Solar: 200w

Inverter: 1800w 

See full 20FKS specs

20FKS Pros & Cons


► Expandable factory roof solar package

► 1,800 watt inverter

► Holding tank heaters

► Azdel walls inside and out

► Improved stabilizers

► Rare rear bed

► Tire pressure monitors

►XL bath fan with roof cover


► Limited shower headroom

SUV Towable Family & Couple’s Salem & Wildwood Travel Trailers

Salem and Wildwood FSX
Salem and Wildwood FSX

No bunks: 161QK, 167RBK

With bunks: 177BH, 179DBK

LE series: 164RBLE, 174BHLE

Check out the 179DBK below for a lightweight family camping travel trailer:

Family Bunk House Travel Trailer Under 5,000 Pounds

A camper floor plan so good we can’t believe it hasn’t been copied more often! 

► Unbelievably efficient

► Double over double bunk and a full front bed for mom and dad.

► Good camp side window coverage

► Reasonable storage for what it is – not the most amazing, but improved from previous models. 

► No slide easy to use and care for

► Enclosed belly

► Giant fridge with a door that swings both ways

► Very basic family camper with some nice, smart decisions where they went further. Example:  Camp kitchen, yes, but not over the top. 

shop button 179dbk

179DBK Floor Plan & Specs

FSX 179DBK Floorplan

Hitch: 465 lbs

Max: 4,865 lbs

Empty: 3,219 lbs

Cargo: 1,646 lbs

Length: 22’ 6”

Height: 10’ 2”

Width: 7’ 6”

Awning: 14’

Fresh: 43 gal.

Gray: 30 gal.

Black: 30 gal.

See full 179DBK Specs

179DBK Pros & Cons


► Easy, no-slide design

► Small with big sleeping space

► Camp side XL window

► Improved front bed

► Enclosed belly panels

► Prepped for roof ladder

► Mini camp kitchen

► Big fridge capacity


► Bendy/murphy short queen bed

► Available in aluminim or fiberglass skin, but fiberglass skin option is heavier

► Limited kitchen counter space, smaller tanks, smaller storage.

shop button 179dbk

161QK Couple’s Camper Under 5,000 GVWR

► Has a unique floor plan with a private rear bedroom. This is Incredibly hard to find! 

► Feels spacious and comfortable.

► 7.5’ wide RV 

► Great for SUV or midsize pickup towing. 

► Not the right layout for everyone, but feature packed for its size 

► Enclosed underbelly. 

► Optional 200 w solar and side mount solar. 

► Outdoor griddle 

► Walkthrough bathroom with sliding doors for extra space 

161QK Floor Plan & Specs

161QK Floor Plan
161QK Floor Plan

Hitch: 508 lbs.

Max: 4,908 lbs

Empty: 3,691 lbs

Cargo: 1,217 lbs

(platinum edition adds about 300lbs)

Length: 23’ 6”

Height: 10’ 2”

Width: 7’ 6”

Awning: 15’

Fresh: 39 gal.

Gray: 40 gal.

Black: 40 gal

See Full 161QK Specs

161QK Pros & Cons


► Simple, easy, no-slide design

► Private rear bedroom

► Walk-around bed setup

► New front windshield

► Enclosed underbelly

► Surprising kitchen

► Great for mid-sized trucks and larger SUV towing


► Cargo capacity can be limiting

► Regular package is aluminum frame, fiberglass sides come with platinum package

Jayco Campers You Can Tow With an SUV

When it comes to basic, lightweight, low dollar series, Jay Flight SLX has been putting out family and couple camper options for a while now. 

Jayco SLX 154BH, 174BH, 183RB, 184BS, 195RB all fit the SUV towable bill! 

If you want a small, single axle couple’s camper that’s a little different and stands out from the rest, check out the 195RB:

Jayco 195RB SUV Towable Couple’s Camper

► Unique, time-tested model

The 195RB has been in Jayco’s line up for a long time. 

Single axle campers with a front bed and rear bath normally have the door positioned so you walk in right on top of the mattress. 

This one does it different. 

The entry door is in the back and it makes the bedroom feel more private. The bed is also a walkaround bed. 

► Awesome size for solo camping and a cozy couple’s option as well 

► Jayco recently upgraded the height from 6’1 to  6’6” 

You can walk around the camper normally, but may still need to put your head in the shower skylight if you’re over 6’.  But! At least the skylight is there. Many small camper builders do not include one. 

