First Look! 2024 FSX 290RTK: A Crossover Camping Marvel

By Greg Long

We never thought we’d see this. We finally have come across a camper that seems to be suffering from an identity crisis.

Josh the RV Nerd got a sneak peek at the all-new 2024 FSX 290RTK. This RV defies traditional categories. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that – which adds up to a whole bunch of awesome camping opportunities.

Let’s dive into the details of this intriguing model and discover what sets it apart.

FSX exterior

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Full Video Walkthrough Forest River FSX Max 290RTK

Part of the FSX of Forest River‘s Salem and Wildwood lines, the 2024 FSX 290RTK belongs to their Max series – known for larger tandem axle toy haulers.

This RV’s seven-foot interior ceiling height creates a spacious atmosphere. The 12.5 foot rear “flex room” accommodates larger toys or space to sleep as a bunkhouse.

See inside the 290RTK camper in Josh the RV Nerd’s video review:

Watch Josh the RV Nerd Review the 290RTK from the FSX Max series

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How Much Does a FSX 290RTK Cost?

2024 New FSX 290RTK Price Range: $33,000 – $60,000

This price range is wide, but your campers’s price will change based on where you buy, which options you add, and even how you pay for it.

Wondering why? Learn more about the factors that affect the price of a travel trailer.

Feel free to reach out to one of our RV experts with any questions you have about this RV or any other.

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FSX 290RTK Floor Plan & Specs

FSX 290RTK Specs

FSX 290RTK Weights & Measures:


Hitch: 1,220 lb.

Empty: 7,743 lb.

Cargo: 2,277 lb.


Length: 36′ 6″

Height: 11’2″

Width: 8′

Awning: 21′


Fresh: 54 gal.

Gray: 40 gal.

Black: 40 gal.

Solar: 200w

Adaptable Layout of the 2024 FSX 290RTK

The 290RTK offers a layout that adjusts to your evolving needs. By default, it features benches below and a floating table. However, these can transform into upper flip-down beds, crafting a quad bunk setup ideal for families.

fsx garage

Here, customization options abound. Outfit it as a family camper now and later transform it into a cozy couples’ retreat. This RV is designed to adapt to your camping journey.

Interior Features of the 2024 FSX 290RTK:

  • Unique Crossover Concept
    • Offers Versatility and Adaptability
  • Spacious Interior
    • Seven-Foot Interior Ceiling Height
    • Provides a Sense of Openness
  • Flexibility in Layout
    • Adaptable to Various Needs
    • Convertible Sleeping Arrangements
      • Upper Flip-Down Beds for Quad Bunk Setup
      • Benches Below with Floating Table
    • Potential for Customization
      • Can Serve as a Family Camper or Couples’ Retreat
  • Functional Garage Space
    • 12.5-Foot Private Rear “Flex Room”
    • Serves as a Garage or Private Bunkhouse
    • Multi-Functional Use
      • Craft Room, Dining Area, or More
  • Family-Friendly Design
    • Ideal for Families with Kids
    • Potential for Growing with Changing Needs
  • Kitchen and Dining Area
    • U-Shaped Kitchen Design
    • Convection Microwave with Air Fryer Function
    • Thoughtful Storage Solutions
fsx kitchen
  • Adaptable Bedroom
    • Efficient Use of Space
    • Practical Sleeping Arrangements
    • Consideration for Storage and Utility Access
  • Bright and Inviting
    • Ample Windows Throughout
    • Skylight for Natural Lighting
fsx bathroom
  • Bathroom Convenience
    • Rectangular Shower with Ample Headroom
    • Functional Layout
    • Consideration for Elbow Room
  • Comfortable Living Area
    • Hide-a-Bed Sleeper Sofa in Slide-Out
    • Entertainment Hookups for Relaxation
fsx couch
  • Storage Solutions
    • Ample Storage Throughout the RV
    • Cube Organizers in Garage for Organization
  • Thoughtful Details
    • USB Outlets for Charging Convenience
    • Interior Design Promotes Functionality


See Available New Wildwood/Salem FSX 290RTK Campers

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Pros and Cons of the 2024 FSX 290RTK

We want you to know the benefits and possible drawbacks of a 290RTK so you can make the best possible decision whether this trailer or another would be best for you. Consider these pros and cons as you make your decision.

FSX 290RTK Pros:

  • Versatile Layout: The adaptable interior layout allows for different uses that make this RV suitable for families, couples, or bringing large toys. From quad bunk setups to private bunkhouses, this RV offers flexibility to match changing preferences.
  • Spacious Interior: The 7′ interior ceiling height provides a sense of openness and comfort. Windows and natural lighting create a bright and inviting atmosphere throughout the RV.
  • Functional Garage Space: The 12.5′ private rear “flex room” serves as a multipurpose space. Whether you need a garage for large toys, an office, or a dining area, this adaptable feature adds value and utility to the RV.
  • Price: For the price this camper offers a lot of value for a reasonable cost.

FSX 290RTK Cons:

  • Towing Challenges: The 290RTK’s considerable size and weight mean it will require a beefy tow vehicle. A one ton truck will do the trick, be very careful and check all the specs before considering something smaller.
  • Limited Road Mode Access: When the slides are in it can be difficult to access certain areas, such as the refrigerator, while on the road. If you like to stop and use the camper while you’re on the go, keep this in mind.
  • Interior Design Prioritizes Practicality: While the 290RTK offers functionality, its interior design leans more towards practicality than luxury. If you want high-end finishes or luxurious features, this RV may not meet your expectations.

Interior and Exterior Insights: The 2024 FSX 290RTK Experience

Inside the RV, you’ll find noteworthy features, like the adaptable garage space catering to various functions. Whether you desire a craft room or seasonal dining area, the possibilities are diverse.

The rear flex room, adorned with lots of windows, offers a bright and inviting atmosphere. The seven-foot ceiling enhances the sense of space, making the interior more inviting.

fsx specs

The bedroom, while functional, may require some maneuvering due to nearby storage and utility areas.

The kitchen layout is user-friendly, highlighted by a u-shaped design and a convection microwave doubling as an air fryer.

Storage options are cleverly integrated throughout the RV’s interior.

fsx storage

On the exterior, the 290RTK provides conveniences such as an outdoor shower, a gas grill hookup, and a distinct sewer hose holder due to the absence of a rear bumper.

This RV has an enclosed underbelly with tank heaters, but it’s not designed for extreme cold weather camping.

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Final Verdict: Find Your 2024 FSX 290RTK

fsx rear

The 2024 FSX 290RTK is a crossover camping marvel for adventurers seeking adaptability, space, and practicality.

It may not cater to those RVers looking for extravagant features or effortless maneuverability, but its strength lies in the capability to adapt to evolving camping needs.

If you’re on the lookout for an RV that can evolve alongside your family and camping aspirations, the FSX 290RTK merits a closer examination

Next Steps to Finding the FSX 290RTK – Your Travel Companion for Every Stage

The 2024 FSX 290RTK stands out as a model tailored to different camping experiences.

Its flexibility, distinctive layout, and potential for customization make it an enticing choice for families, couples, and adventurers needing a options in their RV.

fsx exterior

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