The Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH: The Ideal Toy Hauler for Everyday Adventurers

WayFinder RV Go Play 263TH $27,995 — A Full Review

What if you’re seeking the versatility of a toy hauler but don’t need a feature-loaded giant RV?

RV shoppers have been asking us for years to help them find a smaller, no fluff toy hauler at Bish’s RV – and that’s why we’ve created the Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH.

To categorize the Go Play 263TH, it might best be described as a crossover. We like to call it a ‘ramper camper’ – because it looks and feels like a regular travel trailer but surprises you with its big ramp in the back.

This review of the Go Play 263TH will cover its price and features – and let you know what’s good and what’s not so good – so you can decide if the Go Play 263TH is a good fit for your future outdoor adventures.


What is a Go Play 263TH Travel Trailer?
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Overview and Specs
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Towing the Go Play 263TH
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Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH
The Go Play 263TH Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

What is a Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH?

Before we tell you what a Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH is, let’s first answer: 

What is Wayfinder RV?

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to find a high-quality camper at a low price?

We wondered the same thing at Bish’s RV – so we decided to make our own affordable line of campers. Wayfinder RV is the name of our new RV manufacturing company.

We believe if we commit to making quality campers at reasonable prices, hard-working families like yours will be more willing to make the investment and start camping with their families.

To learn more about why Bish’s RV has its own exclusive camper series, read The Wayfinder RV Origin Story.

What is a Go Play 263TH?

The Go Play 263TH is a mid-sized no-nonsense toy hauler travel trailer. 

When most people think of toy haulers, they typically think of massive 5th wheel rigs that can fit two side-by-side mega-rollover cab ATVs in their rear garage space.

The 263TH is not a 5th wheel and it’s not massive.

The Go Play 263TH is for campers who might want to carry a pair of kayaks, e-bikes, or a couple of motorcycles. Yet, its humble size doesn’t mean a compromise on quality or essential features.

It’s the little things that make a big difference — like the enclosed underbelly ensuring durability and protection, and an above-average ceiling height of 6’9″ which caters to taller individuals – and adds more room for your toys. 

If you’re someone who values simplicity, peace of mind, and practicality without the need for fancy add-ons, the Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH could be your ideal travel companion.

Go Play 263TH Ramp
263TH Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Go Play 263TH Price Tag

How Much Does a Go Play 263TH Cost?


The Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH has a price tag of $27,995.

When Bish’s RV made the decision to make our own line of high-quality, affordable RVs we discovered that we could save a lot of money by cutting out middlemen, simplifying options, and making the production process more efficient.

The Go Play Cost Story explains all the innovative money-saving techniques we used without compromising on construction quality or design. In short, Go Play RVs can save you thousands of dollars!

Go Play Logo from Wayfinder RV

The Go Play travel trailer line is currently very similar to Jayco-owned Highland Ridge conventional travel trailers. Why? Because Jayco helps us make them.

Despite the almost identical similarities in design and construction, the one big difference — the price tags. The Go Play 26R3TH is priced much lower.

Go Play 263TH Price Tag: $27,995

You can check out Go Play 263TH Campers at

For Price Comparisons, compare Go Play 263TH to similar Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Are There any Other Costs When I Buy a 263TH?

You may need to pay additional freight charges depending how close your dealership is to the manufacturer. This charge will be discussed with you before closing. 

If you choose to have your 263TH shipped directly to your home you’ll also be charged $2.99 per mile from your nearest Bish’s location. 

Learn what costs you can expect and how we lowered the price of our Go Play trailer.

Go Play 263TH Overview and Specs

Go Play 263TH Floor Plan

Weights and Measures

  • Sleeps: Up to 6
  • Empty Weight: 5,290
  • Cargo Rating: 2,310 lbs
  • Max Weight: 7,600 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 895 lbs
  • Total Length: 30’4”
  • Height: 10’6”
  • Body Width: 8’0”
  • Fresh Water: 42 gal
  • Gray Water: 39 gal
  • Black Water: 39 gal
  • Garage: 13’10”
  • Solar: 200w

Highlights and Features

  • 200 Watt Solar Package
  • Private Front Bedroom
  • 6′ 9″ Taller Ceiling
  • Heated Underbelly
  • Large Awning Space

Go Play 263TH Points to Consider

  • Radius Shower (Tight on Elbows)
  • No Ramp Patio Package or other factory add-on options

Go Play 263TH Main Cabin

When you first walk into the Go Play 263TH you quickly notice the predominantly all-white decor. This helps highlight the overall spaciousness inside this toy hauler.

