BishFix: Faster, Easier RV Repair Service Starts Wherever You Are

Your RV will eventually have something break or go wrong. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, who made it, or how much it costs. If it’s an RV, something will eventually break. 

If you’ve owned one before, you probably already know that the usual process to get your RV fixed can be painfully long and frustrating.  

You haven’t been happy with the way RV service has worked and you’ve let us know. Bish’s received this Google Review from an RVer going by the name “Corndog”: 

“We’ve owned our trailer for 8 months and it’s been waiting for service or in service for half of that”

Corndog’s got a silly name, but the problem is serious and common. He spent a boatload of money on an RV to camp in, then half the RV’s early life was spent stuck at the service center!

Meanwhile, our guy likely made 4 payments on an RV he couldn’t even use

Corndog, you represent an army of RVers who’ve experienced something similar at RV repair centers across the country. At Bish’s, we’re here to say, we’re truly sorry about the way things have been.

You, and all RVers, deserve a better RV repair experience. With Bishfix you can get your RV fixed faster. Here we’ll explain how it works and how you can get access to it, so you can really enjoy your RV the way you hoped – out in nature and not stuck in service centers.

Faster RV Repairs with BishFix 

See how BishFix is fixing RV repair times

Bish’s RV has developed and spent the last year testing BishFix – an RV repair experience that helps you spend more time camping and less time with your RV in service. 

More than 5,000 RV owners have used BishFix and reviews are rolling in. We’re happy to say RVers’ feelings about repairs and service are changing. Here’s one recent review: 

Bishfix review -  bishfix saved time camping

Jay is one of many RVers leaving positive reviews about BishFix. It may not be completely perfect yet, but it’s working and we’re constantly improving it with your feedback. 

Keep reading to find out why RV service has been so slow and how BishFix is changing the story.

You’re Right – Traditional RV Repairs Take Too Long

RVs can be in service for months. Get your rv fixed faster with BishFix

Imagine you just bought your RV. You take it out for the first time. Go to warm up a Hot Pocket, and the microwave doesn’t work. Is the microwave busted or is there a bigger problem with your electrical system? 

You definitely don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without electricity in your RV, so you decide to get it checked out. 

RVers know the story all too well from here: 

You call the dealership, they’ll ask you to make the long trek to the service center to drop off your RV. You wait for the camper to be looked at, wait for the problem to be diagnosed, wait for authorizations, wait for warranty approval, wait for parts, wait for service. . .

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. 

Meanwhile, you’re missing valuable chances to camp, all because your microwave is on the fritz. 

Whether the problem turns out to be big or small, your RV is likely stuck for too much of the camping season. A November, 2023 IDS RV software report shows that even the simplest RV repair will get your RV locked up in service jail for an average of 37 days

If the service center needs to order parts and/or get warranty authorizations the average becomes a whopping 71 days!*

You wait and summer passes by. And there you are, staying home, making payments on an RV you can’t even use! 

*Warranty repair data is from IDS RECT Reporting based on year-over-year data averages pulled nationwide.

Better, Faster RV Service and Repair with BishFix

BishFix is a new and better way to do RV repairs. It helps keep your RV off dealer lots and out of service centers so you can be out camping as much as possible. Here’s how it works:

How BishFix RV Service Works Faster:

RV Repair Solutions From an RV Tech – Wherever You Are

When you have a problem with your camper you’ll call the BishFix line. A real-life, master RV technician from Bish’s will help diagnose and troubleshoot your RV’s problem over a video call while you’re in your RV. 

BishFix has been tested more than 5,000 times. 40% of the time our tech can walk you through a solution over this call. 

This means your RV may get fixed without moving it an inch.

You won’t need to waste an entire Saturday prepping your RV, hooking it up, and driving it to a service center just to sit and wait for simple answers.

Most phone calls with a BishFix technician last 30 minutes or less. Go ahead and order a pizza, by the time it arrives your RV may already be repaired! 

