Grand Design Imagine vs. Jayco Jay Feather: Which is the Best Travel Trailer?

Written by Greg Long

Jayco Jay feather beside a Grand design Imagine with text "Which Brand is best?"

Oh, the sweet agony of choice! You’ve spent countless hours scrolling through listings, reading reviews, and daydreaming about your future camping adventures. Now, you’ve finally narrowed it down to two top-tier travel trailer options: the Grand Design Imagine and the Jayco Jay Feather. 

We get it – this isn’t just a decision, it’s an investment. And when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on a home away from home, you want to make sure you’re making the absolute best choice.

Over the past 35 years, Bish’s RV has had the pleasure of handing over the keys to thousands of Imagines and Jay Feathers to their excited new owners. So believe me when I say, we’ve seen it all, heard all the questions, and watched families make amazing memories in both. 

We’ve got the lowdown on which travel trailer might just be your perfect match, depending on what you’re seeking in your next mobile adventure basecamp.

By the end of this article, you’ll know all the differences between Imagine and Jay Feather travel trailers. No more second-guessing, just confident decision-making. 

Ready to discover which one will be the backdrop for your next, and possibly best, camping story? Let’s dive in!

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Table of Contents

What is a Grand Design Imagine?

What is a Jayco Jay Feather?

MAP Pricing- Why Can’t Dealers show me the “real” Price

What is the Price of a Grand Design Imagine

What is the Price of a Jayco Jay Feather

How do Jay Feathers and Imagines Hold Their Value Over Time?

How to Determine a Used RVs Value

Construction Quality of Jay Feathers vs Imagines

Grand Design vs Jayco Warranty Comparison

Grand Design vs Jayco Floorplan Comparison

Who are Jay Feathers a Good Fit For?

Who are Imagines a Good Fit For?

Next Steps in Choosing Your Jay Feather or Imagine Travel Trailer

What is a Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer?

Grand Design Imagine XLS with family outside at campfire

Founded a little over a decade ago in 2012, the RV manufacturer Grand Design quickly cemented itself as a leader in the RV industry. Their commitment to innovation and quality has earned them an enthusiastic following of outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Grand Design Imagine is one of Grand Design’s top-selling travel trailers. This model boasts a rugged aluminum frame and fully laminated sidewalls. It perfectly showcases Grand Design’s reputation for combining luxury with comfort and durability.

The Grand Design Imagine is lightweight but doesn’t compromise on spaciousness – a balance that’s always sought but rarely achieved in the RV world. 

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or a newcomer, the Imagine promises to elevate your travel experience.

What is a Jayco Jay Feather?

Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer

Established way back in 1968, Jayco RV has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in the RV industry. Their founding vision was to bring families closer together through travel, a mission they’ve honored for over five decades. 

A prime example of Jayco’s dedication to quality and innovation is their top-selling Jayco Jay Feather. This popular travel trailer boasts an aluminum frame and fully laminated sidewalls. It masterfully strikes an ideal balance between comfort, style, and functionality.

The Jay Feather is known for its versatility and robust range of features specifically designed for modern campers. It offers a lightweight design, making it a breeze to tow, yet doesn’t skimp on all the features you’d expect in a high-end camper. 

With the Jay Feather, Jayco doubles down on its dedication to creating RVs that cater to today’s adventurous families.

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What is the Price of a Jayco Jay Feather and a Grand Design Imagine?

Jayco jay feather rv beside a grand design imagine rv with text, "How much do they cost?"

Sometimes an RV’s “Advertised” Price is Higher Than Its “Real” Price — MAP Pricing

Before we get into price points for Imagine and Jay Feather travel trailers, it’s important to understand MAP pricing.

MAP stands for “Minimum Advertised Price”.

RV Dealerships are required to list some brands of RVs, including Imagines and Jay Feathers, at a minimum advertised price (MAP) online. 

All new RVs that have MAP requirements will be listed for the same online price across all dealers nationwide. RVs listed at MAP will usually only show the MSRP Price (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

You’ll know you’re looking at an RV with MAP if the dealer’s website shows an RV at MSRP with a button or link that has wording like:

“Request price,” “Get too low to show Price,” “Get Best price,” “Get lowest price,” or “Unlock lower price.”

computer screen with example of MAP pricing

A dealer can legally only give you their “real” price information if you interact with them by clicking on the buttons – or contact the dealer directly via text, email, phone or in-store visit.

