2024 Go Play 26RLS: The Ultimate Couple’s Camper?

By Greg Long

2024 Wayfinder RV Go Play 26RLS Couple’s Camper Review — $27,995

Go Play 26RLS
The Go Play 26RLS couple’s travel trailer gives you plenty of inside living space

If you’ve been on the hunt for a couple’s camper that measures 30 feet or less, has a spacious layout for entertaining guests, and doesn’t break the bank, the Go Play 26RLS could be the camper for you. 

With an added solar package, a larger fridge, and an improved interior color scheme, the 26RLS includes some big upgrades with the new 2024 models, yet the price remains super low compared to similar campers – $27,995.

The new 2024 Go Play 26RLS is already receiving high praise from experts in the RV community, like YouTube reviewer, Josh the RV Nerd. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

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How Much Does a Go Play 26RLS Cost?

What is the Price of a Go Play 26RLS?


When you compare the Go Play 26RLS to similar RVS, you find the price for the Go Play is typically 1000s of dollars less. 

That’s because we discovered that RV manufacturers can save a lot of money by cutting out middlemen in advertising, simplifying options, and making the production process more efficient.

The Go Play Cost Story explains all the innovative money-saving techniques we used without compromising on construction quality or design. 

In short, Go Play RVs can save you thousands of dollars!

Go Play 26RLS: $27,995

For a Full Review of the 2024 Go Play 26RLS, be sure to read our article: The Go Play 26RLS: Affordable Couple’s Dream Camper.

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Go Play 26RLS with Rear Living Slide

What is a Couple’s Camper?

A couple’s camper is an RV that typically has only one main sleeping area. The rest of the interior space is optimized for comfortable living and entertaining, making the most of every square foot to ensure a roomy and inviting environment.

Unlike family RVs, couple’s campers prioritize living space and practical features, making them ideal for individuals or pairs of travelers looking for a cozy and efficient home on wheels.

Here are 5 key features of couple’s campers:

  1. Main Bedroom: Typically with a queen-size or king-size bed, lots of storage options and its own easy-access entrance.
  2. Bathroom Comfort: Couple’s campers often feature larger bathrooms, offering added convenience and space.
  3. Kitchen Convenience: Couple’s campers have roomy kitchens with plenty of counter space for cooking together.
  4. Easy Entertaining: With more living space, they’re great for hosting friends and family during your camping trips.
  5. Bonus Sleeping: Couple’s campers often provide creative sleeping options for guests, allowing you to camp with others when desired.

If you’re looking for a camper that’s all about enjoying each other’s company, and also offers the flexibility to share your adventures with others, a couple’s camper might be just what you need for memorable journeys together.

Go Play 26RLS with Awning
Go Play 26RLS with dual entrances and 19′ 1″ Power Awning

What is the Best Couple’s Camper?

When people come to Bish’s RV and ask us, “What’s the best camper for couples?” We typically need to find out what they believe are must-have features before we can find a perfect fit. 

We’ve been answering this question for almost 40 years, and we’ve learned that price matters most to people when they’re searching for a couple’s camper. 

However, finding a high-quality RV that doesn’t break the bank can be a real challenge.

That’s why we took matters into our own hands. Bish’s RV decided to create our own line of travel trailers: Go Play RVs. 

These travel trailers are designed with all the essential features couples need, or as we like to say, “All the stuff without the fluff.” And best of all, the price- Go Play RVs found ways to cut costs without cutting quality.

One of the biggest standout Go Play models is the Go Play 26RLS, a double-axle camper perfect for couples looking for an affordable and comfortable RV experience.

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2024 Go Play 26RLS: Upgrades and Improvements

When we rolled out the Go Play 26RLS in 2023, we asked for your feedback on how to improve it. We were amazed at how many great ideas you gave us to make the 26RLS even better.

Although we couldn’t use all your suggestions, we were able to incorporate many of them, and the result is the new and improved Go Play 26RLS couple’s travel trailer – and its price is only $27,995.

This article will cover all the exciting upgrades and improvements made to the 26RLS, so you can decide if the 2024 Go Play 26RLS is the best couple’s camper for your future big adventures.

For a Full Review of the 2024 Go Play 26RLS, be sure to read our article: The Go Play 26RLS: Affordable Couple’s Dream Camper.

