True Queen Bed in a Tiny Camper! Full 2024 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS Travel Trailer Review

Read a full review of the Jay Flight slx 184bs to decide if it's the right travel trailer camper for you

Finding the right lightweight, affordable travel trailer that doesn’t skimp on quality can be daunting. 

Bish’s RV here to help you discover whether or not the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS is the right travel companion for your adventures. 

We’ll explore the good and bad of the light build, full feature Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS so by the time you’re done reading you’ll have the information you need to decide if this is a good fit for you. Let’s jump in to see if this camper is the right fit for your upcoming adventures.

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Video Walkthrough of a 2024 SLX 184BS

See inside this RV with Josh the RV Nerd:

How Much Does a Jay Flight SLX Cost?

You’ll find new 2024 Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailers listed online from:


Jay Flight SLX travel trailer camper Exterior

*Why the big price range? How much your SLX 184BS costs will depend on the options you choose, the features included, where you purchase the camper and even when you purchase.

Check out these articles to learn more:

2023 Jay Flight SLX Interior

FYI: You’ll likely find new 2023s 184BS campers from $17,000 – $25,000 (as of December, 2023). 

Many dealers are trying to clear out brand new RVs left over from last year. Check out new Jay Flight SLX campers from previous years to see discounts.

Floor Plan & Specs

SLX 184BS Floor Plan

Jayco 2024 184BS floor plan travel trailer camper layout
2024 Jay Flight SLX 184BS Floor Play

2024 Jay Flight SLX 184BS Specs


Hitch:380 lbs.
Empty:3,350 lbs.
Cargo:1,150 lbs.
Max:4,500 lbs.


Length:21′ 7″
Height:9′ 5″
Height w/
optional Roof AC:
9′ 9″
Width:7′ 2″
Ceiling:6′ 6″
Bed:60″ x 80″
Bunks:29″ x 75″


Fresh Tank:30 gal.
Gray Tank:19.9 gal.
Black Tank:19.9 gal.
LP:20 or 30 gal.

See full Jay Flight SLX 184BS Specs & Options

Inside the Jay Flight SLX 184BS

Space, Comfort, & Decor

Inside the SLX 184BS

Single axle SLX campers had a 6’1” ceiling before 2021. Newer models, including this 2024 SLX 184BS, are 6’ 6” tall. The 5 extra inches make this camper feel more open and comfortable. Plus, it’s now a great option for taller folks. 

An 8,000 BTU side-mount air conditioner keeps this RV cool. If you’re camping in hot locales, this is the minimum AC power you’d want, but it does the job.  

There is an option to add a 2nd roof-mount AC unit if you’d like a little more cooling power.

The clean, modern decor is a fusion of the best decor options from recent models.

Full Queen Bed & Under Bed Storage

The SLX 184BS has a true, 60” x 80” queen bed. This is not the case for many similar small campers!

The bed also has its own space at the front of the RV with a privacy curtain to separate it from the living and dining spaces. 

The AC unit is near the bed, so a closed privacy curtain keeps air from flowing freely to the rest of the RV. You may want to leave the curtain cracked by your feet while you sleep so your RV mates don’t get too toasty.

You’ll find more storage space beneath the bed. 

There are no struts to help you lift the bed. But, pro-tip, if you’re going to need hands-free access you can use the stabilizer jack as a makeshift solution to prop up the bed. 

Also, good news, you can access this storage space from inside and outside the RV

Access the under bed storage from inside and outside the RV

Kitchen Features

The kitchen is compact, but functions well. You’ll find a 12 volt fridge, microwave, 2-burner stovetop, sink, and still have counter space left to prep your meals. 

2024 jay flight SLX interior kitchen

There are cupboards, but no drawers in this RV’s kitchen. This may limit how you store utensils and other small kitchen items, so keep it in mind as you shop. 

There are drawers beneath the dinette and below the fridge. These drawers may provide enough space, it just depends what you need to bring along.

kitchen storage
Dinette storage drawer in slx 184bs

Living/Dining Slide

The dinette slide adds a lot more room for comfortable dining and moving around the RV without adding a lot of extra weight to your RV. 

It is designed for a family of 4. 2 adults and 2 kids should be pretty comfortable around the table. It also converts into extra sleeping space.

The tabletop is very stable with strong wall bracket supports and a single post. This design leaves more legroom than similar RVs that use 2 posts. Since most of us RVers do indeed have legs, this is a lovely improvement.

