Brinkley RV Z 3110 5th Wheel: A Comprehensive Review

Written by Greg Long

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How Much Does a Brinkley Model Z 3110 Cost?

MSRP: – $106,195

Brinkley’s Advertising Rules only allow dealers to advertise the MSRP price online. However, you can click on our dealer listing and get our specific dealer price.

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Keep reading to see all of the features that put it at that price point.

Z 3110 Manufacturer’s Pricing Restrictions

– MSRP Only
– Minimum Advertising Price (MAP)
– No Restrictions

All RV Manufacturers set pricing guidelines that RV dealers must follow. The Z 3110 has a “MSRP Only” pricing restriction set by Brinkley.

This means RV dealers, like Bish’s RV, are only allowed to advertise the MSRP price. (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price — a price set by Brinkley RV)

The actual sales price for the Z 3110 at most RV dealerships will be less than the advertised MSRP price.

See the Best Price

Read our article, A Dealer’s Online Price Isn’t Always the Lowest Price to learn more about manufacturer pricing restrictions and how you can get the lowest price.

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Pricing Tiers for Fifth Wheels

Fifth-wheels are priced in groups (or tiers) by their features and pricing loads. Bish’s RV has 5 tiers of fifth-wheels.

Pricing Tier Price Range (MSRP)
Comfort   —  Less than $54,000
Comfort+  —  $54,000 – $80,999
Premium   —  $81,000 – $107,999
Luxury   —  $108,000 – $134,999
Prestige   —  $135,000 or more

We have organized our RVs using these tiers to make it easier for you to find similar RVs to the ones that you are interested and compare them.

Look for these pricing tier tags on our RVs.


The Brinkley Model Z 3110 is a Premium-Tier 5th wheel.

To compare this Brinkley to other Premium-Tier RVs click Premium below.

Pricing Tier Price Range (MSRP)
⬜ Comfort   —  Less than $54,000
⬜ Comfort+  —  $54,000 – $80,999
Premium   —  $81,000 – $107,999
⬜ Luxury   —  $108,000 – $134,999
Prestige   —  $135,000 or more

Josh the RV Nerd‘s video review of the Brinkley Z 3110

Brinkley Z 3110 Table of Contents

Price of a Brinkley Z 3110

What is a Brinkley Z 3110 5th Wheel

Overview and Specs

Living Area


Private Bunkhouse




Electrical and Solar

Exterior Features

Chassis and Suspension

Brinkley Z 3110 Pros and Cons

RVs Similar to the Z 3110

Where to Buy a Brinkley Z 3110

interior of Z 3110 RV
side view of Z 3110 5th wheel

What is a Brinkley RV Z 3110 5th Wheel?

For those who are in awe of the Model Z Air 295 travel trailer (I confess, I am) but are wanting something bigger, the Brinkley RV Z 3110 5th Wheel might just be the answer. This new addition to the Model Z 5th Wheel family might only be mid-sized, but it feels like a full-size feature-packed giant.

As someone who has reviewed hundreds of RVs, I’ve seen every kind of design and option imaginable, yet Brinkley continues to surprise me with its innovative features.

From its unique bunkhouse design that offers a new level of privacy for larger families to the smart use of electronic gate valves for easy waste handling, the Z 3110 is a thoughtfully crafted, versatile option in mid-size RVs

In this review, we’ll dive deep into the specifics of the Brinkley Z 3110, so you can decide if it’s the best 5th wheel for your future camping adventures.

Interior of Z 3110 with text "Floor Flush Opposing Slides"

To find out how to get the lowest price available from an RV dealer, read How to Buy an RV for the Best Price.

Z 3110 Overview and Specs

Floor Plan of Brinkley RV Z 3110

The Brinkley RV Z 3110 has a well-designed floorplan that does a great job of balancing the use of space with the need for utility.

It features a double-over-double bunkhouse in the rear, providing a large sleeping area that even has a door for added privacy. In the front, the master bedroom has a standard queen-size bed with lots of large storage options.

All-in-all, the layout of the Z 3110 provides easy access to shared living essentials and has much-needed private spaces for winding down after a long day of outdoor adventuring.

