An Honest Review of the Jayco Eagle

There are so many options when it comes to mid-tier fifth wheel RVs that it can be difficult to pick out the perfect one for you. If you’re considering a fifth wheel then you have more than likely come across Grand Design Reflection, Keystone Cougar,  East to West Tandara, and probably even the Jayco Eagle. So many options!  

I’ve been selling campers for years now and I’ve had several folks come into the dealership sure they want one fifth wheel who happily walk away with a different one that’s a better fit. With so much to learn about RVs, it’s hard to know what you don’t know about each fifth wheel line. 

I am here to provide a clear understanding of Jayco Eagle fifth wheels so you’ll know if Jayco Eagle is the right fifth wheel to jumpstart your RV adventures.

What is the Jayco Eagle?

The Jayco Eagle is a fifth wheel line that offers classy RVs with a modern touch. This line takes all the features of an Eagle HT fifth wheel, but steps up the luxury. This could be the camper for you if you don’t want the higher price point of a Jayco North Point, but would like more features and comforts than the Eagle HT.

The amenities and price point of an Eagle 5th wheel make it neck and neck with the Eagle HT for Bish’s highest selling Jayco fifth wheel. An Eagle has everything you need to do camping your way and look good doing it, with the Eagle’s modern color scheme of black, white, gray, with blue accents.

How Much Does an Eagle Cost?

A new Jayco Eagle ranges from $49,995 – 115,000. A used Eagle can range from $38,000 – $100,000, depending on its age and condition.

Jayco Eagle Interior Features 

  • LED fireplaces
  • Hardwood finishes, solid surface countertops, residential fridge
  • 32” Smart LED TV
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor system)
  • Home entertainment system
  • King bed 
  • Drinking water system 
  • Blackout roller shades

See all the features of packages!

Jayco Eagle Exterior Features 

  • 15,000 BTU AC, prepped for 2nd
  • 4pt leveling system
  • Morryde entry steps with strut
  • Custom aluminum rims


  • Jaycommand:  BT service, control with your phone (Lights (dimmability), hvac, tank level readings, slides)

What Comes Standard on a Jayco Eagle?

  • Every Eagle comes with three packages:  The Customer Value package, Luxury package, and 4-star Handling package.

Customer Value Package Includes:

  • 15,000 BTU AC that runs on the Whisper Quiet Air System which makes the AC unit up to 40% quieter. Also prepped for a 2nd AC.
  • The Keyed Alike System:  All doors and locks use one key, so you’re not carrying around an oddly large keychain just for your RV. 
  • Rooftop/Side solar prep so you can link up a suitcase solar panel or add permanents on the roof. 
  • Refrigerator temp sensors connected to JAYCOMMAND can alert you through your phone if your fridge goes out! 
  • KING SIZE bed. With a 72×80” bed you will feel right at home.
  • Plus more!

Luxury Package includes: 

  • The Jaycommand System: Control most of your RV (Slides, awnings, lights with dimming, and read temperatures) from the tablet or your smartphone. 
  • Central Vacuum System: Cleaning up the floor and under belly storage is always simple. 
  • Residential Style Features: Feel like you’re at home with a residential sized fridge and solid surface countertops! 
  • LED Fireplace
  • Washer and Dryer Prep
  • Bamboo sink cover and strainer. 
  • And more!

4-Star Handling Package includes:

  • Goodyear Endurance tires – rated up to 87 mph with a 6 year prorated warranty
  • A smoother ride:  Great tires paired with the Dexter axles, Nev-R-Adjust brakes, E-Z lube hubs, MORryde’s CRE-3000 rubberized suspension, wet bolt fasteners, bronze bushings, and shock absorber prep . . .this fifth wheel is going to be smooth going down the road!
  • And more!

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Jayco Eagle Options?

Be sure you know what options you want on your RV before you complete the purchase. Added options from the factory are typically much less expensive than having your dealer or a service center add them on later.