I don’t know about you, but when I camp, I usually bring stuff with me. The storage space beneath the dinette is helpful in this compact space.

If you expect rainy days or spending much time inside the RV you may want a TV. There is a space prepped for a TV across from the dinette, so you can decide whether or not adding one is worth it to you. Not sure about a slide? Jayco has your back. If you can manage with less space and a smaller dinette, you can save a little money and weight with the Jay Flight SLX 174BH. It’s a similar RV without the slide.

Bunks: Putting the B in 184BS

  • Each bunk is rated to hold 300 lbs. Similar size/floor plan RVs can be rated as low as 120 lbs. Whatever bunk house you choose, check the rating to know who is safe to sleep there. 
  • USB plug-ins for the top bunk and household electrical outlets on the bottom. 
  • No top bunk window: Keep this in mind if the extra airflow is important for your bunk sleepers. 
  • No privacy curtain. In a camper this small you can expect to share space, so for many this isn’t a big deal. A curtain would block air flow to the bunks. But, if privacy is a must, we get it. Connect with an RV outfitter for help finding something different.

Bathroom With Space to Move

  • Tub/Shower combo with surround paneling. This is particularly helpful to keep water and moisture inside the tub area.
  • Skylight above the shower gives a little space for taller RVers and brightens the bathroom space. When you step up into the shower pan a lot of taller folks will run out of space. The light gives you a little more room.
  • The toilet space is well designed and leaves enough room for bigger campers to have some elbow space.
  • There is not a powered vent in this bathroom. There is a light near the vent, so you could piggyback off the electricity to upgrade your fan if it’s important for you. There is also what Josh the RV Nerd calls a “Peak-a-boo-I-smell-you door” on the bathroom. This means it leaves a gap between the door and ceiling. 
  • Bathroom Storage: There is no storage in this bathroom. If you want it, you’ll have to add your own.

AC & Solar Prep

Air Conditioning: The RV comes with a side-mount air conditioner (8,000 BTU). You may also be able to add a roof-mount unit for extra oomph. 

Solar Prep: The RV is prepped for solar and a solar charge controller. The optional factory solar package includes 200 watts of solar power and a 30 amp charge controller. This setup should be enough to power the 12-volt fridge as long as you get enough sun. Of course tree coverage and whatnot will affect how effective your solar is.

SLX 184BS Travel Trailer Exterior Features

  • The side mount AC gives this RV a lower exterior height
  • Ready for solar: Prep point for a solar charge controller 
  • Storage access: You can get to the under bed storage from outside this RV.
  • Keyed Alike System: The RV has a keyed alike system for security and convenience. Any key can be used for any lock. Entry door and storage? One key. 
  • Outdoor Awning. It’s not big, but it fits the scale of this RV. 
  • Gas grill cooker hook-up (propane hookup) for outdoor cooking.
  • Reverse travel lighting comes standard
  • Tankless on-demand water heater
  • Ladder Prep and Walkable Roof: The RV is prepped for a telescopic removal ladder, with a walk-on roof for maintenance and recreational use.
  • Tinted windows for privacy and to reduce heat from sunlight.

Jay Flight Warranty and Build Quality

  • Jayco has a reputation for building quality RVs. Learn more about Jayco quality to decide if it’s what you need. 
  • This RV comes with Jayco’s excellent 2 year limited, 3 year structural warranty. It doesn’t get better than that. Get the details about what this warranty covers.

Towing & Travel Access

What Do You Need to Tow a Jay Flight SLX?

To tow the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS, you’ll need a vehicle that has a towing capacity that’s higher than the RV’s fully loaded weight of 4,500 pounds. It’s important to consider not just the base weight of the RV but its GVW to ensure safe and efficient 

You should be able to tow this with

  • A large SUV with a towing package.
  • A light to medium-duty pickup truck. Trucks like the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, or Ram 1500, when properly equipped, are suited for a trailer of this weight.

Always check the specific towing capacity of the vehicle model and year to make sure it’s a good fit. 

Remember, it’s not just about the ability to tow the weight. Consider factors like the vehicle’s braking capacity, engine power, and stability control features too, so you have a safe towing experience. 

