How Much Does a Go Play Travel Trailer Cost?

Affordable Adventure: Why Go Play Campers Cost Less

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The Wayfinder Go Play travel trailer is a brand-new, mid-size travel trailer offered by Bish’s RV. Since this RV is new, you may be curious what it costs and how you can buy one. If you’ve seen one at a show or in our stores, we understand if you’re surprised – or even a little confused – wondering “What’s the catch? Why is this trailer so much less expensive than similar campers”? 

These are important questions for a new product with a surprisingly low price. Since Bish’s RV produces Go Play campers we can fully explain what your Go Play camper will cost and why we’re able to sell it for less than nearly identical travel trailers. 

With this information you can decide for yourself whether a Go Play travel trailer is the right RV to get you on the road having adventures and playing outdoors!  

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

1- Price of Go Play Travel Trailers

2- How Much Does Each Go Play Floor Plan Cost?

3- What is Go Play RV?

4- Why Does a Go Play Camper Cost Less?

5- Added Costs on a Go Play Travel Trailer

6- Are There Hidden Fees When You Buy a Go Play RV?

7- Go Play Warranty and Included Service Benefits

8- How Does a Go Play Trailer Compare to Other Options?

9- Is a Go Play Travel Trailer Right for Me?

10- How Do I Get a Go Play RV?

Price of a Go Play Travel Trailer

Go Play RVs cost from $19,995 – $28,995.

Bish’s RV owns the Wayfinder line which gives us the ability to set an official, haggle-free price. The price you see here is the price you’ll get. Aside from possible freight costs, there aren’t extra options or price variables.

How Much Does Each Go Play Floor Plan Cost?

The price of these travel trailers is fixed, so they will cost what is listed here.

19BH – $16,995
26BH– $20,995
180BHS – $19,995
20MB – $22,995
20FBS – $23,995
26BHS – $24,995
26RLS – $27,995
263TH – $27,995
24BHS at the Salt Lake City RV Show
24BH at the Salt Lake City RV Show

There are a limited number of 2023 Go Play campers. 

When we sell through the first line, we won’t have more available until next year’s model is released. If you aren’t ready or able to purchase this first line before it sells out, you will be able to pre-order to be first up to get your model the next year.

What is Go Play RV?

We’re pretty crazy excited to offer this brand new conventional (stick and tin) travel trailer exclusively from Bish’s RV!  

You’ve certainly noticed your grocery bill going up—it’d be hard not to! Life is getting more and more expensive, and your paycheck may not be keeping up pace. At Bish’s we think you should be able to buy eggs and keep making memories outdoors with your family and friends. 

How to do it though?

Enter Bish’s Wayfinder RVs.

We knew that there had to be a way to cut unnecessary costs to build a less expensive RV without compromising quality or safety. We’re making Go Play campers, the first RVs in our Wayfinder line, to help families and couples get out on the road and camping in a mid-level travel trailer for the price of an entry-level camper. 

Our team talked with 3 trusted manufacturers to choose one to build our new travel trailer series. Bish’s has a long history with Jayco and we trust their excellent RV quality. Naturally we were ecstatic when they offered to let us use their Highland Ridge line to build our Go Play campers.   

We want to make sure you have less expensive RV options before summer. To speed up the process, our first campers, The Go Play 26BHS and 26BH, will have the same features and build as an Open Range travel trailer. The biggest difference? Go Play trailers will cost thousands less and have an exclusive Bish’s look and feel.  

With time we’ll customize future Wayfinder RVs to build more exclusive, personalized trailers using your feedback. So, if you want to see changes or new features, let us know at!

Why Does a Go Play Camper Cost Less?

We understand if you’re concerned that less expensive means cheap and/or flimsy. You need to know how we could lower costs without reducing the quality of our campers so you can decide whether or not Go Play campers meet your expectations for a high quality camper.

While the price of everything else is going up, we pinpointed ways to bring down the cost to build a camper without compromising quality or your RV experience. We found that we could build and sell a top-quality trailer for much less if we could reduce administrative, overhead, parts, and labor costs. 

Reducing these saved us millions of dollars creating these campers. We are passing these saving along to you to make RV camping more accessible to you.

A lot of money is spent from the time your RV is built to when you buy it. There are marketing and distribution costs, not to mention expensive manufacturer rep salaries. Guess who’s footing the bill for all these expenses? 

Yup. it’s you. 

RV manufacturers have to spend a lot to get their RVs in dealerships. They can’t keep making RVs if they’re not able to cover their costs, so they build these costs into the price of your RV.

Building Go Play RVs ourselves allows us to eliminate the extra distribution costs built into other campers. We’ve cut out any middlemen. No sales reps, no outside marketing teams, no extra people. Just us and you. Fewer expenses on our end = less you have to spend to buy your Go Play.

No Marketing to Dealers – Only to Consumers

Manufacturers market each of their RVs to RVers and also to dealers. Dealerships add in another layer of marketing costs that are calculated into the price of your RV. 

Bish’s will also do all our own marketing to eliminate costs that would otherwise be passed on to you. 

