The Top 6 Grand Design RVs in 2024

RVers' favorite grand design rvs at Bish's rv. RVers choose grand Design reflection, imagine, momentum, transcend XPLOR, Imagine XLS, and Solitude the most

Grand Design RV is one of best-selling RV manufacturers in the United States. If you’re looking for a towable RV, then Grand Design may have the right option for you.

If you’ve considered buying a Grand Design RV, you may have asked, “What are the best Grand Design RVs?

Grand Design is one of the most popular brands sold at Bish’s RV – so we’re here to answer your question! Here we’ll provide a list of our customers’ 6 favorite Grand Design brands plus the price range and specs of each brand so you can decide if one of these popular Grand Design RVs is right for you.

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1. Grand Design Reflection RVs

Reflection Travel Trailers & Reflection Fifth Wheels

Grand Design builds Reflection Travel Trailers and Reflection Fifth Wheel RVs. The Reflection 5th wheel is even the best-selling 5th wheel in America over the last 12 months.

These towable RVs are known for their luxurious interiors and high-quality construction. Reflection RVs strike a balance of comfort, style, and durability that few other RVs match.

If you’re looking for an upscale RV lifestyle you may enjoy the carefully designed floor plans and top-tier amenities and features you’ll find in a Reflection RV.

Not sure which type of Reflection is right for you? Learn the differences between Grand Design Reflection travel trailers and fifth wheels.      

How Much Does a Reflection Camper Cost?


New:* $54,995 – $99,400

Used: $19,000 – $83,400


New:* $54,695 – $110,200

Used: $20,000 – $98,437

*Grand Design requires dealers to list Reflection RVs at MSRP online. Reach out to the dealer (and several more) if you see a model you like to get a better idea of the actual price.

Learn more about online RV pricing and how to get the lowest price for your RV.

Grand Design Reflection Specs

Length:33’10” – 37’11”
Sleeps:4 – 6 people
Dry Hitch Weight:900 – 1,099 lbs.
UVW: 7,808 – 9,443 lbs.
GVWR:9,995 – 11,295 lbs.
Fresh:54 gal.
Gray:86 – 118 gal.
Black:43 gal.

See a full list of Reflection Travel Trailer Specifications.

Length:32’9” – 41’6”
Height:12’3” – 12’8”
Sleeps:4-8 people
Dry Hitch Weight:1,865 – 2,461 lbs.
UVW: 9,854 – 12,552 lbs.
GVWR:11,995 – 14,995 lbs.
Fresh:74 gal.
Gray:87 gal.
Black:47 – 87 gal.

See full list of Reflection Fifth Wheel Specifications.

see reflection travel trailers for sale now
see reflection 5th wheels for sale now

2. Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer

The Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer is one of the best-selling travel trailers in the country. It is highly sought after for its sophisticated blend of luxury and value.

The Imagine offers an elegant living space with all the necessary amenities.

The lightweight design is easier to tow than heavier campers. If you’re using a medium-sized towing vehicle or if you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient option, this could be a good fit for you.

Imagine Travel Trailer Price

New*: $30,550 – $71,995

Used: $13,995 – $67,449

*Grand Design requires dealers to list Imagine Travel Trailers at MSRP online. Reach out to the dealer (and several more) if you see a model you like to get a better idea of the actual price.

Grand Design Imagine Camper Specs

Length:28’11” – 36’11”
Height:11’2″ – 11’3”
Sleeps:6-10 people
Dry Hitch Weight:505 – 889 lbs.
UVW:5,725 – 8,394 lbs.
GVWR:7,850 – 10,195 lbs.
Fresh:52 gal.
Gray:82 – 90 gal.
Black:45 gal.

See a full list of Grand Design Imagine Specifications.

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3. Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel RVs

You’ll love the Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler 5th Wheel if you’re an outdoor enthusiast or adventure-seeker, since the Momentum provides a versatile space for transporting ATVs, bikes, or other recreational equipment without compromising on comfort.

This mobile basecamp offers utility and comfort. There is plenty of storage space plus a luxurious living area with top-of-the-line amenities and a spacious floor plan.