Brinkley RV Logo

Z 3110 Weights and Measures

  • Empty Weight: 12,146 lbs
  • Cargo Rating: 3,349 lbs
  • Max Weight: 15,495 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 2,168 lbs
  • Total Length: 34’11”
  • Body Width: 8’0”
  • Height: 13′ 2″
  • Awnings: 14′ & 8′ 6″
  • Fresh Water: 75 gal
  • Gray Water: True 90 gal (45 + 45)
  • Black Water: 45 gal
  • A/C: 31,500 BTU
  • Solar: 370w/50a
  • Tires: 17.5″ H

Weight may vary based on options.

If you want to learn more about floor Plans, check out our detailed Floor Plan Guide: What do the Numbers and Letters in an RV Model Number Mean?

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Living area

Z 3110 Living Room

Living area of Z 3110

The living space in the Z 3110 is set up so the whole family has a place to sit when hanging out inside.

With a removable dinette table, and an elevating Smart TV — you can set up the inside of your camper however you like.

There is tons of storage space, lots of seating, and with the cushioned reclining theater seats and the tri-fold sofa, you can invite extra friends or family to camp with you and have a place for them to sleep, no problem.

Z 3110 Living Room Features

  • Fabric Sofa / Tri-Fold Hide-a-Bed Sleeper: Fabric sofas in RVs are rare these days, and this one is stylish. (Comes with Scotchgard protection).
  • Theater Seating: Big Comfy heated and reclining seating (Sofa and Chair) with USB and USB-C ports and wireless charge pad
  • Removable Dinette Table: A table when you need, remove when you need more space
  • Overhead Cabinet Storage: Including large rear overhead cabinets above the sofa
  • Telescoping 50” Bluetooth Smart TV: Wired into the Z 3110’s sound system
  • Electric Space-Heating Fireplace: For warm, cozy nights inside

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Z 3110 Kitchen

Z 3110 Kitchen

If you like to cook, you are going to love the Z 3110’s kitchen. With state-of-the-art appliances and tons of counter space, you have all the conveniences of your home kitchen with you on the road.

Like the other models in the Z line of 5th wheels, the Z 3110 has a massive 84″ pantry with adjustable shelves. In addition there are cabinets and drawers galore, including a built-in spice rack drawer, a stow-and-go paper towel roller and sliding out dual trash cans. This kitchen has it all!

Z 3110 Kitchen Features

  • 30” Microwave: Perfect for quick meals or heating up snacks.
  • 16 Cubic Foot Refrigerator: Lots of space, so you can stock up for extended road trips.
  • Farm House Sink: Coupled with a convenient roller cover so you use the space to clean or cook.
  • 84” Pantry with Adjustable Shelves: The impressively large pantry, featuring adjustable shelves, offers versatile storage options.
  • Built-In Spice Rack Drawer: This handy spice rack drawer keeps your spices organized and easily accessible.
  • Dual Pull-Out Trash Bins: The dual trash bin system, conveniently tucked away, makes waste management easy.
  • Pull-Out Pet Dishes: Integrated into the design, these pull-out pet dishes easily tuck away when not in use.

Z 3110 Private Bunkhouse

Z 3110 Bunkhouse privacy Door

The Z 3110 distinguishes itself from the others in the line of Model Z 5th wheels with its unique bunkhouse design.

Unlike the Brinkley 3610, which features a middle bunk bonus room, the Z 3110 offers a dedicated, private “true” bunkhouse. This rear bunkhouse room comes with it’s own privacy door, which is rare in bunkhouses — which usually only have a privacy curtain at best.

The Z 3110’s double-over-double bunk layout is well-suited for families or groups.

Each bunk is equipped with its own window and includes convenient outlet placements and integrated entertainment options. The top bunk even has a tv so the kids can stream movies or play games while the rest of the family uses the main living area

Z 3110 Bathroom

Z 3110 bathroom

Like the other rooms in the Z 3110, the bathroom is huge. But it’s not just the amount of room you have in the bathroom; it’s all the little details that add up to a big win for Brinkley.

From quad-sprayer shower head and the foot-flush toilet, to the huge amount of counter space and powerful ventilation fan, the bathroom in the Z 3100 is just as comfortable as the other areas of this luxury camper.