So if you’re shopping and you see a button that says get a lower price, it’s not a scam. Feel free to click the link. You can also send a message to the dealer, give them a call or stop in. They’ll happily give you their “real” price.

When shopping for an Imagine or Jay Feather which requires MAP, we recommend requesting prices from several different dealers to get an idea of their real price range.

Read the article How to buy an RV for the Best Price to learn more about this and other money-saving tips for finding the best online prices when shopping for your Imagine or Jay Feather.

Both Grand Design Imagine and Jayco Jay Feather offer a variety of styles, floor plans and price ranges, ensuring you find the perfect RV that fits both your wants and your wallet.

How Much Does a Grand Design Imagine Cost? 

couple sitting outside a grand design imagine rv

Grand Design knows that everyone’s camping needs and preferences are different, so they’ve expanded their Imagine line of travel trailers to include 3 sub-brands.

Grand Design Imagine AIM

imagine aim
  • Price Range:
    $28,000 – $37,000
    • Single Axle
    • Slide and No-Slide options
    • 6 Floor Plans to choose from

Grand Design Imagine XLS

imagine xls
  • Price Range:
    $32,000 – $49,000
    • Double Axle
    • Slide and No-slide options
    • 9 Floor Plans to choose from

Grand Design Imagine

imagine travel trailer
  • Price Range:
    $39,000 – $65,000
    • Double Axle
    • Slide and Super-Slide options
    • 8 Floor Plans to choose from

How Much Does a Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer Cost?

family walking in scenic location with their jayco jay feather rv

Jayco knows all the popular floor plans and features people choose when shopping for a new camper. There are 2 sub-brands in the Jay Feather line of travel trailers.

Jayco Jay Feather Micro

jayco jay feather micro
  • Price Range:
    $28,000 – $43,000
    • Single Axle
    • Slide and No-slide options
    • 4 Floor Plans to choose from

Jayco Jay Feather

jayco jay feather travel trailer
  • Price Range:
    $35,000 – $55,000
    • Single/Double Axle
    • Slide and Super-Slide options
    • 12 Floor Plans to choose from

Imagine vs Jay Feather: Which Brand Holds Its Value Best Over Time?

Jayco Jay Feather with Family camping outside

While I have found that Jay Feathers and Imagines both maintain their values pretty equally, Jay Feathers lose a little more value compared to Imagines as more time passes.

My research comparing similarly priced Jay feather and Imagine travel trailers showed that over a 3-year period, Jay Feathers campers lost about 1.9% more of their value compared to Imagines.

This equated to Jay Feathers losing about $700 more in value than the similarly priced Imagines over 3 years. Not a significant amount, but may be something you consider if you don’t plan on keeping your camper for more than 5 years.


Nada Guide

When I compared how Imgaines and Jay Feathers held their value over time, I used the J.D. Power Guide.

The J.D. Power Guide is the public version of the NADA Guide that RV dealers use to value your RV when you trade it in. To find out how dealers determine the value of your camper, read our Complete Guide to RV Trade Values.

Do Your Own Research!

While on average, Grand Design Imagines held their value 1.9% better than the Jayco Jay Feathers in the comparisons, I highly recommend you do your own research using the J.D. Power Guide.

Knowing how much value the camper you’re considering purchasing may depreciate over the years can help you decide if you’re making the best decision — especially if you think you may want to sell or trade the unit in a few years.

What will your monthly payments be when you buy a Jay Feather or Imagine?
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Construction Quality of Jay Feathers vs Imagines

When you’re thinking about getting an RV, it’s important to think about how tough and strong it is. You want one that will last a long time, can handle all kinds of weather, and is a safe and well-equipped home for your trips.

Jayco Jay Feathers and Grand Design Imagines are two great choices for camping adventures. They both are built with high-quality construction techniques and materials.

Depending on what features are most essential to you, you might end up choosing one brand over the other.

Jay Feather Construction Quality

jayco jay feather cut-away image of construction details

The Jay Feather is built with an aluminum frame and fiberglass sidewalls. It is constructed with stronghold VBL™ with double-sided Azdel perimeter walls and a 2-inch vacuum-bond laminated floor. This is a quality travel trailer!

