Why Should I Consign My RV?

Why RV consignment may be the best way to sell your rv
Find out if RV Consignment is the right way to for you to sell your RV

Consignment is one way to sell your camper without the stress of doing it yourself. If you want to sell your camper you may be wondering “is RV consignment the right way to sell my RV”?

Bish’s RV takes in and sells thousands of RVs on consignment every year. Using our experience, we’ll help you understand consignment so you can decide if it’s the best choice for you.

Consignment vs Selling Your Own RV

Consigning your RV through a dealership may be a better option for you if spending time haggling online isn’t your cup o’ tea.

Let’s say you’ve tried camping and you’re done with it, at least for now. You go to Facebook Marketplace and list your RV.

Your phone dings all day long with low ball offers and “willing to trade for my broken truck?”, “how are the tires?”, “is that your best price”, “what’s it weigh?”, “clean title?”, “How many miles?”, “Want to meet over by the dumpster at the abandoned Kmart so I can check it out?”

All this without any valid offers.

If you choose to sell your RV privately, you may use Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or RV Trader. You may have a seamless, easy sales process with these site.

Or it can turn into a chaotic mess.

You could receive several messages a day that end with you being annoyed at best and stuffed in an abandoned Kmart dumpster at worst. You’ll also need to find the extra time to meet with potential buyers – if you even get to that point.

When you consign your RV, the dealer handles all the questions, low-ball offers, appointments, and showings. This saves the worst parts for the people paid to deal with it.

Getting a Fair Price With RV Consignment

What you’ll make when your RV sells depends on your RV and the agreement you make with the dealership.

The agreement you sign will include the net amount you’ll receive when your RV sells. Net amount is the amount you take home.

Sometimes the dealer will have a hot buyer on the sales floor that wants your camper, but is offering under the sale price. The dealer will contact you if this comes up. If you’d like to sell faster, you can consider changing the originally agreed to price.

Because the dealer is doing prep and sales work they will take a portion of the sale. This may mean you make less than selling it yourself. Though you’ll save time and effort, so decide which is more important for you.

You May Make Take Home More $$

When you consign, you may take home more profit than you could selling your RV yourself.

  • A dealership has extra resources (professional photos, advertising, foot traffic, proper evaluation tools), so it’s also possible to take home more than you would selling privately.
  • The dealer does an inspection, which can give the RV buyer more confidence in the camper, and increase the RV’s value.
  • Without dealer tools, you may not get the same attention on your camper or know the exact value of it.

Example: You may post the RV privately for 20k. But if you consign, the dealer has the tools to know the exact value of your camper and they could sell it for more than you expected, which leaves you 21k in take home pay.

Learn more about the pros and cons of different ways to sell your RV.

You’ll Get More Eyes on Your RV With Consignment

Using a website to list your RV can get it seen by a lot of potential buyers, but your sale radius will be limited. Facebook Marketplace, for example, will limit you to a 100 mile radius.

If you consign your camper at a dealership like Bish’s RV, your RV will be listed on the dealer’s website.

We’ll use a good description of your RV and add nearly 100 photos you won’t have to take.

Bish’s has locations from Oregon to Virginia. Our market area allows thousands of eyes that are actually interested in buying an RV to see your camper.

We can also deliver your RV to any of the lower 48 states.

Financing is Simpler With RV Consignment

When you sell your RV privately, you’ll likely have to wait for the buyer to be approved for financing.

Most buyers don’t have the means to buy an RV outright with cash. Your buyer will probably need to go to their local bank, fill out a finance application, and then wait for approval. All this while you wait (and pass on possible offers), hoping they won’t flake or fail to get the financing.

At a dealer, your potential buyer will have access to in-house finance professionals who can have an approval within minutes.

At Bish’s, if we have a hot buyer on the floor before noon and they want to take the camper home that day, we have the ability to make it happen, and we do it all the time!

A Dealer Can Accept a Trade – And Give You Cash

Consigning through your local dealer may be a great option if you are completely done with camping, just want to get paid for your used RV, and have no desire to entertain any sort of trade.

Dealers can accept all sorts of trades. From trucks, boats, ATVs, and even motorcycles. A dealership can make the trades to get your deal to happen and you can end up with all of your cash and none of the hassle.

The Dealer Preps Your RV for Sale

Save yourself a weekend of work cleaning and prepping your camper with the RV consignment process.

The dealership will get your RV completely ready for photos and to show on the lot.

You will need to clear out any of your personal belongings that you would like to keep. The dealership will throw out anything left in the RV during the cleaning process.

Start RV Consignment With Bish’s RV

Now that you know more about consigning your RV you can decide if it’s the best decision for you.

If you would prefer consignment over navigating the murky waters of selling privately, Bish’s RV would love to take the stress off your shoulders and get that dusty RV off your driveway.

Contact our Professional Consignment team to start the process or to ask any questions you have about consignment!


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