The Momentum is the 7th best-selling fifth wheel in America.

Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler Price

New*: $61,900 – $193,579

Used: $39,000 – $156,900

*Grand Design requires dealers to list Momentum Toy Haulers at MSRP online. Reach out to the dealer (and several more) if you see a model you like to get a better idea of the actual price.

Momentum Toy Hauler Specs

Length:41’4” – 46’8”
Height:13’5” – 13’6”
Sleeps:5-6 people
Dry Hitch Weight:3,250 – 3,600 lbs.
UVW:15,900 – 16,800 lbs.
GVWR:20,000 lbs.
Fresh:115 – 155 gal.
Gray:104 – 156 gal.
Black:52 – 104 gal.

See a full list of Momentum Toy Hauler Specifications.

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4. Grand Design Transcend XPLOR Travel Trailer

The Grand Design Transcend XPLOR is the 10th best-selling travel trailer in America.

This camper is a great pick if you’re looking for an affordable camper with excellent comfort and functionality. It also offers a well-equipped living space with essential amenities and excellent construction quality. Compared to larger models, the Transcend XPLOR is lighter weight and easier to tow.

Transcend XPLOR Camper Price:

New:* $25,500 – $59,481

Used: $19,999 – $45,600

*Grand Design requires dealers to list Transcend Travel Trailers at MSRP online. Reach out to the dealer (and several more) if you see a model you like to get a better idea of the actual price.

Transcend XPLOR Specs

Length:24’11” – 36’11”
Height:11’ – 11’2”
Sleeps:4-10 people
Dry Hitch Weight:480 – 758 lbs.
UVW:4,915 – 7.980 lbs.
GVWR:6,995 – 9,995 lbs.
Fresh:62 gal.
Gray:39 – 78 gal.
Black:39 – 78 gal.

See a full list of Grand Design Transcend Specifications.

Learn More About Transcend XPLOR Travel Trailers

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5. Grand Design Imagine XLS Travel Trailers

The lightweight design of the Grand Design Imagine XLS Travel Trailer makes it a good fit for those looking for the convenience and comfort of a high-quality RV without a large, heavy-duty tow vehicle.

The Imagine XLS is known for its compact size and efficient use of space, offering high-quality amenities and comfortable living conditions in a more maneuverable package.

Imagine XLS Camper Price:

New:* $30,550 – $55,627

Used: $21,900 – $48,700

*Grand Design requires dealers to list Imagine XLS Travel Trailers at MSRP online. Reach out to the dealer (and several more) if you see a model you like to get a better idea of the actual price.

Imagine XLS Travel Trailer Specs:

Length:21’11” – 29’11”
Sleeps:4 – 8 people
Dry Hitch Weight:456 – 823 lbs.
UVW:4,674 – 6,356 lbs.
GVWR:6,395 – 7,395 lbs.
Fresh:43 gal.
Gray:45 – 82 gal.
Black:37 gal.

See a full list of Grand Design Imagine XLS specifications.

Learn More About Imagine XLS Campers

6. Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheels

The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel could be right for you if you’re seeking a premium RV with high-end features, expansive living spaces, and top-notch construction quality for long-term living or extended trips.

The Solitude offers comfort and luxury with features like a large master suite and full-sized appliances that make your RV feel like home, even on the road.

The Solitude is the 4th most popular 5th wheel in America.

Solitude Fifth Wheel Price

New:* $79,995 – $184,000

Used: $29,900 – $145,000

*Grand Design requires dealers to list Solitude 5th Wheels at MSRP online. Reach out to the dealer (and several more) if you see a model you like to get a better idea of the actual price.

Solitude Fifth Wheel Specs

Length:34’1” – 43’ 11”
Sleeps:4-8 people
Dry Hitch Weight:2,044 – 3,052 lbs.
UVW:12,100 – 15,300 lbs.
GVWR:15,000 – 16,800 lbs.
Fresh:81 gal.
Gray:106 gal.
Black:53 – 106 gal.

