Explore the Surveyor Legend 202RBLE: Unique Take on a Popular Floor Plan

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Price of the Surveyor Legend 202RBLE

Spacious and Functional Interior Design

True Queen Bed & Incredible Bedroom Storage

Functional Kitchen


Exterior Features and Towing

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In this article, we’re going to delve into the 2023 Surveyor Legend 202RBLE travel trailer. The floor plan of this model has gained significant attention from RV enthusiasts.

202rble kitchen

The most impressive feature of the bedroom is the storage. The bedroom storage in the 202RBLE is one of the best we’ve ever seen in similar travel trailers. The bedroom storage includes:

  • Double drawers on each side of the bed.
  • Hanging space on each side of the bed.
  • Huge space under the bed with gas struts to hold the bed up.
  • Overhead cabinets with gas struts to hold them open.
  • The nightstand storage space with a built in cupholder at the very front of the RV.
  • Extra shelf above the nightstand.
  • Hidden storage beneath the nightstand with a power outlet and a hole to feed your power chords.

All this provides you with ample room to store all your personal belongings.

12-volt fridge and pantry

The bathroom in the Surveyor Legend 202RBLE may be compact, but it offers several desirable features.

  • The toilet is porcelain which adds a touch of luxury and quality.
  • The large mirror and toothbrush holder in the medicine cabinet provide functionality.
  • The shower is surprisingly spacious, including a taller ceiling which gives our taller RV enthusiasts plenty of headroom.
  • Really good storage space for towels.

Bathroom in the Surveyor Legend 202RBLE

The Surveyor Legend 202RBLE features a durable fiberglass exterior with Azdel backing for added strength and insulation. It comes equipped with a power tongue jack, making hooking up your hitch and leveling your RV effortless.

Exterior of the Surveyor Legend 202RBLE

The exterior storage is large and quite impressive. The inclusion of slam latches on exterior storage compartments adds convenience and ease of use.

The 202RBLE does come with a small camp kitchen, including a mini fridge and griddle. The sink for the camp kitchen isn’t great, but it works well for what you need.

202rble Outdoor Camp Kitchen

  • The inclusion of power outlets at convenient locations, including under the overhead cabinets and near the counter level, ensures convenient access to charging points.
  • The hooks by the door are perfect for coats or pet leashes.
  • Along with the carpetless and ventless flooring, this RV also features a central vacuum system, making it super easy to keep the interior clean.

Coat Hooks in the Surveyor Legend 202RBLE

Surveyor Legend 202RBLE Price

New: $27,000 – $47,000

*RV Prices vary based on different options, where you purchase your RV, and even when you buy. Learn more about what impacts the price of your RV