Toilet Talk: Finding the Right Camper Bathroom with Go Play RVs

Written by Greg Long

funny picture of man on camper toilet with surprised look on his face with text, "Toilet talk"

Have you ever asked someone a simple yes or no question and they respond with, “Does a bear poop in the woods?” 

As a dad, I find this to be a hilarious response — my wife… not so much. Let’s just say I don’t ask her that anymore.

My point is, bears poop in the woods because they live in the woods. When you’re camping in the woods in your RV – you don’t have to. Your camper has a bathroom.

But not all bathrooms are created equal. 

At Bish’s RV we sell every size and shape camper you can imagine – and some have bathrooms a 4-year old can barely fit into. Others have bathrooms the size of Texas. 

When we decided to make our own line of RVs – Go Play Travel Trailers – we started thinking about what makes a great camper bathroom. What are the must-haves and what are the extravagant extras that don’t add any real value — but only add to the price tag?

Bear looking at a toilet in RV bathroom.

This article will cover all you need to know about Go Play travel trailer bathrooms, so you can decide if a Go Play is the right RV for your bathroom adventures.

See all the features that make for a great travel trailer bathroom!

Jake and Mason drop a load of information on Go Play RV Bathrooms.

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Toilet Talk: The Throne Away from Home

Go Play foot flush toilet
The toilet in the Go Play 26RLS has a “no-touch” foot flush and lots of elbow room.

Let’s face it, no one really thinks about a toilet until they have a bad experience on one. But at Bish’s RV, we’ve taken the time to think about toilets for you, so you can enjoy your camping adventures without any “incidents”. 

We understand everyone uses the toilet sooner or later when they camp, and we want your time in your Go Play’s bathroom to be a comfortable one without any messes. 

Josh the RV Nerd demonstrates size of Go Play toilets
Josh the RV Nerd shows us how much room the toilet in the popular 26BHS has.

Here’s the scoop on Go Play Toilets:

  • Tall Toilet: It’s as high as a regular home toilet, so even if you’re really tall, you won’t have to bend down. This means no more uncomfortable squatting, which can be a big relief, especially after a long day of adventures.

  • No-Touch Flush: Go Play toilets have a foot-flush push button – you can flush without having to touch anything with your hands.

  • Modern Look: The toilet in Go Play Travel Trailers doesn’t just work well; it looks good too. It’s designed with a modern style in mind. 

  • Good for the Planet: Go Play toilets are eco-friendly. They use technology to save water, which is good for the environment. 

Need help deciding which Go Play you should go with?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Go Play’s Shower Sanctuary

Go Play 26BH shower
Go Play 26BH has a “split-bathroom” with a large shower

When you’re playing hard outdoors, you’re likely to get a bit dirty. That’s when having a good shower suddenly becomes a must-have. 

After a day of messy fun, you want a shower that’s big and sturdy with plenty of hot water. Go Play Travel Trailer showers have you covered. They are designed to make getting clean an easy and recharging experience.

Coming Clean on Go Play’s Shower Features

Josh the RV Nerd demonstrates headroom in the Go Play 26BHS shower
Josh the RV Nerd is over 6′ tall and has plenty of headroom in the Go Play 26BHS bathroom.
  • Reinforced Shower Floor: Go Play Travel Trailers know that adventurers come in all sizes, which is why they’ve reinforced their shower floors. This smart design prevents cracks and ensures that water won’t seep down, causing mold and rot, which can be an expensive fix.

  • Moveable Shower Head: One of the versatile things about Go Play showers is the mobile shower head. It’s a handy feature that lets you change how the water flows, making your shower more enjoyable and easy to use.

  • Lots of Room Inside: All Go Play Travel Trailer showers are super tall inside – six feet nine inches tall, to be exact. This extra space isn’t just for show, it helps reduce bonking your head while showering.

Go Play RV Medicine Cabinets: The Cure for Your Traveling Needs

Man from Bish's RV showing off a medicine cabinet for Go Play RVs
Jake shows us how spacious and convenient Go Play medicine cabinets are when camping.

Medicine cabinets might not be the most important feature you consider when buying an RV, but they can make a big difference when you’re camping in the wild. 

