Josh the RV Nerd Tips for First Time Campers!

Here is our resident RV nerd, “Uncle Josh.” He will help detail some of the best RV camping tips for all levels of campers. He breaks down the rules of the road and the unwritten code of the RV camper!

Josh the RV Nerd cover the top 5 camping courtesies! In this full length video Josh will cover some of the most basic courtesies people forget or don’t know about when they are camping. Whether your new to RVing or live in your RV full time, this is a great reminder of what things to be considerate of for both new and experienced campers alike!

Uncle Josh, the RV Nerd Discuss the “unwritten rules” of campsite courtesy! If you’re new to camping and RVing here are some secret tips that will help you camp like a seasoned PRO!

Sometimes it’s hard to get into new things, mostly because you are afraid to offend the experts. Well, Josh the RV Nerd is here to help! Camping should be comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, new RVers or RVlifers alike. Josh the RV Nerd reveals some of the best RV unwritten rules for the campsite.

Josh the RV Nerd gives first-time buyers some advice and tips on buying their first RV! He helps you take the fear out of buying an RV. He knows how to help you find the right RV for your RVing needs!

Josh the RV Nerd with his infinite well of wisdom, gives all you new to RVing, 1st time buyers a simple guide to buying your first RV! Josh gives you some much needed advise on things to consider before your pull the trigger on your very first adventure outrigger! This video will help you buy your first RV with confidence.

Josh, the RV Nerd, goes over EVERY advantage of buying from Bish’s. He breaks down the perks of our Diamond Club, which is included with every RV purchase.

Josh the RV Nerd explains some of the best benefits you get when you buy your new or used RV from Bish’s RV. We know there are lots of options out there, but these are the reasons we believe buying from Bish’s is just better!

Know the tow before you go! Josh the RV Nerd gives you the inside scoop on how to avoid making damaging mistakes while towing your RV.

Numbers sometimes “DO” lie. Josh will tell you what you need to know about towing travel trailers, fifth wheels. making sure you are safe while you tow and get to enjoy your camping experiences year after year. Bish’s RV doesn’t just want you to buy an RV; we want you to be safe and confident in your RV purchase! Uncle Josh gives you a great breakdown of tow ratings.