A versatile flip-up dining bar (or additional counter space — however you want to use it) situated on the camp-side provides a splash of contrasting color and offers an additional space to enjoy this camper’s main cabin area. Two sturdy bar stools come with the dining bar for extra seating.

The absence of a traditional entertainment center, which often introduces contrasting wood tones, further accents the minimalist color scheme. The result is an RV interior that is both simple and inviting.

Go Play 263TH Main Cabin Features

  • Great Ambient Lighting: LED Lights throughout main cabin
  • Predominantly all-white decor, providing a unified and spacious feel.
  • Features a functional flip-up dining bar on the camp-side for versatile utility– includes 2 sturdy bar stools for seating
  • Furniture and design elements are chosen to complement the minimalist aesthetic.
  • Adjustable air-conditioning vents for comfort in hot temperatures

Go Play 263TH Kitchen

The kitchen arrangement of the Go Play 263TH is designed to be straightforward yet efficient, offering all the essential features for effortlessly preparing both quick and elaborate meals.

There’s plenty of storage space for pots, pans and cooking appliances, making this a great choice for couples or small families who enjoy cooking when they camp.

Go Play 263TH Kitchen Features

  • Large oven for baking and roasting
  • 3-Burner Stove with High output BUT front burner
  • Range Hood for extra ventilation when cooking
  • Standard easy-to-reach microwave oven
  • 2-Way Refrigerator with adjustable thermostat
  • High-Rise Faucet
  • Great Storage- Hardwood Cabinets and Drawers with Slide-Racks
  • Well-Placed Electrical Outlets for Appliances

Go Play 263TH Garage / Rear Living Area

Go Play 263TH Garage

The Go Play 263TH has a rear garage that can safely haul your outdoor play toys — like your kayaks or your snowmobile — but it also has the versatility to be used as a spacious living area to enjoy hanging out inside when you’re done playing outside.

Stepping into the 13’10” garage/rear living area of the 263TH, there’s an immediate sense of openness, due to the light colors and its tall 6’9 ceiling. 

The camp-side window coverage in the rear is impressive because it’s an often overlooked feature in toy haulers. These well-placed windows provide an abundance of natural lighting and allow you to let in a fresh cross-breeze of air for added ventilation.

Go Play 263TH Rear Living Area

The rear garage also acts as a big living area. Its design is thoughtful yet simple and straightforward:

The table is entirely free-floating, allowing for easy removal when you need more space. 

The fold-up benches can be transformed into sleepers, each equipped with fold-down armrests like what you might find in the backseat of an SUV.

An interesting aspect of the sleeper mode is that the two sofas don’t exactly meet in the middle. They function as a pair of jack-knife mechanical sofas. Another nice feature about the sofas is their cushions are attached to the sofa, which eliminates a lot of complications and potential hassles.

The centralized air is another positive touch, ensuring consistent comfort, even in hot temperatures.

The design philosophy behind the 263TH appears clear: focus on essentials, prioritize smart choices, and avoid unnecessary extras.

Go Play 263TH Garage/Rear Living Area Features

  • Light, bright color palette enhancing the sense of space.
  • 6’9″ ceiling height, offering more room compared to many similar models.
  • Significant campside window coverage for optimal natural lighting.
  • Excellent cross-breeze capabilities due to the expansive window design.
  • Fully free-floating table for flexibility and easy removal.
  • Benches that can be converted into sleepers for added functionality.
  • Fixed cushions on the sofas, eliminating the need to adjust or move floating cushions.
  • Centralized air system, ensuring uniform comfort throughout the area.