Whether you’re seeking relief from a headache, need a Band-Aid, or want to shave that 2-day stubble, a well-designed medicine cabinet can make all the difference. 

Go Play travel trailers stand out from other similar campers by offering full-size medicine cabinets with plenty of storage for your health and wellness products.

(Due to their smaller size, the single-axle Go Play 180BHS and 19BH have mirrors, but do not have medicine cabinets in their bathrooms. If a medicine cabinet is a “must-have” for your camping trips, single-axle Go Play RVs are not a good fit for you.)

Behind the Mirror: Go Play Medicine Cabinet Features

Jake, from Bish's RV, looking at mirror in Go Play RV bathroom
  • Spacious Cabinets: Go Play knows that when it comes to medicine cabinets, size is important. Unlike many other trailers that have small, not-so-useful cabinets, Go Play Travel Trailers have full-size medicine cabinets. 

  • Versatile Storage: These roomy medicine cabinets can hold more than just medicine. You can store a variety of things in them, like toothpaste, Band-Aids, shaving cream, and your everyday toiletries.

  • Elegant Wood Cabinets: Go Play medicine cabinets are made from beautiful hardwood, adding a touch of elegance to your RV’s inside. It’s the same top-notch material used throughout your trailer, so you get both durability and good looks.

  • Convenient for Travel: Having a big medicine cabinet means you can bring all your important products from home, making life on the road easier. Go Play RV medicine cabinets make sure you have everything you need right there with you.

Stop dreaming and Start Shopping!

Go Play Ventilation Fan: A Breath of Fresh Air on the Road

Go Play RV bathroom ventilation fan
All Go Play travel trailers have vent fans for maximum bathroom comfort.

Imagine this: you’re on a road trip, surrounded by beautiful nature, but after someone – not to be mentioned – comes out of the bathroom, it’s not so beautiful smelling anymore. 

That’s when the Go Play ventilation fan comes in handy. This small but powerful fan does two important things: it helps get rid of bad smells – and helps cool down the bathroom so you don’t feel like you’re in a hot, stinky port-a-potty at the summer County Fair. 

In this section, we’ll check out the great things the Go Play ventilation fan can do and how it makes your trips more comfortable – and smell better.

Fan-tastic Features: Go Play’s Ventilation Fan

Go Play RV bathroom ventilation fan
Even Go Play single-axle travel trailers have vent fans in the showers- a BIG PLUS!
  • Getting Rid of Bad Smells: The Go Play ventilation fan is like your secret weapon against icky smells. It works really well at pulling those stinky odors out of the bathroom, so the air inside your trailer feels nice and fresh. 

  • Helping with the Heat: This fan helps to control the temperature inside your Go Play bathroom. When you get to your campsite and turn on the air conditioner (AC), using the fan with it can quickly get rid of the hot air. 

  • Fog-Free Mirror: The Go Play ventilation fan can help reduce the medicine cabinet’s mirror from getting all steamy. Love hot showers? Turn on the fan to suck out the steam and when you step out, the mirror is less foggy.

A lot of people say to us, “I thought Bish’s RV sold campers. Why did you start making them?” Find out the answer to this question, and learn how we keep their prices so low, in our article: “What is a Go Play Travel Trailer and What Does it Cost?

Go Play 26BHS
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Going Beyond The Bathroom: Next Steps to Owning Your Go Play Travel Trailer

Eight Go Play Travel Trailers in a line outside
Go Play RVs are available exclusively at Bish’s RV.

Are you thinking of buying a Go Play Travel Trailer? 

These campers are designed to offer all the essential features you need when you’re camping, without any of those unwanted extras that can drive up costs. 

In fact, Go Play travel trailers cost 1000s of dollars less than similar campers.

When you’re ready to buy your own Go Play, here are the next steps to help you make your dream of owning one a reality:

Go Play RVs are available Exclusively at Bishs RV

If you like to see a Go Play Travel Trailer, visit one of Go Play RV Distribution Centers:

If you don’t live near one of these locations, but still want a Go Play travel trailer, we don’t blame you. Talk to one of our Go Play Experts about shipping a Go Play to a Bish’s RV near you (We have over 20 locations) – or you can even have it shipped directly to your house. (Extra shipping fees apply when shipping to anywhere other than one of our stores)

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