Go Play Warranty and Free Service Benefits

RVing. It’s freeing, it’s exhilarating, but it’s not without worries and problems. If you’ve seen Go Play travel trailers – the first RVs in Bish’s exclusive Wayfinder series – you may be pretty excited about the build quality and low price. But, you weren’t born yesterday, so you know that all RVs eventually have something break or go wrong.  

Not only weren’t you born yesterday, but a magic genie probably didn’t drop the money for an RV into your lap. You worked hard to get to this point, so you need to know what your new Go Play RV’s warranty covers and what service support Bish’s will provide after you’ve purchased your camper. 

Here we’ll explain the warranty included with each Wayfinder Go Play travel trailer and the exclusive service benefits Bish’s includes with your purchase. You can use this information to decide for yourself whether a Go Play travel trailer is an RV you can trust to get you on the road making memories for years to come.  

Go Play Travel Trailer Warranty: 1 year limited + 3 year structural 

1 Year Limited Warranty:  

This covers defects or issues that show up during the first year you own your RV. This covers the cost of parts and labor to repair or replace any components that are defective or don’t work correctly because of a manufacturing defect. 

Your limited warranty doesn’t cover problems caused by negligence, error, children with baseball bats, lack of maintenance, or parts damaged by wear – things like brakes and tires.  

3 Year Structural Warranty:  

Covers the structural elements in your RV. This includes the frame, roof, walls, and floor. The manufacturer will cover the cost to repair or replace any structural issues that appear within the first 3 years of owning the RV. 

If there are manufacturing issues Bish’s service technicians will perform the warranty work at no added cost to you.  

Free VIP Bishfix Access for Go Play— A Direct Line to Nationwide Service Support

Bishfix is a VIP service line that makes it possible to get your camper fixed faster and keep it from wasting away on dealer lots or in service centers all summer.  

It’s pretty much a given that to use an RV is to break an RV . . . at least eventually.  

RV manufacturers all take different steps to ensure your RV is road ready and will stand up to most of the beatings it’ll take. Things like – bouncy highway travel, extreme weather, rough terrain, and wear and tear from use.

But, even still, eventually something will break.  

It’s unfortunate, but it’s impossible to prevent every issue on something as big and complex as a travel trailer.   So, what do you do when something goes wrong with your RV? 

RVers know the story all too well. You call the dealership and they ask you to make the trek to the service center to drop off your RV.  

You wait for the camper to be looked at.  

Wait for a diagnosis. 

Wait for warranty claims to be submitted. 

Wait for approvals or denials.  

Wait for parts.  

Wait for service.  

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.  

All of this can take weeks or even months! You see the summer adventures and memories you were going to make fade away while you wait and make payments on an RV that’s sitting at a service center not even being used.  

Man lives life of quiet desperation while his RV is parked at a service center all summer.

No. Thanks.  

This nasty status quo for RV service is not good. You need something that gets you back on the road faster with less hassle. 

RV service is a tough nut for RV companies to crack between labor shortages and high service demands. You deserve something better and, we’re not perfect, but, at Bish’s, we’re working hard to find ways to keep you on the road.  

This is why all Go Play owners receive free access to our new Bishfix service.  

If something isn’t working on your Go Play you can call the VIP phone line. A real, human, master RV technician will answer the phone and work with you – wherever you are – to get your RV working again.  

30% of the time Bishfix’s master service technicians can walk you through a fix of your RV over the phone or a video call. 70% of the time after that they can diagnose and authorize warranty work – all without you ever stepping foot in a dealership or service center.  

Now here’s where’s it get fun!

We’ll send a qualified technician to you — or you’ll only be asked to bring in your RV if parts are in and service is ready for it, or in a more difficult, minority of cases when your RV can’t be diagnosed via video chat.  

Qualified technicians all over the country can finalize these repairs and get you back on the road quickly so you can get back to camping with your family and friends.

You’ll have free access to Bishfix for as long as you own your Go Play RV.  

Free Diamond Club Membership

Every Go Play RV also comes with free membership to Bish’s Diamond Club.  

Our Diamond Club can save you thousands of dollars because it includes free annual winterizations, free annual inspections, parts and accessories discounts, labor discounts on service, and even more.  

Purchasing any new or used RV from Bish’s gets you free access to these perks for as long as you own your RV.  

Diamond Club Benefits at Bish's RV. 1 year benefits include emergency roadside and towing, technical service, concierge service, discounts on embrace pet insurance, gas buddy, and harvest host, RV life membership. A lifetime benefit of $30 per hour labor rate discount, free annual inspection, free rv winterization, trade-in voucher, parts and accessories discount.

How Can I Get a Go Play RV?

We want you to feel comfortable getting out and making happy memories in your RV. If you’ve decided Go Play RVs have the warranty and extra service support you need, then Go Play may be the right choice for you.  

Read full reviews of our 2 most popular Go Play RVs:  

Learn what a Go Play Travel Trailer costs: 

If you think the Go Play is right for you or you have more questions – we’d love to help! Our RV experts can answer your questions or walk you through the ordering process.  

Contact us online or you can work directly with a Go Play expert by calling or texting (844)-646-7529 anytime. 

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