The Best Bunkhouse Campers in 2024

Written by Greg Long

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The Best Bunkhouses for Big Families

Are you wanting to go camping and need a home-base that can sleep the whole family?

Want to know which bunkhouse campers provide the largest living areas for the smallest price? 

Bish’s RV has chosen our favorite top six bunkhouse campers designed specifically for families and large groups. These campers provide the most space and features for your money. 

Read on to discover which bunkhouse best suits your camping style, so you can load up the family, hit the road and start making memories.

Josh the RV Nerd shares his top picks for bunkhouse campers– check out his video now.

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What is a Bunkhouse?

In the world of RVs, a “bunkhouse” refers to a specific type of RV layout that includes one or more dedicated sleeping areas equipped with bunk beds.

These spaces are thoughtfully designed to maximize the sleeping capacity of the camper, making them an ideal choice for large families or groups traveling together.

Double over Double bunks inside a Jay Feather RV
Bunkhouses add sleeping space so more people can camp in the same trailer.

Who Are Bunkhouses Good For?

Bunkhouse RVs are particularly well-suited for:

  • Large Families: Offering plenty of sleeping spaces, they ensure that everyone has a comfortable spot to rest.

  • Group Travelers: Friends traveling together for road trips or events will find bunkhouses accommodating and practical.

  • Event Attendees: Those attending festivals or sporting events where overnight accommodations are needed for multiple people.
Exterior of Jay Feather RV. Awning is open with lights on. A campfire is in foreground.

Pros of Bunkhouse Campers

  1. Increased Sleeping Capacity: Bunkhouse RVs can comfortably sleep more people, often ranging from four to ten individuals, depending on the model and layout.

  2. Space Efficiency: By stacking beds, bunkhouses utilize vertical space for sleeping, leaving more room for other features and living areas.

  3. Privacy Options: Some bunkhouse models come with separate doors or partitions that can turn the bunk area into a private room — or even a workspace — offering solitude even in a packed RV.

Cons of Bunkhouse Campers

  1. Limited Personal Space: While they maximize sleeping areas, personal space can still be cramped, especially when the RV is at full capacity.

  2. Reduced Flexibility: The dedicated space for bunks can mean less flexibility for other uses when not all sleeping spots are needed. This can be a drawback for travelers who prefer more versatile living spaces.

    (However, many RV makers are addressing this by making the bunkhouse spaces more customizable and versatile.)

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1. Jayco Jay Feather 21MBH

Length: 27′ 3″
Maximum Weight:

Floor Plan of Jay Feather 21MBH

The Jayco Jay Feather 21MBH is one of the best bang-for-your-buck bunkhouses you can buy.

Jayco originally created this fantastic layout years ago. But over the years they tried making improvements, but none of what they tried actually seemed to improve the experience for families — so Jayco decided to go back to basics and stick with the original layout.

Jayco made a good decision going back to the original design, because the 21MBH has a lot of great features families enjoy when they’re out camping,

With the bunks and bathroom in the rear and the space-saving murphy bed up front that converts into a big, comfy bed, the 21MBH has a layout that sleeps 7 people — and still gives you room to hang out inside for meals and family fun.

Watch Josh the RV Nerd’s detailed video review of the Jay Feather 21MBH

Key Features of the Jayco Jay Feather 21MBH:

  • Murphy Bed and Bunk Beds: This versatile camper has multi-purpose beds that save space. There’s a Murphy bed that folds away and big bunk beds that can also be used for storage, making it easy to fit everyone.
  • Big Awning Space: It may be small, but it has a large awning that gives you more room to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Strong Build: The camper has special walls that keep heat in, a strong roof that can hold a lot of snow, and is built to last.
  • Warm Underneath: The bottom of the camper is heated, which means it stays warm inside even when it’s cold outside, and the parts underneath are protected.
  • Easy-to-Clean and Pet-Friendly: The floors don’t have carpets or vents, which makes them easy to clean and great for pets. It also has a small outdoor area for cooking that’s handy for quick meals and snacks.

See Jay Feather 21MBH Pricing and Availability

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2. Grand Design Imagine XLS 25DBE

Length: 29′ 9″
Maximum Weight:

Grand Design Imagine XLS 25DBE Floor Plans

The Grand Design Imagine XLS 25DBE is a standout choice for families who love to explore state and national parks.

Weighing in at 6200 lbs and measuring just under 30 feet, it’s the perfect size for fitting into most camping spots.

