The Fast Track to RV Freedom: Your Complete Guide to BishFix Membership

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Slow RV Service is the Worst!

Have you ever missed a camping trip because you were waiting for RV repairs?

Tired of feeling like your camper spends more time in the service center than on the road?

There’s a quicker way to get your RV serviced called BishFix, a new approach to RV repairs that gets you back on the road faster.

Keep reading to find out what’s included in your Bishfix membership so you can spend less time waiting — and more time camping.

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What is BishFix?

BishFix Price

Membership Benefits

Where can I use BishFix?

How do I get a Membership?

Getting Started With BishFix

Every camper at Bish’s RV comes with a FREE year-long BishFix Membership.

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What is a BishFix Membership?

BishFix offers a simple solution for repairing your camper – and you don’t even need to bring it in to get the repair work started.

The process begins with a simple call to the BishFix help-line where a certified RV technician from Bish’s assists you over a video call. 

Most technician consultation calls last no more than 30 minutes. 

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Complex Repairs

If your camper needs parts, we order them immediately after your consultation. When the warranty work is approved and all the parts are ready, you bring in your camper to be repaired. 

With a BishFix Membership, your RV spends less time in the service center – our goal is to get your RV in and out of service in only 3 days.

BishFix gets you fixed up fast!

Want to hear more about the BishFix repair process? Check out BishFix: Fast & Easy RV Repair Service Changing RV Repair for Good

How Much Does a BishFix Membership Cost?

BishFix For Current Bish’s Customers

If you’re a proud owner of an RV bought from Bish’s, you get a BishFix membership for an entire year, absolutely free. That’s right, zero dollars! 

You can call us anytime and talk to one of our technicians at no charge. You only pay for parts and labor if you have to bring it in for repairs.

Is your current camper from Bish’s RV?
Then you’re eligible for a free 1st year of BishFix Membership

BishFix For Non-Bish’s Customers

For those who aren’t Bish’s customers yet, hang in there! We’re not open for everyone just yet, but we’ve got a waiting list you can join. Hang tight, we’re working on welcoming you soon.

Is your RV not from Bish’s but you want to become a BishFix Member?
Join the Waitlist to get top priority when memberships become available.

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Renewing Your BishFix Membership

For our existing members thinking about the future, we’ve got some great news. When it’s time to renew after your free year, you’ll get a whopping 50% off your first renewal. That’s only $4.99 per month — about the same price as a cup of coffee! 

While the standard rate is technically $9.99 per month, you can get locked into $4.99 per month, year after year, as long as you maintain your membership payments.

Every Bish’s customer is eligible for this – even if you bought your camper 10 or more years ago. 

All you need to do is confirm you’re a customer with us and provide your email address. Don’t worry; we won’t spam you with unwanted ads.

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Want to know the fastest way to become a BishFix Member?
All the campers at Bish’s come with a FREE year-long BishFix Membership!

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What’s Included in Your BishFix Membership?

Personal Access to Certified Technicians

Let’s start with the biggest benefit: direct access to our certified technicians. These RV experts are at your service Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. 

And during camping season, we extend our hours from 7 am to 9 pm, Monday – Saturday, ready to help you get your RV back in action quickly so you can keep camping.

Our mission? To make your RV lifestyle as smooth as possible. How? By starting the RV repair process immediately. We work while you play!

Here’s All That’s Included in Your BishFix Membership:

  • Direct Access to Certified Technicians: Available during Bish’s Store hours, with extended hours from 7 am to 9 pm during camping season.

  • Video Call Trouble-Shooting: Free video consultation calls with technicians who diagnose the problems and walk you through the steps to fix simple repairs. Most calls take less than 30 minutes.

  • Repairs Started Immediately: If your camper needs complex repairs, parts are ordered and warranty authorizations are requested immediately after your video consultation.

  • Exclusive Real-Time Warranty and Parts Processing: Stay updated with the processing of your warranty claims and parts orders.

  • Speedy Service Visits: When we get warranty approval and the parts for your repairs, we aim to get your RV back to you in under 3 days once it arrives at our shop.

  • Discounts on Parts with BishFix and Diamond Club Membership: When you buy from Bish’s RV, you not only get a BishFix Membership, you become a lifetime member of our Diamond Club, which gives you 10% off parts needed for repairs. A double win!

  • Mobile Dispatch and Coordination: If you need service to come to you and are far from our centers, we’ll find and dispatch a mobile tech to you.

  • Extended Service Contract Processing: We work with your extended warranty and service providers to ensure you get the maximum benefits.

Remember, we’re always looking to improve. Our goal is 3-day service. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re working on it. 

Have questions? We have answers!

Where Can You Use Your BishFix Membership?

Wondering where you can use your BishFix membership? Well, the answer is pretty exciting — almost anywhere across the country!

We have certified BishFix technicians stationed throughout the nation, and we’re continuously expanding our network. This means our coverage areas are growing every day, bringing top-notch RV service closer to you.

What if I don’t live in a Direct Service Area?

If you happen to be in a spot where we don’t have direct service yet, no worries at all. We’ve got your back. 

With your BishFix membership, you’re not just getting access to our existing technicians; you’re also getting Bish’s commitment to go the extra mile for you. 

If we don’t have a technician in your area, we’ll take care of the legwork. We’ll find a qualified technician for you and, if necessary, we’ll even arrange for mobile service right to your doorstep.

Bish's RV Mobile Service Truck

No matter where your travels take you, rest assured that BishFix is working tirelessly to ensure you’re never too far from expert RV assistance. 

Stay with us, because we’re working to bring BishFix to every corner of the country, and we plan to get there soon!

How Do I Get a BishFix Membership?

  • New RV Purchase: All RVs purchased from Bish’s will include a free one-year membership to BishFix.
  • Diamond Club Members: Confirm your ownership and provide your email address to activate your free one-year membership.
  • Non-Diamond Club Members: Join our waiting list, and we’ll let you know when memberships are available.
  • Renewal: After your free year, enjoy a 50% discount on your first renewal year.

Joining BishFix is just that simple. We’re thrilled to offer you this rapid-repair service and always here to help you make the most of your RV adventures. 

Getting Started with BishFix

Buy An RV From Bish’s RV: Every Bish’s RV comes with a FREE year-long BishFix Membership and a lot of other great benefits like our 72-Hour Return Policy, plus Free Winterizations for Life and 10% discount on parts.

Claim your BishFix Membership: Are you an owner of a camper you bought from Bish’s? Confirm Your ownership and become a BishFix member today.

Sign Up for the Waiting List: If you’re not a Bish’s RV owner yet, don’t worry. Join our waiting list, and we’ll notify you as soon as we open up memberships more widely.

Contact Our Team: Have questions? Our team of service experts is ready to assist. Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Spread the Word: Already a member? Help your fellow RV friends by sharing a review of your BishFix experience and encourage them to explore the benefits of membership.

Welcome to the future of RV service — welcome to BishFix!

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