How Much Does a Travel Trailer Cost in 2024?

(Updated January 2024)

Trying to figure out what a travel trailer will really cost you can be overwhelming. With so many different brands and types and even different cost tiers within each category, trying to navigate travel trailer prices becomes a confusing slog.

Well, I’m here to help! I have years of experience helping RVers find the camper that fits their needs – and even wants – at a price within their budget.

I’ll help you understand what different types of travel trailers cost and what causes the price of a travel trailer to increase or decrease. With this information you can know what prices to expect so you can get out having adventures in a travel trailer that fits your budget.


How Much Does a Travel Trailer Cost?


The three tiers of travel trailers! Entry, Mid-tier, and Luxury! An article with a more detailed break down will be posted shortly! I may have missed a few points. This is just a quick explanation! #bishsrv #rv #nebraska #traveltrailer

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Entry-Level Travel Trailer:$12,000 – $40,000
Mid-Range Travel Trailer:$25,000 – $60,000
Luxury Travel Trailer:$50,000 – $80,000

If you were shopping for a Ford F-150, you’d expect to see varying models.

An entry level Ford F-150 would be a fully functioning truck, but wouldn’t include power seats, tinted windows, four-wheel drive, or a backup camera. You’d see a sprinkling of these options in the mid-level model and all of them in the luxury model.

The same is true of travel trailers. The price tiers for campers will depend on the options in the camper.

In the world of campers and RVs, there is not a single, cut and dry, standard set of options between each level of travel trailer, though some features may set one tier apart from another.

Features like manual leveling packages vs electric or automatic, aluminum vs fiberglass siding, interior finishes and cabinet construction, A/C capability, and control board systems affect price range.

Budget Travel Trailer Price Range

A new, entry-level travel trailer usually costs between $12,000 and $40,000.

Jayco Jay Flight 264bh

These are common features in an entry-level camper:

  • Manual stabilizers and tongue jacks.

  • Base-level interior finishes and veneer paneled cabinetry. 

  • Limited technology in the TVs, radio, speakers, and lighting (inside and out).

  • Solar prepped, but not installed.

  • Steel wheels and non-name brand tires.

How Much Does a Mid-Level Travel Trailer Cost?

New mid-level campers usually cost between $25,000 and $60,000.

In a mid-level travel trailer you may find:

  • Electric jacks

  • Higher quality interior finishes and cabinetry

  • Upgraded technology – TVs, radio, speakers, lighting

  • Solar installed

  • Exterior design with custom wheels

  • Extended season packages

How Much Does a Luxury Travel Trailer Cost?

The price of a luxury travel trailer usually ranges from $50,000 to $80,000.

You can typically expect these features in a luxury travel trailer:

  • Aluminum framing and fiberglass exteriors

  • Electric stabilizer jacks and/or automatic leveling jacks

  • Luxury interior finishes and cabinetry

  • Top of the line technology – TVs, stereo, sound system, lighting, Bluetooth, smart phone capabilities

  • Solar installed and/or possible generator or prep for a generator

  • Exterior design with custom wheels

  • Extended season packages or four season packages

Are Travel Trailer Prices Dropping in 2024?

The overall price trend for travel trailers is down in 2024. Many even cost close to what they did in 2021! This is especially true for entry-level campers. But it’s not true for every type of travel trailer.

The prices for some floor plans are dropping faster than others. Single axle conventional and laminate campers and bunkhouse floor plans are priced much lower than toy hauler travel trailers and double over double bunkhouses, for example.

Some manufacturers have shuffled the amount they profit between different floor plans to make it possible for more RVers to shift from buying used to buying a new, entry-level camper.

Keep in mind: Other manufacturers have removed features to lower the price of their RVs. Check out models from previous years to make sure you’re getting the features you need in your new travel trailer.

Find out more about what you can expect in a ’23 vs ’24 travel trailer.

Bish’s released Go Play, a line of high-quality travel trailers with your budget in mind in 2023. If you’re looking for a less expensive option that doesn’t cut corners, check out Go Play RVs.

Click to see available Go Play campers

What is an Average Travel Trailer Monthly Payment

Price ranges for campers vary widely, so monthly payments will too. Average travel trailer payments range from $140 to $700 a month.

