RV Update: Grand Design Enhances Warranty, Catalina Gains Ground

Written by Greg Long

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The Latest Developments from Top RV Manufacturers

When you’re buying an RV, it’s important to know the latest news about the camper brands you’re considering. Manufacturers are always making changes, leaving you unsure when to make your move. 

But worry not—Josh the RV Nerd, our resident RV expert, and I are on top of everything RV-related!

We love RVs and are always happy for excuses to talk about them. We sift through the news and updates from major manufacturers so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re looking to make your first purchase or thinking about selling your current camper we’re here to help you understand the RV Market.

By the end of this update, you’ll know what’s new with leading RV manufacturers like Grand Design and Catalina and be ready to buy with confidence.

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Why Grand Design’s Transferable Warranty Matters

Grand Design recently made headlines with some major changes to its warranty policies, a move that could potentially reshape the RV industry.

family sitting outside a Grand Design Momentum

A Response to Controversy

Over the past year, Grand Design has been at the center of controversy over concerns surrounding the strength and integrity of their RV Frames – a condition known as “frame-flexing.”

Customers have had mixed reactions, ranging from praise to doubt. Despite this, the company has actively taken steps to tackle these issues.

Last month, Grand Design made a big change by adding a 5-year frame warranty to their existing warranty plans.

What’s most remarkable about this frame warranty is that it isn’t just for future purchases—it includes all Grand Design RVs purchased as far back as 2020. 

Grand Design is honoring this five-year warranty retroactively. This means anyone who purchased a new Grand Design in 2020—or any year thereafter—now benefits from the five-year frame warranty. The warranty is good for 5 years from the original purchase date.

yellow umbrella with text "You're covered 2020 - today"

Enhancing Customer Trust

This policy revision was met with mixed feelings. While some customers saw it as a good step towards being more responsible, others thought it was a late response to ongoing issues.

A lot of people observed this 5-year warranty is great for people who bought new Grand Designs from RV dealers, but what about the people who bought used Grand Designs? Do they not get the same warranty protections just because they bought their camper used instead of new?

Grand Design listened to the concerns of second-hand Grand Design owners and recently made another big warranty announcement!

On May 28 Grand Design announced their comprehensive 1+3+5 warranty plan is now transferable to subsequent owners. 

This means if you bought your Grand Design from someone and their 5-year warranty was still in effect, it remains in effect even though ownership changed hands.

This is a BIG DEAL!

This change gives all of the 1+3+5 warranty benefits to second-hand owners and retroactively applies them, ensuring that even owners of models as far back as 2020 receive this enhanced coverage.


Setting a Precedent for the Future

Grand Design’s new warranty policy could lead to big changes in the RV industry, much like what happened in the car industry.

 Over the years, car warranties got better and covered more, leading to higher-quality vehicles. We might start seeing the same improvements in RV warranties now.

Grand Design’s commitment to earning customer trust could spark a trend where more manufacturers extend their warranties, initially on specific components like the frame, and eventually across broader aspects as competition increases.

This could lead to better-made RVs with better warranties, but it might also make them cost a bit more. However, the better quality and reliability could be worth the extra price.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about Grand Design’s warranty changes? Will other manufacturers follow suit?

Let us know what you think. Your feedback helps improve the RV industry. 

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Catalina: A Rising Star in the RV Market

Catalina travel trailers are a huge success story in an industry where many brands struggle to maintain sales. 

This brand has demonstrated remarkable growth and resilience despite a declining market. 

Coachmen Catalina Travel Trailers are gaining in popularity and sales are rising.

Coachmen Catalina Key Insights:

  • Impressive Growth: Catalina’s sales have increased 59% compared to last year, outpacing the competition in a down market.
  • Market Share Surge: An astounding 80% increase in market share signifies Catalina’s rapid popularity increase and strong performance within its segment.
  • Expansion Efforts: Contrary to current market trends, Catalina has expanded its operations by opening a fourth manufacturing plant, signaling that it plans to continue growing.
  • Unsung Hero: Historically underestimated, Catalina has now caught the attention of industry watchers (Including Josh and me) as its metrics suggest a brand on the rise.

Decide for yourself if Coachmen Catalina Travel Trailers are worth the hype.

Stay Informed and Adventure with Confidence

You came here looking for the latest scoop on RV manufacturers, and at Bish’s RV, we’re committed to keeping you well-informed about all things RV. 

We monitor the industry closely, so you can get the most current updates on the latest campers and the companies that make them.

Now that you’re up to speed with the latest on Grand Design’s enhanced warranties and Catalina’s impressive growth, you’re better equipped to decide which brand might be your partner in upcoming journeys. 

Whether you’re considering a sturdy and reliable Grand Design or the increasingly popular Catalina, understanding these updates helps you make informed choices for your adventures.


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