This model has a fantastic single-slide layout that makes the most out of every inch, offering comfortable living spaces and sleeping areas that are great for both kids and adults.

The Grand Design Imagine XLS 25DBE is ideal for outdoor adventurous families who need a versatile, fun, and cozy camper — compact enough for park camping yet spacious inside for socializing and relaxing.

Josh the RV Nerd gives us a look at the Imagine XLS 25DBE

Key Features of the Grand Design Imagine XLS 25DBE:

  • Smart Layout with Private Bedroom: Has a true queen bedroom for parents and double-over-double bunks for kids, ensuring privacy and comfort.
  • Compact Yet Spacious: The clever arrangement of interior spaces provides a large living area and good window coverage for enjoying views and fresh air.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Living: Features a large awning and a unique outdoor space with a giant griddle and mini-fridge, perfect for enjoying meals outside.
  • Cold-Weather Ready: The enclosed underbelly and radiant barrier technology extend the camping season by keeping the interior warm even in cooler temperatures.
  • Innovative Entertainment Setup: Directly facing entertainment area allows for enjoyable viewing from the theater seating, enhancing relaxation and fun during indoor times.

See Grand Design Imagine XLS 25DBE Pricing and Availability.

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3. Forest River Rockwood 2616BH

Length: 29′ 9″
Maximum Weight:

Floor Plan of Rockwood 2616BH

The Forest River Rockwood 2616BH shows off Rockwood’s talent for creating smart camper designs in small spaces.

It features a triple-slide layout in less than 30 feet, which is something you don’t see too often — and it offers a lot of room without being too big.

TThis camper is ideal for families who might need to change how they use their camper as their kids grow up.

For example, you can turn the bunk room into an office later on.

With its smart setup and strong features, the Rockwood 2616BH is a top choice for anyone looking for a camper that they can enjoy for many years.

Watch Josh the RV Nerd’s review of the Rockwood 2616BH for even more details.

Key Features of the Forest River Rockwood 2616BH:

  • Triple-Slide Layout: Rare in smaller campers, this design gives you lots of space to move and relax without being too large to handle.
  • Comfortable Living Spaces: Comes with a sofa and a dinette opposite an entertainment center, making it comfy to hang out and eat inside.
  • Private Bunk Room: A special room with beds for kids or guests, which helps keep the camper organized and private.
  • Strong and Safe Build: Features sturdy walls and a solid frame, along with reliable Goodyear tires that have a safety monitoring system.
  • Great Air Conditioning: Has two powerful air conditioners that can keep the camper cool even on very hot days..

See Forest River Rockwood 2616BH Pricing and Availability.

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4. Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BH

Length: 29′ 6″
Maximum Weight:

Floor Plan of Go Play 26BH

The Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BH, crafted by Bish’s RV, is highly recommended for those new to camping.

Recognized as one of the top choices for first-time campers, this model stands out with its slideless design, making it simpler to manage while still providing lots of interior space.

It’s lightweight and has a great layout for families, making it easy to tow and perfect for family trips.

With essential features packed into a user-friendly layout, it offers a hassle-free camping experience without compromising on comfort or space.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out, this RV promises to make your adventures memorable and stress-free.

You can find out more about Go Play campers and why they’re so affordable by reading How much does a Go Play Travel Trailer cost?

Check out this deep-dive review of the Go Play 26BH from Josh the RV Nerd

Key Features of the Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BH:

  • Lightweight Design: At just under 30 feet long and weighing around 4,900 lbs empty, it’s easy to tow with a range of vehicles, including some half-ton pickups.
  • Comfortable Living Spaces: Includes a private front bedroom with a full wall and door for added privacy, a spacious living area, and bunks for the kids.
  • Pet-Friendly and Easy to Clean: Features carpetless and ventless flooring, making it great for pets and simple to keep clean.
  • Generous Storage and Window Coverage: Despite its compact size, it offers a good balance of storage options and windows throughout, enhancing both functionality and openness.
  • Outdoor Living: Equipped with a large patio awning, providing ample space for outdoor relaxation and activities even on rainy days.

See Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BH Pricing and Availability.

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5. Ember E-Series 22ETS

Length: 27′ 1″
Maximum Weight:

Floor plan of ember 22ets

The Ember E-Series 22ETS is a durable bunkhouse camper designed for casual campers who desire quality features without the need for extreme off-road capabilities or hefty solar packages.