Jayco Jay Feather Construction:

  • Jay Feather Chassis: Jay Feather has a BAL Chassis by Norco. It’s a huck-bolted aircraft-style frame made with HSLA Steel (high strength, low allow). It’s lighter — but stronger. Also more expensive!

  • Jayco’s roof system: can withstand 4,500 lbs., making it the strongest roof among top manufacturers.

To Learn More about Jayco RV Construction, Check out our Article: Is Jayco a Good Brand?

Grand Design Imagine Construction Quality

grand design imagine cut-away of construction details

Grand Design Imagine Construction

  • Grand Design side-walls: are laminated using a pinch roll lamination process. This process is done in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to improve the quality control in materials, preparation, and execution.

  • Grand Design roof system: uses residential-style wood trusses, spaced 16” on the center to provide the foundation for a full walk-on roof.

  • Grand Design Chassis: Grand Design has an industry-standard rolled I-beam chassis made by Lippert Manufacturing.

Learn More about Grand Design Laminated Aluminum Frame Construction

Grand Design Warranty vs Jayco Warranty

When it comes to choosing the perfect travel trailer, the Grand Design Imagine and Jayco Jay Feathers are two popular choices. Both are renowned for their unique designs, innovative features, and commitment to quality.

But how do they stack up against each other, especially in terms of warranty? Let’s dive into a side-by-side comparison.

Imagine vs Jay Feather Warranty Comparison

grand design imagine logo
  • Limited Warranty: 1 Year
  • Structural Warranty: 3 years
jay feather logo
  • Limited Warranty: 2 Year
  • Structural Warranty: 3 years

Grand Design Imagine: 1-Year Limited / 3-Year Structural Warranty

When it comes to Grand Design Imagine Travel trailers, they’ve got you covered with their solid 3-Year Structural / 1-Year Limited Warranty.

What do the Warranty Coverages Mean?

  • A Structural Warranty covers all the main structural components in your RV that were built by the company who made the RV.

  • A Limited Warranty covers all the products and accessories that are part of your RV, like appliances and furniture, that were not built by the RV manufacturer.

Jayco’s 2 + 3 warranty is one of the best warranties in the RV Industry.
It’s hard to find a better warranty than Jayco offers!

jayco 2 + 3 Warranty graphic

Floor Plans Available for Jayco and Grand Design

jay feather 24Bh Floor Plans beside Imagine 2800Bh floor plans with text, "Comparing Floor Plans"

When it comes to selecting the perfect travel trailer, the Jayco Jay Feather and Grand Design Imagine are always popular choices. Both offer unique features and a variety of options, making them suitable for a range of needs and preferences.

It’s important to know What the Letters and Numbers Mean in an RV Floor Plan so you understand all the features and benefits of the different RV layouts.

Grand Design Imagine Series: Versatility and Broad Range

grand design 2600RB floor plans
Grand Design Imagine 2600RB Floor Plan

The Grand Design Imagine series is notable for its extensive range of options, catering to various towing capabilities and space requirements. This series is divided into three sub-brands, each tailored to different needs:

  • Imagine AIM: This lightweight camper is an ideal match for those with mid-size SUVs. Its floor plans start under 3,600 lbs and extend slightly over 4,000 lbs, offering accessibility without sacrificing comfort.

  • Imagine XLS: Designed for medium trucks and larger SUVs, the Imagine XLS models begin just under 5,000 lbs, with some models reaching up to 6,400 lbs. This range provides a balance between size and towability.

  • The Standard Imagine: As Grand Design’s midprofile travel trailer, it offers diverse floor plans ranging from 29’ to 37’ in length, with weights varying from 7,850 lbs to a substantial 10,200 lbs. This variation caters to those seeking more spacious and feature-rich options.

With 23 total floorplans available in the Imagine lineup, Grand Design ensures that there’s a suitable choice for almost every RV enthusiast, whether they’re looking for compact efficiency or expansive luxury.

Grand Design Imagine Floor Plans

Imagine AIMImagine XLSImagine

Josh The RV Nerd Video Reviews of Grand Design Imagine RVs

Our Good Friend and RV expert extraordinaire, Josh the RV Nerd, reviews all your favorite Grand Design Imagine AIM, XLS and Standard models on his YouTube Channel.

