Which Travel Trailer Bunkhouse is Better? The Grand Design 265BH or the Jayco 267BHS

Are you looking for a travel trailer for your family? During your research, you’ve probably stumbled on the Grand Design 265BH and the Jayco 267BHS. Both campers are excellent choices for a weekend camping trip with your family.

Here at Bish’s RV, we have helped thousands of families find the perfect camper to make memories that last a lifetime. In this article, we will go in-depth about the features, pros, cons, and advantages of the Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH and the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 267BHS so you can decide for yourself which is the best travel trailer for you.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH
Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS

Transcend Xplor 265BH vs Jay Flight 267 BHS: What’s the Difference?

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH

The Transcend Xplor 265BH belongs to Grand Design’s only stick and tin travel trailer line (as of 2023). Grand Design is one of the RV industry’s most renowned RV manufacturers. They are known for top-notch quality and customer care.

Grand Design designed the 265BH to be the ideal lightweight camper for families. This camper’s floor plan is unique because the bunks are placed differently than similar bunkhouse travel trailers.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH Price

A new Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH will be listed for $44,000+ at MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). Grand Design does not allow dealers to advertise new models for less than MSRP, though you may pay less. Learn more here about manufacturer list prices

A used 265BH starts around $30,000 or more depending on the year, make, model, and condition.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 267BHS

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 267BHS is another extremely popular lightweight, stick and tin travel trailer designed for families. Jayco also manufactures high quality RVs. They have been making campers since the 70s. Many Jayco owners are devoted fans and refuse to switch brands because of the excellent quality of their camper, the great customer care that they have received from Jayco, and the warranty for of a new Jayco

The 267BHS has a common travel trailer bunkhouse floor plan. It was the best-selling travel trailer in 2022.

Jayco Jay Flight 267 BHS Price

A new Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS will cost about $30,000. Unlike Grand Design, Jayco has no price listing restrictions on their campers, so most of the time you will see these campers advertised well under MSRP. 

A used Jay Flight 267BHS retains its value well. Some used Jay Flight campers will even sell close to the price of new. Depending on the age and condition of the travel trailer, you’ll likely pay $15,000 to $20,000.

Why Compare These Two Models?

Why compare these two models? These campers are direct competitors, especially because Grand Design RV and Jayco both have reputations for being incredible RV manufacturers. 

The Transcend Xplor 265BH and The Jay Flight 267BHS are also some of the nation’s most popular travel trailer bunkhouse floor plans. The 265BH is Grand Design RV’s most popular travel trailer bunkhouse floor plan. The 267BHS is the most popular travel trailer floor plan in America. Comparing these two models can help you decide which is best for your wants, needs, and budget.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH Exterior Features

  • Power Tongue Jack
  •  Solar (165W)
  •  Black Tank Flush
  •  Friction Hinge Door
  • Rear Ladder
  • Walkable Roof
  • Easy access low point drain valves
  • Goodyear tires rated for 87 mph.
  • Spare tire (Goodyear tire)
    •  Better than the cheap, standard RV tires
      • Blowouts are a massive risk and can severely damage your camper.
  • Magnetic Storage Compartment Doors
  • Electric awning w/ LED lights
  • Upgraded “STRONGWALL” Metal Exterior
  • Heated and Enclosed Underbelly
  • Outdoor kitchen with mini fridge + metal storage spaces
    • Some models come with a Blackstone grill for LP quick connect.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH Interior Features 

  • U-shaped dinette
  • Large walk-through bathroom
  • Large, tinted windows all around the camper (allows for a lot of natural light)
  • Queen bed (walk-around)
  •   Large Storage Compartments
  • Two Entrances
  • Double Over Double Bunk Area
  • Jackknife Sofa
  • 32” LED TV
  •  Kitchen Setup
    • 3 burner stove
    • Oven
    • Microwave
    • 12V electric fridge (8 cu. feet)

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH Specs

  • Length: 32’9”
  •  Exterior Height: 11’
  • Interior Height: 6’6”
  • Hitch Weight: 658 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (max weight of camper): 7995 lbs.
  • Dry Weight: 6450 lbs.
  •  Furnace: 35000 BTU
  • AC: 15000 BTU
  • Water Heater: DSI Quick Recovery (6 gal)
  • Dual-Axle
  • Sleeps: 10

Advantages of the Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH

Quality Construction

One of the main competitive advantages of the Transcend Xplor is the construction process Grand Design RV uses to manufacture its RVs. 

Water damage is one of the most common problems that lower the value of your RV. Grand Design uses dual-seal technology that reinforces the weak points of a camper to ensure water stays out of your RV. 

Unlike other travel trailers, Grand Design uses residential fiberglass insulation throughout the camper to insulate their RVs. This top-notch insulation in your Transcend Xplor will keep your camper (any you) nice and comfortable while you’re in the great outdoors. 