Unlimited virtual RV tech calls are included with your BishFix membership at no extra cost

As long as you have an active BishFix membership you don’t need to waste a single minute searching for a fix on Youtube or trying to solve the problem yourself. Click to learn how to activate your membership or sign up for the waitlist:

Keep Your RV Until Repairs are Ready to Go

get your repair start while you're at the campground
BishFix orders parts before your RV leaves the campsite

What if the problem is a bigger than you can handle yourself and/or you need parts?

Not every problem can be solved right away. If your RV needs a little more love, don’t worry, BishFix still works faster and won’t leave your RV trapped at a service center. 

You can call us directly from your campsite if you have a problem on a trip. While you stay out and play, we’ll order parts and start your warranty claim. 

From your campsite, the virtual tech can usually* diagnose the problem, order parts and start warranty authorizations. All without your RV entering a service center. 

Our service center will have you bring in your RV when everything is ready – parts, warranty, and a service bay. 

Your RV will only spend an average of 3 days at our service center when you use BishFix. 

Meanwhile, without BishFix you may miss half the summer (or more) while you waited for an appointment at the repair center, warranty approvals, parts to come in, and the actual service to get done. 

*85% of remaining BishFix cases can get parts ordered and warranty approvals started over video call

What if the BishFix Tech Can’t Make a Virtual Diagnosis?

You deserve a better RV service experience and BishFix is changing the story. But we’re not quite perfect just yet. 

Most of the time we can solve or diagnose the problem virtually. But, less than 15% of the time, your RV’s issue is too complicated for a phone or video diagnosis. 

If your problem is more complicated we either:

1- Send a mobile technician to you to figure out the problem. This may require some additional charges, but it can be super convenient. 


2- You’ll bring your RV into one of our service centers for in person diagnosis and repair. 

What if a Bish’s Service Center Isn’t Nearby?

You may camp far from home or want to buy an RV from a dealer that’s hours away. Many shops won’t service an RV you didn’t buy from them, so being far from your dealer can be a problem.  

BishFix makes it easier to get repairs when you’re further from your dealer or service center.

We often work with outside repair shops and technicians. We can contract them to actually finish the repair wherever you are if we need to. 

Please be patient while we develop this process. We have seen some very positive results with this and expect even more improvements, but it is still a work in progress. 

However we do it, just know that we have a team of people who can help you get the service you need. With BishFix, just call, let us figure out how to get you fixed!

BishFix User Reviews

Don’t take our word that BishFix is working. We’ve been testing BishFix since the summer of 2023 with more than 5,000 RV owners.  

Here is some of the feedback we’ve seen from real customers who have used BishFix:

Go ahead and search reviews at a Bish’s near you. More and more positive BishFix reviews are popping up all the time!

How Do I Get a BishFix Membership?

BishFix is Included With Every RV from Bish’s RV

You deserve more time to make memories in your RV. In 2024 we’re giving you a free 1 year BishFix membership if you already own an RV you bought at Bish’s

If you’re looking to buy an RV, a free 1-year membership of BishFix is included with every RV from Bish’s RV. 

Click to shop BishFix-ready RVs

While you have a BishFix membership, you can use the BishFix virtual tech as much as you need.

You’ll only have to pay added costs if your RV has to come into the service center for repairs and/or parts. If the repair is covered by a warranty, you won’t even have to pay for that. If you choose to have a mobile tech come to your RV, there will likely be extra charges for that as well.

After your free year, you can get BishFix for $4.99 a month, as long as you keep your membership active. If your membership lapses, it will cost $9.99 a month when reactivated. 

Not a Bish’s Customer – Join the BishFix Waitlist

 Not a Bish’s customer? No worries.

BishFix is only available to Bish’s customers while we build our team. You’ll be able to purchase a $9.99 membership as soon as space becomes available.

We’ll be giving priority to RVers on the BishFix waitlist. Join today to grab an early BishFix membership.

Join the waitlist to join the RV repair revolution!

Find Your RV at Bish’s RV

Knowing RV service doesn’t have to be the nightmare it’s been in the past can be a game changer when it comes to buying an RV. 

If you’d like to buy an RV with BishFix, our RV Outfitters would be happy to help you find the best one for you or answer any questions you have.

Reach out anytime for help finding your RV or browse our available RVs online:

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