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jayco jay feather 22rb floor plans
Jayco Jay Feather 22RB Floor Plan

While Grand Design focuses on offering a broad range of trailer lengths, Jayco’s Jay Feather series shines in providing more floorplan options within the most popular trailer lengths. With 16 total floor plans, the Jay Feather series is tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

  • Jay Feather Micro: As Jayco’s smallest travel trailer, it is particularly noteworthy. Weighing between 1,585 and 4,695 lbs, it’s perfect for those looking for a more compact and easily towable RV.

  • Jay Feather: The Jay Feather series offers options that sleep up to 9 people. Their lengths vary from 24′ 0″ to 36′ 11″, with weights ranging from 4,795 to 7,265 lbs, making them suitable for a variety of travel needs and family sizes.

Jayco Jay Feather Floor Plans

Jay Feather MicroJay FeatherJay Feather

Josh The RV Nerd Video Reviews of Jayco Jay Feather RVs

Our Good Friend and RV expert extraordinaire, Josh the RV Nerd, reviews all your favorite Jayco Jay Feather Micro and Jay Feather standard models on his YouTube Channel.

See more Jayco Jay Feather Micro reviews on Josh the RV Nerd’s YouTube channel.
See more Jayco Jay Feather reviews on Josh the RV Nerd’s YouTube channel.

Jay Feather and Imagine: Quality RVs for Diverse Needs

Both the Jayco Jay Feather and Grand Design Imagine series stand out for their quality construction and thoughtful design.

While the Grand Design Imagine offers a wider range of sizes and weights, accommodating everything from mid-size SUVs to larger trucks, the Jay Feather excels in providing a variety of floor plans for the most popular trailer lengths.

Ultimately, the choice between the Jay Feather and Imagine series comes down to individual preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize lightweight convenience, diverse floorplan options, or expansive and luxurious spaces, both of these RV lines offer something for every kind of traveler.

Is a Jayco Jay Feather or a Grand Design Imagine Best For You?

Both Imagines and Jay Feathers offer a wide range of floorplans. Deciding between the two often boils down to specific models, individual preferences, and the type of RVing experience you’re looking to enjoy. Here’s a general breakdown of which may be best for you.

Jayco Jay Feathers Are Best For People Who Prefer:

jayco Jay feather logo
  1. Entry Level RVs: Jayco offers a lot of quality entry-level trailers and motorhomes for couples or large families. 

  2. Family-Friendly Campers: Many Jayco models are designed with families in mind, featuring bunk beds, spacious living areas, and amenities that cater to family RVing.

  3. Value-Oriented: While Jayco offers luxury models, many of their RVs are aimed at providing a balance of features and affordability, making them suitable for those looking for value for their money.

  4. Great Warranty: Jayco offers a 2-year limited warranty on their trailers, 24,000 miles on their motorized campers, which is longer than the industry standard. This might appeal to RVers looking for peace of mind.

Grand Design Imagines Are Best For People Who Prefer :

grand design imagine logo
  1. Quality Craftsmanship: Grand Design has built a reputation for prioritizing quality in their RV builds. Those who are willing to invest more for a higher-end finish and construction might gravitate toward Grand Design.
  2. Customer Service: Many users report positive experiences with Grand Design’s customer service, making it a good choice for those who prioritize post-purchase support.

  3. Innovative Features: Grand Design tends to incorporate newer technologies and features into their RVs. Tech-savvy RVers or those looking for modern amenities might appreciate this.

  4. Community: Grand Design has a strong community of owners who often host rallies and events. Those looking for a sense of community might enjoy this aspect of ownership.

Your Next steps for choosing between Jayco Jay Feather and Grand Design Imagine

Deciding which floorplan you need is an important first step in finding the perfect RV for your camping adventures.

By now you should have a good understanding of the similarities and differences between Jayco Jay Feathers and Grand Design Imagines and ready to decide which brand is the right fit for you.

Ready to Start Shopping?

jayco rv logo

grand design rv logo

Still have questions? Talk to one of our RV Outfitters and get all your Jayco and Grand Design questions answered today.

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