Z 3110 Bathroom Features

  • Marine-Grade Shower Light: Water-resistant and durable light fixture, providing bright illumination in wet conditions.
  • Backlit Recessed Medicine Cabinet: A stylish, space-saving cabinet with soft backlighting, ideal for storing toiletries.
  • Porcelain Foot-Flush Toilet: A high-quality toilet with a foot pedal flush system, offering a more hygienic and convenient bathroom experience.
  • Glass Sliding Shower Door: Elegant and easy-to-clean sliding door, adding a modern touch to the shower space.
  • Residential Shower Head with Quad Sprayers: Offers a luxurious shower experience with multiple spray options for maximum comfort.
  • Oversized Linen Closet: Spacious storage for linens and bathroom essentials, ensuring everything is neatly organized and accessible.

Z 3110 Bedroom

The bedroom of the Z 3110 features a standard 60″ x 80″ true queen bed, offering a comfortable sleeping area. The bed is situated in a north-south arrangement, optimizing the use of space in the bedroom.

On either side of the bed, there are nightstands equipped with both household and USB outlets.

The bedroom’s has a sizable closet and also a dresser, providing lots of storage for belongings. The closet, extending into the bedroom slide, maximizes space without encroaching on the room’s livability.

While this model isn’t designed for washer-dryer compatibility, its layout focuses on keeping the RV functional, shorter, and lighter.

Z 3110 Bedroom Features

  • True Queen Bed: Standard 60×80 inch size, providing comfortable sleeping space.
  • North-South Bed Arrangement: Enhances room functionality and space management.
  • Wardrobe closet with Dresser: Spacious storage for your personal belongings
  • Dual Nightstands: Provides convenient bedside storage and easy access on both sides of the bed.
  • Overhead Storage Cabinets: Because you can’t have enough storage in your bedroom.
  • Swivel Mounted TV: Offers flexible viewing angles, enhancing entertainment options in the bedroom.
  • Tall Upper Deck: Offers a roomy feel, especially beneficial for taller individuals.
  • Nightstands with Power Outlets: Feature both household and USB outlets for convenience.
  • Integrated Lighting: Strategically placed for ambiance and practicality.

See Brinkley Z 3110 Lower than MSRP Pricing and Availability.

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Z 3110 Mega-Storage

front storage pass thru Z 3110

The old saying, “You can never have too much storage” rings especially true with the Z 3110. This mid-size fifth wheel expertly maximizes every inch, utilizing space like a boss!

Z 3110 Interior Storage

The Brinkley Z 3110’s interior is equipped to carry all the essentials for RV living.

From the bedroom’s spacious closet and under-bed storage. to the kitchen’s large pantry and the living area’s cabinets, there is a dedicated place to store all your must-have belongings.

Z 3110 Exterior Storage

Externally, the key storage feature is the large rear trunk, providing a generous area for bulkier items such as outdoor furniture, sports equipment, and camping gear.

This is complemented by the front pass-through storage compartment, accessible from both sides of the RV, offering additional space for items that need to be easily reachable from outside.

Along with these main storage areas, the RV includes several smaller compartments around its exterior, perfect for storing tools, outdoor accessories, and convenient maintenance items.

Solar and Air

Z 3110 Electrical and Solar

solar panels of Z 3110 5th Wheel

The Z 3110 comes equipped with a heavy-hitting 370-watt solar package, ready for any additional power needs you might have, offering flexibility in energy options. It’s inverter prepped, meaning if you want to install an inverter to run power to your outlets via solar, it’s an easy process.

Josh the RV Nerd likes to call the air conditioning system a “31,500btu high-efficiency cooling system.”

For the living room, kitchen and bunkhouse there’s an 18,000btu direct cooling unit, which is quite unique. This setup, with minimal duct work in the ceiling, ensures that all the cool air is channeled directly into the living areas, exactly where it’s most needed.

This means the air doesn’t lose its coolness by traveling through ducts in the attic space. The largest A/C unit is logically placed in the biggest room.

For the bedroom and bathroom, these areas share a 13,500btu mini-ducted system. Given their smaller size, they cool down more efficiently. The short duct running from the bedroom’s air unit to the bathroom is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in both spaces.

An additional smart “solar feature” in the Z 3110 is seen in its window shades, which have a reflective radiant barrier backing. This innovative touch helps reduce heat transfer or cold drafts through the windows, playing a significant role in the RV’s energy efficiency and overall comfort.