See a full list of Grand Design Solitude specifications.

Is a Grand Design RV Right for You?

Grand Design Quality and Inspections

Grand Design towable RVs are very popular and known for their excellent construction, but Grand Design isn’t the right manufacturer for every RVer. We want you to have the facts you need to understand how these RVs are built, so you can decide for yourself if Grand Design is right for you.  

Grand Design Features

1- Lamination: 

Grand Design laminates the rear walls, slide walls, slide tops, and even slide bottoms of their fifth wheels and most of their travel trailers (the Transcend Xplor is an exception as it is a stick and tin camper).

Grand Design also uses high-end materials and processes to ensure stronger lamination.

2- Dual Seal Technology:

Water is the biggest threat to a camper’s value and integrity. Grand Design’s sealing process is one of the main reasons their RVs tend to hold their value better than most campers.

Grand Design uses Titan dual-seal technology to help prevent water from entering their campers. The dual-seal is made with Mylar tape and PVC die-cut seals.

3- Insulation:

Grand Design’s insulation quality is top-notch. Each of their RVs, from the stick and tin starter travel trailer to the luxury fifth-wheel toy haulers, is built with a four-seasons protection package to allow RVers to maximize the amount of time they can spend camping each year.

This protection package includes residential insulated walls (lined with fiberglass insulation), a heated and enclosed underbelly, an insulated roof, and an insulated front wall/front cap.

Grand Design’s Transcend Xplor has slightly inferior insulation compared to Grand Design’s other products, but compared to the industry standard, the Transcend Xplor still beats out the competition.

4- 300 Point PDI

Every single Grand Design RV goes through a 300 point PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) before it ships out to the dealership. This inspection results in fewer issues, cleaner campers, and happier RVers.

Grand Design has spent more than $3.8 million on this process since the company’s inception in 2012. They are the only RV manufacturer that has done this inspection consistently on each and every camper for the past 10 years.

Jayco has also recently implemented a PDI process for all of their RVs.

5- Customer Care After the Sale

Regional Traveling Technicians:

Grand Design has regional traveling service technicians throughout the US (soon to include Canada). These technicians are equipped with everything they need to fix any sort of problem with a Grand Design camper. Grand Design RV techs can even make immobile campers operational again.

Exclusive Repair Centers:

Grand Design has also built three different service centers solely for customer repairs. Grand Design has built these service sites to keep up with and resolve the problems that keep campers from experiencing the great outdoors with their families.

Grand Design Warranty

Grand Design RVs come with a 1-year limited, 3-year structural warranty for models released before 2020 and an extra 5-year frame warranty for RVs built in 2020 and after.

This makes Grand Design’s warranty the longest frame warranty of any RV builder.

Grand Design 1-Year Limited Warranty

The limited warranty covers the entire RV against all defects caused by the manufacturer during the construction process.

Grand Design 3-Year Structural, 5-Year Frame Warranty

The structural warranty protects the owner from any defects in the structural material. The extended 5 year warranty covers defects in the frame.

FYI: These two warranties protect you from any damage or mistakes that happen while the product is being made.

These warranties do not cover damages from misuse, commercial use, or lack of maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Grand Design RVs

You need to know the benefits and drawbacks of Grand Design RVs before you decide if one of their RVs is right for your RV adventures.


  • Construction quality and pre-delivery inspection process
  • Customer service
  • Resale value


  • Limited options: Grand Design only builds towable RVs. If you’re looking for a motorized RV, you can check out Bish’s selection of motorhomes.
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More Grand Design Favorites

If you’d like a Grand Design RV, but none of their top-sellers are a good match for you, consider one of their other popular options:

Find Your Grand Design RV

It’s not easy to find information about which Grand Design RVs are the most popular. Now that you know the best-selling Grand Design brands at Bish’s RV, their price ranges and specs, you can decide if one of these 6 popular brands is right for you.

Providing you the information you need in your RV search is important to us at Bish’s RV. If you have more questions or would like to see a Grand Design RV in person – reach out anytime. Our RV experts would love to help out!

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