Choosing the Perfect RV Chassis: Go Play RV’s Triple-Play Combo

Written by Greg Long

Choosing an RV can sometimes be like picking out a box of cereal in a large grocery store. It should be a no-brainer, right? But wait a minute… not so fast.

You go in confidently thinking, “I want something crunchy, maybe with a touch of fruitiness!”, or with your RV you think, “I know what floor plan I want, and I know what I’m towing it with!”

But then, you’re hit with the dreaded realization: do you really know your fiber from your flakes, or in RV construction terms, do you know your I-beams from your tube frames?

Row of Cereal Boxes in Grocery Store
With so many choices and options, choosing an RV can be like shopping for cereal.

Gulp. Suddenly, picking cereal— or an RV — seems like you’re cracking the Da Vinci Code.

But don’t hit the panic button just yet! Bish’s RV is here to save the day. With a whopping 35+ years in the RV biz, we know campers inside out. In fact, we geek out over RVs so much that we we get really excited talking about the chassis we chose for our own Go Play” travel trailer series.

By the end of this article, you’ll not only be an RV chassis whizz (it’s like being a cereal connoisseur, but cooler), but you’ll also have the confidence to choose the perfect chassis construction that suits your camping adventures.

Let’s dive into the world of RV chassis and learn why the Go Play Rolled I-Beam Chassis is the Breakfast Chassis of Champions.

Bish’s own Go Play experts, Jake and Mason, review the 3 factors that make Go Play Chassis strong.

Table of Contents

Understanding Chassis Construction

What is Standard I-Beam Chassis

What is-Channel Chassis

What is Tube Chassis

What is Rolled I-Beam Chassis

Why Bish’s RV Chose Rolled I-Beam Chassis For Go Play RVs

Understanding Your RV’s Chassis: It’s Not Just About the Build!

Next Steps: Choosing Your Camper with the 3 Must-Have Chassis Features

There are 8 Go Play floor plans to choose from. Read our article to find out Which Go Play is Right for You?

The Backbone of Your RV: Understanding Chassis Construction

RV travel trailer frame

When diving into the world of RVs, it’s easy to get swept up by all the glitz and glamour of sleek designs, modern appliances, and cozy interiors. But beneath all that shine lies the unsung hero of your mobile home-base: the chassis.

Much like a strong spine supports our body, a well-constructed chassis forms the backbone of every RV. It’s the foundation that ensures stability, safety, and the overall longevity of your vehicle.

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Standard I-Beam Chassis: Cost Effective But Limited Purposes

  • What is a Standard I-Beam Chassis?
    Standard I-beams, at first glance, can be mistaken for rolled I-beams. However, unlike the single forged steel construction of the rolled I-beam, the standard I-beam is crafted from three pieces of flat iron, welded together to resemble the shape of an “I”.

  • Standard I-Beam Performance & Issues:
    While this method might be more cost-effective, standard I-beams are fundamentally more vulnerable to the rigor of the road which can negatively impact your RV’s lifespan. Furthermore, its 90-degree construction allows water to accumulate, leading to potential corrosion problems.

Standard I-Beam chassis are good choices for: people looking for low cost RVs who plan on using them on paved roads and have a place to keep them dry.

C-Channel Chassis: A Mid-Grade Chassis

sample of c-channel beam
Sample C-Channel Beam
  • What is a C-Channel Chassis?
    C-Channel chassis employs steel channel beams shaped like the letter ‘C’. It resembles half of an I-Beam, making it a lighter and more economical option.

  • C-Channel Performance & Issues:
    Although the C-Channel chassis is lighter in weight and offers some resistance to water accumulation, its strength doesn’t match up to that of the I-Beam. In fact, most manufacturers have transitioned away from C-Channel chassis due to their inability to support heavy loads.

C-Channel chassis are a good choice for: someone who plans on using their RV occasionally on the weekends and for short trips in the summer months.

Tube Chassis: Lightweight For Small Vehicle Towing

sample of rectangular tube beam
  • What is a Tube Chassis?
    Tube framing involves using hollow rectangular steel tubes, trading strength for lightweight construction and flexibility.

  • Tube Chassis Performance & Issues: Tube chassis can hinder the towing experience due to its flexible nature, causing the RV to jitter and wobble while on the move. However, they are popular amongst hyper-lite trailers, whose build is centered around being as light as possible.

Tube Chassis are a good choice for: someone looking for a light-weight RV to tow with their car, SUV, or small truck.

Rolled I-Beam Chassis: The Ultimate Choice for RVs

  • What is a Rolled I-Beam Chassis?
    Rolled I-Beams involve shaping steel into the form of an ‘I’, resulting in a strong load-bearing structure. This process produces the strongest chassis type for RVs.

  • Performance & Benefits: Because of its superior strength, stability, and durability, the rolled I-beam chassis offers about 20-25% more strength than standard I-beams. Furthermore, it provides effective rust prevention due to its rolled shaping, allowing water to slide off instead of pooling.