Z 3110 Electrical and Solar Features

  • 370 Watt Solar Panel: A high-capacity solar panel that harnesses solar energy efficiently, ideal for off-grid camping and reducing reliance on external power sources.
  • 50 Amp MMPT Solar Controller (Inverter Prep & Lithium Ready): Advanced solar controller designed for optimal energy management, prepped for inverter installation and compatible with lithium battery setups for enhanced power storage.
  • Front Storage with Space and Accommodations for Up to 5.5k Generator: Spacious front storage area specifically designed to house a generator up to 5.5k, providing ample power backup for all your RV needs.
  • 2nd Smaller AC dedicated to Bedroom and Bathroom: An additional air conditioning unit dedicated to the rear rooms, ensures targeted cooling and enhanced comfort in the back of the camper.
  • Wire Conduit for Aftermarket Upgrades: Built-in wire conduit makes it easier to add aftermarket upgrades and modifications, offering a seamless and safe way to enhance the RV’s capabilities.
  • Window Shades Backed with Reflective Radiant Barrier: The window shades feature a reflective barrier that significantly reduces heat transfer, helping maintain a comfortable temperature inside the RV while also conserving energy.
exterior text

Z 3110 Exterior 

3/4 view of Brinkley RV Z 3110

The Z 3110 is a mid-size 5th wheel with all the exterior features you’d expect in a larger luxury camper.

One thing you can confidently say about Brinkley’s Model Z 5th wheel’s exterior is they look fantastic — very modern and stylish. When the Z 3100, the first Model Z came out, many other RV makers took notice and are now trying to copy the look of the ModeI Zs, but none have yet quite pull off the same iconic look.

In addition to two campside awnings, this fifth wheel’s exterior has all kinds of great features that ensure you have plenty of reasons to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Z 3110 Exterior Features

  • Dual Power Awnings with LED Lighting: The Z 3110 features two automatic awnings, each equipped with LED lighting, providing ample shade and a well-lit outdoor area for evening activities.
  • Azdel Walls: The Z3110 is constructed with Azdel composite walls, offering superior durability, moisture resistance, and lighter weight compared to traditional materials, enhancing both the longevity and efficiency of the RV.
  • Back-up Camera and Wireless Monitor: Enhance your safety with a back-up camera system that includes a wireless monitor, making reversing and parking the RV easier and safer.
  • 2 Hot/Cold Showers (Each Side of Coach): Conveniently placed on each side of the coach, these external showers offer both hot and cold water, ideal for outdoor rinsing or showering.
  • Entry Steps with Motion Lights: The RV’s entry steps are equipped with motion-sensing lights, providing safe and illuminated access during the night.
  • Keyless Entry: For added security and convenience, the Z3110 features a keyless entry system, allowing easy access without the need for traditional keys.
  • Heavy-Duty Reinforced Low Maintenance Roof: The roof of the Z3110 is built with heavy-duty materials, designed for low maintenance and enhanced durability against various weather conditions.
  • Liquid Propane Quick Connect: This handy feature allows for easy connection of external propane appliances, such as grills or outdoor stoves, enhancing your outdoor cooking experience.

Z 3110 Chassis and Suspension

Between the heavy-duty 17.5” luxury wheels and the wide-stance 6-point leveling jacks, the Z 3110 is stable and sturdy. You’re definitely going to feel secure, whether you’re rolling down the highway or camping in the wild.

Z 3110 Chassis and Suspension Features

  • Commercial Grade H-Rated 16 Ply Cooper Tires: Built to handle heavy loads, offering superior durability and reliability.
  • 17.5” Custom Aluminum Luxury Wheels: Not only enhance the RV’s stylish look, but also provide strength and stability for highway-speed travels.
  • Monotube Chassis: Optimal support and stability, giving you a smoother ride and prolonged durability.
  • Wide-Stance 6-point Hydraulic Leveling Jacks: Provide a stable foundation for the RV, ensuring it remains level and secure.
  • Heavy Duty Axles with 8,000 lbs Leaf Springs: Designed to carry heavy loads with ease, contributing to a smooth towing experience.
  • 3,298 lbs of Gross Capacity: Able to handle substantial weight, making it suitable for carrying all your essentials and more.
  • 2” Tow-Ready Receiver Hitch: Conveniently designed for towing additional gear or small vehicles.
Tires of Z 3110

Z 3110 PROS and CONS

When considering investing a large amount of money on ar RV like the Brinkley Z 3110 5th Wheel, it’s important to weigh the advantages and drawbacks.

Knowing the pros and cons helps you make an informed decision, ensuring that your choice aligns with your lifestyle, travel needs, and budget.

