Affordable Family Camping: Go Play 19BH Full Review

Wayfinder RV Go Play 19BH Family Bunkhouse Travel Trailer — $16,995

Tired of watching your kids turn into screen zombies all summer? You may have thought about buying an RV to escape into nature to reconnect, but it can be a challenge to find the right small, family camper that has all the features and quality you need.

If you’re looking to start RVing with your family or even if you want to upgrade from something like a pop-up, then the high-quality Go Play 19BH travel trailer priced thousands less than similar RVs may be the right RV for you! 

The Go Play 19BH is built to be a good fit for many, but, having helped thousands of RVers find their perfect RV, we know it’s not ideal for everyone. Here we’ll give a full, deep-dive review with all the specs, features, and pros and cons you need to know to decide if this single-axle trailer is the right camper to get your family out making unforgettable memories.

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Go Play 19BH

Discover the $16,995 Go Play 19BH Family Travel Trailer – Exclusive to Bish’s RV

The 2024 Go Play 19BH camper is the smallest, lightest, and least expensive trailer in the Go Play lineup. This single axle, bunkhouse trailer has all the essentials plus many of the features a 1st-time buyer may not realize are missing on similar RVs. 

Unlike other single-axle campers, you’ll find a taller 6’9” ceiling and wider 8’ body for added storage/living space. You’ll find other surprises that are rare in a small trailer – things like kitchen drawers – so you can feel right at home wherever you are. 

Go Play 19BH Floor Plan
The Go Play 19BH offers a spacious interior for a camper of its size.

All Go Play campers are built to include the features you want — without any of the useless fluff you will never use. Even better, Bish’s has been able to cut out a ton of middle-man manufacturer expenses to bring Go Play trailers to you for a price that won’t drain your savings.

Read more about how Go Play RVs came to be and the secrets behind their affordable price

The Price of a Go Play 19BH

How Much Does a Go Play 19BH Cost? 

A new Go Play 19BH travel trailer has a price tag of $16,995

This price of Go Play campers is a set price. So the no-haggle price of $16,995 is what you can expect to actually pay. 

To keep prices down, there are no added options for Go Play trailers. Any changes you may want to make will have to be done after you’ve purchased the RV. 

You can check out Go Play 19BH campers at

For Price Comparisons, compare Go Play 19BH to similar small bunkhouses:

Are There any Other Costs When I Buy a 19BH?

You may need to pay additional freight charges depending how close your dealership is to the manufacturer. This charge will be discussed with you before closing. 

If you choose to have your 19BH shipped directly to your home you’ll also be charged $2.99 per mile from your nearest Bish’s location. 

Learn what costs you can expect and how we lowered the price of our Go Play trailer.

Sounds too Good to be True. Why Does Go Play Cost Less?

Go Play Logo from Wayfinder RV

If you’re familiar with the Wayfinder RV origin story, you’ll know Bish’s RV decided to make campers so we could offer high-quality travel trailers at affordable prices for hard-working families. 

We discovered that RV manufacturers could save a lot of money by cutting out middlemen in advertising, simplifying options, and making the production process more efficient. 

The Go Play Cost Story explains all the innovative money-saving techniques we used without compromising on construction quality or design. But, in short, Go Play RVs can save you thousands of dollars on a high-quality RV!

Learn more about Go Play RVs.

The Go Play travel trailer line is currently very similar to Jayco-owned Highland Ridge conventional travel trailers. Why? Because Jayco helps us make them.

Despite the almost identical similarities in design and construction, the one big difference — the price tags. The Go Play 19BH is priced much lower.

Go Play 19BH Price Tag: $16,995

Go Play 19BH Overview and Specs

Go Play 19BH Specs – Weights and Measures

Hitch:360 lbs.
Empty:3,460 lbs.
Cargo:990 lbs.
Max:4,450 lbs.
Length:22′ 4″
Height:10′ 7″
Ceiling:6′ 9″
Fresh:20 gal.
Gray:19.9 gal.
Black:19.9 gal.
LP:20 lb.

19BH Highlights & Features

  • Full 8’ wide trailer
  • Rare 6’9” Ceiling in a single axle camper
  • Enclosed underbelly
  • Telescopic ladder and solar prep
  • No carpet for easy cleaning
  • Great storage space
  • PVC roof skin
  • Integrated A-Frame

Go Play 19BH Downsides

  • Shorter “camp” queen bed
  • Low cargo capacity compared to larger trailers
  • Smaller holding tank sizes compared to larger trailers
  • No Factory optional upgrades available

Go Play 19BH Bunks

Go Play 19BH Bunk House
Go Play 19BH bunk beds
  • Semi-enclosed bunks
  • Airflow windows on each bunk with light-blocking curtain
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Keep in mind: no outlet in the bunk area

Go Play 19BH Living Room Features

  • One switch lighting for the RV
  • Taller ceiling than other single-axle trailers
  • Wider than most single-axles for extra living space (8′ vs typical 7′)
  • Not a lot of windows, but because it’s a smaller RV quite a bit of natural light
  • Removable dinette table
  • Dining benches convert into a bed
  • Window in the door – no privacy shade included, but prepped for one and easy to install on your own for little cost
  • Keep in mind – no great TV space. Not necessarily an ideal camper for hanging out inside, but a great one to get you into nature. 

