Go Play RVs: Utah’s Fastest Growing Brand for Camping Adventures

Written by Greg Long

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Utah is home to some of the world’s most amazing camping locations – Moab, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park to name just a few. 

If you’re planning your own Utah adventure, you’re probably asking, “Which RV is best for camping in Utah?”

We get asked this question a lot at Bish’s RV. We know finding the right camper at the right price can be hard. That’s why we created our own line of low-priced high-quality RVs – Go Play travel trailers. 

After only 5 months of sales, Go Play ranks in the Top 3 highest-selling camper brands of 2023 in Utah and is the #1 fastest-growing RV brand in the state.

This article will cover the rapid rise of Go Play RVs in Utah and help you decide if a Go Play travel trailer is the right choice for your next camping expedition.  

Want to learn more about Go Play RVs? Check out Wayfinder RV’s Website or see Go Play travel trailers available EXCLUSIVELY at Bish’s RV.

Table of Contents

Go Play’s Rise in Utah’s Rankings

What Makes Go Play Travel Trailers Different?

Why do Go Play RVs Cost Less?

The Go Play Story

What People are Saying About Go Play

How to Buy a Go Play RV

Josh the RV’s Video announcing Go Play RVs arrival– These Campers sold quickly after this video posted.

Which Go Play Floor Plan is Best for you?
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From Zero to Hero: A Quick Look at Go Play’s Rise in Utah’s Rankings

Numbers tell a story. 

The story the numbers tell about Utah and Go Play travel trailers is: 

Utah residents want to get the most bang for their buck. They are less concerned about fancy bells and whistles and are looking for a high-quality camper that has all the stuff without the fluff

Go Play Rvs on the rise

And most importantly, Utah residents value their hard-earned money. They are looking to buy a camper that fits into their family’s budget.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at Utah’s RV sales numbers and read the story of Go Play’s rise to the top for yourself.

Utah’s Top 3 RV Brands [by Month RVs Sold]
(April – September 2023)

Go Play84233312825

Data Insights: Top 3 RV Brands in Utah 

  • Go Play RVs hit Utah markets in April
  • After the first month, Go Play RVs accounted for 0.9% of monthly RV sales in Utah
  • In May, 6.5% of all the campers sold in Utah that month were Go Play travel trailers. 
  • By August, Go Play became the 3rd highest-selling RV brand of 2023 in Utah – after only 4 months of sales.
  • Today, Go Play is the #1 Fastest Growing RV Brand in Utah

(This Utah Sales data was collected by Statistical Surveys, an independent marketing research company that specializes in RV market share data. Statistical Surveys is owned by RV Trader.)

What makes Go Play travel trailers different?

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing that much physically different about Go Play travel trailers than most other mid-tier travel trailers. 

They are stick and tin conventional travel trailers, they come with solar power as a standard feature and they don’t offer any optional add-ons.

What separates Go Plays is their price. Compared to similar travel trailers, Go Plays cost 1,000s less than their competitors.

go play 26bh
The Go Play 26BH : The camper Josh the RV Nerd would pick for himself!

Want to learn more about Go Play RVs? Check out Wayfinder RV’s Website or see Go Play travel trailers available EXCLUSIVELY at Bish’s RV.

Another Go Play Number Story

go play 26bhs floor plan
2024 Go Play 26BHS: $24,995
  • At the time of writing this article, the 2023 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH costs $30,995. 
  • The very similar 2024 Go Play 26BHS costs $24,995.

    How this story ends: You save $6,000! (And live happily ever after)
The Go Play 26BHS: The Fastest Growing travel trailer in Utah and Beyond!

To read more about the most popular Go Play RV Floor Plan, check out our Review of the Go Play 26BHS.

Why do Go Play RVs Cost less than Similar RVs?

half full bag of crackers
These days you pay more for less.

If you’re like me, you can’t stand when you buy a box of crackers only to see that it’s less than ½ full when you open it. 

Just a year ago, that same-sized box came with way more crackers than it does now.

The cracker-makers are giving you less crackers for the same price as last year so you don’t have to shell out more money to buy crackers – but they don’t shrink the size of the box so it’s not obvious you’re actually getting less.

They are giving you less so you don’t have to pay more.

Some RV makers are doing the same thing with their campers– it’s called de-contenting. 



None! Zero! Zilch! No De-Contenting!

Go Play travel trailers have all the must-have camping features. We didn’t get rid of anything.  You get it all – but you pay less.

How is that possible? Let me tell you another story…

The Go Play Story

go play super hero rv
Every Super Hero has an “Origin Story.

This story doesn’t have a lot of numbers in it. It’s about an RV company (Bish’s RV) who wanted to provide their customers with low-priced high-quality RVs– but we didn’t want to de-content and take away essential features just to lower our prices.

After a lot of research – and some trial and error – we found we could cut prices BIGTIME if we did 3 things:

1. Cut out the Middle Men

2. Simplify Options

3. Streamline the Production Process

By doing these 3 things, and learning to do them really well, we found we could build amazing travel trailers with price tags that are 1000s of dollars less than similar mid-tier travel trailers.

go play 263th
A rear view of the spacious Go Play 263TH with the ramp down.

Are you an avid researcher?
Learn all the cost-cutting methods we used to make Go Play RVs affordable. Read What is a Go Play and What Does it Cost?

If you like good stories with lots of plot twists, I recommend you check out the full version of The Go Play Origin Story.

What Utah Residents are saying about the Go Play Travel Trailer

No one can tell you why Go Play is the fastest-growing RV brand in Utah better than people in Utah who actually bought a Go Play travel trailer!

go play review- utah
go play review- utah

How to Buy A Go Play Travel Trailer in Utah (or Anywhere else in the USA)

Finding the right RV at the right price is no easy task. 

The reason Go Play is the fastest-growing RV brand in Utah is because it’s priced right – and it has everything you need to have unforgettable camping adventures in Utah and beyond.

Go Play Travel Trailers are available exclusively at Bish’s RV. 

If you live in Utah and would like to buy a Go Play Travel Trailer, visit one of Bish’s Utah Locations

If you don’t live in Utah, you can still see low-cost / high-quality Go Play Travel Trailers at one of our Go Play Distribution Centers.

If you don’t live near one of these locations, but still want a Go Play travel trailer, I don’t blame you. Talk to one of our Go Play Experts about shipping a Go Play to a Bish’s RV near you (We have over 20 locations) – or you can even have it shipped directly to your house. (Extra shipping fees apply when shipping to anywhere other than one of our stores)

See available Go Play Travel Trailers!
Check out Wayfinder RV’s Website or see Go Play travel trailers available EXCLUSIVELY at Bish’s RV.

Josh the RV Nerd

See every Go Play Travel Trailer up close and personal with Josh’s humor-filled reviews of Go Play Travel Trailers.

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