Let’s dive into the key benefits and potential drawbacks of the Z 3110 to see if it’s the right fit for you.

interior of Z 3110 5th wheel

PROS of the Z 3110

  • Innovative Bunkhouse Design: The Z 3110 features a unique bunkhouse layout that offers enhanced privacy and comfort, making it ideal for families or groups.
  • Efficient Storage Solutions: Both interior and exterior storage options are thoughtfully designed, maximizing space utilization and keeping belongings organized.
  • High Upper Deck Clearance: The taller ceiling in the upper deck area provides a spacious feel, particularly beneficial for taller individuals.
  • Suitable for Extended Living: With its spacious interior, large storage areas, and high-end features, the Z 3110 is perfectly designed for extended living, making it a great choice for long-term travelers or full-time RVers.
  • Advanced Technology and Comfort: The RV is at the cutting edge of technology, featuring a 370-watt solar panel, wireless backup camera, and keyless entry, all contributing to a convenient and modern living experience.

CONS of the Z 3110:

  • Price Point: As a premium mid-size RV, the Z 3110 may come with a higher price tag, potentially making it less accessible for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Bedroom Features: Unlike some other models, the Z 3110’s bedroom does not support washer-dryer compatibility, which might be a drawback for long-term travelers.
  • Size and Maneuverability: While being a mid-size RV, it still requires a suitable towing vehicle and may present challenges in tighter spaces or for less experienced drivers.
  • Maintenance Requirements: With its advanced features and technologies, the Z 3110 may require more maintenance and upkeep than simpler models.
  • No Factory-Installed Generator: The absence of a pre-installed generator means additional setup for those requiring off-grid power capabilities.

Compare the Z 3110 to other tier 5th Wheels

The Brinkley Model Z is priced as a premium-tier 5th wheel. You may want to compare to a less expensive comfort+ tier or look at a higher-priced luxury 5th wheel.

It’s important to do your research and compare prices and features so you can find the right RV the first time without any regrets.

Comparing the Z 3110 to Similar RVs

2024 Brinkley
Model Z 3110

(Premium Tier)
2024 Forest River
Cherokee Arctic
Wolf 278BHS

(Comfort+ Tier)
2024 GRAND
Solitude 310GK

(Luxury Tier)
Empty Weight (lbs)12,146 ▼ 8,293▼ 12,100
Cargo Weight (lbs)3,349 ▼ 2,002▼ 2,900
Max Weight (lbs)15,495▼ 10,295▼ 15,000
Hitch Weight (lbs)2,168 ▼ 1,310▲ 2,350
Length34′ 11″▼ 34′ 2″▶ 34′ 11″ 
Height13’ 2″▼12′ 11”▲ 13′ 5”
Width8’▶ 8′▶ 8’ 0”
Ceiling Height6′ 9″▼ 6′ 6″▼ 6′ 8″
Awning14′ + 8′ 6″▼ 20′▲ 16′ + 10’4″
Fresh Water Capacity75 ▲ 81 ▲ 93
Black Water Capacity45▼ 35 ▲ 53
Gray Water Capacity90 ▼ 70▲ 106
MSRP$106,195$68,165 $126,429

* Prices vary by location. Please reach out to a Bish’s outfitter for accurate pricing by clicking below.

Z 3110 Floor Plans
Brinkley RV Model Z 3110

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Why Customers Travel to Buy From Bish’s RV

  1. Availability: Bish’s strives to carry industry leading brands and floorplans and to stock them at appropriate levels to ensure availability as much as possible

  2. Our Low Price Is the Price: While many competitors may lure you in with a really low price, but add thousands of additional dollars in charges for things like Freight & Prep. The price you see on our RVs is the price you pay. The only fees not represented in our prices are fees that vary by state, like Sales Tax, Registration, title and documentary fees. Once we find out what state you are from, we will gladly figure that out and get you an all inclusive price!
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  4. Exclusive BishFix RV Service: The traditional RV Service model is broken and leaves customers’ RVs tied up in service centers for far too long. Our exclusive industry-first service solution allows us to service your RV needs quickly, coast to coast and anywhere in between.

Pre-Order a Brinkley Z 3110

Although the Brinkley Z 3110 is just being shown to the public, you are still able to pre-order one through RV dealers like Bish’s RV.

As mentioned, the MSRP is $106,195, but you can get a special introductory price if you pre-order one from Bish’s before inventory becomes available.

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