Alliance Travel Trailer – Delta 262RB First Look Review!

Alliance RV Delta 262RB Travel Trailer – Sneak Peek Full Review

Did you ever see a fifth wheel camper and wish there was a similar travel trailer? If so, you’re in luck!

Alliance RV is best known for their high-quality fifth wheels, like their Avenue and Paradigm fifth wheel brands. After numerous requests from the RV community, Alliance RV has finally brought their quality RV craftsmanship to a new line of travel trailers– Alliance Delta Travel Trailers.

Alliance RV is not breaking new ground with never-before-seen floor plans, but they are putting their signature well-thought out designs and features into these travel trailers that give them a luxury fifth wheel look and feel that will appeal to many.

In this review we will take a deep dive into the Alliance Delta 262RB travel trailer, so you can decide if the Delta 262RB is the right travel trailer for you.

Bish’s own Josh the RV nerd was granted special early access to see the Alliance Delta travel trailer prototypes – and what he saw blew him away.

The Alliance Delta 262RB Travel Trailer

This Alliance Delta 262RB Review will cover

Delta 262RB Price Tag

Alliance Delta 262RB Travel Trailer Price Range:

$43,000 – $57,000

Although the Delta 262RB has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $54,405 MSRP, most RV dealers, like Bish’s RV, are able to sell it for less than the MSRP price.

Prices vary for the Alliance Delta 262RB, based on the size of the dealer, where the dealer is located and current market conditions.

To find out all the factors that affect the price you see advertised for an RV, check out our article, Why Do RV Dealers Have Different Prices For the Same RV?

The Alliance Delta 262RB Travel Trailer

Delta 262RB Overview and Specs

Weights and Measures

  • Hitch Weight: 640 lbs
  • Max Weight: 8,850 lbs
  • Empty Weight: 6,140 lbs
  • Total Length: 29’7”
  • Height: Not Yet Determined
  • Body Width: 8’0”
  • Fresh Water: 45 gal
  • Grey Water: 90 gal
  • Black Water: 45 gal

    At the time of this report, not all the information regarding the Delta 262RB has been released. We will update this article as the information becomes available.

Highlights and Features

  • Double Pass-Thru Storage/Convenience Center
  • Multi-Point Hot/Cold Outside Showers
  • Hot/Cold Camp Rated Setup
  • True Queen-Sized Bed
  • Carpetless and Ventless Floor
  • Maximized Storage
  • Extra-Large Grill/Griddle Combo

Points to Consider

  • Bedroom Lost w/Slide Closed
  • Limited Camp-Side Windows
  • Small Vent Fans

Delta 262RB Living Room

The 262RB is a good trailer for couples and small families. It has a lot of living space. You and your guests will have plenty of lounging area and not be cramped if you find yourself hanging out inside while camping.

Two theater seats and the U-shaped dinette are in the slide-out, opening up the living space and offering a great view of the TV in the trailer’s entertainment system.

Delta 262RB Living Room Features

  • 2 Reclining Theater Seats- heated massage chairs with USB ports
  • Optional Tri-Fold Hide-Away Bed (instead of Theater Seats)
  • U-Shaped Dinette- Collapsible table; Dinette folds out into a bed. Spacious storage area beneath each seat. (Dinette is kind of small – seating for 2-3)
  • Entertainment Center: Television with built in cabinetry and slide-out drawers. One of our favorite BONUS FEATURES is the shoe storage garage beneath the entertainment system.
  • Bluetooth Sound System (inside and outside)
  • Plenty of easy access electrical outlets and USB ports

Delta 262RB Kitchen

If you like having a lot of kitchen storage space, you’re in luck. The 262RB has a lot of great storage, including a slide-out trash can storage cabinet and a slide-out utensil organizer.

There’s also plenty of counter-space to prepare your meals, so multiple cooks can use the kitchen area at the same time.

Delta 262RB Kitchen Features

  • Standard 16” Oven
  • Lots of kitchen counter space
  • Standard 3-Burner Stove
  • Conventional Microwave
  • Standard Refrigerator
  • High-Rise Faucet
  • Great Storage- Hardwood Cabinets and Drawers- the cabinets over the counter have shelves. With the added ceiling height this equates to lots of storage!
  • Slide-Out Garbage Bin Storage
  • Slide-Out Utensil Organizer
  • Well-Placed Electrical Outlets for Appliances

Delta 262RB Flooring and Ceiling

Delta 262RB Flooring

The 262RB has vinyl flooring throughout the whole trailer. It does NOT have any carpet. This makes cleaning the floors an easy chore.

It’s also important to know the 262RB flooring is ventless. This makes keeping the carpletless floors clean even easier and keeps your vents clean too.

The slide-out is flushless, so you won’t be stubbing your toes on uneven flooring.