Your payment may be higher or lower depending on the price of your camper and the interest rate on your loan.

Use our payment calculator to get a better idea how much your travel trailer will cost each month depending on price, rate, and term. Or apply for financing to get more specific information.

Price Difference of Used and New Travel Trailers

Buying a used travel trailer is similar to buying a used vehicle of any type. Buying a used RV instead of new may make it less expensive to buy a nicer camper.

Depending on the brand, an RV will lose 5-10% of its value, just by leaving the lot, and then more depending on the RVs age and its wear and tear from that point on.

You can take advantage of this to find a used luxury travel trailer at the price of a new mid-level trailer.

Of course, when you buy a used RV you also run the risk of inheriting any complications left by the previous owners.

This could leave you with additional costs in repairs and updates. If you’re careful about the camper you buy, most of these bugs may already be worked out.

Learn more about what to look out for when buying a used RV from Josh the RV Nerd:

What Drives the Cost of a Travel Trailer Up or Down?    

Options & Features

As you’ve seen above, options have a huge effect on the price of a trailer. One trailer may have 7 of the 20 available options. Another may have 12. An RV with just 5 extra options may be much more expensive, depending on what those options are.

On a Jayco Jay Flight, for example, it can cost more than $500 just to add a gas/electric fridge. Other options may add more or less, but keep in mind that different features all come at a cost.

Time of Year

When you buy a travel trailer can make a difference in it’s cost.

Travel trailers are often less expensive in the fall or winter to make room for next year’s inventory, but you may have fewer options to choose from. Find out all the pros and cons of buying at different times of the year to decide which is best for you.

You may also get a better price at an RV show, though sometimes you can get a better deal by buying right before a show. Check out our pre-show RV buying tips for more information.

You can also visit us at a Bish’s RV show!

RVs are More Expensive at Some Dealerships

Where you buy from can impact the cost of your travel trailer. Different dealerships will have different prices for the same RVs because they have different business strategies.

Some dealers cost more and some cost less, but each type of dealer has benefits and drawbacks. Knowing the pros and cons of each type will help you decide which is the best type for you.

Here are some of the different dealer types to keep in mind:

Margin RV Dealers:

Margin dealers have less inventory, but a more personalized service. You will likely be paying a premium price at these dealerships.

Volume RV Dealers:

These dealers have an approach more like Walmart or Target. They sell more RVs, which makes it so they can get them for bulk prices from the manufacturer. The dealer can then lower their prices and pass savings on to customers.

Because Volume dealers sell a lot of RVs, they also need to service a lot of RVs. Service backups could cause frustrating waits if you buy from a volume dealer.

Some volume dealers are improving and working toward better solutions for RV repair and service for their customers. Learn about your store’s service options before you buy to know what to expect.

If you buy from Bish’s RV you’ll get a free yearlong membership to BishFix. BishFix is changing RV repairs for the better by lowering wait times and helping you wherever you are.

Wholesale RV Dealers:

These dealers buy and sell at wholesale prices. Generally, these are internet dealers who are built to sell at low prices but have limited or no ability to service RVs after the sale.

Boutique RV Dealers:

Boutique dealers only sell a few brands or even just a single brand. They typically sell niche RVs like Airstream or overland RVs.

RVs are generally more expensive at a boutique dealer since they don’t buy as much inventory and there is less demand.

But, boutique dealers are more likely to be able to provide custom units and personalized service. It just comes at a price, so decide which experience you need when you buy your RV.

Why are Some Brands More or Less Expensive?

Manufacturers use different materials and put their RVs through different quality tests. Adding inspections and using high-quality materials cost manufacturers more and can make a travel trailer more expensive.

Read more on why some RV manufacturers cost more.

Paying more might get you a better quality RV, but not always. These factors can make a less expensive RV a higher-quality RV:

Top Selling Travel Trailers

Best selling travel trailers may cost less AND still have top notch quality.

Manufacturers may be able to get volume bulk discounts on the building materials for the RV because they sell so many. These discounts can drive the overall cost down.

