8 2023 Family Bunkhouse Travel Trailers With Easy Travel Access 

When you’re traveling with family you may want the extra space a slide provides in your bunkhouse travel trailer. But, having full access to your RV while the slide is closed may be just as important. Some campers have blocked bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms when the slide is in. 

Full access may be important to you if you need to prep your camper while it’s in storage, get the RV packed or unpacked and don’t have time, or room, to open the slide, or need to stop to rest or take a desperate bathroom break!

It can be frustrating to purchase a camper only to realize you can’t get through it when the slide is closed. It can also be frustrating trying to sort through boatloads (RVloads?) of information to find which bunkhouse with slide (BHS) travel trailers have travel-mode access. 

Josh the RV Nerd has reviewed hundreds of travel trailers. Here are 8 of his favorite 2023 bunkhouse + slide options that have full access while the slide is closed. Read on to find out if one is the camper you’d choose to save you from any awkward traffic-jam potty-break situations! 

1 – 2023 Coachmen RV Apex 208BHS

The Apex 208BHS has a cult following. This tandem axle trailer is narrow and light, especially for a trailer of its size. This 7’6” wide fan-favorite accomplishes more with its narrow body than many 8’ wide trailers are able to do with the extra half-foot. 

Apex 206BHS Price

A new Apex 206BHS will cost between $29,000 – $40,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

Apex 206BHS Specs 

Hitch – 596 lbsLength – 25’Fresh – 50 gal
Empty – 4,260 lbsHeight – 10’Gray – 35 gal
Cargo – 1,740 lbsWidth – 7’6”Black – 35 gal
Max – 6,000 lbsAwning – 14’
Bed – 60″ x 80″

Apex 206BHS Interior 

  • The queen bed comes in a murphy, or non murphy style and doesn’t block the windshield.
  • Fold up cargo bunk gives you storage options. 

  • Optional skylight for added overhead lighting. 

Apex 206BHS Exterior 

  • All aluminum skeleton with a laminated roof, walls, and floors. 
  • Miniature camp kitchen for outdoor cooking. 
  • Coachmen has improved the solar package on this model from a 100 watt to a 200 watt panel and a 30amp charge controller instead of 10 amp. You can also choose to add more.

Apex 208BHS Downsides

  • No rear outside access door
  • No privacy cutoff

Full Apex 208BHS Review

2 – 2023 Jayco Jay Flight 184BS

This Jay Flight 184BS is a great starter camper or upgrade from a pop up or hybrid RV. You’ll also get Jayco’s warranty – the best warranty available for this class of camper.  

Jay Flight 184BS Price

A new Jay Flight 184BS will cost between $20,000 – $36,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

Jay Flight 184BS Specs

Hitch – 375 lbLength – 21’7”Fresh – 20 gal
Empty – 3,420 lbHeight – 10’Gray – 19.9 gal
Cargo – 1,080 lbWidth – 7’1”Black – 19.9 gal
Max – 4,500 lbCeiling – 6’6”
Awning – 10’

Jay Flight 184BS Interior

  • 4 person dinette 
  • 60” x 80” true queen bed
  • The bunks are great for family, but this model isn’t just for families. The bunks – with a best in class 300 lb weight rating – also work great for storage.
  • Separate dry bath

Jay Flight 184BS Exterior

  • Can choose the fiberglass skin option, which is great if you live in or travel to hail country! 
  • Highly rated Goodyear Tires 
  • UV tinted windows

Keep In Mind:

Jayco’s Indiana and Idaho factory builds are slightly different. You’ll also want to remember that, since options add weight, you’ll have less cargo capacity the more options you add. 

Full Jay Flight 184BHS Review

3- 2023 Heartland RV North Trail 24BHS

The North Trail 24BHS is a straightforward bunkhouse. It’s shorter and lighter than many, so it can be towed by many half-ton trucks or high-tow capacity SUVs. 

It’s not the biggest and flashiest camper, but it has features many RVers love.

North Trail 24BHS Price

A new North Trail 24BHS will cost between $31,000 – $40,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

North Trail 24BHS Specs 

Hitch – 550 lbWidth – 8’Fresh – 40 gal
Empty – 5,400 lbHeight – 11’4”Grey – 40 gal
Cargo – 1,468 lbLength – 27’11”Black – 40 gal
Max – 6,900 lbBed 72×80”

North Trail 24BHS Interior

  • True 2 in sidewall
  • Azdel composite wall panels
  • Plywood floor
  • Carpetless slide
  • Reversible decor
  • King bed. The sleeping room is nice, but keep in mind when you’re deciding if this is important to you, that the bigger bed can also eat up a lot of your space to move around in the trailer.  

