Review of the Grand Design Reflection 324MBS: Upgraded Mid-Bunk Fifth Wheel

Josh the RV Nerd’s review of the Grand Design Reflection 324MBS

The Grand Design Reflection 324MBS

The Grand Design Reflection 324MBS is an updated and upgraded version of a popular floor plan previously known as the 31MB. Recognizing the need for a larger and more capable RV, Grand Design moved this floor plan from their 150 Series into their full Reflection series, resulting in the impressive 324MBS.

The Grand Design Reflection 324MBS

In this article, we will delve into the features and unique aspects of this fifth wheel, which offers a fresh take on the middle bed bonus room concept. From its spacious living area to the functional middle room, we’ll explore the design, storage options, and amenities that make the Grand Design Reflection 324MBS a standout choice for RV enthusiasts.

The Middle Bunk Room: A Versatile Living Space

The standout feature of the Grand Design Reflection 324MBS is its middle bunk room. This room offers a bit of versatility and functionality to the RV. Unlike other middle bunk bonus rooms, which only provide one entry, this floor plan provides dual entry points, with a door in the hallway and another one in the kitchen.

This unique design creates a seamless flow between the living room and the middle room, making it feel more like an extension of the living space. Whether you need the extra room as a private area for the kids, an extra lounge area, or even as a temporary office this middle room delivers the versatility you need.

Mid Bunk Room in the Reflection 324MBS

Unlike most mid-bunk fifth wheels, the middle bunk room in the Reflection 324MBS is outfitted with a massive amount of storage, including:

  • 3 drawers beneath the bottom bunk
  • A 5-drawer dresser
  • And large cabinets above the dresser

This leaves you with plenty of room for your kids or your guests’ belongings. The dresser also has outlets and TV hookups.

Spacious and Comfortable Living Area

The living area of the Reflection 324MBS is designed for comfort and relaxation. Instead of the traditional two sofas and dinette setup found in other mid-bunk fifth wheels, this floor plan features a large rear wraparound dinette and a three-seater recliner sofa in the slide-out.

The absence of a separate sofa and dinette allows for a more open and spacious feel in the living area, perfect for those rainy days when everyone is indoors.

The reclining sofa sections, with heat and massage features, offer ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Moreover, the strategically placed TV allows for easy viewing no matter where you are seated in the living room.

Living room in the Reflection 324MBS

Ample Storage Options

Grand Design has made sure to provide ample storage throughout the Reflection 324MBS.

  • As mentioned above, the middle room, often lacking in storage in other comparable RVs, surprises with its generous storage space, acknowledging the need for families with kids.
  • This floor plan includes a large closet in the bedroom, providing extra storage for adults.
  • In addition to the cabinet and drawer space, the kitchen also has a large pantry that sits next to the couch.

With every ounce of storage space counting in an RV, these thoughtful additions ensure you have enough room to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Functional Kitchen with Modern Features

The kitchen in the Reflection 324MBS offers a functional layout with modern features. In the kitchen you will find:

  • A spacious island with solid surface counters and radius edges, providing both durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • A 16 cubic foot 12-volt compressor fridge, powered by a 370-watt solar panel on the roof, ensuring efficient cooling while reducing energy consumption.
  • The kitchen also features an exhaust venting microwave, eliminating the need for a separate stove vent hood.

With thoughtful design choices and attention to detail, the kitchen is both practical and visually appealing.

Kitchen in the Reflection 324MBS

Thoughtful Details for Comfort and Convenience

Grand Design has incorporated several thoughtful details into the Reflection 324MBS to enhance comfort and convenience. The rear U-shaped dinette, with its single post design, allows for comfortable seating and easily converts into a large sleeper when needed.

The dimmer switch on the lights above the sofa enables you to adjust the lighting according to your preferences.

The inclusion of motion lights and rain-sensing fans adds convenience to your RV experience.

Well-equipped Bathroom

The bathroom in the Grand Design Reflection 324MBS is a testament to the luxury and convenience that this fifth wheel offers. The bathroom is equipped with a large shower with plenty of headspace even for taller RV enthusiasts, allowing for a comfortable and refreshing experience.

Additionally, the bathroom features an excellent amount storage:

  • Beneath the sink there is enough space for a wastebasket
  • There are 3 large drawers to store all your toiletries.
  • Above the toilet there is a medicine cabinet for additional storage. Although, it can be a bit of a head banger if you’re a taller person.

Bedroom Designed for Comfort

Designed with comfort in mind, the bedroom in the Reflection 324MBS offers a spacious and inviting atmosphere for a restful night’s sleep. In the bedroom you’ll find a 60 by 80 true queen bed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The large window in the bedroom provides you with enjoyable scenic views of your campsite.

The well-appointed storage options, including overhead storage, storage beneath the bed, and a closet with hanging space and extra drawers, provide you with ample space for your clothing and other personal belongings.

Bedroom in the Reflection 324MBS


If you’re in the market for a well-designed, feature-packed fifth wheel, the Grand Design Reflection 324MBS is definitely worth considering. It combines functionality, comfort, and style in one impressive package.

The Grand Design Reflection 324MBS offers a refreshing take on the mid-bunk/bonus room concept, providing versatility, comfort, and ample storage space. From the well-designed living area to the functional kitchen and thoughtful details throughout, this fifth wheel is designed with the needs and preferences of RV enthusiasts in mind.

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