In 2024 the 19BH got an interior facelift based on customer feedback. The lighter and cleaner colors, combined with the straight-forward design of the floorplan, make this small camper feel spacious.

Keep in mind, this is a smaller, single-axle camper. If you’re planning to take your RV out for a ride just to hang out in it when you get to your destination, then you may not find the 19BH the right fit. There isn’t a whole lot of seating area and the TV isn’t placed for easy watching.

If you’re like most RVers, however, who use their camper for eating, sleeping and occasional rest times, this won’t be a problem for you.

Go Play 19BH Kitchen Features

The kitchen in the Go Play 19BH kitchen sets it apart from other single axle campers. This model includes kitchen drawer storage standard.

If you’re new to RVing you may assume all kitchens come with drawers – but that’s not the case for many small travel trailers!

Keep in mind, when you’re in a small camper, you still need a big refrigerator to store enough food. That’s why in 2024 we made the Go Play 19BH’s fridge even bigger – it now has 10 cubic feet of space inside.

Having more storage space in your refrigerator means you can plan and prepare more meals with more ingredients. A fed family is a happy family!

Go Play 19BH Kitchen
Go Play 19BH Kitchen with farm sink, 2 burner stove, and storage cabinets
  • Pocket screw, lumber core cabinetry with all wood doors
  • 12 volt DC compressor fridge
  • Farmhouse Sink
  • Vertical two burner stove with extra countertop space
  • Storage cabinets and drawers

Flooring and Ceiling

  • Carpetless for easy cleanup
  • No heat vents in floor
  • 6′ 9″ ceiling height. 3 inches taller than the industry standard for travel trailers!

Go Play 19BH Bathroom Features

The wider body of the 19BH allows for a roomy bathroom space that even leaves room for a garbage can! The shower has a step-up tub, but because of the high ceiling, there is still quite a bit of headroom.

A shower surround does not come standard on this floor plan, so you’ll need to wipe down the walls and use the vent fan after using the shower, or have a surround installed after you purchase it.

Josh the RV nerd 19BH
Go Play 19BH Ceiling
  • Locking door
  • Power outlet 
  • No shower surround paneling 
  • Step-in shower
  • Vent fan
  • Plenty of shower headspace for taller folks 
  • Keep in mind – no shower surround, so you will need to dry it down after use

Front Bedroom in Go Play 19BH

  • 60” x 40” camp queen bed
  • Privacy curtain
  • Nightstand drawers

The main bed in this camper is a Camp Queen bed. These beds are about 6 inches shorter than a typical queen bed. If you’re tall and will be using this bed, make sure it will be a good fit for you before you commit to the Go Play 19BH.

Ready to shop for your new camper?

Go Play 19BH Storage

Go Play 19BH Interior Storage

The 19BH is small a small camper – no doubt about it. But, because it has a body larger than the typical single axle trailer, you’ll find more storage space than similar campers.

Most notably, you’ll find added storage drawers and cupboards in the kitchen than many smaller bodied campers don’t come with standard.

The bedroom also has added hanging storage and a nightstand drawer.

  • Pocket screw, lumber core cabinets on wall and under dinette bench
  • Hanging closet
  • Dresser drawer nightstands
  • Under-bed storage
  • Tons of dry kitchen storage – unusual for a small camper
  • Actual kitchen drawers
  • Kitchen space for a waste basket
  • FYI – limited cargo carrying capacity
  • FYI – Under bed storage somewhat difficult to access

Go Play 19BH Exterior Storage

  • Spacious exterior luggage compartment
  • FYI: No pass-through storage
Go Play 19BH storage
Go Play 19BH Exterior Storage Compartment

Go Play 19BH Solar Power

Another new feature added because of YOUR feedback is: Go Play 19BH bunkhouse travel trailers now come with 200 watts of solar power.

What can I power with 200 watts of solar power?

200 watts is not a huge amount of power, so you will not be able to run everything in your camper using 200 watts of solar power.

The solar package is intended to provide you with a power solution for when you need to power just a few components of your RV for a short period of time and you don’t have access to electrical hook-ups.

Some common things you can run with 200 watts of solar power:

  • LED Lights
  • Laptop
  • Phone/Tablet Charger
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Coffee Maker
  • Blender

Note about 19BH Solar power

The Solar Package for the 19BH is not set-up to run power to your electrical outlets. This requires an inverter. The 19BH is inverter-prepped, so setting up an inverter to run your appliances or other electrical devices is a breeze.

