How to Consign an RV

It can be an absolute pain to navigate the murky waters of selling your RV yourself through private marketplaces or even RV Trader. The infamous “Is this still available?”, followed by a low-ball offer or no response can get real old, real fast.

As RV experts, we experience the same issues selling consigned RVs, but it’s our job! Consigning your RV lets the professionals at a dealership remove that stressful weight from your shoulders, so you can carry on with your everyday life.

At Bish’s RV we help customers consign RVs every day. Here we will explain the consignment process, so you can have the confidence you need to know if it’s the right way for you to sell your RV.

How to Consign with Bish’s

*This process is very similar, if not the same, across most dealerships that run a consignment program*

  1. Fill out our consignment form and our professional consignment team will reach out to you directly
  2. Bish’s will assess your RV with an RV evaluation
  3. Agree on a value that your RV is worth
  4. Agree what you will receive for your RV
  5. Sign agreement documents at the dealership
  6. Remove your personal belongings from your trailer (no need to clean it, we’ll take care of that!) and bring it to dealership
  7. Relax and let Bish’s do the work to sell your RV

FYI, not every RV can be consigned. Your RV needs to be in desirable enough condition for buyers and to sell for an agreed on price. We will consider consigning any RV if we have the room and need for such a unit.

[If you are unsure your RV is in good enough shape to consign, contact our consignment team for an evaluation. Something like this to link to a contact page.

What Will I Make if I Consign?

We will work with you to agree on the net amount you will receive when your RV sells. The net amount is the amount you will walk away with once it’s sold.

We will bring all fair offers to the table. If we agree together that your unit will net you $30,000, but we have a buyer on the show floor offering just under the amount you want, we will call you and see if this is a route you want to take. We will keep the process transparent, so you can have the opportunity to decide what is best for you.

Do I Need Insurance While My RV is Being Consigned?

Yes! While your RV is on our lot, it’s still under your name as a consignor, so you will be responsible for any issues—like hail or wind damage. We’ll do all we can to protect your RV while on our lot, but incidents can still happen, so you’ll need to keep current insurance on the RV just in case.

Selling your RV yourself can be a pain in the neck. Bish’s would love to relieve that stress for you and help you sell your RV the easy way. If you feel like consignment is the answer to your private seller woes, we’d love to have the opportunity to help you.

Contact our Professional Consignment Team today to begin the process to consign your RV!

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