What is Jayco Jaycommand?

Jayco RVs are known for their quality and safety considerations. Jaycommand is a tech feature available in some Jayco RVs that adds even more peace of mind and comfort to your RVing adventures. You may wonder how this feature is different from other systems and if it’s a feature that matters to you. 

Having sold RVs for decades, we’ve watched as more and more technology has been added to RVs. We’ve seen the benefits technology can offer RV owners, so we want you to know how it can help you. 

Here we’ll explain the Jaycommand system and what it offers. Knowing the features you’ll get in your Jayco camper can help you decide for yourself if this technology is important in the RV you choose!  

What is Jaycommand?

Each RV Manufacturer has their own system for operating their RVs, whether it’s analog switches, tablets, or other electronic devices. Jaycommand is the operating system for many Jayco travel trailers (Jay Feather through the Eagle) and all Jayco fifth wheels. This interface operates the majority of the electric components in your Jayco trailer.

This operating system was originally created for Jayco’s fifth wheel lineup. By 2023, they’ve rolled it down as a standard feature in their White Hawk trailers. It’s an available option for Jay Feather and Jay Feather Micro trailers. 

What Does Jaycommand Do?

The Jaycommand app gives you the power to control elements of your RV directly from your phone through bluetooth. Most competitors’ tech systems operate slides, awnings, and lights, but Jayco takes it a step further.

Jaycommand allows you to see readings for your fridge temperatures (though you can’t control the fridge itself from your phone), tank levels, inside and outside temperatures, and tire pressure right on your phone. 

You can also control the water pump, water heater, AC/heat pump, auto leveling system, and individual slides from your phone with Jaycommand.  


Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Control

Adjust the thermostat even while you’re away from your RV. If you’re out on a hike, heading back to your camper, you can use Jaycommand to cool down or warm up your camper so it’s comfortable by the time you get back.

Light Controls

JayCommand can control your lights from anywhere. If you’re worried you left your lights on you can have peace of mind with the phone controls. 

You’ll also have the ability to dim the lights in the main ceiling, bedroom, and awning. This is a great option that makes it so you don’t have to use bright lights at night that might annoy campsite neighbors.  

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Jaycommand includes a true Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Other RV manufacturers have systems to monitor tire pressure, but they don’t all provide live updates. 

Some RVs have a panel with color caps to show a different color when you have low pressure. It’s better than nothing, but doesn’t help you when you’re traveling down the road and can’t see the caps. 

Jaycommand’s TPMS system monitors and provides live readings right to your phone even while you’re traveling. You’re much safer if you know there’s a tire problem before it’s critical. 

You’ll also get live heat and pressure updates about your tires from the TPMS system. Paired with Goodyear Endurance or Uniroyal tires, this is a dynamic duo that provides reassurance for you and your RV while you’re on the road. 

Tank Monitoring

Monitor the levels in your holding tanks from your phone. This is particularly helpful if you’ll be boondocking and won’t be hooked up to utilities. You can track how much fresh water you have left or if your gray/black tanks are getting full and need emptying before they back up into your trailer. 

Water Heater & Water Pump

Like the air/heat, you can turn the water heater and water pump on before you’re back to the camper. You’ll have warm water for the shower ready as soon as you step foot back in the RV. 

All Jayco fifth wheels and some of their travel trailers come with Jaycommand. Now that you know the benefits of this feature you can decide if this feature provides the peace of mind or comfort that you’re looking for in your Jayco RV. 

If you like these features, you can check out Jayco’s fifth wheel options and their travel trailers.

If you’re not sure what you need or have questions, we’d love to help you find the best RV for you! Reach out anytime to talk or meet with one of our no pressure sales outfitters.