North Trail 24BHS Exterior

  • massive front storage compartment
  • heated underbelly
  • wide stance axle

North Trail 24BHS Downsides  

  • No easy lift-bed storage

North Trail 24BHS Full Video Review

4 – 2023 Jayco Jay Feather 27BHB

The Jay Feather 27BHB  is rarely the lightest weight or cheapest option, but you could argue that it’s the most heavily equipped. Though heavier than some, it is still generally half-ton towable. (Though not for some lighter-duty half-ton trucks. Always, and I do mean always, check your truck’s tow capacity.) 

Again, as with other Jayco products you’ll find the best warranty in its class with a 2+3 year warranty

Jay Feather 27BHB Price

A new Jay Feather 27BHB will cost between $35,000 – $53,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

Jay Feather 27BHB Specs

Hitch – 745 lbsLength – 33’ 2”Fresh – 55 gal
Empty – 6,085 lbsHeight – 10’9”Gray – 61 gal
Cargo – 1,515 lbsWidth – 8’Black – 30.5 gal
Max – 7,600 lbsCeiling – 6’6″ 
Awning – 21’

Jay Feather 27BHB Interior 

  • Carpetless, floor flush slide nice for easy spill clean up in the dining area
  • Headboard pockets
  • Best in Class Bunk Ratings

Jay Feather 27BHB Exterior

  • It’s not a fully 4-season camper, but with the heated, and enclosed underbelly you’ll be able to soak up extended season camping in the spring and fall.
  • Turn signal safety lighting
  • Goodyear endurance tires
  • Factory TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  • Walkable roof – rated for snow loads with ladder, Plywood roof deck
  • Factory solar package

Read more about Jayco’s Quality Manufacturing.

Jay Feather 27BHB Downsides

  • Has a camp queen bed, even though there is room for a true queen
  • No rear loading door

Jay Feather 27BHB Full Video Review

5 – 2023 Keystone RV Cougar 27BHS

The Cougar 27BHS is a brand new floor plan. This model has similarities to and Apex and a Coachmen Spirit, but it’s been Cougarized! 

Some half-ton trucks will be able to tow this, depending on your particular vehicle. 

Cougar 27BHS Price

A new Cougar 27BHS will cost between $48,000 – $76,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

Cougar 27BHS Specs

Hitch – 755 lbsLength – 31’11”Fresh – 54 gal
Empty – 6,820 lbsHeight – 11’3″Gray – 30+30 gal
Cargo – 2,180 lbsBlack – 30 gal
Max – 9,000 lbs

Cougar 27BHS Interior

  • Private bedroom
  • King bed
  • Cargo Bunk
  • U shaped dinette
  • Tons of camp-side windows for natural light

Cougar 27BHS Exterior

  • Improved floor vent system for improved heating and cleaner vents
  • 0-110 degree rated package
  • Goodyear tires – TPMS prepped
  • Tank heaters
  • 200, 400, or 600 watts of factory solar and varying levels of inverter power
  • Auto leveling
  • Hot/cold rated

Cougar 27BHS Full Video Review

6 – 2023 Coachmen RV Catalina 184BHS

The Catalina 184BHS has a narrower body than some similar travel trailers, but it’s not too narrow. At 7.5 ft wide, rather than 7 or 8. It’s a tweener!

Catalina 184BHS Price

A new Catalina 184BHS will cost between $24,000 – $34,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

Catalina 184BHS Specs

Hitch – 492 lbsLength – 23’1″Fresh – 44 gal
Empty – 3,988 lbsHeight – 10’1″Gray – 30 gal
Cargo – 1,512 lbsWidth – 7’6″Black – 30 gal
Max – 5,500 lbsAwning – 15′

Catalina 184BHS Interior

  • Big enough to sleep and feed a couple people but small enough you’ll want to spend your time outside. 
  • Front murphy/sofa
  • U-shaped dinette
  • Built with a camp queen bed, but could add a true queen
  • Double over double bunk beds with a breeze window
  • Carpetless floor
  • Carpetless slide
  • New command system

Catalina 184BHS Exterior 

  • Huge outside cargo – a lot of single axle campers have less than 600lbs cargo capacity. This has more than 1,500 lbs of capacity! 
  • Giant cargo space under the rear bunks instead of a camp kitchen, though you could option in a camp kitchen.