No External Sales Reps

If you’ve ever been to an RV show – and if you haven’t, check one out – you may have seen representatives from the different manufacturers. Aside from working at shows, manufacturer reps travel to different dealerships to wine, dine, and teach about the RVs they represent. This is how they get and keep dealerships selling their products. 

An RV manufacturer employs up to 10 of these reps and all of them make a cozy salary.

Reps do a necessary job for manufacturers, but this kind of personnel cost increases the price of the RVs they sell. Because we’ve manufactured Go Play RVs ourselves We won’t need to pay outside reps to sell Go Play RVs. This allowing us to cut these costs out of our Go Plays.

Using Excess Manufacturing Capacity

The shop where Go Play campers are built is prepped and ready to build RVs. But, they only need to build a certain number of RVs for their main manufacturer. Time spent not making RVs actually costs a shop money. 

The shop benefits by having less down-time and we benefit by using their time-tested, proven knowledge and skill without needing to invest in a separate shop of our own. Producing Go Play RVs this way equals more savings on a quality RV for you.  

Building during a shop’s downtime does mean we can only produce a limited run of Go Plays each year. Once these RVs are sold they’re gone for the year. If you’re willing to wait you will be able to preorder for the next year.

In 2023 we will be able to build and sell this many of each floor plan:

Floor Plan Available RVs
20MB: 60
26RLS: 100
263TH: 105
20FBS: 155
19BH: 160
180BHS: 160
26BH: 300
26BHS: 450

Large Production Runs – Fewer Changes, Fewer Mistakes

A lot of variety adds cost and more opportunity for things to go wrong on each RV. We chose to get rid of or reduce variety where it doesn’t add value to your RV.

You may notice 15-20 windows that are slightly different on the average travel trailer. Unless you’re hunting for it, you don’t even notice or benefit from these variations.

Each of these windows is a different product and must be ordered separately. This limits bulk buying discounts and drives up the price of the RV. 

This is not the case for the Go Play. We are careful about considering which costs actually add more value to your trailer before we add anything extra. 

Streamlined Construction

A Go Play Travel Trailer in the factory

20 different types of windows also mean 20 slightly different processes to install the windows. These processes take extra time and introduce potential installation errors.

We can build Wayfinder RVs with fewer flaws, purchase parts for less, and build RVs quicker by eliminating unnecessary variation. All of this also reduces labor costs – more price savings we can pass to you. 

We’ve also eliminated individualized options on Wayfinder RVs. The features, fit and finish in every 26BH are 100% the same. This is also true for the 20MB, and every other Go Play floor plan option. Standardization improves build quality and speeds up production which reduces labor costs. 

Simplified Floor Plan Options

Building fewer floor plans further streamlines construction to save you even more

We opted to build a few of the most popular floor plans rather than build 30 slightly different options. If we add another floor plan option in the future, then we will stop one to build the other to keep costs down.

8 Tried and True Floor Plans

If your needs are like most travel trailer users, Go Play will probably have the floor plan you love – it will just cost less.

It takes time and money to create and engineer a new floor plan. You’ll get the time-tested floor plans you’re looking for at a lower cost, because we’ve used the 8 most popular travel trailer floor plans already available.

These floor plans are so popular they cover around 70% of the travel trailer floor plans sold in the U.S.

Our first model, the Go Play 26BH uses the most popular travel trailer floor plan available. 

America’s top selling travel trailer floor plan in the Go Play 26BH

Added Costs for a Go Play Travel Trailer

Shipping Costs

Shipping to a Bish’s Location:

There may be some differences in cost depending on where you pick up your Go Play RV. 

Go Play RVs will be built in Twin Falls, Idaho and Shipshewana, Indiana. If you buy your camper further from the manufacturer that builds it the price will be higher to cover freight charges. 

The price for freight to Great Falls Montana, for example, will be about $1,500 more than to Salt Lake. Your Bish’s dealer will be able to provide you with any extra freight costs. 

Shipping to Your Home

If you have your Go Play travel trailer shipped to your home you’ll be charged an additional $2.99 per mile from your closest Bish’s location. The camper must ship to Bish’s first for a pre-delivery inspection before it’s delivered to your home.


You will need to purchase a battery (or batteries) for your Go Play RV.  You have options when it comes to choosing the power platform for your Go Play. We offer 5 different standard packages. These These batteries range in price from $265 – $2,260. These prices reflect 2 group 24s at the lowest price to 2 Lithium batteries at the highest price.

Battery price varies based on the type of battery you choose. Buying your own batteries gives you the ability to buy what you need, rather than pay for something you may want to replace anyway.

Read more about parts you may need for your RV and what they’ll cost

Are There Hidden Fees When You Buy a Go Play RV?

The only extra fee you’ll need to pay is a flat documentation fee which will vary depending on your state. Bish’s RV cuts out any hidden fees when you buy your RV from us.

Find out more about Bish’s No Hidden Fee Policy.