Go Play 19BH Exterior Features

  • Exterior baggage storage
  • Power awning 
  • Single propane tank
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Fully walkable roof
  • Tinted, air-flow windows
  • Prepped for telescopic ladder

Go Play 19BH Warranty and Free Service Benefits

19BH Warranty

The Go Play 19BH includes the industry-standard 1-year limited, 3-year structural warranty so you can enjoy your new camper without worry. 

Find out more about what the Go Play warranty covers.

19BH Free Service Benefits

Your Go Play RV includes free VIP Access to the Bishfix service program. Bishfix allows you to work with a master RV technician over phone or video to fix your RV or order warranty work. 

Without stepping foot in a dealership or service center Bishfix can help you work through a solution on your RV 30% of the time with a phone call. 70% of the time after that a tech can diagnose the issue, authorize warranty work, and order parts. 

This way you aren’t wasting time and money bringing in your RV unless it’s absolutely necessary or when parts have arrived and service is open.  

Learn how Bishfix can save you time and money.

Bish’s Diamond Club Benefits

Every RV purchased at Bish’s includes membership to our Diamond Club for as long as you own the RV you purchased from us. 

Diamond Club Membership includes: 

Bish's RV Diamond Club Benefits

Towing the Go Play 19BH

Go Play 19Bh front view
  • Shorter, and lighter than many travel trailers
  • Could potential tow with a half-ton pickup
  • Keep in mind: Low cargo carrying capacity

The Go Play 26RLS has an empty weight of 3,460 lbs, and has a max weight of 4,450 lbs.

You should be able to tow this with a 1/2 ton truck, but it all depends on your vehicle, so be sure to check your truck’s tow rating.

When calculating towing weight, it’s important to add the weight of EVERYTHING you will be carrying when figuring out your weight, including all the people that will be traveling with you while you’re towing the trailer.

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s towing guide for more info on towing safely.

Who is 19BH a Good Fit For?

The Go Play 19BH is a Good Fit If:

  • You’re a first time RVer looking for a small, family camper
  • You can’t tow a heavy RV and need a smaller, lightweight travel trailer
  • You’re looking to upgrade from something smaller – like a pop-up or teardrop trailer
  • You’ve previously owned a used RV and want to move into a reasonably-priced, new camper
  • You value lower cost and practical features over extravagant luxury

The Go Play 19BH is Not a Good Fit If:

  • You’re camping with a large group
  • You plan to spend most of your time in the RV
  • You’re looking for a laminate, or hard side travel trailer
  • You want lots of options or factory add-ons
  • You’re looking for premium features and aren’t concerned about cost

PROS and CONS of a Go Play 19BH

19BH Pros:

  • Low, straight-forward price
  • Lightweight and small for easy towing
  • Enclosed and heated underbelly
  • Spacious for a single-axle camper
  • Tall 6′ 9″ ceiling – even in the shower
  • Carpetless floor for easy clean-up

19BH Cons:

  • Low cargo capacity
  • Lack of factory options
  • Size – Spacious for its size, but still a small camper
  • Short queen bed – 6” shorter than standard

RVs Similar To Go Play 19BH

Not sure Go Play is for you? Try these similar travel trailers from different manufacturers:

Jay Flight 174BH:

Wildwood 174BH:

Wolf Pup 16BHS:

Geo Pro 19BH:

Like Go Play, but not sure the 19BH is for you? Check out more Go Play travel trailers:

  • Go Play 26BH is a bunkhouse with a little more space. 
  • Want even more space? Add a slide with the Go Play 26BHS
  • Don’t want bunks at all? Here you go! Go Play 26RLS

How to Buy a Go Play 19BH

The 19BH is available nationwide exclusively through Bish’s RV.

Only a limited number of Go Play 19BH models are made per year to keep prices low. If you are unable to purchase a model this year, you can be put on a wait list for the next batch.

Walk Through a Go Play Travel Trailer

You can also see and buy a Go Play 26BH at these Bish’s RV Go Play Distribution Stores:

Not near these stores? If your nearest Bish’s doesn’t have Go Play RVs onsite, you can get yours ordered and sent to any Bish’s RV location. 

Go Play 19BH
The Go Play 19BH is available nationwide

Next Steps to Find Your Travel Trailer:

The Go Play 19BH is a full-featured, single-axle camper without extra middleman costs baked into it. For thousands of dollars less than similar campers you can get out on the road with your family. 

It may be surprising that Bish’s is sharing the pros AND the cons of an RV we’ve created. We’re doing it because we’re dedicated to radical transparency. We don’t want you to just buy any RV, we want you to buy the RIGHT camper for you so you can really enjoy camping and make great memories. 

If this camper is right for you or if you have questions about it or any other RV our RV experts would love to help you. Reach out anytime! And, love it or hate it, we’d love to hear your feedback on the Go Play 19BH!

Mason Lucero

Go Play RV Expert & Outfitter

(210) 378-4024


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