Grand Design also puts every RV they manufacture through a 300-point PDI (pre-delivery inspection) process. This means their campers have fewer issues after the RVs are sent off to the dealerships. Learn more here about Grand Design’s other excellent construction features

Unique Floor Plan

The Transcend 265BH’s floor plan is completely unique. The floor plan in the Jay Flight 267BHS is the typical bunk house layout with the bunks and bathroom in the back of the RV and a dinette + couch or theater seats in the slide. 

The Xplor 265BH has a different layout. The bunks take up the entire back portion of the RV with the bathroom next to the master bedroom. This layout feels more spacious than more traditional bunkhouse floor plans. You’ll also have more space in the bathroom – you could actually change clothes in the bathroom without feeling incredibly cramped! 

The Xplor 265BH also features plenty of large windows throughout the camper to allow natural light to easily illuminate the RV, so your camper is brighter and feels more like you are part of the nature around you.

Pictures of the Grand Design Transcend Xplor 265BH

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 267BHS

Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS Exterior Features

  • Self-Adjusting Brakes
  •   Enclosed Underbelly
  • Galvanized Steel Wheel Wells
  • Goodyear Tires Rated for 87 mph.
    • Better than the standard, cheap RV tires. A blowout is a massive risk and can cause severe damage to your camper (not to mention to your wallet).
  • Friction Hinge Door
  •  LP Quick Connect
  •  Backup and Side Camera Prep
  • Electric Awning w/ LED Lights

Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS Interior Features

  • Booth Dinette
  • Jackknife Sofa
  • Double Over Double Bunks
  • Bathroom
  •  Queen Bed
  • Kitchen
    • 3 burner stove
    •  Oven
    • Microwave
    • Gas/electric fridge
  • Large Windows for Natural Light

Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS Specs

  • Length: 30’4”
  •  Ext. Width: 8’
  • Ext. Height: 11’
  •  Interior Height: 6’9”
  • Hitch Weight: 700 lbs.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 7500 lbs.
  • Dry Weight: 5870 lbs.
  • Tank Capacities:
    • Fresh: 79 gal
    • Grey: 39 gal
    • Black: 39 gal
  • Furnace: 20,000 BTU
  • AC: 13,500 BTU
  • Water heater: Gas/Electric DSI (6 gal)
  • Sleeps: 10

 Advantages of the Jay Flight SLX 267BHS

Just like the Transcend Xplor 265BH, the Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS also has its own competitive advantages that make it stand out from most other travel trailer bunkhouses. 

This Jay Flight model includes the distinct high quality construction features found on all Jayco RVs. This includes a Magnum Truss Roof and the Jayco warranty. 

The Magnum Truss Roof can hold up to 4,500 lbs. and is the industry’s strongest roof. To test its strength, Jayco even put a Jeep on top of the RV to prove that it can withstand the weight! When you’re out in nature you’ll be safe from falling trees, or heavy snow loads, with a Jayco roof. 

Like Grand Design, Jayco performs a PDI inspection on all their RVs (As of 2022). 

Jayco also has the industry’s longest warranty with a 2-year limited warranty and a 3-year structural warranty. Jayco believes in its products and wants its consumers to trust their products as well. 

Jayco, like Grand Design, also takes care of their RVers after the sale. They are quick to ship parts to service warranty and other service work. 

Many RV manufacturers struggled to get ordered parts shipped to dealerships for service during the Covid outbreak. Coming out of that, Jayco has stayed ahead of the curve by promptly shipping RV parts so repairs can be made quickly, and campers can spend more time doing the thing they love, camping!

Pictures of the Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS

Grand Design 265BH vs Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS – Which is Better?

So, which is better, the 265BH or the 267BHS? Well, it varies from person to person. 

Jayco and Grand Design both treat their customers well and build high-quality campers that will last a long time. If you are concerned about quality, you’ll have to consider which construction features are more important to you. You’ll also have to decide what you’re looking for in a warranty. 

If you’re looking for a less expensive travel trailer, like the standard bunkhouse floorplan, and prefer a longer warranty then the Jayco Jay Flight may be a better option for you.

You may prefer the Grand Design Xplor if you’re looking for a roomy, unique bunkhouse floor plan with a nice look, feel, and finishes.

Check out these travel trailers for yourself!

Next Steps

Now that you know the differences between the Grand Design 265BH and the Jayco 267BHS, you can decide which is the better fit for your camping needs. Neither camper is truly inferior to the other, it just depends on the style you like more, what price you are willing to pay, and which camper will suit you and your family better. 

If you’re not sure which one you like more and want a closer look, you can visit a Bish’s location to see them for yourself. Most RVers find it helpful to look at campers in person because pictures online don’t always do the campers justice.

If you know which camper is right for you and you’re ready to get yours for the coming camping season, contact one of our outfitters today to get started making memories that’ll last a lifetime!

If you’re not sure about either of these travel trailers, you can also consider another Jay Flight model, or perhaps even a Grand Design Reflection.

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