Jay Flight travel trailers are high quality at a reasonable cost

The Jayco Jay Flight campers are a good example of this. Jayco is able to manufacture so many Jay Flight RVs each year that they can buy the materials in bulk and build a high quality trailer at entry-level prices.

Without these volume discounts, manufacturers who don’t sell as many campers may actually build a lower quality trailer at a similar or higher price than the Jay Flight.

Check out a full review of the Jay Flight Travel Trailer or learn about Jayco RV Quality.

These are the 5 best-selling camper brands for the last year (as of January, 2024). Check them out if you’d like to consider a top-selling travel trailer when you buy.

See the top 10 travel trailer brands

MAP Pricing

You should also be aware that some travel trailer manufacturers limit advertised prices. This pricing is referred to as MAP pricing. This means that dealerships cannot advertise below a certain price, as requested by the manufacturer.

If you contact the dealer they can usually give you a lower price than advertised.

Learn more about manufacturer pricing and how to get the best price when you shop online for an RV.

What Will I Pay to Finance a Travel Trailer?

Travel trailer loan interest rates are, on average 7.74% – 8.99% as of January, 2024. They may range from 7% – 13%, depending on overall interest rates and your individual factors.

RV loans are recreational loans. RV loans are not quite like auto or home loans. Banks are a bit more selective when it comes to lending money for a “toy.”

Your rate depends on many factors. If you buy a new vs used camper, class of RV (travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, etc), your credit score and history, your downpayment, loan length, debt-to-income ratio and even location can play into rates.

If you’re financing a new travel trailer, rather than a used one, you are almost guaranteed a better finance rate. An RV will depreciate just like a car does, so banks are more willing to give you a better rate on something that will depreciate slower than an older, used unit.

Find out more about your financing options by applying for financing:

Click to start the financing process

Buying a Travel Trailer from Bish’s RV

When you buy an RV it’s important to find out what the dealer offers.

At Bish’s we believe buying an RV should be the start of your adventure – not a stressful slog. You’ll find no hidden/surprise fees, free service benefits, and a one-of-a-kind 72-hour return guarantee to make sure you can feel confident you bought the right RV.

Read all about the difference of buying from Bish’s to decide for yourself if we’re a good fit for your next RV purchase.

Bish’s Service Benefits

You’ll get these benefits when you buy an RV from Bish’s RV:

  1. BishFix Access – Any RV you buy from Bish’s includes a 1 year membership to BishFix. After the first year you can extend the membership for a monthly or yearly payment.
  2. Free Winterizations – Bish’s has annual events where you can pull your camper through to get your free winterization. This keeps your pipes, tanks, and other components safe through the freezing temperatures of winter.
  3. Free Annual Inspection – With labor rates rising constantly, this is a big plus.

    When you are done camping for the season bring in your RV and Bish’s will do a full check on it to make sure all is well with your camper. If not, our service department will explain any concerns with you, and you can decide what to do from there.
  4. Parts and Accessories Discounts – For as long as you own your camper, you can take advantage of 10% off any part or accessories you need for your camper in the future.
  5. Labor Discounts – With this membership you receive a $30 per-hour labor rate discount off on all service repairs at participating Bish’s RV locations.
  6. Pre-Delivery Inspection & Walkthrough – One of Bish’s trained service technicians will do a full inspection of your camper to ensure all the major components are in working order when you buy from Bish’s RV.

    An RV technician will also give you a full walk-through of the RV before you leave to make sure you have a good understanding of how the RV works before taking it out to campgrounds.

Not sure Bish’s RV is right for you? We know that one dealer can’t be right for every RV buyer. We’ve put together a convenient guide to help you discover the different types of RV dealers, so you can decide which is best for you. You can also find the RV dealers RVers in your state choose the most.

Find Your RV

Family sitting by a campfire with a camper in the background

To recap, there is a lot that can change the price of a travel trailer. From tiers, brand, location, manufacturer, and even the dealer itself!

Bish’s RV wants to help you understand these differences to improve your buying experience. If you would like more information or have more questions, please let us know how we can help.

Click below to reach out to an RV Outfitter at one of Bish’s nationwide locations.

If you’re interested in looking for a travel trailer of your own, check out the travel trailers for sale at Bish’s RV.

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