Go Play 20FBS: Easy to Tow Couple’s Camper Review

Written by Greg Long

Exterior side view of go Play 20 FBS with text, "Easy to Tow couple's camper"

Looking for a couple’s camper that is easy to tow so you can take it almost anywhere?

Do you want an RV that offers the biggest bang for your buck without useless options you will never use?

The Go Play 20FBS is the lightest and most maneuverable couple’s camper made by Bish’s RV.

After reading this complete review of the Go Play 20FBS, you’ll know if it’s the camper you should get for your upcoming camping adventures.

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video review of the Go Play 20FBS couple’s Travel Trailer.


What is a Go Play 20FBS?

The Wayfinder RV Go Play 20FB is a compact and lightweight travel trailer made for active couples who want to camp without needing a large tow vehicle.

One of the highlights of the Go Play 20FBS is the large space you have inside. It features a full-size slide-out with a jackknife sofa and movable table – perfect for dining or just relaxing inside.

Despite its maneuverable size, this camper has an impressive 8-foot wide body and a tall floor-to-ceiling height of 6’9″. This small camper is big inside!

Recent upgrades to Go Play travel trailers include an expanded refrigerator and enhanced storage options, ensuring couples have everything they need for an unforgettable camping experience.

And get this – the Go Play 20FBS now comes standard with solar panels, providing added convenience and sustainability for off-grid camping experiences. 

Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, this is a great camper for couples who want all the great stuff, without the useless fluff.

Read more about why Bish’s RV started making campers and discover how we keep Go Play prices so low.

What Does “FBS” Stand For?

FBS stands for “Front Bedroom with a Slide.” The Go Play 20FBS features a large front sleeping area and has a living area slide-out. This makes it an excellent choice for couples wanting a spacious yet compact camper for off-road adventures.

What is the Price of a Go Play 20FBS?


A new Go Play 20FBS travel trailer has a price tag of $23,995

The price of the Go Play 20FBS is fixed at $23,995 — so this price is the actual price. This means the price you see listed is what you can expect to pay without any added hidden fees.

To maintain low prices, Go Play campers don’t offer any added factory options. If you want to make any modifications or upgrades, you’ll need to set that up separately after the purchase of the RV.

If you hate being scammed as much as we do, learn how to avoid hidden fees.

You can check out Go Play 20FBS campers at Bishs.com.

Compare the Go Play 20FBS to similar couple’s campers:


You may need to pay additional freight charges depending on how close your dealership is to the manufacturer. This charge will be discussed with you before closing. 

If you choose to have your 20FBS shipped directly to your home you’ll also be charged $2.99 per mile from your nearest Bish’s location. 

Also, All Go Plays are inverter prepped and prepped to hold a telescoping ladder, but if you want to add those features you will have to purchase them after you get your camper.

Learn what costs you can expect and how we lowered the price of our Go Play trailer.

driver side exterior view of go Play 20FBS with slide extended

Why Do Go Play RVs Cost Less Than Similar Campers?

If you know why Bish’s started making campers, you know we wanted to be able to offer high-quality travel trailers at affordable prices. You work hard for your money and don’t want to pay for useless extras you’ll never use. We got ya covered!

We discovered RV manufacturers can save a ton of money by:

  1. cutting out middlemen in advertising
  2. simplifying options
  3. making the production process more efficient. 

The Go Play Cost Story explains all the innovative money-saving techniques we used without compromising on construction quality or design. But, in short, Go Play RVs can save you thousands of dollars for a high-quality RV!

Learn more about Go Play RVs.

Go Play Logo from Wayfinder RV

Go Play travel trailers are currently very similar to Jayco-owned Highland Ridge conventional travel trailers. Why? Because Jayco helps us make them.

Despite the almost identical similarities in design and construction, the one big difference — the price tags. The Go Play 20FBS is priced much lower.

Go Play 20FBS Price Tag: $23,995

Go Play 20FBS Overview and Specs

Floor plans for the Wayfinder RV Go Play 20FBS travel trailer

Go Play 20FBS Specs – Weights and Measures

Hitch:770 lbs.
Empty:5,880 lbs.
Cargo:1620 lbs.
Max:7,500 lbs.
Length:23′ 8″
Height:10′ 7″
Ceiling:6′ 9″
Fresh:42 gal.
Gray:32.5 gal.
Black:32.5 gal.
LP:60 lb.
Solar: 200w

Go Play 20FBS Highlights & Features

  • Rear Bathroom
  • Large Front Bedroom
  • No carpet for easy cleaning
  • Versatile, movable Table
  • Easy to Tow

Go Play 20FBS Potential Problems

  • Shorter “camp” queen bed (60″ x 75″)
  • Low cargo capacity compared to larger trailers
  • Tight Space around toilet, may be uncomfortable for some
  • No Factory optional upgrades available

Go Play 20FBS Interior

Main Living Area: The Go Play 20FBS features a large slide-out dinette with a jack-knife sofa that folds out into a bed, providing extra space for eating, sleeping or relaxing. Its free-standing table can easily be moved wherever it’s needed.

Kitchen: The kitchen is equipped with a high-rise faucet sink, microwave, a large oven and stove top, offering everything you need for making your favorite meals. The refrigerator size has recently been upgraded and there’s plenty of countertop space, making cooking on the road as easy as cooking at home.

Bathroom: Despite its compact size, the bathroom features a big radius shower and plenty of storage options. While space around the toilet may be tight for some, this bathroom’s design has plenty of room for your daily bathroom routines.

Sleeping Area: The large sleeping area has a camp-size queen bed with lots storage area beneath. Complete with great lighting and lots of storage space for clothes and belongings, you have a cozy place to sleep or just hang out and read a book or watch TV.