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s towing guide for more towing help:

Access With the Slide Closed

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS travel trailer stands out for its excellent travel functionality when the slide-out is closed. It’s as functional as the SLX 175BH without a slide. You’ll have full access to the bunks, bathroom, and kitchen. This is very helpful during quick stops or situations where extending the slide-out isn’t possible. 

Note: Keep the bed curtain on the mattress when you put the slide in so it doens’t get tangled in the slide mechanism.

Pros & Cons of the SLX 184BS


  • Light-weight, more towing options
  • True queen bed
  • Slide-out dinette for extra living space
  • Functional use of compact space
  • Bunk Beds with High Weight Capacity
  • 6’6 interior and shower skylight
  • Exterior features like tinted windows, outdoor cooking hookup, and a keyed alike system
  • Solar Prep
  • Full, slide-in, travel access
  • 1,500 pounds of cargo capacity pretty high for a trailer of this size.


  • Lacks kitchen drawers and has no bathroom storage
  • No powered vent in bathroom
  • No window in the top bunk limits ventilation to that space
  • No privacy curtain for bunks
  • No bed lifting mechanism. You’ll have to lift the bed yourself to get to the storage below. 
  • Size: this compact trailer has less space to move about than a larger model

Is the SLX 184BS a Good Fit For You?

This SLX is a good option for:

Small Families or Couples: This Jay Flight comfortably sleeps 4 to 5 people, thanks to the true queen bed, dinette sleeper, and bunk beds. 

First-Time RV Buyers: This RV has essential camping features at a manageable size. It’s a great way to get into RVing.

RVers with a Smaller Tow Vehicle: This is a good option if your vehicle has moderate towing capabilities, like a mid-sized SUV or light to medium-duty pickup truck.

Weekend Campers: The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS is a good fit for short trips or weekend getaways. 

Outdoor Adventurers: If you prefer spending more time outside and need a comfortable place to sleep and perform basic indoor activities, this RV’s compact size and outdoor features like the cooking hookup and awning are *chef’s kiss*.

RVers With a Lower Budget: The RV’s design balances essential features with a compact and efficient layout. The price is considered reasonable for the features and functionality.

Shop for your 184BS Now or ask an RV Expert your Questions

This SLX is Not Great For:

Large Families or Groups: The size and sleeping capacity aren’t a good fit for larger families or groups.

Full-Time RVers: Extended stays in this camper could get uncomfortable. The limited storage or living space are more suited to short trips. 

Luxury Seekers: If you want high-end finishes or extensive amenities, you may find this RV lacking. 

If this RV isn’t a good fit for you, but you’d like something like it, check out the RVs below.

Find Similar RVs

If you’re considering the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BS but want to compare similar options, check out these campers:

If you’re going off-grid:

Rockwood Geo Pro

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Geo-Pro_Ext.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shop-2.jpg

The Geo Pro series is known for its eco-friendly and innovative design. These RVs are typically lightweight and a good match for smaller tow vehicles. 

They often include off-grid capabilities like solar power and higher ground clearance.

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Ember RVs are known for their modern design and off-road capabilities. 

They tend to focus on durability and versatility, and include features that appeal to outdoor adventurers.

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If You’re a More Traditional RVer


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The Catalina line from Coachmen has a range of travel trailers that vary in size and amenities.

They are known for their balance of comfort, space, and value that make them a good option for families.

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Wolf Pup

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SEILgJ-mQg49Bm-pZZNb0dAapCQD-IaZ5i6sHFCW91wHpJi6B-I-U9jWIbV5ZXdq-iqe13ta-f8mAIOXtFEhMdWhosMaKfWhrpqBRGVdx_xUXrBLAVX8fzAyAQb95eUALFjxOV6pR09ZiKRUssEwlOU

The Wolf Pup series from the Cherokee line offers compact, efficient travel trailers. These lightweight RVs are often a good choice for small families or couples.

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Salem FSX and Wildwood FSX

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They offer a range of sizes and floor plans.

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Or check out these campers for even more popular options:

How to Buy Your SLX 184BS

Finding the right lightweight travel trailer at a good price can be a challenge. Now that you know the details of the 2024 Jay Flight SLX 184BS  you can decide if this camper is right for your adventures. 

The perfect RV for you is the one that feels like home, wherever your journey takes you. If the 184BS has sparked your interest, or you’re curious about other options we’re here to help.

If you’ve decided this is the RV for you, click shop now below, swing by Bish’s RV, send us a message, or visit to take the next steps to find and buy this or another RV.

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