Thinking of upgrading to a Go Play 263TH Toy Hauler Travel Trailer?
See how much your current RV is worth with our Free RV Trade Evaluation.

To find out how trade values are determined, read our guide on How to Get the Most Money for Your RV Trade.

Go Play 263TH Bathroom

The bathroom in the Go Play 263TH stands out with its dual entry feature, providing access from both the main cabin and through the bedroom. 

As you enter, the spaciousness around the toilet is immediately noticeable, ensuring comfort and ease of use. Further accentuating the sense of space is the trailer’s taller ceiling, which comes as a blessing especially in the shower area, guaranteeing ample headroom.

However, it’s important to note the shower is small and curved– also known as a ‘radius shower.’ It might feel a bit tight when it comes to elbow room. A quick tip to optimize the experience is to face the shower knobs, providing more freedom for your arms. 

Additionally, the bathroom comes equipped with a full medicine cabinet, a thoughtful inclusion over just a simple mirror, enhancing storage and convenience. 

Go Play 263TH Front Bedroom

The front bedroom is big and cozy. There are 2 ways to access the bedroom– both entrances have doors, so you have plenty of privacy if you want to get some sleep while other people are using the rear living area.

The bedroom comes with lots of storage space and has wardrobe cabinets with hanger rods to hang up your clothes — plus the cordless phone charger pops up with dual USB plug-ins to power your favorite electronic devices.

263TH Private Bedroom Features

  • “Camp Size” Queen Bed: It’s a little shorter than a traditional queen, but allows easy access throughout the entire bedroom. It has a large storage area beneath the bed.
  • Dual Bed-Side Stands: Lots of table space
  • Over-Bed Storage Shelf
  • Dual Wardrobe Cabinets with Hanger Rod
  • Solar Panel Control Pad
  • Wireless Phone Charging Pad
  • Conveniently placed USB Ports
  • Easy to Access Electrical Outlets
  • Large Venting Window

Ready to shop for your new toy hauler?

Go Play 263TH Storage

Go Play 263TH Interior Storage

A Toy hauler is designed for storage. While this typically means storage for outdoor vehicles as you travel to adventurous locations, the 263Th also has other great interior storage options.

Although it lacks inside storage closets, the 263TH compensates with its increased height and a considerate design, offering excellent alternatives for interior storage.

  • The kitchen has large hardwood storage cabinets and drawers
  • The bathroom has a full-size medicine cabinet, plus storage beneath the sink
  • The private bedroom has large wardrobe cabinets and overhead shelving, plus large storage area beneath the bed

Go Play 26RLS Exterior Storage

You can never have too much storage space!

  • Baggage doors on each side of the front storage compartment. A true “pass-through” storage area, which means the front storage area has tons of space and spans the entire width of the trailer.
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Go Play 26RLS Electric/Solar and Climate Control

New For Go Play models in 2024 is 200 watts of solar power is now a standard feature.

While 200 watts is not enough solar power to run your whole vehicle for an extended length of time, it is enough to power to run your lights or your computer or TV for a few hours until you can get your rig hooked up to electrical power.

The 263TH is inverter prepped so if you want to power it with alternate power solutions, you can get easily get it set up and enjoy camping off-grid.

263TH Electrical Features

  • LED Interior Lighting
  • LOTS of well-placed electrical Outlets
  • Dome-Style TV Antennae
  • AM/FM Bluetooth Radio
  • Indoor Outdoor Sound System
  • 200W solar power
  • 1800 Inverter Prep
    • Opposing Outlets in Master Bedroom inverter prepped
    • TV Hookups inverter prepped
    • Refrigerator inverter prepped

Go Play 263TH Climate Control

  • 13,500 BTU Air Conditioning (Central Duct System)
  • 30,000 BTU Propane Furnace
  • Adjustable Ceiling Vents
  • The Magnum Roof System is fully insulated with a 4″ blanket giving it R11 r-rating.
  • Central Cold Air Dump with Closable Vent
  • Exterior walls are insulated with high-grade fiberglass insulation

Go Play 263TH Exterior Features

Go Play 263TH’s sleek exterior

Go Play 263TH Exterior Features

  • Large 7′ rear ramp with spring assistance for easy opening and closing
  • Power Awning with LED lighting
  • Power Tongue Jack
  • Magnum Roofing System (fully insulated)
  • Heated Underbelly
  • Marine-Grade Exterior Speakers
  • Hot/Cold Outside Utility Shower

Towing the Go Play 263TH

The Go Play 263Th has an empty weight of 5,290 lbs, and has a max weight of 7,600 lbs.