Rolled I-Beam chassis are good choice for: those who want to go off the beaten path and use their RVs more frequently on longer excursions.

sample of rolled i-beam
Sample of a Rolled I-Beam

The Go Play Rolled I-Beam Chassis is Strong!
See Go Play RV Pricing and Availability.

Why Bish’s RV Chose the Rolled I-Beam Chassis for Go Play RVs

Go Play 26BH with Josh the RV Nerd
The Go Play 26BH: The Camper Josh the RV Nerd says he would pick for himself.

At Bish’s RV, our mission is to deliver excellence. We proudly equip our Go Play RVs with the rolled I-Beam chassis, ensuring they have a solid foundation.

This choice isn’t merely about cost-cutting, but more about our commitment to providing you with a high-quality product.

If you compare structures globally, you’ll find many iconic ones, like the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, relying on rolled I-beam construction. These marvels have resisted the tests of time and Mother Nature’s fury.

In the long-run, investing in a rolled I-beam chassis means you are investing in the safety, durability, and peace of mind for all your future RV adventures. 

Empire State Building construction worker
Empire State Building used Rolled I-Beams
Golden Gate Bridge under construction
Golden Gate Bridge made with Rolled I-Beams

Understanding Your RV’s Chassis: It’s Not Just About the Build!

Go Play RV being pulled by truck

When we talk about the base or “chassis” of an RV, it’s not just about how it’s made. The paint or “coating” and the shape of the chassis are super important too. Both of these things help your camper last longer and make your trips safer.

Powder Coating: The Robust Protective Shield

  • What is Powder Coating?
    Powder coating is an advanced protective layer applied to the chassis of RVs. It safeguards the exposed metal components of the RV against corrosive materials commonly encountered on the road such as salt, water, dirt, and grime.

  • Why Powder Coating Over Traditional Painting?
    While there are multiple protective coatings available in the RV industry, traditional painting can pose a risk. Air bubbles may rise to the surface during the painting process and pop, leaving tiny exposed areas on the metal.

    To prevent this, Bish’s RV has chosen the powder coating method for the Go Play RVs. This process involves placing a bare chassis inside a chamber, applying a negative electrical charge to it, and then spraying positively charged powder from an electrostatic gun.

    The result? Comprehensive coverage, leaving no vulnerable spots.

  • Setting the Powder Coat for Lasting Protection:
    Once the powder is applied, it’s baked in a large oven. As the powder melts, it forms a complete, protective layer around the chassis. Upon cooling, it solidifies into a sturdy, long-lasting shield against potential corrosion and damage.
powder coating being sprayed on frame
Powder Coating is an Extra Layer of Protection

The Cambered Chassis: Ensuring Optimal Weight Distribution

  • What does “Camber” mean?
    If you’ve ever noticed an empty 18-wheeler on the road, its bed might resemble a slight arch or “frowny face”. That’s a camber, the slight bend is designed for effective weight distribution when loaded.

  • The Go Play RV’s Unique Camber:
    Bish’s RV’s Go Play model employs a reverse camber — a “smiley face” design.

    The peak of this design is strategically positioned where the axle placement is, given that’s where most of the RV’s weight sits. Thus, as the RV is loaded with various components and equipment, the weight is evenly distributed across the chassis to ensure optimal performance.

  • Benefits of a Reverse Camber: The reverse camber not only ensures weight is evenly distributed but also adds to the RV’s stability, particularly when going off-road or camping near challenging terrains like river edges.

    This design enhances the flexibility of the RV and allows you to go wherever adventure calls you.

Why Bish’s RV Made These Strong Choices for Go Play RV Chassis

Go Play travel trailer outside

Bish’s RV has always been committed to longevity, flexibility, and ensuring campers can create lasting memories with their loved ones. Here’s why we chose these 3 specific features for our Go Play Chassis:

  • Rolled I-Beam Construction:
    This is the backbone of the Go Play RV, providing unparalleled strength and durability.

  • Powder Coat:
    By opting for powder coating, we aim to shield your RV against the harshest elements, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

  • Reverse Camber:
    Our unique camber design guarantees that the Go Play RV remains stable, no matter how or where you load it, granting you the freedom to venture off the beaten path.

In essence, these decisions were not merely based on cutting costs but were driven by our dedication to ensuring our customers have a seamless and memorable camping experience.

The 8 Go Play travel trailers in a line
The 8 Go Play Models are available exclusively at Bish’s RV

Next Steps: Choosing Your Camper with the 3 Must-Have Chassis Features

Just like you’re a pro at selecting your morning cereal (no more waffling between crispy or flaky choices!), you’re now equipped to navigate the world of camper chassis. 

Camper shaped like a box of cereal
When having to choose a camper and a box of cereal collide.

Remember, RV selection isn’t just about today, but also about all the tomorrows on the open road. At Bish’s RV, we’re more than just sellers; we’re passionate RV users and we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you want to know about Go Play travel trailers or any other RV-related topic, our doors and inboxes are always open.

Go Play RVs are available Exclusively at Bishs RV

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