It has just the right amount of ruggedness for you to go off the beaten track and is great for those who appreciate the quality and innovative design Ember is known for but don’t require the high-end specifications of their more extreme models.

The 22ETS is perfect for regular park campers who want a functional, flexible, and fun family RV.

The E-Series is a fantastic blend of style and versatility, offering a more accessible price point while maintaining the essential Ember features.

Notably, this series includes the innovative MSL (Multi-Storage Locker) bunk system, which allows the space to transform from bunk beds to a desk, storage area, or even a sitting space, making it incredibly versatile.

If you want a rugged bunkhouse camper with bunks that can be removed, customized and adjusted, the Ember 22ETS is a great choice.

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s Video Review of the Ember E-Series 22ETS

Key Features of the Ember E-Series 22ETS:

  • Versatile MSL Bunk System: The Multi-Storage Locker system enables the bunk area to serve multiple functions, from sleeping space to storage or a work area, adapting to various camping needs.
  • Smart and Spacious Design: The E-Series offers a lot of space and smart layout choices, making it feel open and roomy.
  • Quality Construction: Features include a composite wall structure, an enclosed underbelly with 12-volt holding tank heaters, and a robust roof design, similar to the touring models.
  • Affordable Luxury: This series strips back on the high-end off-grid features not needed by the casual camper, such as advanced suspension systems and European windows, to make it more budget-friendly without sacrificing quality.
  • Family and Pet Friendly: With carpetless and ventless flooring, the E-Series is easy to clean and maintain, perfect for families and their pets.

See Grand Ember E-Series 22ETS Pricing and Availability.

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6. Forest River Wildwood/Salem FSX 262VC

Length: 30′ 6″
Maximum Weight:

Floor Plan of Wildwood/Salem FSX 262VC

The Forest River Salem/Wildwood FSX 262VC, known as the Versa Series, is a unique camper that combines the features of a couple’s camper, a bunkhouse, and a toy hauler all in one.

This flexibility makes it perfect for families who might have guests occasionally or need a camper that can adapt to different camping needs.

It’s not designed for very large toys like big side-by-sides, but it’s ideal for families who want a versatile space.

The Salem/Wildwood FSX 262VC is great for those looking for their “second-first” camper or hoping to find a long-term solution without needing to upgrade later.

Its design allows for multiple uses, from relaxing as a couple to entertaining friends or accommodating family with kids.

The Salem/Wildwood FSX 262VC provides a comfortable, adaptable camping experience that can change as your needs do, making it a smart choice for a variety of campers.

If you want to see more of the FSX 262VC versatile bunk system, check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video.

Key Features of the Forest River Salem/Wildwood FSX 262VC:

  • Versatile Design: Acts as a couple’s camper with extra space or a family bunkhouse with additional toy hauling capabilities.
  • Height and Space: The interior is seven feet tall, providing extra headroom, especially in the shower, making it comfortable for taller individuals.
  • Power Versatility Bed: Features a power headboard lift in the front bedroom, allowing for flexible use of the space depending on your needs.
  • No Carpet and Floor Vents: The design excludes floor vents and carpet, which helps the space feel larger and is easier to clean.
  • Built-In Privacy Features: Includes a privacy shade in the door and curtains for the bunks, offering privacy when needed.

See Forest River Salem/Wildwood FSX 262VC Pricing and Availability.

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How to Buy Your Bunkhouse With Confidence

Mom with 2 kids outside Imagine XLS travel Trailer

When searching for the best bunkhouse campers, it’s important to choose an honest RV dealer.
Don’t get scammed!

Bish’s RV has been selling bunkhouse campers for nearly 40 years. Our goal is to help you make the smartest buying decisions possible, whether you buy from us or not.

We want to help you find the perfect camper that fits both your needs and your budget. Here are some tips to ensure you buy a bunkhouse camper with confidence:

  • Research Thoroughly: Consider what features are most important to you and your family.
  • Set a Budget: Determine your budget early in the process.
  • Check Reviews: Look at reviews from other owners.
  • Buy from an honest Dealer: It is worth buying from a dealer you trust, even if they aren’t local.
  • Consider Long-term Needs: Look for versatility to adapt to growing children or changing travel habits.

Next Steps to Finding the Perfect Bunkhouse Camper

Check out all our great bunkhouse campers to find the bunkhouse you want at a price you can afford.

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