Delta 262RB Ceiling

The Ceiling height is 6’9”!

This is 3” taller than the industry standard ceiling height in travel trailers, and as a result, it adds an incredible amount of space for cabinet storage and shower height.

If you’re tall you will definitely appreciate the added height in this trailer.

Delta 262RB Bathroom

The Delta 262 Bathroom is not just a closet with a shower and toilet, you have some nice space inside.

Consistent with the rest of the 262RB, there is a lot of great storage space inside the bathroom, including the large medicine cabinet.

The shower height is impressive, so even the tallest of campers should be able to shower without bumping their head on the shower ceiling.

Delta 262RB Bathroom Features

  • Foot-Flush Toilet with plenty of surrounding hip and shoulder room
  • Tall Ceiling Shower with Skylight
  • Huge Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with shelved storage
  • Bathroom Sink with Storage large Cabinet Below
  • Lots of Counter Space

Delta 262RB Bedroom

The front bedroom is definitely a standout feature of this travel trailer. With a full-size queen bed and dedicated bedroom air-conditioning, you will sleep comfortably when camping.

There is plenty of storage, including “hybrid” wardrobe cabinetry that has shelving you can take out if you want longer area to hang clothes from the clothes rod inside.

262RB Private Bedroom Features

  • Full-size Queen Bed: It has a large storage area beneath the bed.
  • Dual Bed-Side Stands with dresser drawers and flip up storage area
  • Over-Bed storage Shelf
  • Dual Wardrobe Cabinets with Hanger Rod. Shelving is removable if you need more space for hanging clothes
  • Conveniently place USB ports for easy access charging
  • Mounted Reading lights
  • Bedroom A/C for comfortable sleeping
  • Large Venting Windows

Delta 262RB Storage

Delta 262RB Interior Storage

The amount of storage space in the Delta 262RB is incredible. You could definitely pack up and go on extended trips and have room for everything you will need. You can never have too much storage!

  • The Dinette and Entertainment System have large storage
  • The Kitchen has large storage cabinets and drawers, including beneath the oven.
  • The bathroom has a large medicine cabinet, plus storage beneath the sink and counter space.
  • The Private Bedroom has large wardrobe cabinets, dresser drawers and overhead shelving

Delta 262RB Exterior Storage

The 262RB has 2 large outer storage areas.

The front storage compartment is the best travel trailer pass-thru storage compartment that Josh the RV Nerd has seen. It’s huge and full of great features.

It has large baggage doors on each side and is a true “pass-through” storage area. That means the front storage area has tons of space and spans the entire width of the trailer.

But it’s more than just storage, it’s a “convenience center:

  • It has motion-sensor lighting
  • fitted slotting for folding 6’ utility table
  • Hot/Cold Mixable water valves
  • Power Awning Control
  • Slide-out Control

The Slide storage compartment offers more storage space for your family camping trips. Very smart use of space!

Delta 262RB Electric/Climate Control

The Delta 262RB comes with dual A/C as a standard feature.

200 Watt Solar Package is also standard.

262RB Electrical Features

  • 200W solar Package
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • LOTS of well-placed electrical Outlets
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Indoor Outdoor Speakers

Delta 262RB Climate Control

  • Dual Air Conditioning (Located in main living area and bedroom)
  • Adjustable Ceiling Vents
  • Central Cold Air Dump with closable Vent

Delta 262RB Exterior Features

  • Large Front Storage with dual baggage doors
  • Slide Storage Compartment
  • Power Awning with LED lighting
  • Large Combo Grill/Griddle
  • Heated Underbelly
  • Exterior Speakers
  • Hot/Cold Exterior Water Valves
  • 18” Wide Heavy-Duty Ladder (300 lb. Rating)

Towing the Delta 262RB

The Alliance Delta 262RB can most likely be towed with a 1/2 ton truck. Truck ratings are different, so be sure to check the towing ratings of your towing vehicle before purchasing any camper.

One thing to note is the 262RB does not have travel access to the private bedroom while in “road mode” with the slide in. You will have to make sure you don’t need to get into the bedroom before you push the slides back in for traveling.

For more information on camper towing, you can check out Josh the RV Nerds towing Guide.

How to buy a Alliance Delta 262RB

The 2024 Alliance Delta 262RB is now available at select dealerships, like Bish’s RV, across the country.

You can find out more about the Delta 281BH trailers at the Alliance RV Delta Travel Trailer Website or you can visit dealer websites, like

You can find out more about the Delta 262RB trailers at: Alliance RV

If you have questions about the Alliance Travel Trailers, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our RV Outfitters.

People often ask: “What’s an RV Outfitter? Short Answer: An RV Expert.
If you’d like more details, read our article: Why Does Bish’s RV Have Outfitters Instead of Salesmen.

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