  • Decor Options (American Craftsman, Modern Farmhouse)
  • Solar Options: Overland II and Overland IV
  • Extreme Weather Package (120-volt heat pads, holding and fresh tanks, 12v electric water line wrap, interior illuminated switch) 
  • Dry Camping Package – Preps the camper for a propane generator and extra propane capacity.
  • Appliance options:
    • 4 door gas/electric fridge
    • 360-degree security kit with 7’’ monitor
  • Dual pane windows
  • Free standing table with a bench and 2 chairs rather than the standard free-standing table, 2 storage chairs, and 2 folding chairs.
  • Queen Bed

See Jayco Eagle Brochure!

Jayco Eagle Floorplans

There are a total of 6 floorplans within the Jayco Eagle line. Consisting of 5 couple’s coaches and 1 bunk house.

Jayco Construction Quality

Jayco is known for the high-quality construction of their RVs.

Jayco takes their frames a step further by using Custom frames. Each Jayco RV has its own custom-sized frame, eliminating modifying and welding that would otherwise compromise the foundation.

Jayco’s fifth wheel frames use more full-width outriggers in more locations than other manufacturers. These are spaced a minimum of 48” apart for better support of wall weight, creating an even stronger foundation for the RV.

Jayco’s Magnum truss roof system can hold up to 4500 lbs of pressure. This protects your RV from heavy snow loads, falling debris and trees, and makes it fully walkable for maintenance or even lounging out! Heck, you can even throw a party up there—but I didn’t recommend it.

Jayco bunk beds have a 600 lb weight capacity. This is nearly double the competition! With 600 lb capacity on their double wide bunks you could fit three of me on there with no worries! But thankfully, there is only one of me.

Jayco also uses a very strong 5/8″ tongue and groove plywood for their flooring and 3/8″ on their roofs. A lot of competitors use OSB or chipboard. Because Jayco doesn’t use formaldehyde you won’t have to deal with glue or chemical smells in your RV. Lots of little quality improvements like this add up to a big difference in your RV.

Jayco’s exclusive STRONGHOLD VBL (vacuum-bond lamination) wall construction process
uses a vacuum bonding machine to combine laminated fiberglass with welded aluminum framing. The machine creates 144 tons of even pressure across the entire wall panel for a total of 16 minutes to create a very efficient bond.

The walls are constructed of aluminum framing, metal backers, decorative wall panels, and fiberglass exterior siding.

This process makes the wall super durable, helps reduce weight, and reduces the chance of delamination.

Jayco Warranty

2+3 year warranty. The best warranty in the RV industry. 

Jayco’s warranty is unlike others! They cover your RV for two full camping seasons. 

Jayco RVs include a 24 month warranty on towable campers and a 24,000 mile warranty for motorized RVs. This warranty lasts twice as long as the usual RV warranty. Plus, Jayco offers a third year of structural protection. 

Is the Eagle Right For Me?

  • Pros 
    • Jayco has a team of 60+ of the top RV engineers who strive to always be on the leading edge of the RV industry. 
    • Lower price point than a North Point with many of the same features
    • More features than an Eagle HT
    • Jayco has earned their reputation as an RV manufacturer that builds high quality campers. 
  • Cons  
    • The Eagle doesn’t have everything Jayco offers. North Point and Pinnacle fifth wheels are beautiful with more features than an Eagle, but all their bells and whistles come at a higher price. 
    • Do not have 6 point hydraulic leveling (Eagle has 4pt, electric front and hydraulic rear)
    • Larger than the Eagle HT, so you’ll need to know you have enough towing capacity to handle it. 

Want to see Fifth wheels like the Jayco Eagle?

  • The Keystone Cougar is another popular fifth wheel. They have been around for a long time and have a huge customer base.
  • East to West Tandara has a tremendous interior design! Check them out if you really like the modern farmhouse style with a lady’s touch!

With so many to choose from, picking the right fifth wheel can be difficult. Now you know what makes the Jayco Eagle the top of its class and can decide if it’s the right choice for you. With Jayco, you can rest assured that you have purchased a wonderful trailer!

Take your time to research the best fifth wheel for you. We know how important it is to have the information you need to pick your RV and we want you to have an excellent RV experience whether or not you buy from Bish’s RV.

When you’re ready to make a decision, Bish’s RV would love to have the opportunity to help you find your perfect RV. If you have any questions about the Jayco Eagle, or if you’d like help choosing a different RV, reach out, we’re here to help!

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