Extended Off Grid Enhanced Solar Package — Winnebago FLX

By Aaron Brunson

Winnebago: Fun in the Sun 

Hey there! We’ve got something a bit out of the ordinary for you. This isn’t your typical RV showcase. Today, we’re taking a full-blown expedition into the Winnebago FLX Edition, also known as the “Flex Package.” Jump into why it’s “suns out – guns out” with this RV by watching the video below, or reading on!

Micro Minnie FLX Pricing


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Solar Power Game Compared

Now, let’s talk solar power. It’s all about getting that extra juice from the sun, right? Well, the FLX doubles down on solar capacity. See, in a regular micro-mini, you’ll find ONE 200-watt solar panel, along with a PWM (pulse width modulation) charge controller.

But when you upgrade to the Flex Edition, brace yourselves; you’re getting TWO 200-watt solar panels, amounting to a grand total of 400 watts of solar panel action. But wait, there’s more! We’re not just doubling solar panels; we’re upping the efficiency game with an MPPT charge controller. Fancy terms aside, this means we’re not wasting precious sunlight; we’re capturing it more efficiently and pumping it into those batteries. Talk about flexing your solar “guns” 💪☀️.

Also, as an added bonus, there is a wind guard attached to the panels. This keeps wind from pulling up on your solar panels’ screws and sealant points. Nice right?

Solar panel wind guards

Power Up with Lithium-ion

In a standard micro mini, you won’t typically find a factory battery. But enter the FLX Edition, and you’ve got a beastly 320-amp hour lithium-ion battery courtesy of Lithionics, a U.S.-made gem.

iongen power bank

This bad boy even self-heats if the temperature drops below 40 degrees, ensuring your battery remains charged and ready, even in chilly conditions. Plus, it comes with a $300,000 insurance policy, covering your trailer, tow vehicle, and more, just in case. Safety and power, all in one package.

The one downside to all of this awesomeness is the loss of space in the belly’s storage. The larger battery creates the need for a 6-inch panel inside of the storage compartment which is the trade-off for a more energy efficient trailer.

Inverter Magic: Power to Spare

Now, let’s shift our focus to the inverter. In a FLX Edition, you’re rocking a 3000-watt inverter that can power up your entire rig. We’re not just talking about a few outlets; we’re talking about every appliance, every outlet, every USB port in your micro mini gets to dance to the inverter’s tune. That means your microwave, air conditioner, you name it, all running like a charm.


But it’s not just about converting power; it’s about managing it efficiently. This inverter is part of a whole-house power management and charging system, meaning it pulls power from the battery only when necessary. It’s smart, efficient, and user-friendly.

Cooling and Heating Unleashed

Let’s dive into the world of climate control. In the FLX package, your air conditioner gets an upgrade to the Truma Aventa air conditioner. Here’s the kicker: it’s way more power-efficient than your standard RV AC unit. It sips power gently, with a lower startup draw, making it a breeze to run off the inverter. Say goodbye to the old AC units that guzzle power!

truma heat and air

And that’s not all; the Truma VarioHeat furnace and Aquago water heater join the party. The VarioHeat furnace doesn’t just blast hot air; it keeps the temperature consistent. Set your thermostat, and it keeps your RV cozy without wild temperature swings. As for the Aquago water heater, it’s got some nifty tricks up its sleeve. You can choose between Eco mode, which keeps your water around 40 degrees, preventing freezing, and Comfort mode, where you can crank up the heat for those steamy hot showers.

Shower Miser: A Water-Saving Hero

Ever heard of the Shower Miser? It’s your freshwater reclamation superhero. When it’s in the off position, it recirculates water back into your fresh tank, warming it up.

shower miser

Once it’s ready, the Shower Miser turns from blue to white, letting you know it’s shower time. No more wasting water while waiting for it to heat up! Just keep in mind not to use it when connected to city water to avoid overfilling your fresh tank.

Decalcify Like a Pro

Let’s not forget about water quality. The FLX package includes a built-in water filter, perfect for handling hard water. What’s great about Truma? Their water heater can undergo a decalcification process.

water heater

Just pop in some Truma tablets, and it keeps your water heater running smoothly, even in hard water conditions. Plus, there’s no pesky anode rod to worry about. And check out that secure water heater door design; it’s not going anywhere.

Flexing Your Camping Style

So, what can you really do with the FLX package? Well, it’s not about hiding from the government in the desert; it’s about flexibility. With the solar power, efficient systems, and a 3000-watt inverter, you can camp on and off the grid with ease.

winnebago FLX

Whether you need to power up during a family visit, or crave a solo adventure off the beaten path, the Flex package has you covered. It’s all about adapting your camping style to suit your needs, and it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

Where Can You Get the Flex?

Now, here’s a question: which models can you snag with the Flex package? Currently, you’ll find it available on Micro Minnies and Winnebago Hike models. The larger 8-foot Minis and extra-large Winnebago Voyage trailers haven’t hopped on the Flex train just yet. But what do you think? Should they expand the package to bigger models? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section! 👇

Micro Minnie FLX Pricing