The 26RLS interior has large living space for comfortable camping

Go Play 26RLS Specifications

26RLS Floorplans
26RLS Floor Plans

Go Play 26RLS Overview


  • Hitch – 700 lbs.
  • Max – 7,500 lbs.
  • Empty – 5,780 lbs.
  • Cargo – 1,720 lbs.


  • Fresh – 42 gal.
  • Gray – 32.5 gal.
  • Black – 32.5 gal.


  • Length – 30′ 1″
  • Height – 10′ 7″
  • Width – 8′
  • Awning – 19′ 1″

For a Full Review of the 2024 Go Play 26RLS, be sure to read our article: The Go Play 26RLS: Affordable Couple’s Dream Camper.

Go Play 26RLS

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Go Play 26RLS Main Living Area Changes

The main feature of the 26RLS is the living area — it’s even in the name: RLS stands for “Rear Living Room with Slide-out.” (For an explanation of what the numbers and letters mean in an RV name, read our article, “How to Read an RV Floor Plan.”

The Go Play 26RLS was designed to be small on the outside but big on the inside.

With the rear living room’s slide fully opened up, you have a ton of extra space — so feel free to invite friends or family with you on your camping trips.

New For 26RLS in 2024

When you step into the 2024 Go Play 26RLS you’ll notice it looks even bigger than the 2023 26RLS. We didn’t make it physically bigger, but we did lighten the interior colors, which makes it feel larger and more open inside.

Another fantastic enhancement to the 26RLS living area is its luxurious cloth upholstery. The 26RLS is the only Go Play model that currently has a tri-fold sofa.

Be sure to check out the Full Review of the 26RLS Living Area to see all the Living Room features.

26RLS Kitchen: More Space for More Meals

The Go Play 26RLS has an excellent kitchen for preparing family meals. And get this − the 26RLS is the Go Play floor plan that offers the most amount of kitchen counterspace.

However, even though the 26RLS is a couple’s camper, you still want a lot of refrigerator space to store food. That’s why we’ve expanded the Go Play 26RLS’s fridge, now offering a generous 10 cubic feet of interior space.

This kitchen upgrade ensures your refrigerator can store all you need to plan and prepare a variety of meals with plenty of ingredients, keeping you and your guests well-fed and ready for more adventures.

To learn more about the 26RLS Kitchen, check out the Full review of the Go Play 126RLS.

Start Cooking in your new Go Play 26RLS Kitchen!

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Go Play 26RLS 200 Watts of Solar Power

Another new feature added because of YOUR feedback is: Go Play 26RLS travel trailers now come with 200 watts of solar power.

What can I power with 200 watts of solar power?

200 watts is not a huge amount of power, so you will not be able to run everything in your camper using 200 watts of solar power.

The solar package is intended to provide you with a power solution for when you need to power just a few components of your RV for a short period of time and you don’t have access to electrical hook-ups.

Gp Play 26RLS solar Power
200 Watts of Solar Power is now standard in Go Play travel trailers.

Some common things you can run with 200 watts of solar power:

  • LED Lights
  • Laptop
  • Phone/Tablet Charger
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Coffee Maker
  • Blender

Note about 26RLS Solar power

The Solar Package for the 26RLS is not set-up to run power to your electrical outlets. This requires an inverter. The 26RLS is inverter-prepped, so setting up an inverter to run your appliances or other electrical devices is a breeze.

For a Full Review of the 2024 Go Play 26RLS, be sure to read our article: The Go Play 26RLS: Affordable Couple’s Dream Camper.

Go Play 26RLS Exterior
Go Play 26RLS- Small on outside, BIG on inside

How to Buy a Go Play 26RLS


The 26RLS is available nationwide, exclusively through Bish’s RV.

Only a limited number of Go Play 26RLS models were made to keep the price low.

Walk Through a Go Play Travel Trailer

You can also see and buy a Go Play 26RLS at these Bish’s RV Go Play Distribution Stores:

Do you like the Go Play 26RLS, but want a larger family camper? Check out the Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BHS!

Josh the RV Nerd Video Review of the Go Play 26BHS Family Bunkhouse

Do you have questions about the 2024 Go Play 26RLS? Talk to a Go Play Expert.

Mason Lucero

Go Play RV Expert & Outfitter

(210) 378-4024

Email: mlucero@bishs.com

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