Catalina 184BHS Downsides

  • Not a lot of shower headroom
  • Camp queen bed is a folding mattress

Catalina 184BHS Full Video Review

7 – 2023 Grand Design RV Transcend 235BH

The Transcend 235BH is a stick and tin, or conventional travel trailer that’s willing to do everything weird, different, and new! 

This is a great solo or couple’s camper with a wide-open living space. You’ll find plenty of seating in this bunkhouse that doesn’t seem like a bunkhouse.

Grand Design didn’t follow the “rules” of bunkhouses when they built this RV. It’s not cramped, and it’s got a nice kitchen and entertainment space. Grand Design went about everything in this in a cool, different, and fun way. 

Transcend 235BH Price

A new Transcend 235BH will be listed for its MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price), $35,734 in 2023. This is required by Grand Design RV. Depending where you purchase and the features included with the camper you’ll likely pay less than MSRP.

To access the lower list price you’ll need to call or contact Bish’s RV or whichever dealer you’re looking to purchase from.

You can learn more here about MSRP pricing.

Transcend 235BH Specs

Hitch – 532 lbsLength – 26’4″Fresh – 62 gal
Empty – 5,462 lbsHeight – 11′Grey – 78 gal
Cargo – 2,033 lbsAwning – 17′Black – 39 gal
Max – 7,495 lbs

Transcend 235BH Interior

  • Big, open living room
  • Great kitchen
  • Family room setup to directly face the TV
  • Go away bunk system
  • Murphy bed up front

Transcend 235BH Exterior

  • Size and weight works for a lot of late model tow package half tons (always check!). 
  • Heated belly
  • Ladder to roof
  • Good tank sizes
  • 35k BTU Furnace

Curious if Grand Design RVs are worth the money? Read up on Grand Design’s construction quality to decide for yourself! 

Transcend 235BH Downsides

  • Camp queen bendy bed – an instant deal breaker for some RVers – so take note!
  • Lacks camp-side windows

Transcend 235BH Full Video Review

8 – 2023 Jayco Jay Flight 267BHS

The Jay Flight 267BHS is a fantastic starter model. Especially if you’re debating between a travel trailer with a slide vs no slide. 

Jayco has added an exterior facelift in the 2023 model and standardized a lot of popular options from the 2022 model. 

Jay Flight 27BHB Price

A new Jay Flight 27BHB will cost between $27,000 – $42,000 depending on where you purchase and the features included with the camper.

Jay Flight 267BHS Specs

Hitch – 680 lbLength – 30’4”Fresh – 38 gal
Empty – 5,770 lbHeight – 11’Gray – 39 gal
Cargo – 1,230 lbWidth – 8’Black – 39 gal
Max – 7,000 lbCeiling – 6’9”
Awning – 16’

Jay Flight 267BHS Interior

  • 6’9” tall ceiling! In this class and price point many RVs have a 6.5 foot ceiling. You usually don’t see a ceiling height like this unless you purchase a bigger stick and tin travel trailer. 
  • Carpetless slide floor that matches the main floor. 
  • 600lb rated bunks
  • Taller shower

Jay Flight 267BHS Exterior

  • Optional new bigger solar package. Jayco getting much more serious about solar. 
  • Underbelly is now standard enclosed on these
  • Goodyear tires with 87mph rating
  • 2+3 year warranty – best in its class! 
  • Prepped and ready for rear and side observation cameras
  • Great for many ½ ton trucks
  • Option for built on factory ladder
  • Tongue and groove plywood on floor AND roof. 

Jay Flight 267BHS Downsides

  • Not a “tv focused” floor plan
  • Camp queen, but has enough room for a larger 80” bed.

Jay Flight 267BHS Full Video Review

Other Travel Trailers with Travel Access

If you’re still looking for more travel-mode friendly options, you may also like these campers:

Wildwood/Salem 178 BHSK

Freedom Express 257BHS

Grey Wolf 26DBH

Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L

Geo Pro 20BHS

Jay Flight 242BHS

Ibex 20BHS

Yup, there are so many options that it’s difficult to know which family friendly travel trailers are travel-mode accessible. If that’s a concern you have, these 8 options can get you on your way to finding the best RV for you! 

Keep in mind, these are not the only models that fit the bill. Bish’s RV Outfitters are trained to help you find the best RVs for your family’s needs and budget. If you’d like more help finding the bunkhouse camper you’re looking for, or if you have questions about the RVs on this list – our outfitters would love to help!

See Josh the RV Nerd’s short video reviews of the bunkhouse campers featured in this article:

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