Go Play Warranty and Included Service Benefits

Service issues can take some of the fun out of RVing and can even make the whole experience overly expensive. To offset these costs, all Go Play RVs include a warranty and extra service benefits meant to save you money long term. 


Go Play RVs include the industry standard 1-year limited, 3-year structural warranty.

A limited warranty covers defects or issues that show up during the first year you own your RV. This covers the cost of parts and labor to repair or replace any components that are defective or don’t function properly because of a manufacturing defect.

A structural warranty covers the structural components in your RV. This includes the frame, roof, walls, and floor. The manufacturer will cover the cost to repair or replace any structural issues that appear within the first 3 years of ownership.

Free Bishfix Access

Every Wayfinder RV owner will have access to the Bishfix service program. Bishfix is a VIP service line where you can work with a master RV technician over the phone. 

You shouldn’t have to waste time and energy bringing your RV into a service center unless you absolutely must. We also don’t want you to lose access to your RV for weeks or months while it’s on our lot waiting for warranty approval, parts to arrive, and service.

Without stepping foot in a dealership or service center Bishfix can help you work through a solution on your RV 30% of the time with a phone call. 70% of the time after that a tech can diagnose the issue, authorize warranty work, and order parts.

You save time by only bringing the RV in when parts are arrived or service is open or in the rare case the tech can’t diagnose the problem over the phone.  

Read more about the Go Play Warranty and Bishfix service benefits.

Free Diamond Club Membership

Bish’s Diamond Club is included for free with every RV purchased from Bish’s. This membership includes free annual winterizations, free annual inspections, parts and accessories discounts, labor discounts on service, and even more

Your Diamond Club membership lasts as long as you own your RV. 

How Does a Go Play Trailer Compare?

A Go Play camper stands toe to toe in quality and features with other conventional (stick and tin) travel trailers, but, well, it costs less! 

You can directly compare the features and quality of our Go Play RV to a Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer.

If you like the Go Play you may also be interested in:

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Is a Go Play Travel Trailer Right for Me?

The Wayfinder, Go Play is a great option if you’re looking for a quality, conventional travel trailer at a lower price. It’s ideal for many first-time buyers who want to try out RVing but want something bigger than a teardrop or popup camper.

We know that our Go Play RVs aren’t the right choice for every RVer. Some of what makes it ideal for one RVer will make it the wrong fit for another.

You deserve to find an RV that fits your individual needs and wants. Here are some of the reasons Go Play may be right, or wrong, for you, so you can decide for yourself if it’s what you’re looking for.

Great for Trade Up:

You can move into a new Go Play without paying as much mark-up as you’ll find on other new trailers. A Go Play RV is a great way to move into owning a new camper if you’ve always purchased used RVs in the past.

Conventional Trailer:

Go Play campers are conventional, or stick and tin, travel trailers. Stick and tin trailers are a time-tested option – they’ve been on the road since the 1950s! These campers are known to operate well and hold up over time. 

Conventional campers can, however, be heavier, harder to clean, and have more wind resistance when you tow than a laminate or fiberglass travel trailer. 

Since all the 2023 Go play travel trailers are conventional travel trailers, one won’t be a good fit for you if you’ve decided a fiberglass camper is a better fit for you.

Not sure if a conventional or laminate trailer is best for you? Learn more about the differences between conventional and laminated trailers from Josh the RV Nerd:

Fewer Bells and Whistles:

This also may not be the right fit for you if you’re looking for a high-end camper with luxury finishings. We will eventually build other Wayfinder RVs with more upscale features, but we don’t have any available yet. 

Fewer Floor Plans, No Personalized Options:

We’ve selected a few top floor plans and eliminated options to lower the cost of these trailers. We’re still selling 70% of the floor plans available for conventional travel trailers. If you’re in the 30% that wants a less popular floor plan, or if you don’t like the interior you see on a Go Play, there are no changes and/or upgrades available from the factory. 

If you want a different style of trailer, more floor plan options, or other features that can’t be added after you buy, our RV outfitters would be happy to help you find another camper that’s a better fit for your needs.

If you’re not sure Go Play is what you’re looking for, you can read more about different travel trailers and what those campers may cost.  

How Do I Get a Go Play RV?

Wayfinder RVs are available in Salt Lake, Utah; Richmond, Virginia; and Ludington, Michigan.

If you’re interested, but Go Play isn’t available near you, you can still buy one! Bish’s RV can deliver one directly to you anywhere in the continental United States or you can have one delivered to any of your nearest Bish’s RV locations. 

Visit for more information and to start the process to buy your Go Play RV or Reserve your Go Play today.

You can also speak directly with a GO PLAY expert by calling or texting (844)-646-7529 anytime.

Next Steps

The low price of a Wayfinder Go Play camper may have made you question its quality or features. Now that you understand the price and why we can offer our Go Play for less, you can decide for yourself if it’s the RV you’ve been waiting for. 

Reach out anytime with questions or to start the process to buy your Go Play camper exclusively from Bish’s RV!

You can also browse our travel trailer inventory to see if there’s another RV that is better for you.

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