RV Miles Podcast Exclusive: How BishFix is Fixing RV Repairs

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Have you ever faced the frustration of having your RV sidelined for weeks, or even months, just when you’re gearing up for a summer adventure?

What if there was a way to cut down those repair times and get you back on the road faster?

In a recent interview on the popular RV Miles Podcast, Bish’s RV shared some exciting news about their new service program, BishFix.

BishFix promises to improve the RV repair experience by dramatically reducing wait times.

Read on to discover how BishFix is changing the game for RV owners, so you can spend more time enjoying your RV and less time waiting for repairs.

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RV Service is the Worst! But it just Got WAY BETTER with BishFix!

Table of Contents: (AKA Frequently Asked Questions)

RV Miles Podcast Unveils BishFix: Your Solution to Faster RV Repairs

On episode 324 of the popular RV Miles Podcast, host Jason Epperson sat down with Chris Blanchard, the Vice President of Marketing and Supply Chain at Bish’s RV

With over 300 episodes and a strong following, the RV Miles Podcast is a trusted source for RVers seeking the latest industry news, insightful interviews, and practical advice.

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What Are the Typical Wait Times for RV Repairs?

Getting your RV repaired can be a long and frustrating process. 

Industry statistics show that it takes about 30 days on average to get an RV fixed. 

If your RV needs new parts or warranty work, this time can stretch to 97 days. That means if you find out your stove is broken during Memorial Day weekend, your camping season might be over before the repairs are done.

Chris Blanchard explained that the process involves several steps, including diagnosing the problem, getting approval from the manufacturer, and waiting for parts to arrive.

This can add weeks to the repair time even before any actual work begins. Bish’s RV has recognized this problem and is taking steps to make the repair process faster and more efficient.

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How Does BishFix Improve the Repair Process?

BishFix aims to solve the long wait times for RV repairs by starting with a video call with a Master Certified Technician.

Using special software, technicians can see through the customer’s camera and diagnose problems remotely. This method allows technicians to diagnose issues without the RV even being brought to the shop.

Blanchard shared that about 45% of the time, they can fix the problem over the phone.

This means many RV owners don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment just to find out it was a simple fix they could do themselves.

If parts are needed, they are ordered right away, and warranty approval is submitted before the RV is brought in, cutting down the overall repair time significantly.

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Stop Waiting and Keep Camping!

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What Are the Benefits of Diagnosing RV Issues Over the Phone?

The biggest benefit of BishFix’s remote diagnosis is saving time. Customers can find out what’s wrong with their RV without having to wait for an appointment.

Blanchard mentioned that this not only helps RV owners get back on the road faster but also frees up space in the dealership’s service lots, reducing congestion and wait times for other customers.

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This approach allows Bish’s RV to better schedule their technicians, knowing exactly what needs to be done and when the parts will arrive.

It creates a smoother, more efficient process for everyone involved.

How Can RV Owners Enroll in the BishFix Program?

Bish’s RV offers one year of BishFix for free to all new and existing customers who have purchased an RV from them.

After the first year, the service costs $4.99 a month. For those who didn’t buy their RV from Bish’s, there is a waitlist, and the price is double.

Non-Bish’s customers can also pay a one-time fee of $79 for a diagnosis and expedited parts and warranty services.

This fee is still lower than the typical $200 diagnostic fee at a service center and often means the RV doesn’t even need to be brought in for repairs.

Didn’t Buy From Bish’s But Want Faster RV Repairs?

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Does BishFix Include Mobile Technicians?

Yes, BishFix also includes the use of mobile technicians.

If a customer is far from a Bish’s RV dealership, a mobile technician can be sent to their location.

Bish’s RV has a network of about 150 mobile technicians across the country. If a technician does good work, they become a preferred provider, ensuring quality service for customers wherever they are.

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Do BishFix Members Still Pay for Repairs?

Yes, BishFix members still pay for the actual repairs, but the service significantly cuts down the time and hassle involved.

BishFix streamlines the process, allowing more time for camping and less time waiting for repairs. The goal is to make sure that RV owners have more days on the road and fewer days dealing with repairs.

Say Goodbye to Repair Hassles and Hello to More Adventure

Waiting for RV repairs can be incredibly frustrating, especially when your RV spends more time in the repair shop than out on the open road.

Bish’s RV understands this pain and is improving the repair process with BishFix. By drastically reducing repair times and offering convenient solutions, BishFix ensures you can enjoy more camping days and fewer waiting days.

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Be Sure to Check out the RV Miles Podcast

For the latest news in the RV industry and to learn more about innovations like BishFix, the RV Miles Podcast is your go-to source. Hosted by editors Abby and Jason Epperson, the podcast keeps you informed and entertained with their adventures and expert insights.

If you have any RV-related questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bish’s RV or contact the RV Miles Podcast team. They are always ready to help you make the most of your RV experience.

Next Steps to Faster RV Repairs

1. Buy an RV at Bish’s and Get a Free BishFix Membership for a Year: Purchasing an RV from Bish’s means you automatically receive a free year of BishFix, ensuring faster and more efficient repair services.

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2. Already Bought from Bish’s? You’re Still Eligible for a Free Year of BishFix: If you bought your RV from Bish’s before BishFix became available, you are still eligible for a free year of this fantastic service. Sign up now and enjoy the benefits.

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3. Learn More About BishFix:

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