Private Bed Under 30ft | 2024 Surveyor 252RBLE Travel Trailer

Hey there, fellow RV enthusiasts! I’ve got some exciting updates from Josh the RV Nerd on the Surveyor 252 by Forest River, a floor plan that turned heads last year. This fantastic couples’ camper is packed with features and comes in at just under 30 feet, weighing between 7,500 to 7,700 pounds when fully loaded. Before I spoil too much more let’s get into the review!

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A Surprise Walk-In Pantry

Behind the entertainment center, which boasts a theater seat for your viewing pleasure, there’s a spacious walk-in pantry. This feature not only provides excellent storage but also creates a mini hallway, neatly separating the kitchen and bathroom areas. No more feeling like you’re eating where you…well, you know.

Surveyor 252RBLE pantry

Spacious and Comfortable Interior

Inside, you’ll find a generous 6’9″ ceiling height, which means even taller folks like me (I’m just over 6 feet) can stand comfortably in the shower without the fear of head bumps. The Surveyor 252 also offers a substantial cargo carrying capacity, thanks in part to the use of Azdel throughout the RV.

Azdel is strategically placed behind the fiberglass exterior, reducing the overall weight of the RV without compromising strength. This weight savings allows for a greater payload capacity, letting you bring more of your favorite gear without overloading the RV.

Surveyor 252RBLE Layout

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE layout

Surveyor 252RBLE Specs

Hitch Weight590 lbs.
Unloaded Vehicle Weight5,313 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity2,277 lbs.
Exterior Length29′ 7″
Exterior Height11′ 3″
Exterior Width8′
Fresh Water40 gal.
Gray Water30 gal.
Black Water30 gal.
Awning Size21′

Flexible Seating and Dining Options

The dining and entertainment setup is both practical and flexible. When you walk in, you’ll notice the theater seat right across from the TV, making for an ideal viewing spot. The dinette is a standard feature, but Surveyor offers various seating options, including a second theater seat or even a hide-a-bed for extra sleeping space. It’s all about tailoring the RV to your specific needs.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE living room

Kitchen Designed for Efficiency

The kitchen boasts ample counter space, and they’ve thoughtfully included a removable backsplash that doubles as a sink cover, providing a stable surface for meal prep. You’ll also find a spice rack below the stovetop, perfect for keeping your culinary essentials organized. Plus, there’s a central vacuum system tucked away below the counter, adding to the RV’s convenience factor.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE kitchen

Private Bathroom and Bedroom

The bathroom, while not super large, offers enough room for a comfortable experience. There’s a porcelain foot-flush toilet (as featured by Josh) and various storage compartments for your essentials.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE toilet
2024 Surveyor 252RBLE shower
There’s plenty of headroom in the shower for Josh!
(He’s just over 6ft tall)
2024 Surveyor 252RBLE bathroom

One of the standout features of the Surveyor 252 is the private, true queen bedroom. It has tons of storage solutions, making it easy to keep your space organized. You can even sit up straight on the queen bed without bumping your head—a real win for taller campers. Plus, it’s carpetless, so cleaning up is a breeze. They’ve even included a central vacuum system which makes it even easier!

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE bedroom

Storage Galore

Storage is one area where the Surveyor 252 shines. From linen shelves in the bathroom to hidden shelves behind the TV, they’ve made the most of every available space. The bedroom even features a three-level power tower pocket for all your charging needs.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE bedroom storage

Travel-Ready Design (Road Mode)

The Surveyor 252 is designed for travel convenience. The deep slide-out provides access to critical areas, even when the slide is closed. And don’t worry about hitting the road; the RV is half-ton towable, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a little adventure.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE road mode

Extended Season Camping

Surveyor has stepped up its game in terms of extended-season camping. The RV now includes Radiant Barrier layering to improve heating and cooling efficiency. Standard holding tank heaters ensure you can enjoy camping in cooler temperatures without a hitch.

Great Exterior Features

Outside, you’ll find a spacious awning that covers the camp kitchen area, providing a shaded and comfortable outdoor space. The RV features Goodyear Endurance radials for peace of mind on the road.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE exterior

Impressive Solar Package

Surveyor has also upped its solar game, offering a 200-watt solar package, up from 80 watts in previous models. This means you can stay off-grid longer and enjoy the freedom of solar power.

Surveyor 252RBLE Solar

Practical Additions

Finally, they’ve added a receiver hitch to the rear, rated at 300 lbs. This is a versatile addition that can be used for bike racks, cargo carriers, or other accessories.

2024 Surveyor 252RBLE rear hitch

So there you have it, folks—the Surveyor 252, an excellent choice for couples looking for a comfortable, well-equipped RV that’s easy to tow. It’s packed with thoughtful features and improvements to enhance your camping experience. If you’re in the market for a quality RV that’s ready for adventure, the Surveyor 252 is definitely worth considering.