► Carptless and ventless for easy cleaning and pet friendliness

► Newly added shower surround panels

Jay Flight 195RB Floor Plan & Specs

195rb floorplan
195RB Floor Plan

Hitch: 295 lbs

Max: 3,995 lbs

Empty: 3,015 lbs.

Cargo: 980 lbs.

Length: 21’ 10”

Height: 9’2”

Width: 7’

Awning: 11’

Fresh: 30 gal

Gray: 19.9 gal.

Black: 19.9 gal. 

See Full 195RB Specs

Jay Flight SLX 195RB Pros & Cons


► Front north/south walk around bed

Huge closet by entry door

► Big 12v fridge

► Side or roof a/c setups

► Bed privacy curtain

► Breeze windows

► Walkable roofing

► Improved shower

► No one matches Jayco’s warranty in this size and weight of RVs. 


► No bathroom vent fan . . . like, what?

Jay Feather Campers for SUV Towing

jay feather micro

Looking for a little pizzaz in your lightweight camper? Keep the excellent Jayco warranty, and try Jay Feather Micro. 

The 166FBS, 171BH, and 173MRB are under 5,000 pounds. 

Jay Feather Micros are arguably some of the swankier, more highly equipped small campers. 

Some will push close to that 5,000 lb. boundary. 

The 166FBS is the 1st of the Feather Micro series and, according to Josh the RV Nerd, still the best of them all. 

The Quality, Lightweight Jay Feather Micro 166FBS 

► Tandem axle storage and features in a smaller, lighter camper. 

► Good for solo or couples without needing a giant truck. 

► 7.5’ wide, dual azdel walls

► Been listening to customer feedback: Got rid of brush bar guards and mini fridge outside. Left the space for storage, and kept the power outlet for a fridge or . . .  whatever you want. 

► Tire pressure monitoring system with Goodyear wrangler tires 

► Enclosed belly

► Standardized solar package 

► Larger 12v compressor fridge with door that opens either way 

166FBS Floor Plan & Specs

jay feather 166FBS Floorplan

Hitch: 415 lbs

Max: 4,995 lbs

Empty: 3,895 lbs

Cargo: 1,100 lbs

Length: 19’7”

Height: 10’ 6”

Width: 7’ 6”

Ceiling: 6’ 6”

Awning: 11’

Fresh: 55 gal.

Gray: 30.5

Black: 30.5

Solar 200w/30a

See Full 166FBS Specs

166FBS Pros & Cons 


► Dual azdel walls

► Walk on, snow load roofing (learn more here about Jayco quality)

► Picnic table included

► Great travel access

► 80” long bed

► Enclosed belly

► New bigger fridge

► XL ceiling vent fan


► Bed only 54” wide (full width instead of queen)

► New models don’t have brush bars outside

Lightest Grand Design Campers 

You can tow some Imagine AIM campers from Grand Design with an SUV
Imagine AIM

Grand Design has been building new models unlike anything else in the industry for years now. 

They’ve now expanded the Imagine AIM series to include several options under 5,000 pounds. With options for both couples and small families. 

The 14MS, 15RB, 15BH, 16ML are all below 5,000 lbs. 

The 14MS stands out for the amount of kitchen space it provides in such a small package. Take a closer look to see if it’s right for you: 

Imagine AIM 14MS:
Big Kitchen in a Small SUV Towable RV

This single axle, small camper is different from what you might be used to. You’ll get dining, sofa, and a bed. 

Plus, a great kitchen and dedicated bath in a 17’11” RV that barely weighs 3,700 pounds dry weight. 


► The best executed MS (murphy bed in slide) model. 

Yup, this is the 1st time a manufacturer has executed an MS well without producing a weird bumpy bed. it is still a bendy, murphy bed, but it actually lies flat! 

This also makes the most space-taking feature in the camper go away during the day. 

► Sofa straight across from the entertainment center 

► Extended kitchen with stools you could use as a dining bar 

► Great kitchen prep space 

► Small awning, but it couldn’t really get much bigger given the small camper length

Imagine AIM 14MS kitchen

Floor Plan & Specs

Imagine AIM 14MS
Imagine AIM 14MS Floorplan

Hitch: 454 lbs

Max: 4,600 lbs

Empty: 3,826 lbs

Cargo: 774 lbs

Length: 17’ 11”

Height: 10’ 11”

Width: 8’

Fresh: 37 gal

Gray: 82 gal

Black:37 gal

LP: 40

Solar: 165w

Bed: 60” x 76”

Full 14MS Specs

Imagine AIM 14MS Pros & Cons


► Less than 18’ total length

► Effective murphy in the slide

► Heated belly package

► 165 watt roof solar

► Good counter space

► Outside griddle

► Good travel access

► Camp-side dining bar

Goodyear tires


► Bendy bed: 76” long short queen

► No full outside passthrough storage – the only storage is under the bed’s headboard  

Easy to Tow Go Play Travel Trailers

Go Play Campers from Wayfinder are the newest options on the list and exclusive to Bish’s RV

The Go Play 180BHS and 19BH are both RVs you could possibly tow with an SUV or midsize truck.

