North Trail 24DBS & 26DBS A Crafty Spin on a Bunkhouse Floor Plan

By Koy Blanchard

The ingeniously designed North Trail 24DBS and 26DBS bunkhouse travel trailers have a floor plan unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! In this article, we’ll discover how these travel trailers have redefined the concept of a bunkhouse with their innovative convertible design, creating a perfect harmony between spacious living and private sleeping quarters.

The unique features, generous cargo capacity, and versatile interior make the North Trail 24DBS and 26DBS stand out amongst the competition. So let’s dive in and explore these crafty bunkhouse travel trailers.

What’s in a name?

North Trail exterior

First of all, to clear up any confusion, the 24DBS and the 26DBS are essentially the same thing. The 26DBS is built out West in Heartland’s western production facility and the 24DBS is built in the East in Indiana.

The manufacturer’s website reveals some minor differences in specifications, but the overall concept remains consistent. The two main differences between the two are the type of fridge and optional solar packages.

Convertible Bunkhouse

At the heart of the North Trail 24DBS and 26DBS lies an ingenious design feature – a single super slide that encompasses both the dining area and the bunkhouse. Then, what really sets this bunkhouse apart is the roller door system.

This system allows you to move the door and the wall separating the bunkroom completely out of the way. During the day, you can make the RV look and feel spacious, while at night, you can close the door and wall to the bunkroom to create a private room for the little ones.

The 300-pound rated bunks offer ample sleeping space for the little ones, and the added storage beneath the bottom bunk makes it even more practical for families.

This convertible feature gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to have a cozy bunkhouse and a large living area, all in one RV.

Spacious Interior and Cargo Capacity

The North Trail 24DBS and 26DBS may be just over 30 feet in length, but the interior feels much more spacious, thanks to the super slide and the versatile bunk room wall. There is plenty of room to roam around in the RV.

All the interior room gives you a lot of space to pack your camping gear, and with over 3,000 pounds of cargo carrying capacity, you can pack heavy and still not worry about overloading the axles.

The generous cargo capacity allows you to bring along all your camping gear, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Living Area and Kitchen Arrangement

The living area and kitchen are thoughtfully designed to offer functionality and comfort. The kitchen boasts ample countertop and cabinet space, making meal preparation a breeze. North Trail has ingeniously mounted power outlets on the interior constructed hollow walls, enhancing convenience and maintaining a neat appearance.

A noteworthy feature in the living room is the jumbo-sized television, perfect for entertainment during relaxing evenings in the RV. Additionally, you’ll find an electric space heater keeping you cozy and comfortable throughout your journey. The U-shaped dinette across from the TV is a standard feature and is unable to be swapped out for a couch.

Master Bedroom Comfort

In the master bedroom, you’ll find a true king-sized bed (72 by 80 inches). If you prefer a true queen-sized bed, it’s an easy swap thanks to the extra mattress space. Household and USB plugs on both sides of the bed ensure you can charge your devices with ease.

The bedroom includes plenty of storage for all your belongings, including:

  • Wardrobe cabinets on each side of the bed
  • Overhead storage above the bed (including an open space with a power outlet to charge your devices.
  • Storage under the bed
  • Wardrobe in the wall at the foot of the bed with space for a TV to be mounted above.

Bathroom and Additional Features

North Trail bathroom

The bathroom in the North Trail 24DBS and 26DBS is well-equipped with everything you need. It includes a plastic toilet (which can be upgraded to porcelain at your local store), open-faced linen storage, and a smaller sink which allows for more counter space

The vented laminated ceiling provides adequate headroom in the shower, though if you’re much taller than 6’, it might feel a little snug.

Stability and Towing Considerations

With wide stance stability axles, these travel trailers offer a smooth and stable towing experience. The 30-foot length and lightweight design make them feel half-ton towable, though the generous GVW and cargo capacity may necessitate a three-quarter-ton vehicle depending on your specific towing requirements.

Final Thoughts

The North Trail 24DBS and 26DBS travel trailers have a truly innovative design unlike anything else. The convertible bunkhouse and spacious interior really set these RVs apart from competition. Although they may lack things like a camp kitchen or cargo bunks, these models make up for it with thoughtful features, smart storage solutions, and exceptional comfort.

So, if you’re in search of a travel trailer that offers the best of both worlds – an expansive living area and a private bunkroom – the North Trail 24DBS or 26DBS is definitely worth considering.

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