A Lightweight and Easy to Tow RV: 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE Travel Trailer

By Aaron Brunson

The 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE might have a common layout: murphy bed, dinette, and cargo door, but it does one thing different than the rest – it’s taller. So, if you’re looking for a basic (yet quality) travel trailer that’s a little taller inside, you’re going to want to stick around for this review.

At Bish’s RV we know that not every RV is the right fit for every person. We love helping people find an RV that meets their needs. 

We know that not everyone is looking for something “cookie cutter” like the Surveyor 240BHLE, but if you like the standard layout, but need a taller interior, keep reading to learn more about its features so you can decide if it’s the RV for you.

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How Much Does the 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE Travel Trailer Cost?

Price @ Bish’s RV

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date prices in our articles. The price above is as of 11/13/2023 from our Coldwater, Michigan location. RV prices change regularly and may have changed since this post. Click below to see our most up-to-date price. 

2024 Surveyor 240BHLE Floor Plan & Specs

Check out the new 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE floor plan!

2024 Surveyor 240BHLE layout

Specifications and Measurements

Specification2024 Surveyor 240BHLE
Empty Weight (lbs)5,774 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,432 lbs 
Max Weight (lbs)7,545 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)545 lbs
Length26′ 6″
Height11’ 03” lbs
Width (body)8’ 0”
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)40 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)30 gallons
Black Water Capacity (gal)30 gallons

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Living Area Features

This camper is an excellent choice for families who want more space in the living area.

One of the standout features of the 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE is its taller interior. The sidewall height is 6’ 9”, so it has more headroom, especially in the shower and bunk areas. 

The 240BHLE doesn’t have carpet or vents, and comes with a central vacuum system, making it easy to clean. 

2024 Surveyor 240BHLE living

Cup holders built into the stands on either side of the couch are a nice little added touch.

One great thing about the 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE is you have the option between the dinette, hide-a-bed- or theater seating. You’re not stuck with what you see here. 

Kitchen Features

The thoughtfully designed kitchen includes a 12-volt DC compressor fridge, a smaller oven, and even a mini spice rack. 

The sink cover doubles as a backsplash and a cutting board, maximizing the use of space. 

You might notice in the photos there aren’t a ton of outlets, Forest River will be adding more outlets to the kitchen as models are released.

Bathroom Features

The bathroom in the 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE has plenty of space. It comes with a  porcelain flush toilet and a spacious sink, with storage behind the mirror. 

GFI outlets and the large shower make this bathroom stand out from similar campers.

Bedroom Features

The spacious bedroom offers a comfortable retreat after a day of adventure.

2024 Surveyor 240BHLE bedroom

The bedroom has a true queen-size Murphy bed that folds down when needed. Behind the hanging wardrobe towers, you’ll find household outlets for your devices, perfect if you use a CPAP or want easy access to charge your gadgets. 

Road Mode

Travel Access

While this Surveyor model is designed for family camping, there are a few considerations for when you’re on the road. 

Unfortunately, the front Murphy bed cannot be used when the slide is closed, limiting access during travel. 

You may or may not be able to get through to the kitchen from the main entry as well. 

The cargo door in the back does provide extra storage space and flexibility. Just be aware of these limitations when planning your trip.

What Do You Need to Tow a Surveyor 240BHLE?

This RV is rated for a ½ ton tow, but you need to be careful and check your own vehicle’s capabilities. Every trailer tows differently, especially in high winds and different inclines.

Learn more about towing from Josh the RV Nerd below.

Exterior Features

Several exterior features of the 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE will improve your camping experience. 

  • A new solar package with a 200-watt solar panel and 30-amp charge controller provides reliable off-grid power. 
  • Goodyear Endurance radials provide a smoother and safer ride. 
  • Tinted windows, slam latches, and magnetic holdbacks for the compartments make this RV more convenient and functional.

Potential Problems

Murphy Bed Use During Travel: Be prepared to open the slides anytime you need to rest. The Murphy bed in the RV cannot be used when the slide is closed during travel. 

This might limit your sleeping plans while on the road, so we want you to be aware of it before you buy.

Compare Other RVs to the 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE

Specification2024 Surveyor 240BHLE 2023 Rockwood 2509S2023 20BHHL Hyperlite
Empty Weight (lbs)5,774 lbs↓ 5,336 lbs↓ 5,593 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,432 lbs ↓ 1,597 lbs↓ 2,187 
Max Weight (lbs)7,545 lbs↑ 6,993 lbs↑ 7,870 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)545 lbs↑ 773 lbs↑ 780
Length26′ 6″↓ 25’ 11” ↑ 26’
Height11’ 03” lbs↓ 10′ 11”↑ 10’ 10”
Width8’ 0”8’ 0”↑ 8’ 0”
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)40 gallons↑ 54 gallons↑ 49
Black Water Capacity (gal)30 gallons→ 30 gallons↑ 32
Gray Water Capacity30 gallons→ 30 gallons↑ 62

Who is this Camper Good For?

The 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE is great for families looking for a simple, easy-to-use travel trailer that you can pretty much just hook up and go. 

The bunks are great for kids and having the option to raise or lower the murphy bed gives the option for more space for the family. 

This travel trailer wouldn’t be a good fit for those looking for an actual bed “room”. It also has limited counter space in the kitchen so if you feel like you always need more counter space, this probably isn’t the trailer for you. 

Buy Your 2024 Surveyor 240BHLE

Well, what do you think? Does the Surveyor 240BHLE have enough space for you and your family? Is the Murphy bed a deal breaker? If not, and you’re interested in learning more about this RV click the buttons below. 

2024 Surveyor 240BHLE Travel Trailer Price @ Bish’s RV

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this Surveyor isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option just right for you! 

Feel free to visit our inventory to check out other options or contact one of our expert RV Outfitters anytime for help finding your next camper. We’re here to help you get to your next adventure!

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