Go Play 20FBS Interior Features

  • Spacious Living Area: Slide-out offers more space for eating, sleeping or entertaining guests
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen: Cook with ease with great appliances and plenty of counterspace.
  • Rear Bathroom: Stay comfortable with a radius shower and convenient storage options.
  • Private Bedroom: Rest easy on a camp queen bed with lots of storage for all your personal belongings.

Wondering what you’re monthly payments will be when you buy a Go Play 20FBS?
Use our free payment calculator to see how to get the monthly payments that fit your budget.

Go Play 20FBS with 12' awning open

Go Play 20FBS Exterior Features

The Go Play 20FBS is built to be as efficient as possible — without any extra frills you won’t ever use, yet it still manages to have a stylish exterior design.

Starting with its small, yet sturdy frame, this trailer is built to withstand rough terrain, yet it is lightweight for easy towing. Its small length enhances its maneuverability, making it a breeze to navigate through all sizes of campgrounds and campsites.

A key feature of its exterior is its power tongue jack, which simplifies the hitching process by effortlessly lifting and lowering the trailer onto your tow vehicle. This not only saves time but also reduces strain on your muscles, ensuring a hassle-free setup when you’re camping.

It also has a fully walkable roof, allowing for easy maintenance and inspection. It’s prepped to hold a telescoping ladder, so checking the condition of your camper’s roof can be safe and easy.

There is also plenty of storage for all your camping gear in the front storage compartment.

Go Play 20FBS Exterior Features

  • Sturdy Frame: Built with a compact yet durable frame for reliable travel in various terrains.
  • Power Tongue Jack: Effortless hitching, making campsite set-ups easy
  • Walkable Roof: Fully walkable roof for easy maintenance and inspection.
  • 12’Awning: Protection from harsh conditions when sitting outside your camper.

Go Play 20FBS Solar Power and Climate Control

20FBS Solar Power

  • 200 watts of solar power on all Go Play models
  • Alternate power solutions for when electrical power is not available
  • 30-amp controller helps regulate safe distribution of power
200 watt solar panel of Go Play 220FBS

20FBS Climate Control

  • 15,000 BTU Capacity: The powerful air conditioning system quickly cools your camper, so you stay comfortable in hot weather.
  • Adjustable Inside Vents: Inside vents can be adjusted to direct airflow where needed, allowing you to customize for optimal cooling.
Roof of Go Play 20FBS with solar panel and 15000 BTU AC

Warranty and Included Service Benefits

Discover BishFix – A new approach to RV Service that gets your RV fixed faster so you can spend less time waiting and more time camping.

What Do You Need to Tow a Go Play 20FBS?

  • Suitable tow vehicle such as a midsize pickup or mid-size SUV with appropriate tow package.
  • Hitch receiver, trailer wiring harness, and possibly a weight distribution hitch for added stability and control
  • Consultation of vehicle’s owner’s manual and adherence to manufacturer’s towing guidelines
    • Proper towing equipment and vehicle specifications are essential for safe and proper towing
    • Ensuring compliance with towing requirements for a safe and enjoyable camping experience

Who is 20FBS a Good Fit For?

  • Couples and Small Families: The 20FBS is ideal for couples or small families looking for an easy to tow travel trailer for weekend getaways or extended road trips.

  • Adventurous Campers: Perfect for those who enjoy camping on or off the grid. The 20FBS is versatile and maneuverable, so you can take it most places you want to explore.

  • Budget-Conscious Travelers: With its efficient design and low price, the 20FBS is for people who want the most bang for their buck, without going over their budget.

Who is 20FBS a Bad Fit For?

  • Big Families: If you have a lot of people in your family, the 20FBS might not be the best choice because it’s small and doesn’t have many places to sleep, which could be uncomfortable for families with many kids or guests.

  • Full-time Living: If you plan to live in your RV all the time, the 20FBS might not have enough space or the right features for you. It doesn’t have a big kitchen or extra places to store things, which could be important if you’re living in it full-time.
  • Glampers: If you’re looking for a trailer with lots of fancy extra features, the 20FBS might not have everything you want. It’s more about being practical and having what you need, rather than having lots of luxery add-ons.
interior of 20FBS showing sofa

PROS and CONS of the Go Play 20FBS

Go Play 20FBS PROS:

  • Small and lightweight, making it easy to tow and maneuver
  • Spacious interior layout, providing lots of living space
  • Slide-out and movable table lets you customize your interior
  • A Budget-friendly option to enjoy the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank.
  • Incredible versatility makes it suitable for all kinds of camping adventures

Go Play 20FBS CONS:

  • May not comfortably accommodate larger families or groups due to its small size
  • The bathroom area may feel cramped for some users, particularly taller individuals
  • Trailer is prepped for certain features such as an inverter and telescoping ladder, but these items must be bought separate, which adds to overall cost.
  • Sleeping area has a privacy curtain, but not a lot of sound barriers

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Next Steps in Owning a Go Play 20FBS

side view of Go Play 20FBS with Slide out

The Go Play 20FBS is available exclusively at Bish’s RV. 

You can visit any showroom at Bish’s RV to view available inventory and discuss pricing and financing options. Be sure to ask about any current promotions or discounts that may be available. 

Once you’ve selected your desired model, the outfitter will walk you through the purchasing process, including completing paperwork and arranging for delivery or pickup. 

See the Go Play 20FBS Today.

Got Questions? We have answers!

With over 40 years of expertise in the RV industry, Bish’s RV is always here to answer any questions you have. We love talking about RVs!. 

Need more time to find the perfect RV? Explore your options!

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