Now THIS is a Luxury Full Timer RV!! 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS Fifth Wheel by Jayco RV

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS review

Welcome to Bish’s RV, where we’re about to take a closer look at the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS fifth wheel by Jayco. If you’re searching for fifth wheel with a level of luxury that goes beyond the ordinary, then you’re in the right place.

Here we’ll break down the various features of this RV, from the spacious living area to the well-equipped kitchen, the luxurious bathroom, and the comfortable bedroom.

We’ll also explore its road mode capabilities, exterior highlights, and address any potential concerns, so you can decide for yourself if this is the right RV for you. Let’s dive in!

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How Much Does a 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS Cost:

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS Exterior

A new 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS costs

What you pay for your 36FBTS will depend on depending on the options you select, your location, and the type of dealer you buy from. Learn more about what affects the cost of your RV before you buy.

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date prices in our articles. This price is as of 12/5/2023 from our Meridian, Idaho Location. Please note that RV prices update regularly and may have changed since this post. Visit our 36FBTS inventory to see our most up-to-date pricing.

36FBTS Video Walkthrough

36FBTS Layout and Specs

Specification2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS
Empty Weight14,065 lbs.
Cargo Weight3,185 lbs.
Max Weight17,250 lbs.
Hitch Weight2,695 lbs.
Length40′ 9″
Width (body)8′ 6″
Fresh Water Capacity75 gallons
Gray Water Capacity87 gallons
Black Water Capacity87 gallons
See full ’24 36FBTS Specs
2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS layout
Pinnacle 36FBTS Floor Plan

Open Living in the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS

The Pinnacle 36FBTS boasts a widebody, open living area that sets it apart from the rest.

Its generous 102-inch width provides ample space for a 3-seater adult sofa on both sides, perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests.

The theater seating is thoughtfully designed with comfortable upholstery, USB outlets, and even the option to fold down the center console for a more intimate seating experience.

The large windows, which have been enlarged to maximize natural light, offer an impressive view of the outdoors. Day-night roller shades and excellent window airflow ensure your comfort and privacy.

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS Kitchen:
A Chef’s Dream

The kitchen in the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS is a chef’s dream. With a symmetrical layout, it offers plenty of counter space on both sides, so meal preparation is a breeze.

The kitchen comes with top-of-the-line GE appliances, including a residential fridge, microwave, and stovetop exhaust vent hood combo.

The real hardwood cabinetry and countertops exude elegance and durability, and you’ll find household outlets throughout the kitchen for added convenience.

Adding a dishwasher and an optional third air conditioner showcases the commitment to luxury and functionality in this Pinnacle 5th Wheel.

Flip-out or extendible counter space is a creative way to get more out of your RV counters! (see image below)

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS kitchen

2 Bathrooms in the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS

In the Pinnacle 36FBTS, you’ll find not one but two bathrooms.

The half bath located on the main floor ensures easy access for guests and serves as a handy feature during travel stops.

The primary bathroom, or “on-suite,” is a luxurious retreat. It includes a spacious shower with residential-style fixtures, a linen cabinet, and a porcelain foot-flush toilet.

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS bathroom

Plenty of space in the half-bath for a tall guy (6ft) like Josh the RV Nerd

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS bathroom

Lots of shower room and a bench in the main bathroom!

Comfortable Bedroom of the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS

The bedroom is designed for comfort and convenience, with a king-sized bed (which can be converted to a queen if preferred), USB outlets, and a large window with adjustable blinds.

There is also a residential-style washer and dryer prep – perfect for extended trips.

Jayco continues to leave the window over the bed because RVers love the airflow

-Nerdisms with Josh the RV Nerd

Towing & Traveling With a 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS

The 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS is well-equipped for the road.

The wide body design provides stability during towing, and the MORryde pin box, suspension, and wet bolt fasteners contribute to a smooth ride.

The Dexter Tow Assist System enhances braking control in emergency situations.

This RV also includes the JAYSMART lighting system, which improves visibility while towing. Learn more here about JAYSMART and other Jayco build quality features.

The extensive camera prep allows you to add observation cameras for added safety.

The propane generator and triple 40 lb. propane tanks ensure you have power and fuel for extended journeys.

To learn more about towing RVs and towing capacities, watch Josh’s video below!

Huge pro with road mode, you keep access to the fridge!

Features on the Outside of the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS

The exterior of the Pinnacle 36FBTS showcases thoughtful design and functionality.

The large pass-through storage compartment includes a built-in sewer hose storage system, keeping your gear clean and organized.

An optional JAYport Griddle system can be added to the back for outdoor cooking, while the outdoor TV lets you enjoy entertainment while camping.

The paint finish on the exterior is not just beautiful; it’s also built to last, making your RV shine for years to come.

Potential Problems With a Pinnacle 36FBTS

While the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS is an exceptional fifth wheel, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • The half bath’s small vent fan may not provide significant airflow.
  • The two sinks in the primary bathroom might not be necessary for all users.
  • The voice-controlled BMPro JAYCOMMAND system is impressive, but may not be useful to every RV.
  • Pinnacle is Jayco most expensive 5th wheel line. If you’re concerned about the price, but would like something similar consider Jayco’s North Point, Eagle, and Eagle HT options.

Read More: The differences between Jayco’s 5th Wheel Brands

Compare the 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS to Similar RVs

Specification2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS2022 Alliance Paradigm 370FB
Empty Weight (lbs)14,065 lbs▼ 13,486 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)3,185 lbs ▼ 3,014 lbs
Max Weight (lbs)17,250 lbs▼ 16,500 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs) 2,695 lbs ▼ 2,623 lbs 
Length40′ 09″▼ 40′ 4″
Height            13’ 5″                       ▼13′ 04”            
Width8’ 6″▼ 8′ 4″
Awning19′ & 11′ unavailable
Fresh Water Capacity75 gallons▲ 98 gallons
Black Water Capacity87 gallons▲ 106 gallons
Gray Water Capacity87 gallons▲ 106 gallons
Bish’s Price*$96,993*$86,995*

* Prices vary by location. Please reach out to a Bish’s outfitter for accurate pricing by clicking below.

The 2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS 5th wheel is a cut above the rest. It offers a level of luxury and functionality that sets it apart from the competition. From its spacious living area and well-equipped kitchen to its comfortable bedroom and thoughtful road mode features, this RV is designed to make your travel experiences unforgettable.

While it’s not without minor considerations, the overall package is sure to impress even the most discerning RV enthusiasts. So, if you’re ready to elevate your RVing adventures, the Pinnacle 36FBTS is a top contender to consider.

2024 Pinnacle 36FBTS review

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