How to Preorder a Brinkley Fifth Wheel

If you keep up with RV news, follow Josh The RV Nerd, or fall down the occasional RV rabbit hole on YouTube, then you’ve heard of the RV industry’s rookie of the year: Brinkley RV

Brinkley, a new manufacturer, seems to have hijacked social media platforms as RV enthusiasts, reviewers, and influencers rave over Brinkley’s all star fifth wheel line-up of a residential fifth wheel, the Model Z, and an over-the-top toy hauler, the Model G. With production in full swing on the Model Z and pre-production in the works on the Model G, you’re not alone if you want to know, “how do I get a Brinkley fifth wheel?” 

When you pre-order a new Brinkley fifth wheel you’ll be able to lock in introductory pricing on a product expected to make a big splash in the industry. Brand new RVs are priced lowest at the time of launch, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a lower price.  A pre-order also ensures you can get a Brinkley RV quickly. The hype around a new launch will normally lead to a wave of pre-orders. Manufacturers prioritize pre-orders, so it could take a while to get one if you’re waiting for an RV to become available without an order.

Follow these five simple steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable pre-order experience on your first Brinkley fifth wheel!

Steps to Preorder Your Brinkley Fifth Wheel

  1. Selecting A Dealer
  2. Vetting Your Sales Professional
  3. The Retail Order Form & Spec-ing Out Your Brinkley
  4. Provide Your Information
  5. Submitting Your Retail Order Form 

Step One: Selecting A Dealer 

Before you can place your pre-order you need to find a dealer authorized to sell Brinkley RVs. Brinkley wants to revolutionize the RV industry by delivering the best quality and customer support, so they are selectively choosing to sell their products at trusted dealers only. There’s more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to find the right dealership for you.  

You can default to the dealer nearest you using Brinkley’s dealer locator. Picking the closest dealer is a sure way to save on fuel, but let’s be honest, the closest deal isn’t always the best one.  

Finding a dealer that understands your needs, rather than one who simply wants to hit this month’s quota will make your pre-order, purchase, and customer service experiences far better in the long run. Locating that dealer is a tad more involved, however, than simply using a dealer locator tool.  

One good method is to start with who you know and trust. Who are the public authorities in the RV space that you look to when you have a question or when you want to learn something new? These helpful folks are usually associated with a dealership that could help. 

Google, YouTube, and other social media platforms can also help you find dealers who produce informative, unbiased content meant to empower and help you buy the right RV, rather than trap or trick you into the most expensive one. Dealerships with educational content will include contact information or forms you can use to connect directly with a sales pro, and possibly even a Brinkley expert (if they’ll be carrying Brinkley products). 

We partner with Josh the RV Nerd here at Bish’s because he delivers raw, informative content that really helps RV owners, lovers, and shoppers. 

The RV Nerd & The Model G
The RV Nerd & The Model Z

Step Two: Vetting Your Sales Professional 

The mark of a salesperson with your best interest in mind is that they listen more than they speak. When they do speak, they’re asking questions that give them greater insight into your ideal RV experience.  

It can feel off putting when someone you’ve only just met or met over the phone only is asking you questions about your lifestyle, your family, your credit history and budget. But these questions are telltale signs of a seasoned professional who wants to really help you get the best options for your unique needs and wants. 

Step Three: The Retail Order Form & Spec-ing Out Your Brinkley 

When you’ve found your dealership and you and your salesperson are the perfect match—cue the main event—your retail order form! A retail order form is essentially an a la carte menu to order your RV exactly as you want it. Your salesperson can help you fully understand what each option means and how much each will cost. Make sure you do your homework as well to learn what you can about the specifications of the Model G and the Model Z.

Step Four: Provide Your Information  

Once you’ve picked your options, you’re well on your way to becoming a Brinkley RV owner! Your salesperson will collect your personal information at this point if they haven’t already. You’ll usually need to provide copies of your (and your co-purchaser’s, if needed) driver’s license(s), and proof of auto insurance.  

If you have a trade, then it’s likely your salesperson will do an appraisal and request a copy of the current registration of your trade. If you own your trade outright, you’ll need to provide the title too. If you still owe money on your trade your salesperson will usually request a payoff amount. If you plan to finance your brand-new Brinkley RV your salesperson will also have you complete a credit application at this point.  

When you’re working on the financial information, it’s a good time to ask about any supplemental charges (hidden fees) that are involved, if you haven’t done so already. These charges will vary from dealer to dealer, so it’s good to know what to expect before finalizing the deal. Some dealers include prep fees and freight charges (from the manufacturer) in their advertised price, while others might ask for them with closing costs. If you find out which type of dealer you’re working with before closing, you can avoid any surprises.  

When they have all the necessary information your dealer has all they need to provide you with monthly payment estimates or an out-the-door total.

Step Five: Submitting Your Retail Order Form 

Quick recap, you’ve selected your dealer and salesperson, completed the retail order form, exchanged information, and worked through the financing. It’s time to submit the order form to reserve your personalized Brinkley RV! 

A deposit will likely be required to secure your spot in line. Each dealer will handle this differently. Ask yours to find out how much they require for a deposit and if it’s refundable.  

Bish’s RV requests a $3,000 refundable deposit with every pre-order on a Brinkley RV.

Now, for the final and most difficult step—waiting for your Brinkley RV! Your salesperson will keep in touch as your unit progresses through production. You may want to keep in mind that estimated arrival dates can change, especially if production lines experience delays due to shortages or longer lead times.  

Whether you’re curious or serious, Bish’s RV is here as your friendly Brinkley experts to assist you the best way we know how! We look forward to assisting you in the future and wish you happy camping!