You should be able to tow this with a 1/2 ton truck, but it all depends on your vehicle, so be sure to check your truck’s tow rating.

When calculating towing weight, it’s important to add the weight of EVERYTHING you will be carrying when figuring out your weight, including all the people that will be traveling with you while you’re towing the trailer.

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s towing guide for more info on towing safely.

You should be able to tow the 263TH with a 1/2 ton truck.

Who is the Go Play 263TH a Good Fit For?

The Go Play 263TH is a Good Fit For:

  • Couples or small families looking for a mid-sized easy-to-tow toy hauler
  • Couples or small families looking for a versatile “flex-space” for hauling outdoor toys or additional living space
  • Couples or small families who value lower cost over extravagant luxury

The Go Play 263TH is Not a Good Fit For:

  • Large families
  • Couples looking for a laminate-constructed travel trailer
  • Couples wanting a 5th wheel toy hauler
  • Couples or small families who value luxury and premium features over lower cost

Go Play 263TH Pros and Cons

The Go Play 263TH offers numerous standard options that are highly favored, but it’s important to note that what may be a “pro” for one family could be a “con” for another.

Take a look at our list of advantages and disadvantages (PROS and CONS) to determine if the 263TH aligns with your camping requirements and preferences.

Go Play 263TH PROS

  • PRICE: For its size and features, the 263TH is one of the lowest-priced ‘ramper camper’ toy hauler travel trailers you will find.
  • GARAGE/REAR LIVING AREA: The spacious, versatile area give you lots of storage and/or living space to accommodate a wide-range of usage possibilities.
  • SOLAR POWER: 200 watts of power for short stints of time when you need power
  • SLEEP CAPACITY: Sleeps up to 6 people
  • HEATED & ENCLOSED UNDERBELLY: Protects plumbing and wiring from cold weather and road debris
  • TALL CEILING HEIGHT: Even in Shower
  • EASY TOWING: 30′ length allows easier maneuvering

Go Play 263TH CONS

  • NO EXTRA OPTIONS AVAILABLE: This includes colors and finishes
    (Options can be added after purchase, however)
  • ADDED WEIGHT: Wood frame and aluminum exterior walls add extra weight
  • NO EXTERIOR LADDER: (It is prepped for one to be added, if you prefer an attached ladder)
  • SHORT QUEEN BED: 6″ shorter than standard queen.
  • RADIUS SHOWER: Can be limiting on amount of elbow room while showering
  • 2-WAY REFRIGERATOR: Does not stay powered on without hookup

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How to buy a Go Play 263TH

The Wayfinder RV Go Play 263TH sells for $27,995.

The 263TH is available nationwide, exclusively through Bish’s RV.

Only a limited number of Go Play 263TH models are made per year to keep prices low.

You can discover all the innovative cost-cutting techniques used to keep Go Play prices low and construction quality high by reading The Secrets Behind the Affordable Price of the Quality-Built Go Play Travel Trailer.

Walk Through a Go Play Travel Trailer!

You can also see and buy a Go Play 263Th at these Bish’s RV Go Play Distribution Stores:

Do you like the Go Play 263TH, but are looking for a family travel trailer? Check out the Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BHS!

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Go Play 26RLS Family Bunk House Travel Trailer

Great Couples Camper! Josh the RV Nerd Video Review of the Go Play 26RLS Travel Trailer with Slide-Out

Do you have questions about the Go Play 263TH?
Talk to a Go Play Expert:

Mason Lucero

Go Play RV Expert & Outfitter

(210) 378-4024


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