9 Favorite Laminated Couple’s Campers!

On the hunt for the perfect laminated couple’s camper?

Well, you’re in the right place.

We’re sharing the 9 best laminate couple’s travel trailers according to Josh the RV Nerd and what he loves about each one.

Check out the whole list, and a few honorable mentions, to see if the right camper for you is on the list!

The Top 9 Laminate RVs

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1️⃣ Keystone Cougar 22MLS

2️⃣ Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S

3️⃣ Grand Design Imagine XLS 23LDE

4️⃣ Alliance Delta 252RL

5️⃣ Surveyor Legend 252RBLE

6️⃣ Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL

7️⃣ Ember Touring Edition 21MRK

8️⃣ Grand Design Imagine XLS 24BSE

9️⃣ Coachmen Freedom Express 192RBS

🏅 Honorable Mentions

#9 – Coachmen Freedom Express 192RBS

coachmen freedom express 192RBS
Coachmen Freedom Express 192RBS floorplan

The Freedom Express 192RBS is one of the smallest tandem axle couples campers you’ll find with a taller ceiling and a true queen bed.

It’s perfect for bigger, taller people (like Josh) in a compact, easily towable package.

The bathroom is a bit tight.

freedom express 192rbs bathroom

But the new sofa kick-out recliners in their 2024 models might make up for it.

freedom express 192rbs theater seats

Plus, they’ve brightened up the interior with a warm, log-cabin feel and improved storage around the bed.

Freedom Express 192RBS highlights

The Freedom Express 192RBS is nerdy enough for Josh, but what do you think?

#8 – Grand Design Imagine XLS 24BSE

imagine slx 24bse
imagine slx 24bse floorplan

This newer floor plan from Grand Design Imagine stands out for its originality.

It features a bed slide in a smaller, lighter RV while keeping a larger living room.

24BSE Floorplan
24BSE floor plan

Though it has a folding short queen mattress, smart storage makes up for it.

24bse imagine xls

The extended season weather package, Goodyear tires, and massive power awning covering both entry doors make this RV even more nerd worthy.

Imagine XLS 24BSE highlights

So, what do you think? Is the Imagine XLS 24BSE worth another look? If so, shop it using the button below!

#7 – Ember Touring Edition 21MRK

emebr 21mrk
3. Ember Touring Edition 21MRK floorplan

The Ember Touring Edition 21MRK is easy to tow and has luxury features like an extra tall ceiling and true queen bed.

bedroom ember 21mrk

The bathroom has been redesigned for more elbow room, making it better for larger individuals.

21mrk ember bathroom

With 60″ x 80″ true queen bed and a spacious living room, it’s a solid choice for couple’s camping.

bedroom 21mrk

Fun fact about the Ember 21MRK, it has a stargazing window in the ceiling. If that’s not nerdy, we don’t know what is.

rv highlights

#6 – Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL
Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL floorplan

The Heritage Glen 22RKL by Wildwood or the Hemisphere by Salem has made awesome (and nerdy) updates. Things like:

  • a true queen bed
  • a motorhome-style fiberglass roof cap.
Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL bedroom

The deep kitchen slide allows for bigger, deeper kitchen counter space and storage.

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL kitchen

They’ve also improved the bathroom layout to add more space.

Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL bathroom

Check out the Nerdy highlights of the 22RKHL below.

rv highlights

After seeing some photos and reading a little bit about the Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 22RKHL, do you want to learn more? You can shop it now below.

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#5 – Surveyor 252RBLE

Surveyor 252RBLE
Surveyor Legend 252RBLE Couple’s Camper
Surveyor 252RBLE floorplan

The Surveyor 252RBLE is a fantastic laminated couple’s camper under 30 feet and around 7,500 pounds fully loaded.

It’s got a private true queen bedroom, central vacuum, and a large walk-in pantry behind the entertainment center.

Surveyor 252RBLE bedroom
Surveyor 252RBLE living

The taller 6’9″ interior height means taller folks can stand comfortably in the shower, and it has a good cargo capacity thanks to the lightweight Azdel construction.

Surveyor 252RBLE bathroom

Here’s a few a things to keep in mind:

rv highlights

The Surveyor Legend 252RBLE gets a lot of interest online. But are you interested in it? If so, shop it below.

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#4 – Alliance Delta 252RL

2024 Delta 252RL floorplan

Alliance’s Delta 252RL offers a unique twist on a popular floor plan with a functional dinette and an extended sofa for more seating comfort.

Alliance’s Delta 252RL floor plan

The dual air conditioners run on 30-amp service, making it a rare find in the travel trailer market. This model provides big fifth-wheel features in a cozy couple’s camper, perfect for half-ton towing.

rv highlights
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#3 – Grand Design Imagine XLS 23LDE

imagine slx 23lde
imagine slx 23lde

The Grand Design Imagine 23LDE offers bedroom privacy with a true queen bed and great storage around the bed.

Imagine XLS 23LDE Bedroom

The rear kitchen layout has good prep space and travel access without opening the slide.

Imagine XLS 23LDE Kitchen

Though the ceiling isn’t extra tall and the TV is mounted high, the overall functionality and pet-friendly design make it a top choice for couples.

Imagine XLS 23LDE Dinette
rv highlights

Want to see more of the 23LDE? You can check the price and availability below.

#2 – Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S
Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S floorplan

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S features a living room slide and a full 60″ x 80″ true queen bed slide in a compact package under 26 feet.

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S bedroom

It has excellent storage, direct-facing entertainment, and a respectable amount of prep space.

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S seating

With Goodyear endurance radials, holding tank heating pads, and factory solar and inverter options, it’s a standout in the couples camping category.

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S exterior

We think the Rockwood Mini-Lite rocks. Josh thinks it rocks. What do you think Nerd Herd?

Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2516S highlights

#1 – Keystone Cougar 22MLS

keystone Cougar 22MLS exterior
keystone Cougar 22MLS floorplan

The Keystone Cougar 22MLS is Josh’s top pick for the fourth year in a row.

This model has received several upgrades, including enhanced solar packages and a carpetless, floor-flush slide.

keystone Cougar 22MLS living

It offers exceptional travel access, great kitchen storage, and features like Goodyear tires and holding tank heaters.

keystone Cougar 22MLS kitchen

The full-time RV warranty and 0 to 110-degree weather allowances make it a top choice for any adventure.

Highlights from the 22MLS, the laminate camper most preferred by the Nerd:

keystone Cougar 22MLS highlights
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More Top Laminated Campers

These RVs didn’t quite make the cut, but that’s not to say that they are bad travel trailers. Josh just didn’t like them quite as much as other RVs on the list.

Still, one may be just right for you, so take a look to find out!

► Imagine 22MLE

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► Cougar 25MLE

► Cougar 25FKD

Cougar 25FKD
Cougar 25FKD floorplan

And there you have it, Nerd Herd! These are Josh’s personal favorite laminated couples campers, each offering unique features and comforts to suit different RVers.

Whether you’re looking for something easy to tow, great interiors, or innovative storage solutions, there’s an RV on this list for you.

I hope you found this guide helpful in your search for the perfect RV.

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