The 19BH is basically the default, single axle floor plan. It feels bigger, without actually being bigger. A full sized camper that’s surprisingly lightweight and towable. 

Go Play 19BH:
Budget Friendly Family Camper Under 5,000 Pounds

The entire Go Play series is about being less expensive, without being less of a camper. The 19BH is the smallest, lightest, least expensive of the Go Play series. 

We were able to partner with Jayco for an excellent build quality, but cut out costs for reps, shows, and marketing by doing those ourselves at Bish’s. 

This way we can sell a fully equipped camper for thousands less

The 19BH is a great family starter camper for casual campers that don’t always want or need a bigger truck. But keep in mind it is definitely very basic in terms of features. 

19BH Features

go play 19bh

► Sleeps 6

► 8’ wide:  This adds extra dinette space and storage by the front bed. It also means extra elbow room to the bathroom. 

► Enclosed underbelly 

► 200w solar standard in 2024 

Floor Plan & Specs

go play 19bh

Hitch: 30 lbs

Max: 4,450 lbs

Empty: 3,460 lbs

Cargo: 990 lbs

Length: 22’ 4”

Height: 10’ 7”

Width: 8’

Awning: 13’

Ceiling Height: 6’9”

Solar 200 w

Fresh: 20 gal

Gray: 19.9 gal

Black: 19.9 gal

Full 19BH Specs

Pros & Cons


► Taller 6’9” ceiling

► Wider 8’ body

► 200 watt roof solar

► Basic inverter prep

► Extra storage space

► More toilet room

► Enclosed belly

► Grill connect


► Short queen bed

► Fairly small holding tanks

► Basic features

For more space, but still under 5,000 lbs. Consider Go Play 180BHS:

Micro Minnie 1700BH:
SUV Towable, Luxury Travel Trailer

If you like the 19BH but want a step up, Winnebago’s Micro Minnie series has an option that could fit the bill. 

Most Micros are very close to 5,000 lbs, but the 1700BH  is just small enough. 

This familiar bunk house floor plan is far from basic.

See inside to find out what makes it stand out from the rest:

Full 1700BH Minnie Winnie SUV Towable Camper Video Review

1700BH Features

► Supreme fit and finish. This is an upper middle class camper, if you will. 

► Double azdel walls 

► Plywood floor 

► Heavy use of aluminum throughout the structure 

► Walkable roof with a ladder – very rare in a single axle camper 

► Enclosed belly and tank heaters, very rare in this class 

► 190w solar

Micro Mini 1700BH Floor Plan & Specs

micro minnie floorplan

Hitch: 414 lbs

Max: 4,200 lbs

Empty: 3,354 lbs

Cargo: 846 lbs

Length: 20’ 9”

Height: 10’ 5”

Width: 7’

Awning: 12’ 

Fresh: 31 gal

Gray: 25 gal

Black: 25 gal

Solar: 190 w

Full 1700BH Specs

1700BH Pros & Cons


► Great kitchen and kitchen storage

► Easy towing with 7’ wide body, torsion suspension, and low towing weight

► Walkable roof with ladder

► Cargo folding bunk

► Convection microwave

► Holding tank heaters


► 54” x 74” main bed

► Slightly lower ceiling height

► Smaller fridge

Shop Travel Trailers You Can Tow With an SUV or Medium-Sized Truck

You may not need or want a giant truck just to tow an RV a few times a year. 

Now that you know there are options towable by smaller trucks and SUVs for both couples and families you can get out there and find your light, easy to tow camper. 

We’d love to help you find your ideal camper. Check out our lightweight camper inventory or reach out to an RV outfitter anytime with questions or for no-pressure guidance – they love to help! 

When you buy from Bish’s you get perks like a free year of our revolutionary RV repair process, BishFix, no hidden fees, and a 72-hour return guarantee.    

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